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HealthNews RoundUp - 4th Week of March 2021


Early Breakfast Eaters Have Lower Diabetes Risk



Those eating breakfast before 8:30 AM had lower blood sugar levels and less insulin resistance thereby lowering their risk of developing type 2 diabetes.  This conclusion comes from a study by Northwestern University endocrinologists just presented at the Endocrine Society’s annual meeting.


Crunching the data gathered from 10,575 adults, they found that those beginning their daily meals before 8:30 in the morning had significantly lower fasting blood sugar levels and more effective insulin-driven carbohydrate metabolism.  This was true even for those who continued their grazing for more than 13 hours a day.


The healthiest strategy: rise early, exercise, have breakfast before 8:30, and finish eating by 9 pm.


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breakfast, breakfast, insulin, diabetes



Face Masks Don’t Impede Healthy Exertion



Wearing a face mask while exercising will not strain your heart or negatively impact your athletic performance.  Austrian researchers draw these conclusions after their careful study of 10 subjects climbing up 4 to 5 flights and 96 steps with or without standard surgical face masks..


The data reveals no significant impact of mask wearing on oxygen saturation, heart rate, and most importantly, elapsed time to complete the physically taxing climb.  Though the study involved a small number of participants, the results for each were so consistent that the investigators felt justified stating that masks have little effect on your body as you exercise.


Masking and distancing while exercising keeps you and those around you safe.


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mask, exercise, heart, oxygen, performance



CoVid Vaccination Reduces Family Spreading



If  healthcare workers receive CoVid vaccination, their family members  enjoy a 60% lower risk of developing a preventable CoVid infection.  Scottish investigators draw this conclusion from their study of 144,525 healthcare workers and their 194,362 family members.


Vaccination not only reduces overall CoVid infection risk, but it lowers hospitalization risks by 23%.  This  suggests that cases that do occur may tend to be less severe.


This is a powerful impetus for not only healthcare workers but other first responders and public-facing individuals to obtain CoVid vaccination.   All in these categories should overcome any vaccine hesitancy and get the jab if not for themselves for those they love and protect.


#healthcare #vaccine #CoVid #firstresponders

healthcare, vaccine, CoVid, firstresponders



Harsh Childhood Discipline Stunts Brain Growth



The proverbial sparing of the rod may risk spoiling the child, but it could also lead to better brain development.  University of Montreal psychologists followed 94 children from ages 2½ to 9 years tabulating their family’s parenting practices with their brain development by adolescence.


The kids subjected to the highest levels of strict parenting ended up with significantly lower gray matter volumes when imaged as teens using MRI.  The areas most affected were pre-frontal and amygdaloid zones concerned with self-control and fear processing.  Previous studies had shown a similar pattern for frankly abusive parenting.


Don’t take out frustrations on the kids.  If you’re always screaming and punishing, see a family counselor.


#parenting #discipline #development #brain #teen

parenting, discipline, development, brain, teen



Is It OK For Students To Be Only 3 Feet Apart?



The CDC recently announced a lowering of the safe distance between masked students from 6 to 3 feet.  Problem is that there is much fine print and many catch-22s around this new pronouncement.


The blanket 3 foot rule only applies to K through 6 in areas of low or moderate CoVid spread.  The 6 foot or higher rule still applies: in areas of high CoVid transmission; if cohort groups cannot be maintained; between adults; between adults and students; when mask-wearing is impossible such as when eating; while singing shouting, maskless instrument playing or sports; in common areas such as auditoriums and gyms.


Remember: the further the safer!


#distancing #3feet #6feet #singing #shouting

distancing, 3feet, 6feet, singing, shouting



Proof That CoVid Vaccination Can Prevent A 3rd Wave



CoVid vaccinations of seniors in Tennessee reduced their CoVid  hospitalization rate by 80% and their death rate by 95%.  Epidemiologists at the University of Utah studied that state’s data over a 3 month period beginning in December, 2020.


During this time, the scarce mRNA vaccines were preferentially going to those over 70.  While the hospitalization rate for this age group plummeted, that for younger patients was unaffected.  The same was true for death rates in the younger age groups.  Overall, the outcome gaps for the older versus younger patient populations began to vanish.


If you’re still on the fence about getting CoVid vaccination, jump off and get the jab.


#CoVid #vaccine #tennessee #hospitalization #deaths

CoVid, vaccine, tennessee, hospitalization, deaths



Walk Away From CoVid And Quickly



Consistently walking at a brisk 4 mph pace or better could reduce your risk of  severe CoVid by 88% compared with those strolling at less than 3 mph.  This and related conclusions come from a British National Institute for Health Research study of 412,496 subjects in the UK Biobank.


Besides reducing disease severity, brisk walking reduces the chances of CoVid mortality by 83%.  Rapid walking also burns those calories, and keeping your weight in a normal range reduces risk of severe CoVid by 49% and death due to CoVid by 82% when compared with the obese.


Mask up and walk briskly keeping more than a 6 foot distance from others on the sidewalk or path.


#walking #CoVid #obesity

walking, CoVid, obesity



Recall On Shepherd Boy Plush toys With Wire Staff



The CPSC and Parker Squared  Inc. announce the recall of Shepherd Boy Plush toys with wire staff.  The sharp metal wire in the shepherd’s staff may become exposed leading to a puncture or a laceration hazard.  About 3,000 of these toys were sold online at and at  If you bought of these toys, immediately remove and discard the shepherd’s staff.  Your child may continue to use the remainder of the toy without the staff.  Contact Shepherd’s Treasure by calling 1-844-310-2229 to arrange for a full refund of the toy’s value in the form of gift certificate.


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toy, shepherdboy, staffwire, laceration



The Prescription Drug Evrysdi Is On Recall

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The CPSC and Genentech are recalling the prescription drug Erysdi, the brand name for risdiplam.  This drug is used for treatment of spinal muscular atrophy in both adults and children.  The bottles containing this drug may leak leading to a risk of skin or eye exposure.  This and all prescription drugs must be sold in child-resistant packaging and it is not in such packaging.  About 14,000 of these bottles were distributed.  If you have a bottle of Evrysdi, store it in a location out of the reach of children.  If you note leakage, phone Genentech at 1-800-334-0290 to arrange for a free replacement bottle.  Should you get any of this drug on your skin, wash with abundant soap and water.  If it gets into your eyes, wash with water.


#evrysdi #genentech #leakage #packaging

evrysdi, genentech, leakage, packaging



illu-Mist Battery-Powered Garden Sprayers Are Recalled



The CPSC and HD Hudson recall illu-Mist Battery-Powered Garden Sprayers.  This sprayer’s lithium ion battery could overheat leading to a fire risk.  If you bought one of these sprayers,  immediately stop using it, remove the battery tray, and look for a brown battery.  If you see a brown battery, remove it and its tray and dispose of them via your local battery recycling entity,  Contact HD Hudson by calling 1-800-394-8802 and arrange to receive a free replacement battery and tray.


#sprayer #hdhudson #battery #fire

Sprayer, hdhudson, battery, fire



Recall On Briggs & Stratton YTL Log Splitters



The CPSC and Briggs & Stratton announce the recall of the Briggs & Stratton YTL Log Splitters with 250cc engines sold under the Black Diamond, Crimson, Lumberjack, Performance Built, and Brute brand names.  Their engine ignition coils and flywheels are defective leading to dangerously hard starting and engine kickback that poses an injury hazard to the operator.  If you have one of these log splitters, immediate stop using it and contact your authorized Briggs & Stratton dealer for a free inspection and repair.  For more information, contact Briggs & Stratton by phoning 1-800-999-9444.


#logsplitter #briggsandstratton #enginekickback #injury #recall

logsplitter, briggsandstratton, enginekickback, injury, recall



Mindo Coffee Toffee Chocolate Bar Is Recalled



The FDA and the Mindo Chocolate Makers recall the Mindo Coffee Toffee Chocolate Bars.  There is undeclared milk in the butter used in the toffee contained in this candy bar.  Those with milk allergies are at risk for serious and life-threatening allergic reactions if they consume these candy bars.  This candy was primarily sold in the state of Michigan.  If you bought one of these bars and the packaging fails to mention the presence of milk, return it to the point of purchase for a refund.  If you have questions, contact Mindo Chocolate Makers at 1-734-660-5635.


#chocolatebar #mindo #milk #recall

chocolatebar, mindo, milk, recall



Gelson’s Yogurt Raisins Recalled



The FDA and Western Mixers Produce & Nut Company are recalling Gelson’s Yogurt Raisins.  This product may contain undeclared peanuts.  Those adult and children with peanut allergies may develop serious and life-threatening allergic reactions should they ingest these yogurt raisins.  This product was sold throughout California.  If you purchased Gelson’s Yogurt Raisins, return them to the place of purchase for a refund.  For addition information, contact Western Mixers Produce & Nuts, Inc. at 1-877-230-8449.


#yogurtraisins #gelsons #peanuts #allergy #recall

yogurtraisins, gelsons, peanuts, allergy, recall

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