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HealthNews RoundUp - 3rd Week of April 2020



Healthy Choice POWER BOWLS Chicken Feta & Farro Recalled



In a USDA alert, ConAgra of Russellville, AK is recalling its Healthy Choice POWER BOWLS Chicken Feta & Farro.  The bowl is contaminated with small rocks.  The Lot involved is 5006002320.  If you have this product, throw it away after contacting ConAgra Consumer Care at 1-800-672-8240.


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recall, healthychoice, powerbowl



Jewel-Osco Pork Products Recalls



The USDA announces that Jowett Farms Corporation of Canada is recalling more than 42,000 pounds of raw port imported into the US.  This material has been used to create multiple Jewel-Oslo products including Sheboygan Brand Bratwurst, Mild Italian Sausage, and Hot Italian Sausage.  This pork has not been properly inspected.  The recalled product bears the label EST. 7779 inside the USDA inspection mark.  If you have a package of these products, return them to the store.  More information from the company by calling 1-204-326-3252.


#recall #pork #jewelosco

recall, pork, jewelosco



Pass & Seymour Commercial-Grade Electrical Receptacles On Recall



The US Consumer Product Safety Commission and Pass and Seymour of Syracuse, NY announce a recall on their Commercial-Grade Tamper Resistant Duplex Receptacles.  This receptacle has a manufacturing defect that forces the consumer to force a plug into the slots thereby leading to plug blade overheating and fire risk.  If you have one of these installed, stop using it and contact the firm for a free replacement, a full refund, or a refund credit.  Since you will likely require an electrician to change out the receptacle, the company should absorb that cost as well.  Contact the company at 1-833-552-0388.


#recall #receptacle #firehazard #passandseymour

recall, receptacle, firehazard, passandseymour



Whole Foods Minestrone Soup Is Recalled



The FDA and Whole Foods announce a recall on Whole Foods Minestrone Soup.  This product may have undeclared milk.  If ingested by a milk-allergic individual, the soup could trigger a life-threatening allergic reaction.  This soup was sold in 32 states in plastic deli containers and in plastic bags.  If you purchased this soup, do not consume it.  Return it to the store with your receipt for a complete refund.  For more info, call Whole Foods at 1-844-936-8255.


#recall #wholefoods #minestrone #milk

recall, wholefoods, minestrone, milk




Distancing And Masks Key When Shopping



CoVid19 aerosols from an unknowingly infected neighbor can easily infect you as you shop or walk.  Finnish researchers, studying the production and spread of virus-laden microdroplets, show that a single cough generates a cloud of virus aerosol that can waft for minutes over several aisles in a grocery store.  The cough also sprinkles nearly shelves and the floor with live virus.


In other reports, I’ve told you that simple cotton masks or even surgical masks do not block virus from an infected person.   Distance as far as you can, and use a multilayered mask.  When the PPE supply for first responders eventually improves, go for N95 or KN95 masks.


#covid19 #coronavirus #aerosol #mask

covid19, coronavirus, aerosol, mask



How Protective Are Multilayered Cotton Masks



Just how well do face masks work to block the spread of virus.  Researchers from Case-Western U and Ohio State University studied the dispersion of artificially-created droplets through cloth masks of various designs mimicking an infected sneeze.


A single layered mask constructed of various fabric types reduce the droplet spread to less than 1 foot.  A double layered mask cut the droplet dispersion by a factor of two-thirds down to 4 inches.


Problem is, viruses spread in aerosols that travel further than droplets and through masks.  Multiple cloth layers offer more but not complete protection.  You must depend on physical distancing and an abundance of caution to fill the void.


#covid19 #coronavirus #mask #fabric #aerosol

covid19, coronavirus, mask, fabric, aerosol



Remdesivir Does Help Life-Threatening CoVid19 Infections



The viral RNA, polymerase blocker remdesivir drives better oxygenation for two-thirds of patients with life-threatening CoVid19 infections.  The drug improves survival of ventilator-dependent patients by anywhere from 40 to 84%


A global collaborative study, led by researchers at LA’s Cedar-Sinai Hospital, followed 53 patients though to completion of a 10 day iv remdesivir course at the outset of a 4 week observation period.  The drug permitted 57% of those on ventilators to be extubated and 75% of those on ECMO to come off it.  Overall, 84% of patients improved on the drug.


This preliminary study provides hope that severe CoVid19 disease may be managed to a successful outcome.


#covid19 #coronavirus #remdesivir

covid19, coronavirus, remdesivir




Angiotensin Blood Pressure Drugs Fight CoVid19



ACE inhibitors and Angiotensin Receptor Blocking medications appear to help hypertensive patients fightCoVid19 infections.  Chinese investigators now report a series of 564 hospitalized CoVid19 patients and British researchers a series of 205.


Those Chinese on the angiotensin-related medications were 5 times less likely to develop a severe case of pneumonia. The Brits on ACE inhibitors were half as likely to require critical care support or to die of their CoVid disease.


The investigators conclude that those hypertensive patients with CoVid19 infections should not be switched off angiotensin drugs.  On the other hand, they stop short of recommending their use as therapeutic agents for infected patients with treatable high blood pressure.


#covid19 #coronavirus #hypertension #angiotensin #aceinhibitor #angiotensinreceptorblocker

covid19, coronavirus, hypertension, angiotensin, aceinhibitor, angiotensinreceptorblocker




Confirmed Association Between Blood Groups and CoVid19 Positivity



Those with O positive blood are 20% less likely to test positive for the coronavirus and AB blood 44% less likely.  Those with A positive blood are 38% more likely to be positive.  The Biomedical Informatics unit at Columbia has just pre-published this data after their analysis of over 1500 patients seen at two New York City hospitals.


Various blood groups only only had statistical associations with viral positivity and not with disease severity, need for intubation, or risk of death from CoVid19 disease.


These findings are generally consistent with those I reported from Chinese studies.  The exception: Chinese with the rare AB blood had a greater risk of CoVid positivity.


#covid19 #coronavirus #abogroup #bloodgroup

bloodgroup, coronavirus, abogroup, covid19




TELL ME WHY: Hair Turns Grey Faster During Disasters



Can’t believe how fast your hair is greying during the CoVid crisis?  It isn’t the cheap hair dye your stylist uses to keep you coming back often.


Turns out that relentless stress grays your hair at record speeds.  Just ask Marie Antoinette. Legend has it that her locks whitened overnight before her trip to the guillotine.


Extreme stress ramps up the sympathetic nervous system for a danger response.  The neurotransmitter norepinephrine gushes from nerve endings throughout the body including around our hair follicles.  The excess nor-ep recruits stem cells that ordinarily would become pigment producing factories.  They don’t, no pigment, no hair color.


#stress #coronavirus #grayhair #norepinephrine

stress, coronavirus, grayhair, norepinephrine



MEDICAL FUTURE: Walling Off Viruses


Shells that engulf influenza viruses preventing their infectivity may someday prevent the seasonal flu without vaccines.  German researchers report successful use of this strategy in pre-clinical trials.


The researchers take phages, viruses that ordinarily attack bacteria, and empty out their genetic material.  They adapt these empty nanoshells for attachment to flu virus like Velcro® thereby preventing the virus from attacking human respiratory cells.  The non-infective phage nanoshell may also trigger a more vigorous immune elimination response against the inactivated flu viruses.


This approach isn’t ready for prime time yet, but it may also prove useful for controlling coronaviruses including our current CoVid19.  Let’s hope we don;’t have to wait till 2525.


#phage #influenza #coronavirus #nanotechnology

phage, influenza, coronavirus, nanotechnology




Multiple Recalls On Enoki Mushrooms



The FDA announces 3 more Korean Enoki Mushroom recalls.  The producers involved: Sun Hong Foods of Montebello, CA;  Guan’s Mushroom Co. of Commerce, CA; H&C Food Inc. Of Brooklyn, NY.


Recall reason: contamination with Listeria.  Ingesting this organism triggers high fevers, severe headaches, stiffness, nauseas, abdominal pain and diarrhea.  Pregnant women may miscarry or have a stillborn baby.


Do not eat these mushrooms.  Throw them away and sanitize all surfaces they have touched.


Sun Hong: CA, TX, OR, WA, TX, IL, FL.  Company: 1-323-597-1112.

Guan’s: CA, NY, PA.  Company: 1-323-223-1188.

H&C Food Inc.   Company: 1-718-821-5188.


#recall #mushrooms #enoki #listeria #sunhong #guans #handc

recall, mushrooms, enoki, listeria, sunhong, guans handc



Roasted-Salted Deluxe Mixed Nuts Recalled



The FDA and DSD Merchandisers Inc. of Livermore CA is recalling Roasted-Salted Deluxe Mixed Nuts 10 oz. size.  This product may contain undeclared peanuts, a risk for peanut-allergic individuals.  If you have this product, return it to the point of purchase.  For more info, reach the company at 1-925-449-2044.


#recall #nuts #peanut #dsdmerchanisers

recall, nuts, peanut, dsdmerchanisers



Obesity Worsens CoVid Infection



Obese persons are 7 times more likely to require intubation and mechanical ventilation for a CoVid infection.  French researchers now report these results following their study of 124 CoVid patients admitted to intensive care.


More than three-quarters of these patients were overweight or obese.  Their disease severity increased with increasing weight from 150 lbs for a 5.5 foot person up to and beyond 210 lbs for a person of the same height.  


The CoVid threat will be with us awhile so get to a healthy weight.  You’ll feel a whole lot better knowing you’re protecting yourself against not only the virus but also against heart attack and stroke.


#covid #coronavirus #overweight #obesity #ventilator

covid, coronavirus, overweight, obesity, ventilator




Annoyance By Repetitive Noises Is A Disorder



Does tapping, humming, slurping, and loud chewing drive you nuts?  You may have misophonia that is a real disorder with real differences in your brain wiring.


For years, many professionals doubted  the existence of this problem.   Then, after study by groups in Australia and the UK over the past decade, the annoyance by repetitive sounds has been found to be associated with changes in heart rate, skin conductivity, and neuronal activity in the brain’s frontal lobe and anterior insular cortex.  A few with this problem even develop heightened anger and a propensity for violence.


There is no cure, but knowledge is power.  Mindfulness and self-hypnosis may help.


#misophonia #repetitivenoise #tapping #humming #chewing

misophonia, repetitivenoise, tapping, humming, chewing



Can CoVid Re-infect or Relapse?



The South Korean Centres for Disease Control and Prevention report at least 124 relapsed cases of CoVid19.  These are patients who tested positive, clinically recovered from the disease, tested virus-negative several times, but then redeveloped symptoms and positive tests.


This represents 1.1% of the 10,591 cases to date and 1.6% of the recovered cases.  We don’t yet know if these recurrently positive cases represent reinfected individuals or those with reactivating of the virus.  We await more information about patient’s antibody status and viral genetic fingerprints.


We have to learn about this new coronavirus.  Until we do, the only safe place is away from all but your closest family members.


#covid19 #coronavirus #reactivation #latency #reinfection

covid19, coronavirus, reactivation, latency, reinfection




Why Treatment and Vaccine Skeptics Reject Lifesaving Therapy



To safely reopen society during the CoVid era, we must all accept that vaccination and viral treatments are safe and effective.  Psychologists at Texas Tech now report the reasons some deny such lifesaving medical interventions.


The researchers surveyed 158 participants with profound negative feelings about vaccines: so-called vaccine deniers.  These individuals as a group tended to always overestimate the dangers including injury or death associated with a variety of conditions and events including cancer, childbirth, fireworks, and flooding.


Levels of pessimism and fear showed no association with education level.   Treatment deniers tend to seek out sources of negative information, and bad news travels farther than good.!


#covid #coronavirus #deniers #vaccines #therapy

covid, coronavirus, deniers, vaccines, therapy




CoVid Infected Patients With IBD Should Stop Certain Medications



Those with inflammatory bowel disease who become symptomatic and test positive for CoVid19 should speak with their doctors about discontinuing their specialized IBD medications.  The American Gastroenterological Association recommends this step in their just-released guidelines.


Many of the anti-inflammatory medications including steroids, salicylates, immunosuppressant drugs such as azathioprine, methotrexate, and cyclosporine, and biologics such as adalimumab, infliximab, and golimumab could adversely impact your host defenses to the virus.  They could also ramp up aspects of the cytokines storm that attacks vital organs.


These medications and IBD itself do not appear to increase a persons risk of contracting the virus.  Continue your medications until your doctor says otherwise.


#ibd #covid19 #coronavirus #ulcerativecolitis #crohns

ibd, covid19, coronavirus, ulcerativecolitis, crohns



Smell and Taste Leave And Return With CoVid Infection



Your olfactory sense departs with virus arrival in your body yet returns completely in some 74% as infection wanes.  UC San Diego researchers report these findings after studying 59 CoVid positive and 203 CoVid negative patients.


The majority of those reporting sensory changes with infection suffered a profound loss of smell and taste with onset of infection.  Those with olfactory sense losses in addition to fever and vague flu symptoms were almost 11 times more likely to test CoVid positive than those without sensory loss.


The study authors argue that loss of these senses should be added to fever and cough as indications for CoVid testing.


#covid #coronavirus #smell #taste #olfactory

covid, coronavirus, smell, taste, olfactory

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