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HealthNews RoundUp - 1st Week of December 2021







Unvaccinated Persons Responsible For The CoVid Surge



Unvaccinated persons cause up to 90% of all new CoVid infections.  This the conclusion of a German mathematical modeling study seeking to understand the huge uptick in CoVid infections since October that is clogging German hospitals and driving consideration of lockdowns.


The German mathematicians calculated that two-thirds to as many as three-quarters of all new CoVid infections occur in unvaccinated persons.  In addition, their calculations suggest that 38 to 51 % of these infections occur because unvaccinated persons infect other unvaccinated persons.  Said another way, unvaccinated persons contribute more to the spread of CoVid than waning immunity in the vaccinated.


None of us wants to spend another winter locked up in our homes and unable to pursue any public indoor activities such as in-person work, in-person school and college, and indoor public activities including shopping, theater, and mass transit.  The surge of Delta CoVid and the appearance of Omicron now make it clear that mandatory vaccinations and masking are a must.


We have been fighting the CoVid War with the equivalent of a voluntary army, and we are losing.  We have tried battling CoVid with voluntary vaccinations, masking, and testing.  That strategy has failed miserably, and now, Uncle Sam want you!


This is a public health emergency, and responsible governmental officials at the federal, state, and local levels must all act to require vaccination and boosting for all.  They must act to enforce the use of masks in all public places but especially in stores, theaters, and on mass transit.  They must act to require testing and isolation of all at risk for CoVid or with frank symptoms of it.  To do less is just plain irresponsible and dangerous.


We already ask and demand by the enactment of laws that everyone drive at safe speeds because reckless driving can not only hurt the driver but innocent bystanders.  Vaccination and responsive masking against CoVid are the same, since the only way to control this virus is for everyone to possess immunity to it and to avoid spreading it.  Your body, your choice is not your choice if you hurt others.


And every doctor in the United States, those in clinical practice, medical education, research, and public health should be calling on their patients to get vaccinated and follow solid public health principles.  They should actively and publicly support the efforts of public officials to mandate the same.


#CoVid #vaccination #breakthrough #boosters #masks #mandates #testing

CoVid, vaccination, breakthrough, boosters, masks, mandate, testing



Unvaccinated First Responders Create A Public Health Risk



A severe CoVid infection is nearly 20 times more likely for unvaccinated than vaccinated police personnel and 5 times more likely for unvaccinated firefighters.  Once infected with CoVid, these first responders are sick for 2 to 3 weeks and miss up to 7 weeks of work.  These troubling statistics are just some of the conclusions of a collaborative study headed by public health researchers at the University of Miami.


The investigators dug down to understand the reasons why 41% of first responders remain unvaccinated.  Those resisting vaccination are more than 3 (3.2) times more likely to erroneously believe that CoVid vaccines are ineffective and more than 3.5 times (3.6) more likely to believe lies that CoVid vaccines are unsafe.  


These mistaken beliefs are propagated on mass and social media using pseudoscience and outright lies to make responsible CoVid management a wedge political issue.  Media liars would have you believe that CoVid vaccination and masking are undemocratic and unpatriotic.  Just the opposite is true.


We need police, firefighters, and health care personnel healthy and on the job to maintain a safe and orderly society.  Furthermore, we need our first responders to set an example and lead the fight against CoVid.  Now that vaccination, responsible masking, and necessary testing are required for all of us to return to our normal ways of living, we need our police, firefighters, and health care workers to uphold the public health rules, not defy them.


#CoVid #firstresponders #vaccination #masking #testing #misinformation

CoVid, firstresponders, vaccination, masking, testing, misinformation



Morning Exposure To Deep Red Light Rejuvenates Waning Eyesight



Looking at long wave deep red light only once a week for only 3 minutes may increase color vision by as much as 20%.  This startling finding was just announced by ophthalmologists at University College London after their small study of 20 subjects without any known eye disease.


Each participant used an LED device that emits red light at a 670 nm wavelength for 3 minutes between 8 and 9 am.  Color vision was measured using a Chroma Test before and after the light therapy and again at one week following the therapy session.  There was an average of 17% improvement in color vision following light therapy with improvement lasting up to one week.  Some older patients enjoyed a 20% improvement.  Interestingly, light exposure in the afternoon was ineffective.


The typical decline in vision with aging occurs due to reduced mitochondrial activity in retinal cells.  The periodic red light therapy recharges retinal mitochondria and restores some visual fidelity.  The best news is that the LED red light device will be available in early 2022 from the British company Planet Lighting LTD for an estimated $40 plus shipping.


#retinalaging #colorvision #redlight #670nm 

retinalaging, colorvision, redlight, 670nm




Alcohol A Significant Trigger for Atrial Fibrillation



Alcohol rather than caffeine, sleep problems, diet, or exercise is the most consistent trigger of atrial fibrillation.  This conclusion comes from a UC-San Francisco study of 320 participants wearing mobile EKG devices.


Each participant logged relevant activities including drinking alcohol, drinking caffeinated beverages, drinking other cold beverages, sleeping, overeating, and exercising.   When the numbers were crunched, the only activity that consistently triggered atrial fibrillation was drinking alcohol.


Atrial fibrillation triggers more than 150,000 American deaths a year and is a major cause of strokes.  Those with a history of atrial fibrillation should reconsider their use of recreational alcoholic beverages.


#atrialfibrillation #alcohol #caffeine #sleep #overeating #exercise

atrialfibrillation, alcohol, caffeine, slee, #overeating, exercise




CoVid Vaccines Prevent Hospitalization



A major study shows that full CoVid vaccination makes it 10-fold less likely that you will require hospitalization for CoVid.   This and other conclusions come from a CDC organized study looking at populations in 99 counties across 14 states for a total of about 35 million Americans.


Before the Delta variant became dominant, vaccination reduced your chances of a CoVid hospitalization 17 fold.  That declined to 10 fold with the spread of Delta which increased the percentage of breakthrough CoVid cases from 0.01% to 16% or a factor of 1600.  


The study confirmed that vaccinated persons with breakthrough CoVid tended to be older, to be those with underlying medical conditions, and to be residents of long-term case facilities. 


With Delta CoVid predominant and now joined by Omicron, boosting your CoVid immunity is essential if its been 6 months or more since your second Pfizer or Moderna shot or 2 months since your J&J vaccination.  Then too, be particularly careful not to contract CoVid by consistently masking, avoiding any but necessary indoor activities, and by avoiding large outdoor crowds.


#CoVid #breakthrough #delta #masking #vaccination #booster

CoVid, breakthrough, delta, masking, vaccination, booster



Physical Therapy Cuts Opioid Use After Knee Surgery



Initiating physical therapy, PT for short,  before or after knee replacement therapy significantly reduces that chances that a person will require long-term opioid pain therapy by some 25 to 29 percent.  Boston University researchers studied 67,322 persons who underwent total knee replacement surgery over a 20 year period.


Beginning PT either before or after the surgery reduces the need for prolonged opioids by 25% for those who had used or never used opioids previously.  Those who continued their PT for 13 or more sessions reduced their chances even more up to 29%.  On the other hand, delaying the initiation of PT following surgery for up to 30 to 60 days increases the risk of needing opioids by 1.5 to 2 times.


If you or a family member are planning knee surgery, be certain to establish a relationship with an experienced physical therapist before surgery.  This will permit you to begin PT when appropriate and reduce your chances of needing and getting hooked on narcotics.


#kneereplacement #pain #opioids #narcotics #addiction

kneereplacement, pain, opioids, narcotics, addiction



Flu Vaccination Rates Abysmal Considering Benefits



Last fall and winter, only 54.8% of Americans received the flu vaccine, and only 58.5% are projected to get it during this years flu season.  So far, only 40.9% have gotten their flu shots and only 17.6% plan to get theirs.  Too bad for the 41.5% who refuse to get the shot, and that refusal is frankly dangerous for those with cardiovascular issues.


The flu vaccination rate for those under 65 with CV disease is less than 50% compared with 80% for older patients with similar problems. Younger persons might reconsider when they realize the consequences of an influenza infection.  The flu makes a heart attack 6 times more likely.  Of those with a lab confirmed flu or a hospitalization for flu, 11.6% experienced an acute cardiovascular event.  Then too, 31% of those admitted for the flu require ICU services and 7% die.


Flu vaccines are effective with the vaccinated 37% less likely to be hospitalized and 82% less likely to land in the ICU.


Be sure that you are vaccinated against the flu, and that’s particularly important for those with not only cardiovascular issues but also for those with chronic lung disease, diabetes, sickle cell issues, kidney problems, chronic liver disease, obesity, immunosuppression, native Americans and Alaskans, and nursing home residents.


By the way:  Studies show that you can get the flu shot and the CoVid vaccination or booster at the same time.


#influenza #cardiovasculardisease #icu #hospitalization

influenza, cardiovasculardisease, icu, hospitalization



E-Cigarette Smoking Increases Erectile Dysfunction Risk



Daily smokers of electronic cigarettes are more than twice as likely as those who never smoked e-cigarettes to report erectile dysfunction or ED.  Epidemiologists at NYU report this finding after analyzing data on 45,971 adults 18 years and older.


In the study group, 13,711 males provided information about any problems with ED as well as information about their use of e-cigarettes, any history of cardiovascular disease, and exercise habits.  The analysis showed that daily e-cigarette users were 2.2 times more likely than never-users to experience ED. Those e-cig users with a CV disease history were even more likely to have ED at 2.4 times.  The good news is that exercise seems to protect against the development of ED.


My advice guys: don’t use e-cigarettes and exercise vigorously.


#ecigarette #erectivedysfuction #ed #cardiovasculardisease #exercise

Ecigarette, erectivedysfuction, ed, cardiovasculardisease, exercise



CPSC Recalls



Impex Olympic Dumbbell Handles on Recall



The CPSC and Impex Fitness are recalling Impex Olympic Dumbbell Handles.  The locking collars on these dumbbell handles may slip leading to dropped weights if the dumbbell is held perpendicular to the floor and this creates an injury hazard to the user or bystanders.  About 77,200 of these dumbbell handles were sold at Dick’s Sporting Goods stores nationwide and online at  Immediately stop using these dumbbell handles and contact Impex Fitness by phone at 1- 800-999-8899 or online at


#impex #dumbbellhandle #collars #injury #recall

impex, dumbbellhandle, collars, injury, recall





FDA Recalls



Recall on Birds Eye Broccoli Tots



The FDA and Conagra Brands, Inc. are recalling Birds Eye Broccoli Tots.  Packages of this product contain small rocks and metal fragments.  The contaminated batches have best buy dates of 8/11/22, 8/12/22, 8/19/22, 8/25/22, 11/10/22, and 11/17/22.  If you bought one of these packages, return it to the point of purchase for a refund.  For more information call Conagra Consumer Care at 1-800-921-7404.


#birdseye #broccolitots #foreignbodies #laceration #recall

birdseye, broccolitots, foreignbodies, laceration, recall



TJ Farms Select Frozen Cauliflower Is Recalled



The FDA and the Flagship Food Group are recalling TJ Farms Select Frozen Cauliflower.  This product is contaminated with listeria monocytogenes.  Listeria triggers a severe and sometimes life-threatening infection in the very young, older individuals, and in those with immunosuppression.  This cauliflower was sold in 

Pennsylvania, Tennessee, and Wisconsin.  If you have this product, don’t consume and and either return it to the place of purchase for a refund or dispose of it.  If you have questions about the product or recall, call Flagship Food Group at 1-800-292-9600.


#tjfarms #cauliflower #listeria #infection #recall

tjfarms, cauliflower, listeria, infection, recall



Recalled is Wel-Pac Shrimp Powdered Soup Stock



The FDA and JFC International Inc are recalling Wel-Pac Shrimp Powdered Soup Stock.  This product contains undeclared fish including sardine, tuna, and bonito.  If ingested by a person with allergies to any or all of these fish, the product could trigger a serious or fatal allergic reaction.  If you have this soup stock, do not use or consume it, and return it to the place of purchase for a full refund.  If you need more information, contact JFC International by phone at 1-800-633-1004 or via e-mail at


#welpac #shrimpsoupstock #fish #allergy #recall

Welpac, shrimpsoupstock, fish, allergy, recall



H-E-B Tomato Basil Soup Is Recalled



The FDA and Fischer and Wieser Specialty Foods are recalling H-E-B Tomato Basil Soup.  This product has glass foreign bodies in its jars.  The involved lot is 22871 with a best buy date of 10/14/22.  If you bought this product, do not consume it.  Return it to the point of purchase for a refund.  For additional information, call Fischer and Wieser Specialty Foods at 1-830-997-7194.


#heb #tomatosoup #glass #foreignbody #laceration #recall

heb, tomatosoup, glass, foreignbody, laceration, recall



Recall On Old Spice and Secret Aerosol Spray Antiperspirants and Old Spice Below Deck Aerosol Spray Products



The FDA and the Proctor & Gamble Co. have recalled Old Spice and Secret Aerosol Spray Antiperspirants and Old Spice Below Deck Aerosol Spray Products. The affected products include: Old Spice High Endurance AP Spray Pure Sport, Old Spice Hardest Working Collection Invisible Spray, Old Spice Below Deck Powder Spray, Secret Aerosol Powder Fresh, Secret Fresh Collection Invisible Spray, Secret Outlast Invisible Spray, and Old Spice Pure Sport.  These products contain dangerous levels of the human carcinogen benzene.  Exposure to this organic solvent on the skin, by inhalation, or by ingestion can cause cancers and blood disorders.  If you bought any of these, dispose of them and contact Proctor and Gamble’s Consumer Care Team by phone at 1-888-339-7689 or online at or


#proctorgamble #oldspice #secret #aerosols #benzene #cancer #recall

Proctorgamble, oldspice, secret, aerosols, benzene, cancer, recall



Kraft-Heinz Powdered Beverages are on Recall



The FDA and Kraft-Heinz are recalling multiple powdered beverages including: Country Time Lemonade, Tang, Arizona Tea, and some Kool-Aid.  These beverage packages have very small pieces of glass and metal.  If you have any of these products, return them to the place of purchase or destroy them.  For more information about the specific products involved, contact Kraft-Heinz Consumer Relations for the US at 1-855-713-9237 or for Canada at 1-855-268-1775.


#kraftheinz #powderedbeverages #countrytime #tang #arizonatea #koolaid #foreignbodies #lacerations #recall

kraftheinz, powderedbeverages, countrytim, tang, arizonatea, koolaid, foreignbodies. lacerations, recall



Recalled is TaDah! Spicy Brown Sugar Harissa Hummus Wraps



The FDA and TaDah! Foods are recalling TaDah! Spicy Brown Sugar Harissa Hummus Wraps.  This hummus contains undeclared milk allergen.  Those with a milk allergy can develop a serious or possibly life-threatening allergic reaction.  If you purchased these products, contact TaDah! Foods by phone at  1-571-335-1635 to get a full refund or replacement.


#tadah #hummus #wraps #milk #allergy #recall

tadah, hummus, wraps, milk, allergy, recall



Spice House Sichuan Chili BBQ Rub on Recall



The FDA and The Spice House are recalling the Spice House Sichuan Chili BBQ Rub.  This product contains undeclared sesame.  Those allergic to sesame could develop a serious allergic reaction if they ingest this rub.  If you bought this product, dispose or it and contact The Spice House by email at to arrange a refund.


#spicehouse #chilibbqrub #sesame #allergy #recall

spicehouse, chilibbqrub, sesame, allergy, recall




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