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HealthNews RoundUp - 2nd Week of December 2020



N95 Masks Retain Their Fit Over Time



All N95 masks retain a safe fit for 12 or fewer episodes of use.  This according to a Johns Hopkins study of some 92 health care workers.


The investigation revealed that while 100% of masks fit well for the first 12 wearings, that number fell slightly to 95% for up to 23 uses, and then down to 90% for up to 31 uses.  It goes without saying that every N95 mask must fit snugly before a first use by health care workers and high risk patients.


Other studies have shown that N95 masks may be repeatedly decontaminated more than 20 to 30 times using heat and UV irradiation.


#covid #mask #n95 #fitting

covid, mask, n95, fitting



Auto Riding Safe From CoVid



If you must ride in a moving car with a person not in your bubble, which windows should you open? The answer to these questions comes from fluid mechanics researchers at Brown University and UMAss Amherst.


Two occupants should sit diagonally with the passenger in the right rear seat.  Safest is to open all windows to maximize air exchange.  If it’s cold, turn up the heat.  


The two windows you definitely want open are the right front and left rear to create an air curtain.  You’ll get added safety by opening the window next to the person who could possibly be infected: perhaps the Uber driver.


An additional left rear passenger: open all windows.


#covid #automobile #ventilation #fluidmechanics

covid, automobile, automobile, fluidmechanics




Why CoVid Long Haulers Are Out of Breath



CoVid triggers long-term shortness of breath by damaging the diaphragmatic respiratory muscles.  A study from Northwestern in Chicago reports this finding after their in-depth study of 25 long haulers using precise ultrasonic imaging.


While only 12% of these patients had pre-existing pulmonary disease 80% of them had at least one respiratory muscle structural or functional abnormality. Seventy-six percent had reduced diaphragmatic contractility.


Since only 25% of patients had detectable virus in their respiratory muscles, the researchers blame muscle damage on a combination of factors including high dose steroids, general inflammation, and impaired muscle sugar metabolism.


CoVid patients with persisting breathing challenges should have diaphragmatic ultrasounds.


#covid #breathing #shortnessofbreath #diaphragm

covid, breathing, shortnessofbreath, diaphragm



Happy Hour Preserves Brain Power



Downing cheese and red wine will keep you sharp as you go through life.  Food scientists from Iowa State University report these findings after analyzing data from 12,787 Brits 46 to 77 years of age.


Participants completed Food Frequency Questionnaires and underwent testing of their ability to think on the spot using he Fluid Intelligence test.  Cheese topped the list of “smarts-preserving” foods followed by red wine and lamb but not other red meats.  On the other hand, added salt was counterproductive.


So during the pandemic, arrange virtual happy hours replete with that cheese board and wine carafe.  The food and drink AND the pleasant company will help you fight off those pandemic blues.


#covid #brain #intelligence #cheese #wine

covid, brain, intelligence, cheese, wine



Do Children Spread CoVid At Home?



Kids are 79% less likely to spread CoVid to their household members compared with virus-carrying adults.  Australian infectious disease scientists present this conclusion after their study of 213 home transmission clusters living in 12 countries.


Only 3.8% of clusters stemmed from infected children.  The number could be as high as 21% if you only consider clusters with symptomatic kids and those where adults did not travel.


Children are 38% less likely than adults to become infected.  There was no significant difference in CoVid susceptibility between children under 10 and those 10 through 18.


The investigators speculate that infected kids spread CoVid less often since they are less symptomatic and may carry less virus.


#covid #children #clusters #spread

covid, children, clusters, spread



CoVid Disinfectants May Be Poisoning You



Hydrogen peroxide based cleaning products could raise the levels of that toxin to 610 times its level in fresh air.  Researchers from Syracuse University and the University of Saskatchewan measured gaseous hydrogen peroxide in a chamber designed to simulate residential settings.


Hydrogen peroxide-containing disinfectants represent more than 10% of products sold in Canada, and some 168 such products are on the market.  Excessive exposures can irritate the lung, skin, and eyes.  This is a particular risk for property custodians and house cleaners.


To limit hydrogen peroxide toxicity, use soap and water rather than any disinfectants. When using hydrogen peroxide but also isopropyl or ethyl alcohol, ventilate the room well.


#covid #hydrogenperoxide #ventilation

covid, hydrogenperoxide, ventilation




Canyon Bakehouse Bread and Bagels Are Recalled



The FDA and Flowers Foods, Inc. are recalling Canyon Bakehouse Mountain White Bread and Canyon Bakehouse Everything Bagels.  These products are labeled as Gluten-free but contain gluten.  Those with a gluten or wheat sensitivity or allergy and those with celiac disease could develop gastrointestinal disease or significant allergic reactions.  These products were distributed in Arkansas, Colorado, Kansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Missouri, Montana, Nebraska, New Mexico, Oklahoma, South Dakota, Texas, Utah, and Wyoming.   If you have these, discard them or return them to the store for a refund.  For more information, call Flowers’ Consumer Relations Center allergic rhinitis 1-866-245-8921.


#bread #bagels #canyonbakehouse

bread, bagels, canyonbakehouse



Recall on Market Of Choice Sour Cherry Baked Brie



The FDA and Market of Choice have recalled Market of Choice Sour Cherry Baked Brie.  This product has undeclared almonds.  Those who are almond allergic could develop serious or life-threatening allergic reactions.  This product was sold at Market Cheese Shops in Ashland, Bend, Corvallis, Eugene, Portland, and West Linn in Oregon.  If you have this product and an allergy to almonds, discard it or return it to the store.  Call Market of Choice at 1-541-345-0566, Ext. 3127.


#brie #almonds

brie, almonds



Recall on Publix Bakery Holiday Cookie Platters



The FDA and George DeLallo Co., Inc. are recalling Publix Bakery 20 OZ Holiday Cookie Platters.  This product contains undeclared pecans.  Those with pecan allergies run the risk of a serious allergic reactions.  These cookies were distributed by Publix in certain Florida counties, Georgia, Alabama, Tennessee, South Carolina, North Carolina and Virginia.  If you purchased these cookies and have a person with a pecan allergy in your family, return them to the store for a refund.  If you have questions, contact the company at 1-800-433-9100.


#cookies #pecans #publix

cookies, pecans, publix



Western Chief Toddler Boots on Recall



The CPSC and the Washington Shoe Company have recalled Western Chief Toddler Boots.  The rivets that attach handles to the boot may detach create a choking hazard for children.  These were sold at Target stores and   If you have these boots, don’t permit your child to wear them.  Return them to the store for a refund.  For additional information, call the Washington Shoe Company at 1-855-545-0862.


#boots #toddler #choking

boots, toddler, choking



Recall on Delta Ultra-Violet Generators For Pools and Spas



The CPSC and the Neptune Benson Company are recalling Delta Ultra-Violet Generators For Pools and Spas.  This product with the identifier EA-4H-10 lacks sufficient water proofing permitting fluid to leak into the generator with heat buildup and a fire hazard.  If you have one of the 4560 units sold, unplug it and discontinue its use.  Contact Neptune Benson for a free inspection or replacement by calling 1-888-847-8710.


#uvgenerator #firehazard

uvgenerator, firehazard



Recall on Fiskars 16 foot Extendable Pole Saw/Pruners



The CPSC and Fiskars Brands have recalled Fiskars 16 foot Extendable Pole Saw/Pruners.  The telescoping sections of this product may come apart permitting the saw blade and pruner head to fall and create injuries.  More than 467,680 of these have been sold in the Us and 95,000 sold in Canada.  If you own one, stop using it and contact Fiskars Brands at 1-888-847-8716 for instructions regarding how to dispose of the product an obtain a refund.


#extensionsaw #extensionpruner #fiskars

extensionsaw, extensionpruner, fiskars



Dash X FM Child Bicycle Seats are Recalled



The CPSC and the Burley Design Company have recalled the Dash X FM Child Bicycle Seats.  The plate that holds the seat in place may detach and destabilize the seat causing the rider to lose control and crash.  If you have one of these seats, stop your child from using it. Contact Burley Design LLC by calling 1-800-311-5294 to receive a replacement seat.


#bicycleseat #dash

bicycleseat, dash



Allen + Roth 62 inch Electric Fireplaces on Recall



The CPSC and LG Sourcing, Inc. are recalling Allen + Roth 62 inch Electric Fireplaces.  These units have wiring connectors that may overheat and lead to a fire hazard.  If you have one of the 48,000 of these sold, stop using it and contact LG Sourcing by calling 1-888-251-1019 to receive a free repair kit and to schedule free in-home repair.


#fireplace #electric #overheating

fireplace, electric, overheating



Recall on CRAFTSMAN® 10-inch Corded Chain Saw



The CPSC and Black and Decker have recalled the CRAFTSMAN® 10-inch corded chain saw, model CMECSP610.  This chain saw may unexpectedly start without pressing the power switch when the extension cord adapter is connected upside down. This poses a severe laceration hazard.  It was sold at Lowe’s and other stores as well as online at  If you have one of the 82,000 units sold, stop using it and contact Craftsman at 1-855-237-6848 to receive a free repair kit.


#craftsman #chainsaw #powerswitch

craftsman, chainsaw, powerswitch



Grillblazer Propane Torch Guns Recalled



The CPSC and Grillblazer have recalled the Su-Vgun and Grillgun propane torch guns. Propane could leak from these products leading to fire hazards.  Around 10,000 of the products have been sold online.  If you bought one of these, stop using it and contact Grillblazer at 1-888-267-9022 to receive a free repair.


#grillblazer #propaneleak

grillblazer, propaneleak



Yeti Fast Charge Power Supply on Recall



The CPSC and Goal Zero are recalling Yeti 25A Fast Charge Power Supply.  The link between the power supply and the output cord can become loose leading to overheating and a fire hazard.  If you have one of the 4500 of these sold, stop using it and contact Goal Zero at 1-888-794-6250 for a free repair.


#powersupply #yeti #overheating

powersupply, yeti, overheating



Recall on Children’s Flashlights



The CPSC and the Spirit Halloween company have recalled 3 children’s flashlights: ZAG Miraculous flashlight, the Ghostbusters flashlight, and the My Little Pony flashlight.  The batteries in these flashlights may overheat creating burn and fire hazards.  There were 6100 sold in the US and 380 in Canada.  Immediately take these flashlight away from your children, remove the batteries, and dispose of the flashlight.  Contact Spirit Halloween by calling 1-866-586-0155 for a refund.


#flashlight #overheating

flashlight, overheating



Recall on Electrical Oil Warmers



The CPSC and the Scentsy company are recalling the Scentsy Luminary Jack Warmer and the Scentsy Bless This Home Warmer.  The electrical components within are corroded creating a fire hazard. Apparently a shipping container transporting these products required fumigation due to a cockroach problem, and the chemical used created the damage.  About 7805 of these were sold in the US and about 260 were sold in Canada.  If you have one, stop using it and take a photo of the warmer with its wires cut.  Contact Scentsy by calling 1-877-855-0617 for instructions about where to send your picture to receive a full refund.


#oilwarmer #fire

oilwarmer, fire



Homfa Cabinets are on Recall



The CPSC and the Homfa company have recalled Homfa HPB-087 and HPB-106 Cabinets.  These furniture pieces are unstable unless anchored to the wall, and they may tip over creating entrapment and injuries for children.  They fail to comply with US safety standards.  If you own one, unload it and keep children away from it.  Remove the cabinet’s drawer slides and email the company at to receive instructions regarding where to send the slides to qualify for a refund.


#cabinet #tipover #entrapment

cabinet, tipover, entrapment



Camping Tents Have Been Recalled



The CPSC and Thermo Tents USA Inc. are recalling 3 tents in the Mór series: Crua Tri, Crua Loj, and Crua Cottage.  These tents are not fire-retardant though labelled as such.  About 260 of these tents were sold online via,,,,,, and  Stop using these tents around any open flames.  Thermo Tents USA says that you can contact them by calling 1-888-480-2550 to request a new label that states they are not fire-retardant.  To me, this is ludicrous.  I’d contact your point of purchase and arrange to send the tent back for a refund.  Then buy a safe, non-flammable tent.  If you get pushback, call the company or your state’s consumer protection office.


#tent #flammable 

tent, flammable



Holiday Message



This is my last set of health reports for 2020.  I’ll be back in January with more Health News You Should Use and Health news Capsules covering drug, food, and product safety recalls from the FDA and the CPSC.  When I return, I’ll be broadcasting from a new studio.  Meanwhile, I do hope that you have happy remaining days of Chanukah, a Merry Christmas, and that we all have a happy and healthy celebration of the New Year 2021.  During this coming year, we should see a control of the pandemic here in the US and around the world.  Before that occurs, stay well by wearing your mask consistently, physically distancing from those not in your bubble, washing your hands, and, as soon as you have the opportunity, take one of the CoVid vaccines.

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