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HealthNews RoundUp - 5th Week of March 2021



Nasal Decongestant Can Kill You



The FDA now issues a warning that the nasal decongestant Benzedrex and its generic propylhexedrine may cause cardiovascular and psychiatric complications which could be fatal.


The agent is marketed in a nasal inhalation device to be used for the common cold and nasal allergies.  The proper dosage is 2 inhalations per nostril every 2 hours for adults, children older than 6 years, and teens.


Misuse including overuse, ingestion, or even injection has lead to a 7-fold rise in poisoning.  Symptoms include rapid heart rate, agitation, hypertension, chest pain, tremors, hallucinations, delusions, nausea, and vomiting.


Those with heart disease or taking MAO inhibitors should not use Benzedrex.



#benzedrex #propylhexedrine #mao #heart #hypertension #psychosis

benzedrex, propylhexedrine, mao, heart, hypertension, psychosis



CoVid Survivor Support Group



CoVid survivors and CoVid long-haulers have banded together with healthcare experts to form Survivor Corps.  This more than 150,000 large and growing grassroots organization, online at, provides psychological and educational support for CoVid victims and their families.


The website is a single resource for all things CoVid.  What to do if you think you have it.  Steps to take if you just tested positive for Covid. When and how to get free monoclonal antibody that, if timely, could save your life.  State-by-state post-CoVid care for those with continuing symptoms.


There are links to live and recorded CoVid webinars.  And…info is available in English and Spanish.  Check this out!


#CoVid #monoclonal #antibodies #support #longhauler

CoVid, monoclonal, antibodies, support, longhauler



mRNA Vaccines Perform Poorly For Transplant Recipients



mRNA vaccines trigger protective anti-CoVid antibodies in only 17% of transplant patients compared with close to 100% of the general population.  Johns Hopkins researchers now publish this data from their study of 436 transplant recipients.


Moderna vaccine proved the more effective triggering antibodies in 34% compared with the Pfizer product inducing them in only 12%.  Only 10% of those on anti-metabolite immunosuppression produced antibodies compared with 70% of those not receiving antimetabolites.  Younger recipients 39 years and younger were twice a likely as older persons to develop antibodies.


Transplant recipients may do better with additional vaccine boosters.  Meanwhile, they must do everything to avoid CoVid infection.


#CoVid #mrna #moderna #pfizer #antibodies

CoVid, mrna, moderna, pfizer, antibodies



Body Building Steroids Age Your Brain Faster



Using anabolic steroids to bulk up is associated with accelerated brain aging as seen on magnetic resonance imaging.  Norwegian neuroscientists just published their study comparing the brains of 130 weightlifting men who consistently ingested anabolic steroids with 99 non-using lifters.


The investigators used machine learning protocols on brain images of 1838 healthy men to set age-dependent brain appearance standards.   Applying this model to images from using and non-using lifters, they found that anabolic steroid consumption was associated with older looking brains.  Inordinate aging in all brain regions was most marked in those with greater than 10 years of drug use.


Anabolic steroids are dangerously toxic.


#bodybuilding #steroids #aging #dementia

bodybuilding, steroids, aging, dementia



CoVid Infects Oral Tissues



A newly published NIH study demonstrates CoVid in mouth and salivary gland tissues and explains why saliva can be highly infectious.  This adds the mouth to a host of other CoVid infection site in the body including the nose, lungs, heart, brain, kidneys, gastrointestinal tract, and blood vessels.


Oral tissues have the key ACE2 receptor and the TMPRSS2 enzyme that open a cell’s front door to CoVid.  Tissues from living and deceased CoVid patients had CoVid RNA and evidence of viral replication.  


This is more evidence that spit droplets as well as aerosols from coughing and sneezing can spread CoVid.  Make sure your mask completely covers your mouth as well as your nose.


#CoVid #mouth #saliva

CoVid, mouth, saliva



Long-term Semaglutide Drives Continuing Weight Loss



Several weeks ago I reported that Ozempic for type 2 diabetes drives modest but significant weight loss.  Now an international collaborative randomized clinical trial confirms it and shows drug continuation stabilizes the weight loss and other benefits.


A 902 participant group was studied in 10 countries.  Following a 20 week initial course, there was a mean weight loss of 11% with proportional drops in waist circumference and blood pressure.  Those continuing the drug over another 48 weeks had an additional 8% weight loss while those stopping drug had a 7% weight gain.


Semaglutide may turn out to be a useful weapon in the worldwide battle against obesity.


#semaglutide #ozempic #obesity #weightloss #diabetes


semaglutide, ozempic, obesity, weightloss, diabetes






Recall On Flame King Hog 100 Pound Propane Cylinders



The CPSC and Flame King announce the recall of Hog 100 Pound Propane Cylinders.  The propane cylinders with a handle below the side weld could leak propane gas creating a fire hazard.  About 500 of these units were sold.  Immediately stop using these recalled cylinders and contact Flame King by calling 1-844-464-8265  to arrange a refund or replacement.


#propane #tank #leak #fire #recall

propane, tank, leak, fire, recall



Beal Birdie Belay Devices On Recall



The CPSC and Liberty Mountain are recalling select Beal Birdie Belay Devices.  Those units marked with a “/19” are defective and cannot safely lower a mountain climber as the hand lever may become detached from the device.  These items were sold nationwide at REI stores and online at,, and  Immediately stop using these devices and contact Liberty Mountain  at 1-801-307-9308 to arrange for a free replacement.


#belay #bealbirdie #fall #recall

belay, bealbirdie, fall, recall



PureLine 1.5 HP Pool Pump Motors Are Recalled



The CPSC and Inyo Pool Products are recalling PureLine 1.5 HP Pool Pump Motors, Models 1152 and 2152.  This product may overheat creating a fire hazard.  If you have one of these installed, stop using it.  Contact Inyo Pool Products at 1-888-575-0485 to arrange for a free replacement.


#pumpmotor #pool #inyo #fire #recall

pumpmotor, pool, inyo, fire, recall



Recalls on Polaris Ranger, ProXD, Ariens/Gravely, and Bobcat Vehicles



The CPSC and Polaris are recalling Ranger, ProXD, Ariens/Gravely, and Bobcat vehicles.  The drive belts on these vehicles may break damaging the inner clutch cover assembly and fuel line.  This in turn can create a fuel leak and a fire hazard.  About 41,500 of these units were sold in the US and 1,475 were sold in Canada.  Some of these vehicles have already been recalled for other defects.  Stop using these vehicles and contact a Polaris, Ariens, or Bobcat dealer to schedule a free inspection and repair.  For more information, contact Polaris at 1-800-765-2747.


#polaris #ariens #bobcat #offroad #vehicles #belt #fuelleak #fire #recall

polaris, ariens, bobcat, offroad, vehicles, belt, fuelleak, fire, recall



KTM, Husqvarna and GASGAS Closed Course Competition Motorcycles Recalled



The CPSC and KTM/Husqvarna Motorcycles North America now recall KTM, Husqvarna and GASGAS closed course competition motorcycles.  The drive chain on these cycles may break leading to a crash with damage to person and property.  About 1,470 of these cycles have been sold in the US.  If you have one of these cycles, stop riding it and contact a KTM, Husqvarna and GASGAS dealer to schedule a free repair of the drive chain.  For additional information, contact KTM and Husqvarna Motorcycles North America by calling 1-888-985-6090.


#motorcycles #ktm #husqvarna #gasgas #drivechain #recall

motorcycles, ktm, husqvarna, gasgas, drivechain, recall




Taste of Inspirations Parmesan Wing Sauce Is Recalled



The FDA and Hannaford Supermarkets are recalling select lots of Taste of Inspirations Parmesan Wing Sauce.  The contents don’t match the labels and have an undeclared allergen.  The jars are filled with Taste of Inspirations Garlic Parmesan Dressing and have an undeclared allergen fish. If you bought this product and have a fish allergy, return this product to a Hannaford Store for a full refund.  More information is available by calling 1-207-885-3132.


#wingsauce #hannaford #fish #recall

wingsauce, hannaford, fish, recall



Recall On Bobo’s Maple Pecan Oat Bars



The FDA and Bobo’s now recall Bobo’s Maple Pecan Oat Bars.  This product contains undeclared peanuts.  Those with a peanut allergy may develop a severe or life-threatening allergic reaction after ingesting this food.  If you have one of these return it to the point of purchase for an exchange or a full refund.  If you require additional information, call Bobo’s at 1-303-938-1977.


#maplepecanbar #bobos #peanut #recall

maplepecanbar, bobos, peanut, recall



Recall On Real Water Products



The FDA and Real Water Inc. announce the recall of all sizes of Real Water brand drinking water.  Ingestion of these products has been linked to cases of non-viral hepatitis.  The recalled products were sold throughout the US at retail stores in various locales including Las Vegas, AZ, Southern California, Tennessee, Georgia, Chicago, New York, Mississippi, and New Mexico.  If you have this recalled product, discard it immediately.  Questions and requests for refund may be directed  to Real Water at 1-702-310-5437.


#water #realwater #hepatitis #recall

water, realwater, hepatitis, recall



LeFe Peppers and Onions Are Recalled



The FDA and GraceKennedy Food are recalling LeFe Peppers and Onions.  A batch of this product may contain foreign bodies in the form of small pieces of blue plastic.  Ingestion of these pieces may cause serious health consequences.  If you have this product return it to the point of purchase for a refund.  In addition you may call the GraceKennedy company at 201.329.6260 ext. 5137 to find out if the particular batch that you have is affected.


#peppers #onions #gracekennedy #foreignbody #recall

peppers, onions, gracekennedy, foreignbody, recall



Imperial Extreme and PremierZen Enhancement Drugs Recalled



The FDA, S&B Shopper LLC, and Namoo Enterprise LLC are recalling Imperial Extreme 2000 mg capsules and PremierZen Black 5000 capsules.  These products contains undeclared sildenafil and tadalafil, two phosphodiesterase inhibitors that may cause serious blood pressure depression in those taking nitroglycerin.  This product was sold by and other online vendors including eBay,  If you have these products, don’t use them and destroy them.  Check with your point of purchase, S&B Shopper LLC at 1-201-388-5665 for Imperial, or Namoo Enterprise at 1-201-267-0539 for PremierZen to inquire about refunds.


#imperial #premierzen #enhancement #sildenafil #tadalafil #nitroglycerine #recall

imperial, premierzen, enhancement, sildenafil, tadalafil, nitroglycerine, recall



Recall Of Kareem Chef Halva



The FDA and Kareem Mart announce the recall of  Kareem Chef brand Halva, Halva with Pistachio, and “Halva with Chocolate.  These products could be contaminated with salmonella.  Persons ingesting food contaminated with this bacterium develop serious and sometimes life-threatening gastrointestinal infections.  If you purchased one of these products, immediately dispose of it or return it to the place of purchase. Send proof of purchase and return to for a refund.  Contact the company at 1-313-651-4600.


#halva #kareem #salmonella #recall

xhalva, kareem, salmonella, recall



Pacific Salmon Burgers On Recall



The FDA and Trident Seafood Corporation are recalling Pacific Salmon Burgers.  This product may contain small fragments of metal that could produce a choking hazard.  This product was sold at Costco.  If you purchased it, stop using it and return it to the point of purchase for a refund.  For more information, call 1-866-413-4749.


#salmon #burger #trident #pacific #foreignbody

salmon, burger, trident, pacific, foreignbody



Tell Me Why

Viewer CoVid Questions 



Here are a group of questions about CoVid from a YouTube viewer Jan Kerry.  


?First: what about testing for the ANTIBODIES in the people that have had Covid ALREADY?  Is there a test for that?


There are readily available CoVid #antibody tests that will tell you if you have anti-CoVid antibodies indicating you’ve been exposed to the Covid19 virus.  Many of the tests do not measure neutralizing antibodies against the spike protein but antibodies against other viral proteins such as the nucleocapsid protein.  aTherynd cannot tell you just how immune to the virus you may be.


I’m paraphrasing Jan’s next question: Do people who had CoVid need #vaccination? Do we test them and asymptomatic people for antibodies?  If positive, do they need vaccine?


The answer is that everyone, even those who developed antibodies to CoVid from a natural exposure, need vaccination.  The available vaccines produce orders of magnitude higher levels of protective antibodies than natural infections and exposures.  These antibodies likely last longer too.


This chart shows antibody levels before and after vaccination for healthcare workers antibody positive.  Note that the levels of antibody rose exponentially after vaccination.


What’s the death rate from CoVid?


The answer is country dependent.  The US case #fatality rate is about 3.6% overall, but it’s 4 times higher in Italy with less available healthcare.  The death rate is age dependent with almost 15% of those 80 years and up dying.  But the death rates from CoVid are astronomically higher than from the flu.


Will we ever get rid of CoVid and its variants?


Let’s talk about the variants first.  The faster we get everyone vaccinated and immune, the faster we stop variant evolution.  Variants occur as the virus replicates within infected persons.  Even so, most virologists and epidemiologists think that CoVid year-to-year will be similar to influenza.  That means yearly vaccinations with boosters.  Depending upon the quality of the vaccines, you’ll need testing, masking, distancing, washing.  Some virologists hope that we can develop a universal coronavirus vaccine against a part of the virus that cannot mutate and eradicate the disease.  We can hope but don’t count on it.


Thanks to Jan for her questions.


#CoVid #antibodies #vaccination #variants



dōTERRA Deep Blue, PastTense and Deep Blue Touch Essential Oils On Recall



The CPSC and dōTERRA announce the recall of Deep Blue, PastTense and Deep Blue Touch Essential Oils.  These products contain methylsalicylate and must be in child-resistant packaging and they are not.  Store these products out of reach of children until you can contact dōTERRA at 1-800-411-8151 to arrange for a replacement product.


#essentialoils #dōTERRA  #methylsalicylate #packaging #recall

essentialoils, dōTERRA, methylsalicylate, packaging, recall



Recall On Harris Teeter Cookies and Cake Products



The FDA, Harris Teeter LLC, and the Rise Baking Company are recalling Harris Teeter Fresh Foods Market Cookies and Cream Cake Products and Dawn Food Products Vanilla Bean Waterfall Cake.  These products contain undeclared hazelnut.  Those with hazelnut allergies could develop serious or life-threatening reactions to consuming these pastries.  They are sold through Kroger stores and you should return them to the point of purchase for a refund.  For additional information, contact Harris Teeter by calling 1-704-844-3904 or call Rise Baking for the Dawn product by calling 1-715- 426-2090.


#harristeeter #dawn #cookies #cakes #hazelnut #recall

harristeeter, dawn, cookies, cakes, hazelnut, recall



Sabra Classic Hummus Is Recalled



The FDA and the Sabra Dipping Company LLC are recalling 2100 cases of its Classic Hummus.  This product may contain salmonella that can cause a serious and sometimes life-threatening gastrointestinal infection with particular severity in the very young, elders, and immunocompromised persons.  This product was sold in Alabama, Arizona, Arkansas, California, Florida, Indiana, Mississippi, Maine, Missouri, Nebraska, North Carolina, New Jersey, Utah, Virginia, Washington and Wisconsin.  If you have this product, don’t consume it but return it to the point of purchase for reimbursement.  For additional information, call Sabra at 1-866-265-6761.


#hummus #sabra #salmonella

hummus, sabra, salmonella




Multiple Male Enhancement Products On Recall



The FDA and multiple companies are recalling multiple products sold under the brand names Thumbs Up, Red, Shogun-X, Krazy Night, 69Mode Blue, PremierZen, and SupremeZen.  These tainted products all have undeclared phosphodiesterase compounds in them including sildenafil, tadalafil, and vardenafil.  These compounds are typically used for treatment of male erectile dysfunction and can product dangerous and life-threatening reactions in those also taking nitrate compounds such as nitroglycerin.  If you bought these products, return them to the purchase source which is often online.  For more information, check the references on my YouTube channel to find specific contact information for the various sources.


#maleenhancement #phosphodiesterase #sildenafi  #tadalafi  #vardenafil #nitrates

maleenhancement, phosphodiesterase, sildenafi, tadalafi, vardenafil, nitrates



Recall On Dave’s Supermarket Chocolate Malt Balls and Chocolate Malted Milk Balls



The FDA and the b.a. Sweetie Candy Company are recalling Sweetie Chocolate Malt Balls and Chocolate Malted Milk Balls.  These candies contain undeclared wheat allergen.  They have been sold in and around the Cleveland, OH metro area.  If you bought one of these candies, return it to the point of purchase for a refund.  For additional information call the b.a. Sweetie Candy Co. at 1-216-739-2244.


#candy #chocolate #maltballs #sweetie #wheat

candy, chocolate, maltballs, sweetie, wheat

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