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HealthNews RoundUp - 4th Week of January 2021




Nicotine Associated with Breast Cancer Spread



North Carolina oncologists report that former or current cigarette smokers are significantly more likely to suffer breast cancer lung metastases compared with non-smokers.  To find out why, they went into the lab and found, in a mouse model, that nicotine is the culprit.


In their human study group of 1077 breast cancer patients, the group of tobacco smokers had a 13% higher incidence of metastases.  To study the role of nicotine, they injected nicotine into mice previously given a mouse breast cancer.  


The result: the nicotine injections increased the animals’ metastatic burden 100-fold.  The reason: nicotine triggers pro-tumor white cell activity that allows tumor cells to colonize distant tissues.


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breastcancer, metastasis, nicotine



Who On The Street Is Likely CoVid Positive?



When walking, stay furthest away from 50 year olds followed by those in their 80’s and then 20 somethings.  This warning stems from a Dutch study that looked at the incidence of positive CoVid tests in their population of 278,455.


The highest percent of positive CoVid tests were 11.5% for the 50 somethings, 10.3% for those 80 and older, and 9.3% for those in their 20s.  Those least likely to be CoVid positive were kids under 12 with 4.3%, those in their 30s with 6.7%, and 12-17 year olds with 7.1%.  Those with the highest numbers of positives also tended to have the most live virus in their samples.


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covid, age, positivity



Cancer Vaccine Halts Aggressive Tumors



Personalized vaccines designed to spur immunity to a patient’s own cancer can control nasty tumors up to four years.  This exciting news comes from the immuno-oncologists at Boston’s Dana-Farber Cancer Institute.


The study treated 8 patients who had advanced and potentially deadly melanoma with genetically-engineered vaccines that induce immunity to specific markers on their own tumors.  When the patients were followed for a median of four years after vaccination, all 8 patients were alive, and 6 had no signs of cancer.  Each patient had persisting tumor-killing T lymphocytes during the entire follow up period.


Such anti-tumor vaccines may help patients whose cancers have evaded conventional surgery, radiotherapy, chemotherapy, and conventional immunotherapy.


#vaccine #cancer #melanoma

vaccine, cancer, melanoma



Over-The-Counter Nasal Spray Kills CoVid



A readily available nasal spray, Xlear, containing the sugar xylitol and grapefruit seed extract, kills CoVid in the test tube and would be expected to do the same in your nose, the entry point for this dread virus into your body.


Northwestern University and Utah State University researchers found that this nasal spray reduced CoVid viral load in the test tube by a factor of 99 to 99.9%.  The spray also prevented viral entry into tissue culture cells.


In a separate publication from Florida, 3 CoVid patients with mild but symptomatic infections were successfully treated with this nasal spray in addition to standard therapy.  Each recovered faster than expected including regaining their senses of smell and taste with no side effects.


With CoVid vaccinations delayed and ever more dangerous strains of the virus sweeping through the world, use of Xlear nasal spray in addition to multilayer filter masks and aggressive distancing seems reasonable and prudent.  


You can purchase Xlear Natural Saline Nasal Spray online via,,, and  There is also a kid’s version. 


WARNING:  There are other Xlear products, but you want the one that only contains the xylitol and grapefruit extract.

XLEAR Nasal Spray (Pack of 2) with Xylitol, Saline, Purified Water and Grapefruit Seed Extract, for Optimal Health to Cleanse Sinuses and Nasal Passages, Use as Often as Needed, 1.5 fl. oz.


XLEAR Kid’s Nasal Spray (Pack of 2) with Xylitol, Saline, Purified Water and Grapefruit Seed Extract, to Moisturize and Soothe Children’s Nose and Sinuses While Alleviating Congestion.75 fl. oz.


#covid #nasalspray #xlear #xylitol #grapefruitseed

covid, nasalspray, xlear, xylitol, grapefruitseed




NSAIDS Hurt Or Help CoVid Defenses



Ibuprofen, Advil or Motrin, aspirin in all its forms, and naproxen, Aleve, may help CoVid invade your body if taken just after viral exposure by preventing production of the neutralizing antibodies that keep CoVid out of your cells.  The same drugs, if used once you are already infected, could prevent the virus from injuring your vital organs by reducing your body’s manufacture of damaging cytokines.


Yale immunologists studied mice injected with CoVid, and confirmed these effects.  Knowing this, you must be careful how you use these drugs.


Don’t use NSAIDS if you have just been exposed to CoVid or during the weeks you are reacting to CoVid vaccine.  Once infected, use them regularly.


#nsaids #ibuprofen #aspirin #covid #immunity #vaccination

nsaids, ibuprofen, aspirin, covid, immunity, vaccination



New British CoVid  Strain IS Deadlier



The CoVid strain B.1.1.7, isolated in the UK, besides spreading more readily person to person, appears to be about 65%% deadlier that the original Chinese virus.  This according to data just presented at the WHO’s Strategic Advisory Group of Experts meeting.


This conclusion stems from 3 case studies from the London School (35% higher), Imperial College London (36% higher, and the University of Exeter (91% higher). The case fatality rate for hospitalized patients was not significantly increased leading to the conclusion that the new strain increases the risk of a more severe case requiring hospitalization.


This strain is in the US.  Many cases are in California, Florida, and New York.


#covid #b117 #britishstrain

covid, b117, britishstrain



Ignore Mask Wearing And Get CoVid



If you’re looking for a CoVid infection that could kill or leave you with lingering neurologic, cardiac, and kidney function, avoid wearing a tight fitting, multilayer mask with a filter.  A new study from Boston University now shows that mask wearing is associated with significantly lower CoVid infection rates.


The researchers used data from all 50 states covering mask wearing and physical distancing policies.  Those states in which the highest proportion of citizens practiced mask adherence  enjoyed the lowest CoVid infection rates.  As mask wearing became more acceptable over the summer, for every 1% increase in mask wearing in a state, the odds that the state would suffer high CoVid rates decreased by 26%.



#covid #mask #infectionrate

covid, mask, infectionrate



Cancer Patients At High Risk For Severe CoVid



In those testing positive for CoVid, a simultaneous cancer diagnosis significantly increases the chances for hospitalization and dying over the next month.  Investigators at the University of Pennsylvania studied 323 CoVid positive persons of whom 67 had cancer active or in remission and 256 were non-cancer patients.


The cancer patients were more than twice as likely to be hospitalized and nearly 6 times more likely to die over a 30 day period after diagnosis.  Those with active cancer were the most likely to experience complicated and lethal CoVid.


Cancer patients, past and present, should wear N95 masks or better, spend as little time inside places of business, and wash well.


#covid #cancer

covid, cancer



Moderna Vaccine Works Against New CoVid Strains



Antibodies produced by persons immunized with the Moderna CoVid vaccine could capably neutralize the British and South African coronavirus strains in the test tube.  This the conclusion of  testing completed by Moderna and the NIH Vaccine Research Center.


Detailed testing revealed that Moderna vaccination yielded antibodies equally capable of protecting against the British B.1.1.7 CoVid strain as against the original Wuhan CoVid strain.  Against the South African B.1.351 strain, the Moderna-induced antibodies were less powerful but still could get the job done.  A booster shot is planned.


The Moderna mRNA vaccine produces more powerful antibodies than a natural CoVid infection. Even those who have weathered CoVid should be vaccinated.


#covid #moderna #vaccine #britishvariant #southafricanvariant #b117 #b1351

covid, moderna, vaccine, britishvariant, southafricanvariant, b117, b1351



House-Autry Tartar Sauce On Recall



The FDA and House-Autry Mills, Inc. are recalling House-Autry Tartar Sauce with best by dates ranging from 8/18/2021 to 9/21/2021.  The company’s co-manufacturer has verified accelerated spoilage associated with these batches.  This product was sold in SC, NC, VA, PA, FL, and OH.  If you purchased this products don’t consume it and return it to the place of purchase for a refund.  Those with questions should call the House-Autry company at 1-800-849-0802.


#tartarsauce #houseautry #spoilage #recall

tartarsauce, houseautry, spoilage, recall



Recall of Cappuccino Single Serve Cups 



The FDA and the Door County Coffee & Tea Co. are recalling 5.1 oz packages of French Vanilla Flavored Cappuccino Single Serve Cups.  This product may contain undeclared milk and soy.  Persons with allergies to milk, soy, or both may suffer serious and possible life-threatening reactions.  This product was sold in: WI, Il, IA, IN, KS, TX, MI, FL, and MI.  If you purchased this product and have milk or soy allergies, discard it and contact the company for a refund by calling 1-800-856-6613.


#cappuccino #milk #soy #doorcountycoffeetea #recall

cappuccino, milk, soy, doorcountycoffeetea, recall



Buttered Popcorn Is On Recall



The FDA and Bickel’s Snack Foods are recalling Bickel’s Snack Foods 8 oz. Butter Flavored Popcorn.  This item contains undeclared milk.  Those with a milk allergy could become severely ill by ingesting the popcorn.  Only one lot bearing the following code is affected: 29MAR21 Z1E1.  This product was sold exclusively at Publix Markets in GA and NC.  If you bought this product and have a milk allergy, return it to Publix for a refund.  For additional information, call Bickel’s Snack Foods at 1-717-900-1520.


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popcorn, bickels, milk, recall

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