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HealthNews RoundUp - 2nd Week of March 2020


Do I Have It? What Do I Do?



You’re worried you have CoVid19.  You’re feeling warm.  You have throat soreness.  You have a cough.  What to do?  


Take your temperature follow it daily as you track your symptoms.  If your oral temp is consistently above the normal 98.6˚F and your symptoms are persistent or escalating, call your doctor or the hospital and ask next steps.


When you do, they will have you came to the hospital or an isolation unit for a checkup and testing.  If  CoVid19 is suspected, isolate yourself.  If you’re with others, wear a mask or make one from your scarf.  


Even if an official CDC viral test isn’t available, professionals can test you.  A chest cat scan for pneumonia  has a diagnostic sensitivity of 97% for viral pneumonia.   A white blood count revealing low eosinophils occurs in 79% of CoVid positive pneumonia patients but in only 36% without the virus.


Expect to have a workup and close observation at the facility or at home if you’re well enough.  Studies of patients with severe CoVid19 infections show that the virus not only attacks the lungs but also the heart in 89% of cases, the liver in 78%, and the kidneys in 31%.  Managing these problems requires a well=equipped general hospital. 


Starting now, be aware of how you’re feeling.  Take your temperature daily and record it.  If you see worrisome signs, act!


Chest CT CoVid19 diagnosis:

Low eosinophils in CoVid19:

CoVid19 organ damage:


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covid19, fever, cough, pneumonia, epidemic




Coffee Improves Your Thinking But Not Your Creativity



Caffeinated drinks help you think faster and focus better, but they can’t help you think outside the box.  University of Arkansas psychologists draw this conclusion following their study of 80 volunteers half of whom received 200 mg of caffeine, the amount in a strong cup of coffee.


Those receiving the caffeine showed improved problem-solving, better focus, and enhanced alertness.  Caffeine did not improve the subject’s creative thinking or memory.


So down that coffee, tea, or energy drink to help you finish your taxes or that math worksheet.  If you’re writing the world’s next great novel, though, caffeine will push you to the finish line but it won’t improve your plot. 


Darya L. Zabelina, Paul J. Silvia. Percolating ideas: The effects of caffeine on creative thinking and problem solving. Consciousness and Cognition, 2020; 79: 102899 DOI: 10.1016/j.concog.2020.102899


#caffeine #creativity #problemsolving

caffeine, creativity, problemsolving



Obesity Is Biologically Similar To Aging



Excess weight triggers the same degenerative changes in our cells, organs, and entire body as aging.  A new review article from Canada’s Concordia University analyzed more than 200 studies that examined this linkage.


Both obesity and aging trigger cell death in the heart, liver, kidneys, and brain.  Both conditions limit our body’s ability to flush away damaged cells leading to cancer, cardiovascular disease, and dementia.  Then too, obesity speeds up the aging of our body’s systems including our immune system.  With altered immunity, humans are more susceptible to disease including viral illness such as the flu and CoVid19.


To remain young and alive in so many ways, control your weight. 


Bjorn T. Tam, Jose A. Morais, Sylvia Santosa. Obesity and ageing: Two sides of the same coin. Obesity Reviews, 2020; DOI: 10.1111/obr.12991


#obesity #aging #immunity #cancer #heartdisease #dementia

obesity, aging, immunity, cancer, heartdisease, dementia




FDA Approves First ProAir Inhaler Generic



The first lower cost generic albuterol inhaler is now available for use by children and adults ages 4 years and over.  This type of metered inhaler has been difficult for generic manufacturers to duplicate.  Now that a safe and effective alternative to the branded Pro-Air inhaler is available, the price competition may take place.


#asthma #pediatrics #albuterol #proair

asthma, pediatrics, albuterol, proair



FDA Warns Against UV Light and Ozone Cleaning For CPAP Machines



UV light is often unable to penetrate all areas of the CPAP hoses, masks, and connectors, and disinfection will fail.  The use of UV light products can also lead to accidental exposure to the light if improper shielding is used.  Such exposure can produce eye injuries and skin burns.


Cleaners that employ ozone for disinfection often leak releasing the gas at unsafe levels into the air.  Also, the gas levels may remain at unsafe levels in the CPAP machine, hoses, and masks even after the recommended waiting periods following the cleaning cycle.


The FDA recommends that you refer to your CPAP machine manuals for recommended cleaning instructions.


#cpap #uv #ozone

cpap, uv, ozone



Vita Wild Herring Wine Sauce Recall



Vita Food Products of Chicago is voluntarily recalling its Vita Wild Herring in Wine Sauce.  The product may contain undeclared sour cream, a risk for those with milk allergies.  Lot # 03609 is contaminated.  Contact the company at 800-989-8482 to ask questions or request a refund.


#recall #wildherring #vita #sourcream #milk

recall, wildherring, vita, sourcream, milk



Whole Foods Green Chile Chicken Tamales Recall



Whole Foods is recalling it Green Chile Chicken Tamales due to undeclared milk. This is a danger to those with milk allergies.  Return the product to the store with your proof of purchase for a refund.  For more info, call 1-844-936-8255.


#recall #wholefoods #tamales #milk

recall, wholefoods, tamales, milk



HEB Tuscan Herb Chopped Salad Kit Recalled



Dole Fresh Vegetables Inc. has recalled its Tuscan Herb Chopped Salad Kit due to undeclared allergens including peanut, wheat, and tree nuts.  Eating this product could produce life-threatening allergic reactions.  Do not use this product and call Dole at 1-800-356-3111 for a refund.


#recall #dole #choppedsalad #peanuts #wheat #treenuts

recall, dole, choppedsalad, peanuts, wheat, treenuts




Singulair Warning Upgraded:



The FDA has ordered an upgrade of the warnings for montelukast, branded as Singulair and sold as a generic product as well.  This drug can trigger dangerous mind-altering side effects including suicidal thoughts and actions.  This drug is used by children and adults for management of allergies and asthma.  It is used for seasonal allergic rhinitis for those 2 years and older and for exercise-induced asthma for those 6 years and older. 


 The FDA recommends that parents and patients using this drug be aware of the risks and speak with doctors about alternative medications.  Those with pre-existing psychiatric illness should not use the drug.  Please report any and all adverse effects while using montelukast Singuair to the FDA at 1-800-332-1088.


#warning #suicide #depression #singulair #montelukast #allergy #asthma

warning, suicide, depression, singulair, montelukast, allergy, asthma




Screen All Teens And Adults For Hepatitis C



The US Preventive Services Task Force has updated its 2013 recommendation and now calls for testing of those 18 to 79 years of age for Hepatitis C virus.  This virus is the most common virus circulating in the blood of Americans and is responsible for more deaths than the top 60 other reportable infectious diseases combined.  Cases of HepC had skyrocketed nearly 4 times over the past 10 years.  Ask your doctor about arranging the test.


#hepatitisc #screening

hepatitisc, screening




ECHO Backpack Blowers Recalled



ECHO is recalling its PB-8010 Backpack Blower and shoulder straps due to projectile risks.  The shoulder straps, plastic buckles, and the anti-static ground wire may be sucked into the blower fan and pieces expelled at high velocity with resulting lacerations and penetrating injuries.  Contact the company at 800-432-3246 for next steps and to arrange a repair.


#echo #blower #backpackblower

echo, blower, backpackblower



Joules USA Children’s Pajamas and Robes Recalled



These pjs and robes have been recalled since they fail to meet the flammability standards for children’s nightwear.  Parents should immediately stop using these garments and contact the company at 800-583-9559 for a refund.


#joules #pajamas #robes #children

joules, pajamas, robes, children



Restoration Hardware Recalling Its Floor Lamps



A floor lamp sold by this national chain is a fire hazard.  The lamp’s foot switch can overheat and ignite.  Owner should immediately stop using the lamp and contact the company for a full refund by calling 844-623-7500.


#restorationhardware #floorlamp #fire

restorationhardware, floorlamp, fire




Chest of Drawers By Ikea, Safavieh And Home Depot Recalled



The Ikea Kullen 3 drawer chest, the Safavieh 3 drawer chest, and the Home Depot 4 Drawer Whitewash chest are all unstable unless anchored to the wall.  They could fall over an injure or kill at child.  Stop using them and contact IKEA at 888-966-4532, Safavieh at 866-422-9070,  or Home Depot at 800-466-3337 to arrange for a pickup and a full refund.


#recall #chest #tipping #ikea #kullen #safavieh #homedepot

recall, chest, tipping, ikea, kullen, safavieh, homedepot



Lennox Recalls Its Ductless Heat Pumps



These units have faulty internal electric components that may fail, produce overheating, and create a fire.  Stop using the unit and contact Lennox at 800-527-3506.


#lennox #heatpump #fire

lennox, heatpump, fire




Just Blanks Children’s Nightgowns Recalled



Ishtex Textile Products is recalling these nightgowns.  They fail to meet the federal flammability standard and create a burn risk.  Stop using them and call the company at 800-935-0914 for a refund.


#recall #justblanks #nightgown #fire

recall, justblanks, nightgown, fire



Step2 Children’s Toy Grocery Carts Recalled



The cart basket may break creating sharp ends that can lacerate.  Stop cart use and contact the company at 800-347-8372 for a replacement or refund.


#recall #step2 #shoppingcart #sharps

recall, step2, shoppingcart, sharps





CoVid19 Spread During The Incubation Period



The novel Wuhan coronavirus is transmitted from an infected individual during the last 3 days of their incubation period in 2/3s of cases.  This from Wuhan public health scientists after studying 50 infection clusters that included 124 cases.


The calculated mean incubation period for CoVid-19 was just under 5 days and ranged from less than one day to 11 days.  Looking at those who contracted the virus secondarily, 73% of them were infected before those who infected them even developed symptoms themselves.


To halt the spread of virus, those in contact with an infected person up to a week before their diagnosis was made must be quarantined and tested.


#covid19 #coronavirus #quarantine

covid19, coronavirus, quarantine




CoVid19 In Pregnancy



This novel coronavirus is not transmitted from mother to infant during late-term pregnancy.  British investigators studied 19 pregnant women infected with CoVid19 within 2 weeks of delivery.


Of the 19 women, 84% were symptomatic with disease.   One woman required critical care; there were no maternal deaths.  89% were delivered by c-section and 42% were pre-term deliveries with a mean gestational age of 36.5 weeks. 


No CoVid19 was found in amniotic fluid, cord blood, breastmilk, or neonatal throat samples.  This lack of vertical transmission is similar to studies of SARS and MERS during pregnancy.


This tiny, preliminary study is heartening.  More studies of women infected earlier in gestation must now be completed.


#covid19 #coronavirus #pregnancy #verticaltransmission

covid19, coronavirus, pregnancy, verticaltransmission



CoVid19 May Spread Via Fecal Contamination



The CoVid19 could be transmitted person-to-person via a fecal-oral route as well as by respiratory secretions.  A group of 73 Chinese patients testing positive for respiratory CoVid19 were checked for viral RNA in stool.


Just over half of the infected patients had CoVid19 in their fecal material.  Longitudinal testing revealed that 23% of those continued to show evidence of virus in the gastrointestinal tract even after their respiratory samples turned negative.


This study emphasizes the importance of obsessive cleanliness and repeated handwashing particularly after contacting surfaces in public places, especially public restrooms.  Soap and water for 20 seconds is best, and alcohol hand sanitizers a runner-up.


Xiao F, Tang M, Zheng X, Liu Y, Li X, Shan H, Evidence for gastrointestinal infection of SARS-CoV-2, Gastroenterology (2020), doi:


#covid19 #coronavirus #fecal #fecaloral

covid19, coronavirus, fecal, fecaloral



Will Warmer Weather Stop CoVid19?



Warmer, drier weather in late spring and summer will only slow the coronavirus epidemic by some 18%.  This conclusion stems from a detailed study of CoVid19 infection spread in mainland China provinces that differ from each other in terms of average temperature, humidity, wind, and precipitation.


Only a rise in average temperature and a drop in average  humidity slow CoVid19 disease spread, and the effect is small.   Eighty-two percent of viral disease containment and mitigation must come from other measures.


Bottom line: don’t believe that balmy weather will protect you from coronavirus.  Only you can do that by obsessive hand washing, not touching your face, social isolation, and healthy lifestyles.


#covid19 #temperature #humidity #spring #summer

covid19, temperature, humidity, spring, summer



An Anti-Depressant Drug Fights Prostate Cancer



The veteran MAO inhibitor phenelzine, branded as Nardil, may help control recurrent prostatic cancer.  Oncologists at USC studied 20 prostatic cancer patients with persistently elevated levels of prostate-specific antigen, PSA, following definitive surgery or radiation therapy for prostatic cancer.


The men were treated with phenelzine 30 mg twice daily for 3 months.  Results showed that 24% had PSA drops of more than 30% and 6% had drops of more than 50%.  The downsides of treatment include dizziness and blood pressure elevation. 


Mono-amine oxidase inhibitors block androgen receptor function and prostate cancer growth.  This drug may help fight this second most common cancer in men when other treatment fails.


Mitchell E. Gross, David B. Agus, Tanya B. Dorff, Jacek K. Pinski, David I. Quinn, Olga Castellanos, Patrick Gilmore, Jean C. Shih. Phase 2 trial of monoamine oxidase inhibitor phenelzine in biochemical recurrent prostate cancer. Prostate Cancer and Prostatic Diseases, 2020; DOI: 10.1038/s41391-020-0211-9


#prostatecancer #maoinhibitor #phenelzine #nardil

prostatecancer, maoinhibitor, phenelzine, nardil




Enoki Mushrooms Are Recalled



Sun Hong Foods of Montebello, CA is recalling its Enoki Mushrooms.  This product may be contaminated with Listeria monocytogenes.  Listeria causes serious, sometimes life-threatening illness in the young, old, ill, or immune-compromised.  The product was sold in CA, TX, OR, WA, TX, IL FL.  


Return the product to the point of purchase or call the company at 1-323-597-1112.


#recall #mushrooms #listeria

recall, mushrooms, listeria



Meijer Mixed Nuts With Peanuts And Sea Salt Recall



The Meijer Company is recalling its Mixed Nuts with Peanuts and Sea Salt product.  There are undeclared tree-nut allergens, Brazil nuts, contaminating the product.  


Those with tree-nut or Brazil nut allergies should not consume this product.  A severe allergic reaction could be life-threatening.


The product as been sold by Meijer superstores in: Michigan, Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, Kentucky and Wisconsin.


Throw the product away or return it to the point of purchase.  For more information, call the company at 1-800-543-3704. 


#recall #mixednuts #treenuts #brazilnuts

recall, mixednuts, treenuts, brazilnuts



Zucchini Spiral Pesto Side Dish Kit Recall



Pero Family Farms Food Company is voluntarily recalling its Zucchini Spiral Pesto Side Dish Kit.  This product contains undeclared egg and milk allergens.  Those allergic to these could suffer life-threatening reactions.


This product has been sold in: Florida, Alabama, Tennessee, South Carolina, North Carolina, Virginia and Georgia.


Return the product to the point of purchase.  For more information, call the company at 1-561-498-5771.


#recall #pesto #egg #milk

recall, pesto, egg, milk

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