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HealthNews RoundUp - 2nd Week of July 2020



Fear Of Flying With The Middle Seat Occupied



Emptying every middle seat on an otherwise full airliner will cut your risk of contracting CoVid19 by 50%.  This conclusion comes to us from MIT’s Sloan School of  Management.


For details of the math, check out Professor Arnold Barnett’s online preprint.  He crunched the numbers using the coach section stats of the ubiquitous Airbus 320 and Boeing 737.  With every seat full, your risk of getting CoVid is 1/7,000 but leaving the center seats empty drops that risk to 1/14,000.


Southwest, JetBlue, Delta, and Alaska are keeping their center seats open as recommended by Dr. Anthony Fauci and the CDC’s Dr. Robert Redfield.  The other airlines (cash register sound).


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covid, flying, centerseat




The CoVid-Recovered That Turn Positive Again



Those who weather CoVid19, become virus negative but then subsequently test positive tend to be younger, sicker, and less immune to CoVid than those who remain negative.  A Chinese study, just released on sthe pre-print server compared 15 such patients with 107 non-recurrent controls.


Their data showed that the rate of recurrent positivity is just 1.87%.  The those relapsing were 28% younger, their hospitalizations were 40% longer, their time to testing negative test 33% longer, and their their IgG antibody levels were 53% lower.


South Koreans suggest that the recurrent test positivity may be due to dead virus fragments and not an infection relapse.  Stay tuned.



#covid #recurrent #relapse

covid, recurrent, relapse




The Latest On Pediatric Multisystem Inflammatory Syndrome



Pediatricians from children’s hospitals across the US just published their study of 186 children in 26 states who developed so-called MIS-C.  


This disease is uncommon, 2 in 100,00, and begins 2-4 weeks after CoVid infection. Median age was 8.2 years, 62% were boys, and 70% tested CoVid19 positive.There was gastrointestinal inflammation in 92%, cardiovascular issues in 80% with coronary artery aneurysms in up to 20%, blood disease in 76%, skin or mucous membrane disease in 74%, and lung consequences in 70%.  Eighty percent went to the ICU, 20% needed vents, and 2% died.


For treatment, 77% received immune globulin, 49% received steroids, and 20% received cytokine suppression therapy.


#covid #misc #kawasaki

covid, misc, kawasaki



Visualizing Face Mask Protection



The most protective face masks available, excepting the N95s reserved for medical first responders, are multi-layered high-thread-count cotton and cup masks.  Mechanical engineers at Florida Atlantic University present these conclusions and provide visual proof.


These time lapse photos of each mask type show that a simple bandana offers little aerosol flow protection.  Even multilayered cotton and cup masks allow aerosol leakage around loosely fitting edges.  Tighten those babies up gang.


The most telling photo shows an un-masked cough traveling up to 12 ft, twice the so-called safe physical distance.


Heed this evidence.  When you’re out, wear the best mask you can and stay far away from all but your family.


#covid #mask #aerosol

covid, mask, aerosol




Menopausal Hot Flushes And Sweats Predict Cardiovascular Trouble



Women with these vasomotor symptoms or VMS are 70% more likely to suffer heart attacks or strokes over time.  Epidemiologists at Australia’s University of Queenland just published this warning after their meta-analysis of 23,365 women.


The risk of adverse cardiovascular consequences rises with severity of hot flushes and night sweats but not with how often they occur.  Women with severe vasomotor symptoms are more than twice as likely to have a cardiovascular issue compared with those without such symptoms.  Even pre-menopausal flushes and sweats raise the risk 40%.


If you are a woman experiencing these vasomotor phenomena, speak with your doctors to establish comprehensive cardiovascular monitoring.


#menopause #flush #sweats #heartattack #stroke

menopause, flush, sweats, heartattack, stroke



Mystic Shield Protection Topical Solution On Recall



The FDA and Transliquid Technologies are recalling Mystic Shield Protection Topical Solution, a hand sanitizer.  This product has been found to contain methanol contamination.  Methanol exposure may produce blindness, seizures, coma, headache and gastrointestinal symptoms.  This product has been distributed and sold in CA, LA, MA, and TX.  If you bought this product, do not use it and return it to the point of purchase.  For more information, call the company at 1-281-377-5845.


#recall #sanitizer #mysticshield #methanol

recall, sanitizer, mysticshield,  methanol



Cub Scout Award Pins Recalled



The CPSC and the Boy Scouts of America have recalled the Cub Scouts Outdoor Activity Pins.  The pin’s face and shaft both contain unacceptably high lead levels.  If your child has earned and received one of these pins, take it back to any Boy Scouts retail store for a full refund or a merchandise credit.  You may contact the Boy Scouts National Distribution Center to arrange for return and refunds by calling 1-800-323-0736.


#recall #boyscouts #cubscouts #activitypin #lead

recall, boyscouts, cubscouts, activitypin, lead



Recall On Cottage Town Bedroom Furniture



The CPSC and Avalon Furniture are recalling Cottage Town Bedroom Furniture.  This product has base coat paint with unacceptably high levels of lead.  The furniture pieces involved ae part of the Cottage Town bedroom furniture collection including: dresser, mirror, headboard, footboard, and chests, and nightstand.  If you have this furniture in your home, stop using it and contact the seller, Rooms To Go for a free furniture pickup and replacement by calling 1-855-688-0919


#recall #oncottagefurniture #lead

recall, oncottagefurniture, lead



Belecoo Strollers On Recall



The CPSC and A Better You! Have recalled Belecoo 535-S convertible baby strollers.  This product violates federal child safety standards as the child’s torso may pass through the opening between the seat bottom and the activity tray with possible head entrapment and strangulation.  In addition, the crotch restraint location may pose a fall hazard.  If you have this product, stop using it for your child.  Contact A Better You Co. at 1-800-715-7302 to arrange for a prompt return and refund.


#recall #stroller #belecoo #hazards

recall, stroller, belecoo, hazards




Polaris Vehicles Have Been Recalled



The CPSC and Polaris around the recall of Ranger, General Utility, Phoenix 200, and All-Terrain Vehicles.  These products each have throttle defects that may cause crash hazards.  If you own any of these vehicles, stop using them and contact your Polaris dealer to arrange a free inspection and repair.  You may reach Polaris by calling 1-800-765-2747.


#recall #polaris #offroadvehicles #throttledefect

recall, polaris, offroadvehicles, throttledefect

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