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HealthNews RoundUp - 4th Week of May 2020



CoVid19 Mutations Not Making Virus More Contagious



CoVid19 virus has been mutating, but the mutations don’t make the virus more transmissible.   Virologists at University College London nearly 16,000 worldwide genetic variations of CoVid.


Their data show none of the 31 recurrent mutations are associated with an increase in viral spread person to person locally or between regions.  In fact, 3 of the mutations were significantly associated with diminished transmission.  These involved changes in the spike protein, and it is this protein that attaches to human cells and permits viral entry.


It is good news that the inevitable CoVid mutations don’t appear to make the virus more vicious.  Whether mutations will interfere with vaccine production is another matter.


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covid, mutation, transmissibility, vaccine



Public Notice of Neighborhood Hot Spots Stops CoVid Spread



Alerting neighbors to the presence of coronavirus cases nearby can eliminate the need for lockdowns yet reduce case numbers by a factor of 260 and deaths by a factor of nearly 5,000.  Researchers at UC-San Diego studied the South Korean experience with institution of strict public health reporting and data sharing during this current pandemic.


As we in the US enter our reopening phase, we might need to use their playbook.  Korean CoVid cases geo-tracked using credit card and cell phone data.  Neighborhood infections are reported so that residents can ramp up their personal protections efforts.


We will not conquer CoVid without giving up some privacy.


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covid, publichealth, privacy, privacy, southkorea



How To Charm Your Baby



Imitate your infant, and she or he will love you for it.  Swedish philosophers at Lund University report this conclusion following their observations of sixteen 6 month old infants.


Even very young children recognize when an adult is imitating their behaviors.  The babies focus attention longer and more consistently on those imitating them.  Their smiles indicate that they relish being imitated and feel a close bond with those imitating them.


Since infants feel your imitation of their actions and motions signals your approval and friendliness, you can effectively us this strategy to motivate positive behaviors and inhibit negative ones.  These studies once again prove that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.


#infant #imitation #parenting

infant, imitation, parenting




Why CoVid19 Gravely Infects Fewer Children Than Adults



Expression of the gene that triggers ACE2 protein generation, the CoVid doorway into cells, is reduced in kids compared with adults.  Pediatricians and geneticists at New York’s Mount Sinai Hospital report this finding after studying 305 subjects 4 to 60 years of age.


ACE2 gene expression in nasal tissue is the lowest in children age 10 or under.  Gene expression increases with age and appears to level off above the age of 25. 


Though children may be less likely to develop clinical infections, they do seem to carry infectious virus that they may spread to others.  The reason for this pediatric carrier state is yet unknown.


#covid #ace2 #children

covid, ace2, children




Rapid Alivio Pain Relieving Roll-On On Recall



Sanvali Enterprises and the CPSC are recalling  Rapid Alivio Pain Relieving Roll-On.  This product contains methyl salicylate but the packaging is not child resistant. If the contents are swallowed by young children , there is a poisoning risk.  If you have this product, return it  to the point of purchase for a full refund.  For additional information, contact the company at 1-305-887-1090.


#recall #analgesic #salicylate #parenting

recall, analgesic, salicylate, parenting



Recall on Kitten Heel Court Shoes



The Primark US Corporation joins the CPSC in recalling its wide fit Kitten Heel Court Shoes.  This ladies pump shoe have an 1.5 inch heel.  The leather in sock of the shoe has dangerously high chromium levels that pose a risk of skin irritation.  If you have these shoes, stop wearing them and return them to the point of purchase for a full refund.  For additional information, call Primark at 1-617-946-3236.


#recall #pump #shoes #chromium

recall, pump, shoes, chromium



Generic Thyroid Tablets Recalled


Acela Pharmaceuticals and the FDA are recalling its generic Thyroid USP tablets.  The 30, 60, and 90 mg tablets are more potent than labeled by up to 115%.  Those taking this medicine for hypothyroidism may develop hyperthyroidism.  Symptoms of this disorder are heat intolerance, fatigue, weakness, high blood pressure, chest pain, rapid heart rate, arrhythmias, and undue weight loss.  If you are taking this product, speak with your prescriber about a replacement prescription and likely take it back to the store and obtain an exchange.  Acella may be reached at 1-800-541-4802.



#recall #thyroid

recall, thyroid



Johnson Home Style Crab Cakes Are On Recall



Johnson Sea Products and the FDA have recalled frozen Johnson Home Style Crab Cakes.  This product has undeclared wheat and soy.  They pose a risk to those with wheat and soy allergies including those with gluten intolerance and celiac disease.  If you purchased these products, return them to the point of purchase for a full refund.  Consumers may reach the Johnson Company at 1-251-824-2693.


#recall #crabcakes #wheat #soy #celiac

recall, crabcakes, wheat, soy, celiac




Majority of CoVid-Infected Cruise Passengers Asymptomatic



Eighty-one percent of CoVid-positive passengers on an Antarctic cruise felt perfectly well yet were silently spreading virus to fellow passengers.  Australian researchers now report this finding in the BMJ-Thorax online journal.


The cruise embarked from Argentina in mid-March carrying all healthy passengers and crew with no one from the then-known CoVid endemic areas in Southeast Asia or Iran.  All 128 passengers and 95 crew were screened for symptoms and fevers before boarding.  The first passenger spiked a fever on day 8 prompting universal cabin confinement and surgical masks for all.  PPE including N95 masks were given to those in contact with febrile persons.  


With this CoVid outbreak, the ship executed an emergency turnaround and returned to dock in Uruguay.  There, all passengers and crew began an on-board quarantine.  On cruise day 20, quarantine day 6, all onboard were virus tested and 59% were positive.  Of those virus positive, all but 19% were perfectly well, 6.2% were sick enough to require hospitalization, and 3.1% required ventilators.


The bottom line: Anyone, ANYONE you meet could well be infected and could infect you.   To prevent that DMW: Distance, MASk, Wash.


#covid #pandemic #cruises #masks #distancing

covid,l pandemic, cruises, masks, distancing




Intense Exercise Triggers Early Miscarriage In High Risk Would-Be Mothers



Women with a miscarriage history attempting to get pregnant may lose the fetus to aggressive exercising even before they know they are pregnant.  Epidemiologists at UMass-Amherst studied 785 high risk pregnancies in young women with one or two previous miscarriages.


Seven percent of the women suffered yet another miscarriage just as their pregnancy was establishing.  Those who lost their fetus at the time it would be implanting, the risk of loss was two-fold greater in those women pursuing moderate or intense exercise regimens.


If you have a history of miscarriage, avoid any excessive exercise during the first month even before you know you are pregnant.


#pregnancy #miscarriage #miscarriage

pregnancy, miscarriage, miscarriage

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