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HealthNews RoundUp - 1st Week of April 2021



How Smoking Makes CoVid More Dangerous



Exposure to tobacco smoke activates genes in lung and to a lesser extent nasal lining cells that permit CoVid to bind, enter, and damage these vital tissues.  The details have now been reported by a collaborative group at Boston and Brown Universities.


Gene analysis of 796 nasal and 1673 bronchial cell samples shows that smoking strongly turns on production of the ACE2 CoVid binding proteins in lung tissue and less so in nasal tissues.  Production of the TMPRSS2 enzyme that allows CoVid to enter a cell was similarly boosted in smokers’ lung tissues but not in their nasal tissues.


Smoking turns on genes that help welcome a devastating virus like CoVid.


#CoVid #tobacco #smoking #ace2 #tmprss2

CoVid, tobacco, smoking, ace2, tmprss2



Stomach Antacids And Aspirin Squelch CoVid Infections



Patients regularly taking famotidine, sold as Pepcid, along with aspirin were 45% less likely to die with CoVid infections severe enough to require ICU-level therapy.  Researchers at the University of Virginia, collaborating with colleagues at Germany’s University of Berlin studied 1578 patients with severe CoVid.


The Pepcid alone reduced mortality 27% while aspirin alone reduced it 21%.  The investigators speculate that Pepcid and aspirin, both anti-inflammatory agents, help CoVid patients by squelching their deadly viral-induced cytokine storm.


This and other studies showing the therapeutic value of famotidine now trigger larger prospective trials.  The researchers suggest that aspirin should also be added to test a Pepcid cocktail.


#CoVid #icu #famotidine #pepcid #aspirin

CoVid, icu, famotidine, pepcid, aspirin



Post Heart Attack Overwork Triggers Heartache and Death



Working 55 hours a week or more following a heart attack drives a 67% higher risk of another coronary event including unstable anginal pain, another non-fatal heart attack, or a deadly MI.  Canadian investigators followed 967 first heart attack victims after their return to work.


The risk of another often deadly cardiac event was proportional to the hours participants worked each week.  While there were slight risk increases as weekly hours worked increased from less than 35 to 54, 55 hours a week was a level above which disaster lurked.  The other important variable was job stress with those under the greatest stress suffering a 2.5 fold greater risk.


#coronary #heartattack #overwork #stress #death #angina

coronary, heartattack, overwork, stress, death, angina



How You’ll Get CoVid Eating Indoors



CoVid can spread silently table to adjacent though distanced table within a poorly ventilated indoor restaurant.  Chinese engineers and epidemiologists now report their study of a Wuhan restaurant where one CoVid-infected person spread disease to 9 others at the same and 2 nearby tables.


Tracer gas and computational fluid dynamics defined spread of droplets and aerosols from the infected person to others 3 tables in one end of the dining hall without fresh outdoor air.  None of the other 68 diners at the other 15 tables nor the restaurant servers and staff became infected.


It is dangerous to spend time eating indoors without a mask in a space without fresh, outdoor air.


#CoVid #restaurant #indoors #aerosols #droplets #ventilation

CoVid, restaurant, indoors, aerosols, droplets, ventilation



Avoiding CoVid Eating Out



All of us are getting cabin fever, and we want to get out and eat out.  You say, “I’m vaccinated so I can just eat at restaurants as I did before the pandemic.”  Do so at your own peril.

Even the Moderna and Pfizer vaccines are at best 95% effective, the J&J fax is about 70%, and all work less well against variants. There’s a 50:50 chance you could get infected with a virus that might not kill you but could eat away your heart, lungs, kidneys, and brain.


Forget about indoor eating.  It isn’t safe even with distancing and barriers!  The air ventilation and filtration is simply not good enough.


Eat outdoors in a ventilated, distanced enclosure preferably an individual hut or igloo.  A completely enclosed outdoor structure is no safer than indoors. 


Only eat in groups of 4 or fewer with other vaccinated people or those in your immediate bubble.  Keep your mask on when you aren’t eating and when interacting with servers.  Have hand sanitizer with you to use after touching the menus and before eating.  Use it also during a bathroom visit and after touching any door knobs.


Don’t forget about Xlear, the xylitol nasal spray, that can kill CoVid trying to get into your body via your nose.  A spray or two won’t hurt.


The pandemic isn’t over yet.  You’ve worked hard to stay healthy so don’t let down your guard during this 7th inning stretch.


#CoVid #restaurant #dining #outdoor #mask #sanitizer #xlear

CoVid, restaurant, dining, outdoor, mask, sanitizer, xlear



CoVid Infections Come In Four Flavors



If you get CoVid, there is a 1 in 7 chance you’ll be hospitalized.  If you do, you’ll have a 1 in 4 chance of needing the ICU or a funeral.  Researchers at the University of Minnesota studied the fate of 7,578 CoVid patients across the midwestern US.


The results: 86% of the infected don’t require hospitalization.  Of the remaining 14% sick enough to require hospitalization, 23% are severe requiring prolonged ICU stays, 60% are serious, and only 17% are favorable.  Severe CoVid victims are 7 times more likely to die than those with mild infections.


So the 4 CoVid types: non-hospitalized; hospitalized mild, serious, and severe.


#CoVid #hospital #icu #ventilator

CoVid, hospital, icu, ventilator



Flavanols Prevent Stress-Induced Vascular Damage



Drinking a flavanol-enriched cocoa beverage can protect your blood vessels during times of mental stress.  This the conclusion of a tightly controlled British study involving 30 male subjects from the University of Birmingham.


Each subject’s arm blood flow and a full battery of cardiovascular tests were performed at baseline and after drinking different cocoa drinks with either high or low concentrations of flavanol while being challenged with a difficult math problems.  


The flavanol significantly improved peripheral blood flow during subject stress without impacting either heart rate or blood pressure. Such blood flow improvement could positively impact an individual’s reasoning abilities.


Flavanols occur in apples, berries, soy, tea, and red wine.


#flavanols #bloodflow #stress #problemsolving

flavanols, bloodflow, stress, problem-solving




Recall On Infant Bath Seats



The CPSC and BATTOP are recalling the BATTOP Foldable Infant Bath Seats.  This product fails to meet the federal safety standards for infant bath seats, may tip over while in use, and create a drowning hazard to babies. About 5,000 units were sold through  If you bought one of these, stop using it for bathing your infant.  Contact BATTOP via e-mail at to obtain instructions for free return shipping and a full refund.  If you can, return it directly to


#infant #bathseat #unstable #recall

infant, bathseat, unstable, recall



Greenworks and Powerworks Pressure Washer Spray Guns



The CPSC and Hongkong Sun Rise Trading are recalling Greenworks and Powerworks Pressure Washer Spray Guns.   The spray gun connector may break causing the hose or connector parts to fly out creating an injury hazard for users or bystanders.   About 1 million of these sprayers were sold at Lowe’s Stores and online via, and other retailers.  Stop using the sprayer and contact Hongkong Sun Rise Trading at 1-833-211-9185 to arrange for a free replacement.


#sprayer #greenworks #powerworks #connector #injury #recall

sprayer, greenworks, powerworks, connector, injury, recall




Recall On Goal Zero Power Extension Cables



The CPSC and Goal Zero LLC now recall Goal Zero EC8 Power Extension Cables.  The connector pins may deform, overheat, and cause a fire hazard.  About 7,850 of these extension cables were sold at Bass Pro, REI and Sportsman’s Warehouse stores nationwide and online at,, and  These cables connect Yeti power Stations to either a Yeti Tank or a vehicle battery.  If you have this cable, stop using it and contact Goal Zero at 1-888-794-6250 to arrange a free replacement.


#cable #goalzero #yeti #overheat #fire #recall

cable, goalzero, yeti, overheat, fire, recall



Recall On Epicure Glass Prep Bowls



The CPSC and Epicure US now recall Epicure Prep Bowls in sets of four.  The tempered glass bowl could break or shatter during use and create a laceration hazard.  About 1,600 were sold in the US and about 5,250 were sold in Canada.  If you bought these bowls, discontinue using them and and contact Epicure at 1-855-668-5909 for a free replacement.


#glassbowl #epicure #shatter #laceration #recall

glassbowl, epicure, shatter, laceration, recall



RH Animal, Heathered Plush and Luxe Sherpa Children’s Bath Wraps On Recall



The CPSC and RH are recalling RH Animal, Heathered Plush and Luxe Sherpa Children’s Bath Wraps.  These bath wraps fail to meet flammability standards for children’s sleepwear and pose a risk of burn injuries to children.  About 55,700 were sold in the US and about 3,900 units were sold in Canada through RH Baby & Child Galleries and RH Outlets and online at and  If you have these wraps, stop using them for your child and call RH at 1-833-917-3405 to arrange for a refund.


#bathwrap #rh #flammable #fire #burns #recall

bathwrap, rh, flammable, fire, burns, recall



Recall On Glutenull Goji Berries and Chocolate Cookies



The FDA and Glutenull Bakery recall Glutenull Goji Berries and Chocolate Cookies.  These cookies contain undeclared milk.  Those with a milk allergy may develop a severe or life-threatening allergic reaction after ingesting these cookies.  If you bought these cookies, return them to the place of purchase for a full refund. If you have questions contact Glutenull Bakery at 1-604-777-5596.


#cookies #glutenull #milk #recall

cookies, glutenull, milk, recall

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