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Novel CoVid Nasal Sprays

Novel CoVid Nasal Sprays

Three different nasal sprays, two by American university collaborators and the other by Canadian researchers, show promise new weapons against CoVid. One American entry developed by Northwestern, UWashington, and Washington University-St. Louis utilizes a computer-designed and optimized protein to coat the spikes of virtually any CoVid variant or sub variant and prevent its entry into human cells. Used in a mouse model, the nasal spray neutralized all CoVid variants better than our best available antibody treatments. The other American entry, developed at Cornell with help from Canadian collaborators, targets the human enzyme TMPRSS2 that the virus uses to gain entry into human cells. Their identified compound, N0385, given to mice before of after CoVid exposure, substantially reduced viral proliferation and lethal toxicity. The Canadian spray, Enovid, now manufactured and sold by an Israeli pharmaceutical company, utilizes the oxidizing agent nitric oxide to destroy the RNA of CoVid or, for that matter, any virus on or in the nasal linings. Nitric oxide, a gas, is produced by components in the liquid spray. Studies should that Enovid, used repeated over days, can reduce viral loads by 99.9%. It works in the test tube on both CoVid and influenza. You can already buy Enovid on Amazon, but it’s much cheaper to order it directly from the Israeli pharmacy. #nasalsprays #CoVid #spikeprotein #TMPRSS2 #nitricoxide #RNA #enovid #influenza

Howard G. Smith, MD, AM

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