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HealthNews RoundUp - 1st Week of July 2020



Men’s Immune Response to CoVid Flawed



When men contract CoVid19, they mount a less robust T cell defense than women, generate more harmful inflammatory cytokines than women, and suffer more severe clinical consequences than women.  These conclusions come from a Yale study of 93 CoVid patients just published by the online pre-print server


 The researchers also found that the incidence of poorly protective anti-virus T cell populations and dangerous inflammatory agents increase with advancing age in men but not women.  This adverse immune pattern also increased with excessive body weight in men but not in women.


Bottom line: guys should be extra cautious not to contract the virus.  That means responsible mask wearing, distancing, and washing.


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CoVid19 Circulating in Italy By Mid-December



CoVid was detectable in the wastewater of Milan and Turin a full 2 months before the first known case of the novel coronavirus surfaced in Lombardy.  Researchers at the Italian National Institute of Health draw this surprising conclusion after testing wastewater samples from various Italian cities gathered as far back as September, 2018.


The first CoVid-positive samples appeared on December 18th in Milan and Turin and on January 29th in Bologna.  The first Italian case of CoVid was identified in Lombardy on February 21st.


These findings are a testimony to hyper-infectious nature of this disease and to the fact that many are infected without even knowing it.  Mask, distance, wash.


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covid, wastewater, italy



CoVid In Building Air Handlers



One in every four air samples from a hospital air handler contained detectable CoVid19 RNA.  University of Oregon investigators report this finding after sampling hospital air at various stages of recirculation and filtration.


A full 35% of samples from pre-filters, where recirculated and outside air entered the system, had viral RNA.  Even with filtration, 20% of samples at outlet air vents were positive.


This typical hospital system can only filter down to a MERV15 specification removing micro-organisms larger than 1 micron but permitting viruses to pass.  As we repopulate public spaces including theaters, restaurants, and airplanes, you will need your own HEPA filtration masks to remain safe. Buy or make them now.


#covid #masks #hvac #theaters #airplanes #restaurants

covid, masks, hvac, theaters, airplanes, restaurants




Vitamin D Supplementation No CoVid Protection



A large Scottish study now reports that low Vitamin D levels show no association with risk of severe CoVid19 infection or mortality.  Researchers at The University of Glascow just pre-published this conclusion following their analysis of 656 CoVid patient case reports documented the the UK Biobank.


At first glance, the unadjusted numbers suggested that Vitamin D deficiency might trigger a greater susceptibility of CoVid.  A deeper data dive acquitted Vitamin D while indicting advancing age, male gender, socio-economic disadvantage, obesity, and diabetes.


You do want normal Vitamin D levels to maintain strong bones and normal vital organ functioning.  Just know that taking extra will not improve your CoVid odds.


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Anti-CoVid Antibodies Weak In Those Recovered



Fewer than 1% of patients recovering from CoVid19 produce the highest concentrations of virus neutralizing antibodies.  A just-published study from New York’s Rockefeller University analyses the antibodies from 149 recovered CoVid patients and controls.


The quantity of CoVid neutralizing IgG antibodies were measured at 39 days following each subject’s onset of symptoms.  The concentration of useful antibody was less than 1:1000 in 79% of subjects.


The conclusion is that most CoVid19 infections induce only a moderate protective antibody response.  They also create T-cell immunity, and we hope that such energized killer cells may confer lasting CoVid immunity.  For now protect yourself with masking, distancing, washing.


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More Masks Less CoVid



There is a direct correlation between mask-wearing in a country and the the numbers of CoVid19 cases.  Epidemiologists at the Chinese University of Hong Kong report this finding based on their analysis of global CoVid statistics and the Google Trends relative search volume on the topic of face masks.


The researchers show that the higher the online interest of that country’s population is about face masks, the lower the average daily number of CoVid cases in that country.  Vietnam and Hong Kong with the highest online mask buzz put countries like the US, Russia, the UK, and France with low mask interest to shame when it comes to CoVid control.


Let’s mask up and change that.


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Five Cheese Stuffed Shells On Recall



The FDA and Garland Ventures Ltd are recalling Five Cheese Stuffed Shells.  This product is potentially contaminated with Listeria monocytogenes.  This microorganism can cause a severe or sometimes fatal infection in the very young, elders, the frail, or those with immune disorders.  If you have this product, do not consume it but return it to the place of purchase for a complete refund.  For more information, contact the company at 1-972-795-5313.


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recall, cheeseshells, listeria

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