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HealthNews RoundUp - 2nd Week of February 2021




Two Inhaled Drugs Knock Out CoVid 



#1: Ninety-seven percent of patients with moderate to severe CoVid quickly recovered from the disease with inhalation therapy using the experimental agent EXO-CD24.  Israeli investigators report the results of a preliminary but exciting phase one study involving 30 patients,


The agent, inhaled daily for 5 days, uses exosomes to deliver the immunoregulatory protein CD24 straight to the lungs.  The treatment tamps down the CoVid-generated cytokine storm.  Larger trials are now underway.


Agent #2: British researchers conclude that the asthma inhaled steroid, budesonide,used by asthmatics, stops CoVid progression in 90% of patients.   A total of 139 patients were randomized to receive the steroid or conventional therapy.  The treated group was less symptomatic.


#CoVid #cytokinestorm #exocd24 #budesonide #inhalation

CoVid, cytokinestorm, exocd24, budesonide, inhalation



You Won’t Get CoVid From Your Sports Equipment



CoVid virus landing on your glove or ball probably won’t live long enough to infect you.  British researchers inoculated a wide range of  equipment including a cricket glove, soccer ball, golf ball, tennis ball, and even a riding saddle with varying doses of CoVid19.


When the surfaces of these items were sequentially sampled for live virus, the data showed a rapid decline on cricket gloves as well as on  tennis, golf, and some cricket balls.  The virus hung around longer on soccer balls, rugby balls, and horse saddles.


This data is encouraging but assume any sports equipment in active play to be potentially contaminated.  Don’t touch your eyes, nose, or mouth,


#CoVid #sports #soccer #golf #rugby #cricket

CoVid, sports, soccer, golf, rugby, cricket



Vaccinated CoVid Survivors Make Excellent Antibody Donors



If you’ve had CoVid and received even one dose of CoVid vaccine, your serum could save lives.  This the conclusion of University of Iowa investigators who studied CoVid antibody production in 11 CoVid survivors undergoing vaccination.


All subjects enjoyed at least a 10-fold rise in their antibodies after vaccination the Moderna or Pfizer products.  Those who had at least some anti-CoVid antibodies following infection saw post-vaccination antibody levels greater than 1200 AU/ml, a level 12 times higher than that required for therapeutically effective immune sera.


CoVid survivors require only one dose of vaccine and their protective umbrella may be extended to others critically ill with this virus.


#CoVid #vaccine #vaccine #antibody

CoVid, vaccine, vaccine, antibody



Day Care Children Don’t Spread CoVid



Ninety-six percent of children in daycare could not be CoVid spreaders.  French investigators draw this conclusion from their CoVid antibody study of 327 children in 22 day care centers, 197 staff in those centers, and a 164 controls.


Only 3.7% of the kids and 6.8% of the staff had CoVid antibodies.  A similar 5% of the control adults had antibodies.  Those children who had CoVid antibodies were 7 times more likely to have been exposed to a household member who had the infection.  Despite carrying CoVid antibodies, NONE of the kids had positive PCR nasal or stool tests.  None of them were carrying the virus.


Bottom line: daycares don’t spread CoVid.


#CoVid #daycare #antibody 

CoVid, daycare, antibody




Methylprednisolone Conquers CoVid Better Than Dexamethasone



Methlprednisolone, SoluMedrol, is 42% more likely to save a critically ill CoVid patients than dexamethasone, Decadron.  Critical care specialists at University of Southern California followed 262 ICU CoVid patients.


The 83 patients receiving Decadron in addition to critical respiratory care  enjoyed a 36% lower mortality rate.  The 104 patients given SoluMedrol though had a 61% lower mortality rate.


Decadron has become standard therapy for severely ill CoVid patients, but the investigators remind us that SoluMedrol has long been the clinically preferred anti-inflammatory drug for those with severe respiratory disease.  In this study, this potent steroid over a short course saves the day.


#steroids #dexamethasone #methylprednisolone #ventilator

steroids, dexamethasone, methylprednisolone, ventilator



Good News From The CoVid Pandemic



We all find the social and physical limitations imposed by the need to keep ourselves CoVid-free frustrating.  The flip side: British researchers at the University of Bath report that 88% of us see positives stemming from the lockdowns and social distancing.


Their study surveyed 385 family units in the UK and Portugal.  Forty-eight percent note a growth in relationships, 22% report enhanced life appreciation, 16% enjoy spiritual growth and a stronger sense of community, and 11% discovered new opportunities including a better work/life balance.


If you think positively and outside the box, you’ll fine countless ways to take lemons and create delicious and sweet lemonade.


#pandemic #CoVid #lockdown #distancing #family

pandemic, CoVid, lockdown, distancing, family



Don’t Blame The Covid Surge On Cold Weather



Established science says that respiratory viruses including Covid spread faster when the air is cold and dry.  Using mathematical modeling, Princeton University environmentalists conclude that our behaviors have a greater impact than climate on dangerous CoVid transmission.


Using data from New York, at least two-thirds of the impetus for a wintertime CoVid surge comes from inadequate NPI, non-pharmaceutical interventions.  These are social distancing, mask wearing, and surface decontamination.  One-sixth is affected by immunity, and only one-sixth is due to climate and weather.


Help all of us get through this winter alive and well by masking up, standing apart, and washing well.  Get the CoVid jab as soon as possible.


#winter #climate #pandemic #npi #mask #distancing #washing #vaccine

winter, climate, pandemic, npi, mask, distancing, washing, vaccine



Electrostatic Sprayers On Recall



The CPSC andVictory Innovations announce the recall of Victory Innovations and Proteus Electrostatic Sprayers.  These products rechargeable lithium-ion battery pack may overheat, melt, catch fire, and/or explode.  If you own one of these sprayers, stop using it, remove the battery pack, and dispose of it in a safe manner.  Then contact Victory Innovations for a replacement battery pack by calling 888-674-2482.


#battery #sprayer #fire

battery, sprayer, fire



Recall on DeWalt Cordless Kerosene Heaters



The CPSC and the Enerco Group are recalling the DeWalt Cordless Kerosene Forced Air Heaters.  These heaters could restart unexpectedly while in standby mode should the room temperature fall below the thermostat set point and create fire and carbon monoxide poisoning hazards.  If you have one of these heaters, stop using it and contact the company for a free replacement corded heater.  Reach Enerco at 1-800-964-4328.


#dewalt #heater #kerosene

dewalt, heater, kerosene



Bowflex SelectTech 2080 Barbells With Curl Bar Are Recalled



The CPSC and Nautilus are recalling BowflexSelectTech 2080 Barbells With Curl Bar.  A weight plate may fall from the end of the barbell posing an injury hazard.  About 3700 of these units were sold directly by Nautilus, Dick’s Sporting Goods, the Nebraska Furniture Mart, and Play It Again Sports.  If you have this product, stop using it and contact Nautilus at 1-800-243-7091 to request a free kit with replacement straight and curl bars.


#barbell #nautilus #recall

barbell, nautilus, recall



Edsal shelving Units Are Recalled



The CPSC and Edsel announce the recall of Edsel 5-Tier Muscle Rack Heavy Duty Steel Shelving Units.  This unit cannot safely support the certified maximum 800-pound weight load posing an injury hazard.  2.2 million of these units were sold via,,, and by other online retailers.  If you have one of these shelving units, stop using it and contact Edsal at 1-833-232-5287 to obtain a refund.


#shelves #collapse #edsal

shelves, collapse, edsal



Recall On Parmesan-Crusted Wild Alaskan Salmon Fillets



The FDA and Ocean Beauty Seafood LLC have recalled Publix Parmesan-Crusted Wild Alaskan Salmon Fillets.  This product could contain undisclosed soy.  Those with a soy allergy could develop a severe or life-threatening reaction if they ingest this.  These salmon fillets were sold at Publix Markets throughout the southeast.  If you have this product, return it to the point of purchase for a refund.  For more Information, call Ocean Beauty Seafood LLC at 1-206-286-2566.


#salmon #soy #publix

salmon, soy, publix



Organic Basil Is Recalled



The FDA and Shenandoah Growers, Inc. are recalling Columbian organic basil sold under the Simple Truth, That’s Tasty, and Shenandoah Growers.  This product may contain the Cyclospora parasite.  If you ingest it, you will likely develop a gastrenteritis with severe abdominal pain, diarrhea, nausea and vomiting, muscle aches, and fatigue.  This product was sold in: IL, IN, IA, MI, MN, MS, MO, OH, TN, and WI.  If you have this product, discard it immediately.  For more information and refunds, contact the Shenandoah Growers Consumer Response Center at 1-844-896-6939.


#basil #shenandoagrowers #cyclospora

basil, shenandoagrowers, cyclospora



Recall On Sprouts Farmers Market Vanilla Flavored Yogurt Covered Cranberries



The FDA and Hickory Harvest Foods have recalled Sprouts Farmers Market Vanilla Flavored Yogurt Covered Cranberries.  This confection has undeclared almonds.  Those with an almond allergy are at risk for a serious or life-threatening allergic reaction.  This product was sold by Sprouts Stores in TX, AZ, NM, KS, OK, MO, CA, CO, AL, TN, NV, UT, GA, NC, SC, and FL  If you bought this product, return it to the point of purchase for a refund.  For additional information, contact Hickory Harvest Foods at 1-330-644-6266.


#yogurtcranberries #sprouts #almonds

yogurtcranberries, sprouts, almonds



Delicae Sauces Have Been Recalled



The FDA and Delicae Gourmet LLC are recalling Delicae Thai Peanut Sauce, Panang Curry Sauce, and Spicy Red Curry Sauce.  These sauces contain undeclared shrimp allergens.  Those with shrimp and shellfish allergies could develop a severe and dangerous allergic reaction after ingesting the products.  These sauces have been sold by retail stores in Springfield, MO; Crystal Lake, IL; Palisade, CO; Colorado Springs, CO; Long Lake, NY; Long Grove, IL; Sheridan, WY; Venice, FL; Pittsburgh, PA; Nassawadox, VA.  If you have these sauces, don’t consume them and return them to the place of purchase for a refund.  Those with questions should contact Delicae at 1-=800-942-2502.


#sauces #peanutsauce #currysauce #shrimp

sauces, peanutsauce, currysauce, shrimp



Dole Sunflower Crunch Chopped Salad Kit On Recall



The FDA and Dole Fresh Vegetables, Inc. are recalling the Dole Sunflower Crunch Chopped Salad Kit.  This product contains undeclared wheat and tree nuts.  Those with allergies to wheat, tree nuts, or both should avoid consuming this product.  This product was sold in OH, NY and WI.  If you have this product, discard it.  For more information and a refund, call Dole at 1-800-356-3111.


#salad #dole #wheat #treenuts

salad, dole, wheat, treenuts

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