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HealthNews RoundUp - 5th Week of April 2020



CoVid Immune Serum Helps Only The Sickest



Antibodies from recovered CoVid19 patients significantly reduce the chances of dying and improve organ function but only for those with the worst cases.  The treatment works best for those receiving high doses of immune serum within 7 days of hospital admission.


These results from a Chinese study of 325 patients treated in 3 cities.  Looking at all patients, antibody therapy had no effect on mortality.  When the sickest were analyzed separately, the data shows a 50% reduction in 28 day mortality.


Good news!  We now know that antibodies to the virus do improve disease, something still being debated.  Purifying and multiplying antibodies into a drug may give us effective treatment.


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covid19, coronavirus, antibody, immuneserum



FDA Warning On Chlorine Dioxide CoVid Scams



In the context of recent misinformation about drinking or injecting Chlorox, the FDA is again warning the public that chlorine dioxide-containing products will not cure any disease including coronavirus.   The agency has again sent another cease and desist letter to the Genesis II Church of Health and Healing regarding its “Miracle Mineral Solution” which as been fraudulently marketed as a cure for autism, cancer, HIV, hepatitis, influenza, and now coronavirus.


The chemical can trigger arrhythmias, fatal blood pressure crashes, liver failure, blood loss, vomiting, and diarrhea.  Do not buy or use this products.


There is no current proven treatment for CoVid19 viral infection.  When one appears, I’ll make certain that you’re the first to know.


#covid19 #coronavirus #chlorinedioxide #bleach

covid19, coronavirus, coronavirus, bleach



Men Recover From CoVid19 Slower Than Women



Men clear CoVid one-third more slowly than women.  An Indian study of 68 infected subjects now appears on the pre-print website


Serial viral testing reveals that men clear virus on average two days later than women.  In persisting infections, men shed virus up to 5 days longer.


The investigators link mens’ viral retention to the fact that testicular tissues have higher concentrations of the ACE2 receptor to which the virus binds.  The testes may be a viral reservoir and other studies do show CoVid mediated testicular damage.


Men should take particular care to avoid the virus.  Statistics show, though, that they tend to be more careless.


#covid19 #coronavirus #viralclearance #distancing #menshealth

covid19, coronavirus, viralclearance, distancing, menshealth




WHO: Antibodies Are No Proof Of Immunity



The World Health Organization warns that a positive CoVid antibody test is not a “valid immunity passport” releasing you from distancing and use of PPE. Current antibody testing is not yet completely accurate, and many tests cannot quantitate antibody levels or types.


First, antibody-positive patients may have only low levels of viral neutralizing antibodies.  Then too, viral immunity requires activated T-lymphocyte killer cells to destroy virus and virus-infected cells.  Currently there are no tests that show if you have CoVid immune T lymphocytes.


So if you are tested and find that you do have antibodies, don’t get a false sense of security.  It could be deadly!


#covid19 #coronavirus #who #immunity #antibodies #cellmediatedimmunity #who


covid19, coronavirus, who, immunity, antibodies, cellmediatedimmunity, who



True METRIX Air Blood Glucose Meter Recalled



Trividia Health, Inc. has a US nationwide recall on its TRUE METRIX® AIR Blood Glucose Meter.  One of the meters included in the True METRIX Blood Glucose Meter kit has an incorrect unit of measure as a factory default.  The unit measures glucose as mmol/L rather than the standard mg/dl.  If incorrectly read, a consumer will assume  a falsely low glucose level.  This could lead to incorrect glucose dosing.  If you have this device, check the serial number on the back of the unit.  The affected serial number is TA1548753.  If you have this meter, stop using it and call the company at 1-800-518-5726 to verify the serial number and to arrange a replacement.


#recall #glucosemeter #truemetrix #diabetes #insulin

recall, glucosemeter, truemetrix, diabetes, insulin



Being Fun Scores You More Real Life Followers



Contrary to urban legend, the best-liked kids are not always the best-looking, athletic, or smartest.  They are the most fun!  Psychologists at the Florida Atlantic University and Montreal’s Concordia University performed a longitudinal study on 1273 pre-teens 9-12 years of age.

The data reveal that being fun, stimulating other kids with upbeat creativity and sometimes mischievous behaviors, is a peer magnet.  The poster child for fun is Ferris Bueller.  The school principal hates him but ..... (clip: He’s a righteous dude!


Fun leads to status. Then elevated social status often translates into lifetime success.


#fun #popularity #success #ferrisbueller

fun, popularity, success, ferrisbueller



Foods That Trigger Dementia



Food families associated with dementia include processed meats, starches, and sugary, fatty snacks.  Epidemiologists at France's University of Bordeaux and Harvard Medical School studied 627 participants analyzing their dietary habits and the incidence of dementia over a 12 year follow up period.


Those developing dementia consumed diets centered around animal-based foods including many nitrite-containing processed meats.  They frequently co-consumed starchy breads, pasta, and rice, snack foods including pastries, and high fat dairy items such as yogurts and cheese.  Those free of dementia consumed diets centered on plant-based products emphasizing healthier fruits and vegetables and a high degree of food variety.


Relatively meat-less moderation is the key.


#dementia #meat #plants #moderation

dementia, meat, plants, moderation




Recall On Tainy Boctoka Dry Fruits Mix Compot Apple


The Royal Trading Co. is recalling its TAINY BOCTOKA DRY FRUITS MIX COMPOT APPLE.  This product has undeclared sulfites.  Those allergic to sulfite may suffer a live-threatening allergic reaction after ingesting this product.  If you purchased this product, do not consume it but return it to the point of purchase for a full refund.   Information from the company by calling 1-347-223-1095.


#recall #fruitcompote #tainy #sulfites

recall, fruitcompote, tainy, sulfites




Benefiber Healthy Shape Prebiotic Fiber Supplement and Prebiotic Fiber Supplement Both Recalled



GSK Consumer Healthcare is voluntarily recalling 5 lots of Benefiber Healthy Shape Prebiotic Fiber Supplement powder and Benefiber Prebiotic Fiber Supplement powder.  The products have foreign body contamination: green plastic pieces or shavings from bottle caps.  There is a potential choking or gastrointestinal lining laceration risk.  If you have this product, call the GSK  Contact Center at 1-800-452-0051 to see if the lot that you have has been recalled.  They will inform you bout how to obtain a replacement.


#recall #fibersupplement #prebiotic #foreignbody

recal#reopl, fibersupplement, prebiotic, foreignbody




Covid19 In Sewage An Early Sign Of Second Wave



An early warning to halt society reopening may well come from levels of CoVid19 viral proteins in our wastewater.   A Dutch study monitored wastewater treatment plants serving 6 cities 3 weeks before the first CoVid case surfaced and again one and two weeks after that case appeared. 


Based on the analysis of wastewater viral material, the investigators found there were no persons infected 3 weeks prior to the first case.  At one week after that case surfaced, there were 2.5 infected persons per half-million and 2 weeks after there were nearly 11 persons per half million.


This technique may help our scarce CoVid tests go further.


#covid19 #coronavirus #wastewater #reopening #earlydetection

covid19, coronavirus, wastewater, reopening, earlydetection




Loving Interactions Synchronize Partners’ Brains



A new MRI technique permitting simultaneous brain scanning of two persons face-to-face touching one another shows that their sensory and motor regions light up in response to a partner’s actions but also in anticipation of them.  


Finnish neuroscientists, psychologists, and biomedical engineers modified a standard MRI coil to permit two person scanning.  Ten GenZ subject-pairs, all friends or romantic partners, were examined.


Though the image resolutions of this split coil technique were lower, the researchers could determine that motor activities in the brains of those touching triggered sensory activity in the brains of those being touched in a coordinated fashion.


This is only the beginning of many more studies to come.


#mri #romance #touching #love

mri, romance, touching, love




Recalls on Condies Roll Chicken Salad On Croissant and Chicken Salad On White



Condies Foods of Kearns, UT is voluntarily recalling two sandwiches:  roll chicken salad on croissant and sandwich chicken salad on white bread.  These products may contain undeclared soy risking a serious allergic reaction in sensitized individuals.  Consumers should return this product to the point of purchase for a refund.  Call the company at 1-801-969-1448 for more information.


#recall #chickensandwich #chickenroll  #condies #soy


recall, chickensandwich,n chickenroll, condies, soy




Vitamin D Insufficiency May Drive Female Infertility



Low vitamin D levels may link to a woman’s inability to conceive.  A recently published Chinese study analyzed 154 women treated at a fertility center looking at vitamin D levels and the presence of toxic immune cells in their uterine linings.


Low vitamin D levels correlated with numbers of killer lymphocytes and scavenging macrophages in the endometrial linings of women unable to become and remain pregnant.  Vitamin D supplementation appears to reduce the populations of these immune cells present.


Women experiencing infertility should have their vitamin D levels checked.  If levels are low, normalization via food supplements or sunlight exposure may well improve the chances of a blessed event.


#infertility #vitamind #macrophages #killerlymphocytes

infertility, vitamind, macro, phages, killerlymphocytes



Which Symptoms More Accurately Predict A CoVid19 Diagnosis?



The most predictive symptom of an impending coronavirus infection is the loss of smell and taste.   Investigators at the Mayo Clinic teamed with artificial intelligence honchos at the Cambridge, MA nference Company to analyse electronic medical records from over 30,000 patients undergoing testing for CoVid19.


Smell/taste issues increase chances of a positive diagnosis by 37 times, cough combined with diarrhea 3.2 times, muscle aches 2.6 times, diarrhea 2.2 times, fever/chills 2.1 times, breathing issues 1.9 times, or cough 1.8 times.


If you have such signs and symptoms, you have an obligation to those you love and all of us to quarantine yourself until you can be formally tested for virus.


#covid19 #coronavirus #anosmia #cough #diarrhea

covid19, coronavirus, anosmia, cough, diarrhea

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