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HealthNews RoundUp - 4th Week of February 2021



A Single Dose Of mRNA Vaccine VERY Protective



The first dose of the Pfizer vaccine appears to be 93-94% effective at preventing CoVid, a significantly higher number than the originally reported 52%.  This new information comes from two independent research groups, one in Canada and the other in Australia, after they revisited the data from Pfizer’s phase 3 studies of this vaccine’s potency.


The Canadian group looked at data compiled at 21 days just before the second dose, while the Australian group used a sophisticated mathematical model to show the first dose reaches full efficiency by day 11.  Their analysis of Moderna data showed a similar result.


But don’t skip the second dose just yet as it may ensure protection longevity.


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CoVid, vaccine, mRNA, pfizer, moderna



Physical Fitness Keeps CoVid Patients Out of Hospital



Those engaging in physical activities more than once a week are 52% less likely to require hospitalization should they become infected with CoVid compared with couch potatoes.  French, Canadian, and Swiss investigators analyzed data from 3,139 European participants.


As expected, even with exercise, the odds of hospitalization for CoVid were more than double for those 65-75 years of age compared with 50 to 64 year olds.  The odds quadrupled for those 75 to 96 years of age.  Those with the greatest muscle strength fared the best.


Other studies show that moderate physical activity does stimulate the immune system.  When you exert without overdoing, the immune stimulus is protective.


#CoVid #hospitalization #exercise #musclestrength

CoVid, hospitalization, exercise, musclestrength



Novavax CoVid Vaccine Looks Promising



Two doses of the Novavax full length CoVid spike protein-nano particle vaccine induced significantly high and effective titers of IgG anti-CoVid antibody.  Novavax Inc. has just published these results on the pre-publication online server


A total of 1256 participants at 17 sites in the US and Australia completed the blinded, randomized study that tested 2 concentrations of the vaccine in 1 and 2 dose regimens.  The 2 doses employing 5 ug of vaccine triggered the highest levels of antibody with the lowest numbers of side effects.


This vaccine now moves on to Phase 3 testing before it can be presented to the FDA for an emergency use authorization.


#CoVid #novavax #vaccine #nanoparticle

CoVid, novavax, vaccine, nanoparticle



New York CoVid Variant Has Tight Grip



The B.1.526 variant, first appearing in New York in December, has seen more than a 26 fold increase over a one month period.  This variant contains the E484K, S477N, and the D253G mutations.


These mutations reduce therapeutic value of convalescent immune sera from recovered patients as well as commercial monoclonal antibodies.  They may also lower vaccine effectiveness.


The mutations permit the B.1.526 variant to bind more tightly to respiratory linings. Non-vaccinated individuals may get sicker and the vaccinated may become CoVid carriers who spread virus to vulnerable persons.


These variants make continued mask wearing and distancing a must.  Use of Covid-killing nasal sprays like Xlear could be helpful.


#CoVid #variants #newyork #b1526 #xlear #nasalspray

CoVid, variants, newyork, b1526, xlear, nasalspray



Hydroxchloroquine Doesn’t Prevent CoVid Infections



From the World Health Organization comes the largest meta-analysis confirming that hydroxychlorqine does not prevent clinical CoVid infections.  The researchers aggregated data from 6 trials coppering some 6,059 participants.


The data conclusively showed that hydroxychloroquine had no significant protective effect and did not prevent CoVid infections of any severity.  The numbers also indicated that the drug did not reduce a person’s risk of hospitalization or death.  Use of hydroxchlorquine did increase the frequency of adverse events and undesirable side effects.


Once again, the overwhelming advice from legitimate medical sources warns against use of hydroxchloroquine.


#CoVid #hydroxychloroquine #prevention #hospitalization

CoVid, hydroxychloroquine, prevention, hospitalization



Insulin Analogs Safer For Older Diabetics



The use of long-acting insulin analogs rather than NPH insulin reduces the risk of life-threatening hypoglycemia by nearly 30% for those in their 70s and older.  Researchers at the FDA report this finding after studying more than one-half million (575,008) diabetics 65 years and older.


Those diabetics using glargine, branded as Lantus, had a 29% lower risk of requiring an emergency hospitalization for hypoglycemia compared to matched controls taking NPH insulin.  The use of detemir, sold as Levemir, reduced the hypoglycemia risk 28%.


If you or a family member are a diabetic age 70 or older, a switch from NPH insulin to Lantus or Levemir appears to be the wise move.


#diabetes #hypoglycemia #nph #glargine #lantus #detemir

diabetes, hypoglycemia, nph, glargine, lantus, detemir



Exposure To Military Explosions May Trigger Alzheimer’s



Brain tissue exposed to explosive shockwaves suffer a 60-80% decline in proteins necessary to maintain working connections and information flow between brain cells.  Neuroscientists at the University of North Carolina collaborated with colleagues at the US Army Research Laboratory to test the effects of select battle shockwave trauma on hippocampal brain tissues kept alive in tissue culture.


The investigators propose that these types of combat blast exposures not only interrupt vital information flow within the brain, but they also lead to degenerative changes characteristic of pre-dementia including pre-Alzheimer’s.  These finding correlate with clinical findings in blast-exposed soldiers who demonstrate confusion, cognitive deficits, and memory loss.


#explosion #military #ptsd #dementia #alzheimers

explosion, military, ptsd, dementia, alzheimers



Pediatric Peanut Allergy On Decline



The incidence of childhood peanut allergy is 16% lower currently compared with a decade earlier.  The reason: more babies are eating more peanut products earlier than ever before.


Australian pediatric researchers at the University of Melbourne compared 1,933 12 month old infants recruited in 2018-19 with 5,276 controls studied 10 years earlier.  All children were allergy-tested and their diet analyzed.


The benefit of early exposure to peanut protein is even more dramatic when investigators looked that the current group of infants.  Those who delayed peanut exposures 12 months or more were 46% more likely to become peanut allergic.


If you have an infant, speak with your pediatrician about introducing peanut protein.


#peanut #allergy #pediatrics #parenting

peanut, allergy, pediatrics, parenting 



Recall On deSensua Wintergreen, Birch and Pain Soother Essential Oils



The CPSC and MTIG Productions are recalling deSensua Wintergreen, Birch and Pain Soother Essential Oils.  These products contain methyl salicylate which must be in child resistant packaging.  About 1000 of these products were sold at and  If you have this item at home, immediately store the product out of reach of children.  Contact MTIG Productions at 800-717-1969 to arrange for a refund.


#wintergreen #desensua #packaging #recall

wintergreen, desensua, packaging, recall



Home Depot Wood Windsor Dining Chairs Are Recalled



The CPSC and Home Depot now recall StyleWell Wood Windsor Dining Chair Sets.  The chair’s back may detach and create a fall hazard.  About 3100 of these chairs were sold online at  Immediately stop using these chairs and inspect them for missing screw holes and wood screws on the underside of the chair base.  If you spot the defect, return the chairs to your nearest Home Depot or contact the company at 800-466-3337 to obtain additional instructions.


#windsorchairs #diningchairs #homedepot #falls

windsorchairs, diningchairs, homedepot, falls



Urban Outfitters Margo Taper Candle Holders On Recall



The CPSC and Urban Outfitters are recalling Margo Taper Candle Holders.  These candle holders may ignite should they come in contact with the candle’s flame creating a fire hazard.  About 2700 of these were sold in the US and about 60 sold in Canada.  Stop using these candle holders and return them to your nearest Urban Outfitters store to receive a refund.  If you require more information, call 800-282-2200.


#candleholders #flammable #urbanoutfitters #recall

candleholders, flammable, urbanoutfitters, recall



Recall On Powerhorse Portable Generators



The CPSC and Northern Tool & Equipment are recalling their Powerhorse 13000ES Portable Generators Model #799215.  This product has a wiring defect that may trigger an electric shock.  About 3640 of these generators have been sold nationwide.  Immediately stop using these generators and contact Northern Tool & Equipment at 1-866-443-2576 to schedule a free repair by an authorized dealer.


#generator #northerntool #shock #recall

generator, northerntool, shock, recall



Potter Electric Recalls Addressable Pull Stations



The CPSC and Potter Electric announce the recall of Potter Electric Recalls Addressable Pull Stations Single/Dual Action.  The pull handle may fail to active the fire alarm system and fail to properly notify of a fire.  Authorized Potter dealers and distributors sold about 735 of these units nationwide.  If you have one of these installed, assume it is not properly protecting you and contact Potter Electric at 800-325-3936 to arrange for a replacement.


#firealarm #potter #fire #recall

firealarm, potter, fire, recall



Bee Free Children’s Helmets Recalled



The CPSC and SmartPool now recall the Bee Free Children’s Helmets.  These multi-purpose helmets are incorrectly advertised as safe and appropriate for children aged 2 years or older.  They do not comply with minimum safety requirements for children younger than 5 and pose a risk of head injury.,, and sold about 480 of these helmets.  If you bought one of these for a child between the ages of 2 and 5, immediately stop using it and contact SmartPool at 609-212-0221 to arrange a refund.


#child #helmet #parenting #safety #recall

child, helmet, parenting, safety, recall



Urban Remedy Drinks On Recall



The FDA and Urban Remedy recall Urban Remedy Drinks due to ingredient mislabelling and the presence of undeclared allergens.  The Almond Maca products actually contain undeclared cashews and the Cacao Mocha products actually contain almonds.  Those with allergies to almond and cashews might accidentally ingest an allergen that could trigger a serious or life-threatening allergic reaction.  These products were sold throughout California.  If you purchased one of these products, don’t consume it.  Contact Urban Remedy at (855) 875-8423 to clarify the ingredients of your product and to possibly arrange for a refund.


#urbanremedy #almondmaca #cacaomocha #mislabelling #recall

urbanremedy, almondmaca, cacaomocha, mislabelling, recall



Taco Products and Sandwiches On Recall



The FDA and the J&J Distributing Company now recall multiple products including taco trays, taco dips, taco platters, and turkey sandwiches sold under the Haug, Fresh Thyme, Tastebuds, Earthgrown, Caribou, and Kwik Trip brands.  These products, sold nationwide, may contain listeria monocytogenes.  This microorganism may cause serious and even lifethreatening infections in the very young, elders, and those who are immunocompromised.  If you purchased one of these products, return it to the point of purchase for a refund.  For more information, contact J&J Distributing at 1-651-221-0560.


#taco #tacodip #sandwiches #listeria #recall

taco, tacodip, sandwiches, listeria, recall

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