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HealthNews RoundUp - 3rd Week of January 2021




Will CoVid Vaccination Earn You An Immunity Passport



We all hope that receiving the vaccine will earn us a pass to return to our former, carefree social lives.   Most doctors around the world are against issuing such a document that guarantees unlimited travel and social interactions without masks and distancing.


Investigators at Duke, UNC, and Australia’s Bond University surveyed 1004 physicians in 40 countries representing 67 specialties.  Only 31% of these clinicians felt that vaccination and laboratory test proof of CoVid humoral and cellular immunity should warrant issuing of so-called immunity passports.   


Why is this? Proven immunity can’t guarantee that individuals aren’t carrying infectious virus.  There are concerns about test accuracy as well as fraud and discrimination.


#vaccine #immunepassport #covid 

vaccine, immunepassport, covid



Women Speak Up In College Classes Less Often



Despite a predominance of women in college, men tend to monopolize classroom discussions 60% more often than women.  Dartmouth sociologists analyzed 95 hours of classes covering a broad range of subject matter, and they recently published their findings in the journal Gender & Society.


Despite the fact that 55% of the classes had more women than men and were taught by women, men were 3 times more likely to speak out without raising their hands and were more likely to monopolize the conversations.  


The investigators, both women, are concerned that a so-called “chilly climate” for women continues dominate the college academic scene.  They encourage female students speak up and be heard.


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women, college, discussions



Your Diet Could Prevent Multiple Sclerosis



Consuming foods rich in the monosaturated fat oleic acid could prevent the autoimmune attack on your central nervous system that triggers MS.  This the conclusion of a Yale University study.


The immunobiologists found that fat tissues of MS patients were deficient in oleic acid.  When they added it back to the fat in the test tube, they found it triggered an increase in regulatory T cells.  These cells are necessary to prevent the type of damaging autoimmune reactions that are characteristic of MS.


We don’t have proof that consuming oleic acid will prevent MS.  Just know that this fatty acid is found in beef, chicken, pork, cheese, nuts, eggs, milk, pasta, olives, and avocados.


#ms #multiplesclerosis #oleicacid #autoimmunity

ms, multiplesclerosis, oleicacid, autoimmunity




COVID Reinfection Rare



If you weather Covid-19 infection, there is a 99.3% chance that you will avoid a second infection.  A collaborative study by investigators at Cornell and Qatar Universities reviewed data from 43,044 CoVid patients.


Only 0.7% of this group developed another CoVid-positive PCR test.  Only 41% of that tiny group had convincing clinical evidence of a second infection. And these re-infections were less severe than the initial ones.


Immunologic testing of this group indicated persistent CoVid immunity for at least 7 months.


As more of us attain this immunity from surviving natural infections and, more importantly, via vaccination, there will be fewer new coronavirus infections and less circulating virus in our communities.


#covid #reinfection #immunity

covid, reinfection, immunity



Effective PTSD Treatment



Post-traumatic stress can be a challenge to manage, but repeated IV ketamine infusions appear to be effective.  Psychiatrists at New York’s Mt. Sinai Hospital and Med School report this finding from their randomized, controlled study of 30 patients with chronic PTSD.


The experimental group received 6 infusions of ketamine at 0.5 mg/kg over 14 days while the controls received midazolam at 0.045 mg/kg.  When the data were tabulated, those that received the ketamine were 3 times more likely to enjoy a significant reduction in PTSD symptoms.  The ketamine responders’s response persisted for nearly one month.


More studies are underway, but this is a hopeful avenue of therapy.


#ptsd #ketamine #psychiatry

ptsd, ketamine, psychiatry



Rechargeable Fillet Knives Recalled



The CPSC and Rapala USA have recalled  the Rapala Rechargeable Fillet Knives.  The battery may overheat and catch fire if non-Rapala chargers are used to recharge the battery. This product has been sold at Bass Pro Shops, Cabela’s, Fleet Farm, and other sporting goods stores nationwide. If you own one of these knives, stop using it.  Remove the battery.  If your knife’s battery does not have a white ETL label on it, contact Rapala USA at 1-800-878-4451 to receive a free replacement battery and a pre-paid envelope to return the defective battery for safe disposal.


#filletknife #rapala #battery #fire

filletknife, rapala, battery, fire



Topical Anesthetic Cream On Recall



The CPSC and Scalpa are recalling Scalpa Numb Maximum Strength Topical Anesthetic Cream.  This product contains the pharmaceutical lidocaine, also known as Xylocaine, and this agent must be sold in child-resistant packaging.  Scalpa has not provided that mandated safety measure. This cream has been sold on and   If you have this product, store it in a safe location out of reach of children.  Contact Scalpa by calling 1-855-424-7828 to obtain a refund.


#anestheticcream #scalpa #lidocaine #xylocaine

anestheticcream, scalpa, lidocaine, xylocaine



Recall On Lake Champlain Chocolates



The FDA and Lake Champlain Chocolates are recalling a variety of products including: 

Hazelnut, Fruit & Nut, Almond, Granola Five Star Bars

Organic Milk Chocolate Bar with Sea Salt & Almonds

Milk Chocolate Almond Bark

Chocolates of Vermont Green Mountain

Any or all of these products may contain plastic pieces as foreign bodies.  They may trigger a choking hazard.  These items may be found in gift boxes, gift baskets, and gift packages and have been sold nationwide.  If you have these products, do not consume them.  You should contact the company via email.  The address is:


#chocolates #lakechamplain #foreignbodies

chocolates, lakechamplain, foreignbodies



Hiland Chocolate Milk On Recall



The FDA and Hiland Dairy are recalling Hiland Dairy 1% low fat chocolate milk.  Some of this product may contain food-grade sanitizers that would trigger illness if ingested.  These products were sold in Oklahoma City and its metro area, Western Oklahoma, Dallas, San Antonio, and Tyler TX.  If you bought this product, return it to the point of purchase for a refund.  Those with additional questions may contact Hiland Dairy online at


#chocolate milk #hiland #contamination

chocolate, milk, hiland, contamination



Butternut Squash Is Recalled



The FDA, Lancaster Foods, Pero Family Farms, and Publix Super Markets are recalling a variety of butternut squash products that contain the squash from Pero Farms and Race West.  These have been found to have contamination with listeria monocytogenes.  This bacterium may cause serious and sometimes fatal infections in the very young, elders, and those with weak immune systems. 


The Lancaster products were sold in NC, VA, DC, MD, PA, NY, NJ, CT, RI, MA, NH, and VT.

The Pero Family Farms products were sold in LA, FL, TX, NY, ME, GA, OH, VA, AL, MO, 


If you have purchased any of these products or products containing it, return it to the point of purchase for a refund.  For more information, contact Lancaster at 1-410-799-0010, X1530, Pero at 1-561-498-5771 X2107, and Publix at 1-800-242-1227.


#butternut #squash #listeria

butternut, squash, listeria



Recall On Ruffles Original Potato Chips



The FDA and the Frito-Lay Co. are recalling Frito-Lay Ruffles Potato Chips.  There is undeclared milk in this product.  Those with a milk allergy could become ill if they ingest these potato chips.  This product was distributed in IA, KS, MO. NB, OK, and AK.  If you have these potato chips, return them to the point of purchase.  For more info, call Frito-Lay Consumer Relations at 1-800-352-4477.


#potatochips #fritolay #milk

potatochips, fritolay, milk

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