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HealthNews RoundUp - 2nd Week of May 2020



Famotidine Improves CoVid Survival



The stomach acid suppressing drug famotidine reduces the risk of death from CoVid in hospitalized patients by 70%.  Clinicians at Columbia, New York Presbyterian Hospital, and Northwell Health studied 340 patients with severe CoVid19 infections.


Famotidine was used at home prior to admission by 15% who were also given it in-hospital.  Only 1% of controls had used the drug before admission.  The drug was administered orally in 72% of patients and IV in 28% for a median period of nearly 6 days.  Those receiving the drug showed a 16% reduction in their blood ferritin levels suggesting famotidine reduces the cytokine storm.


The researchers are planning studies giving the drug prophylactically.


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covid, pandemic, famotidine



Artificial Intelligence Selects An Optimal CoVid Drug Cocktail



A Remdesivir, ritonivir, and lopinavir drug cocktail may be the most potent CoVid killer.  This conclusion from a Singapore artificial intelligence study just pre-published on the


Researchers used their platform and known CoVid killing abilities of 12 anti-viral drugs to predict and test a half million possible drug combinations.  The result: adding to remdesivir the antiviral ritonivir/lopinavir combo drug, marketed as Kaletra for HIV PreP use, would drive a 6.5 fold greater therapeutic effect compared with remdesivir alone.


This model correlates with clinical findings in that remdesivir  alone is only 16% effective and hydroxychloroquine, even with Zithromax, is only 3-4% effective.


#pandemic #covid #remdesivir #kaletra #ritonivir #lopinavir #hydroxychloroquine

pandemic, covid, remdesivir, kaletra, ritonivir, lopinavir, hydroxychloroquine



Over The River Through The Woods Might Kill Grandma



That traditional weekend visit to the grandfolks could infect them with CoVid.  A just pre-published study from Tel Aviv University reveals a significant 5 day post weekend peak in new CoVid cases after analysis of data from 7 of 12 countries around the world.


New CoVid  cases tick up on Thursday to Friday as one would expect from a 5 day lag between an elder’s contact with an infected weekend visitor and manifestation of symptoms,  Furthermore, deaths also bumped up but 12-14 days after inter-generational weekend visits.


The safest way to visit Grams and Gramps is via FaceTime, Zoom, or an open first floor window.


#pandemic #covid #grandparents #weekendvisits

pandemic, covid, grandparents, weekendvisits



Live CoVid Virus Is All Around



If you live in a CoVid hot spot like New York City or LA, assume nearly every public surface has live virus.  Brazilian microbiologists tested for live virus at 30 locations in Belo Horizonte, a metro area some 6 million people. 


CoVid in ample quantities was found in 6/15 bus stations particularly those near hospitals.  Virus was also found in 3 public squares.  Nearly 20% of the sampled sites were virus-positive.  


As you begin to venture out, protect yourself.  Assume your hands and clothes are contaminated once you leave home.  Accordingly, don’t touch your face before you scrub your hands having disrobed after your return home.


#pandemic #covid #reopening

pandemic, covid, reopening




Physical Distancing Does Work



Personal physical distancing strongly correlates with decreased CoVid19 case growth rates in the 25 most affected counties in the United States.  This the conclusion of a Johns Hopkins study that quantitates the degree of distancing using cell phone data on a county-wide basis.


The investigators were able to calculate a social distancing ratio for each US county by dividing the number representing average cell phone travel over a 3 month period during the CoVid pandemic with historic data. This ratio was then compared with CoVid infection prevalence.


With initiation of local and state lock-downs over time, the social distancing ratio as well as the incidence of new CoVid cases has dropped significantly.


#covid #pandemic #distancing

pandemic, covid, distancing



Celebrex Could Help Fight CoVid



An NSAID that selectively and safely blocks inflammation may be another weapon in the fight against the novel coronavirus.   A preliminary Chinese study of 44 CoVid patients included 37 receiving Celebrex and a very small 7 patient control group receiving conventional therapy only.


Data showed that treatment with Celebrex was associated with recovery of all 29 CoVid patients with moderate disease and 82% of those with severe disease.  In contrast, only 57% of the control group recovered.


Celebrex is a powerful drugs with significant side effects including skin reactions, liver issues, potential kidney toxicity, gi upset, and elevated blood pressure.  We’ll see if more studies confirm its usefulness for CoVid.


#covid #pandemic #celebrex #cox2inhibitors #nsaids

covid, pandemic, celebrex, cox2inhibitors, nsaids



Mag Cube Magnetic Ball Sets On Recall



The Consumer Product Safety Commission announces that Sobeauty, Inc. is voluntarily recalling it Mag Cube magnetic ball sets.  This toy contains extremely strong magnets that violate the federal child toy safety standards.  If two or more of these tiny balls are swallowed, they can link together and clamp tissues causing intestinal perforations, obstructions, sepsis, and death.  The tiny 3 mm balls are also a choking hazard.  These toys have been sold at Walmart.


If you have this toy in your home, do not permit your child to play with it.  Contact Sobeauty at 1-844-946-7437 to obtain instructions for return and refund.


#recall #magnet #choking #gastrointestinal

recall, magnet, choking, gastrointestinal



Recall On Pluckers World Famous Wing Sauces



The FDA announces that Zilk’s Plus Resources LLC is voluntarily recalling its Pluckers World Famous Wing Sauces.  This product, available in a variety of flavors, contains the undeclared allergens soy, milk, and wheat.  If you purchased these sauces, either dispose of the product or return it to any Pluckers location for a full refund or exchange.  For more information, contact Zilks at 1-817-618-6298.


#recall #wingsauce #milk #soy #wheat

recall, wingsauce, milk, soy, wheat




Common Allergy Drugs Associated With Better Melanoma Outcomes



The non-drowsy allergy drugs Clarinex and Claritin improve survival after treatments for melanoma and may reduce the risk of developing new melanomas.  Sweden’s Lund University analyzed 1253 melanoma patients who were anti-histamine users.


Survival was 46-50% better for those patients using Clarinex, Claritin, or generics particularly in those 65 years and older.  Use of these drugs was also associated with a 20% lower risk of a secondary melanoma though the limited numbers of cases prevented statistical significance.


If you’re in an older age group and have melanoma, regular use of prescription Clarinex or over-the-counter Claritin and their generics should be discussed with your own doctor.


#melanoma #claritin #desloratidine #loratidine

melanoma, clarinex, desloratidine, loratidine




Culinevo Artisan Style Flatbreads Are Recalled



Ideal Foods, Inc. of North Los Vegas and the USDA are recalling Culinevo Artisan Style Flatbreads.  There are over 3300 pounds of meat and poultry pizza products that were produced, packed, and distributed without proper inspection.  These include the following artisan pizzas: carne asada; chicken spinach artichoke, sizzlin’ jalapeño, and meat lover’s.  The products have the following labels inside the USDA mark of inspection: EXTRA STRENGTH TYLENOL 45351A or P-45351A.  If you have these products in your freezer, do not consume them.  Return them to the point of purchase for a refund.  For more information, call Ideal Foods at 1-888-674-6854.


#recall #culinevo #pizza #noinspection

recall, culinevo, pizza, no-inspection



Recall On Wild Harvest Organic Basil



United Natural Foods, Inc. and the FDA announce a voluntary recall on Wild Harvest Organic Fresh Basil.  The product is contaminated with Cyclospora cayetanensis.  This microscopic parasite can cause a gastroenteritis with watery diarrhea, appetite loss, weight loss, cramping, bloating, nausea, and fatigue.  The affected product, mainly distributed in Minnesota, is labeled “Product of Colombia” and “112.”  If you have this product, return it to the point of purchase for a refund.  Contact the company at 1-888-256-2800.


#recall #basil #cyclospora

recall, basil, cyclospora



Finasteride Plus Is On Recall



Masterpharm LLC and the FDA are recalling Finasteride Plus 1.25 mg.  This prescription drug contains undeclared minoxidil at higher than approved levels.  This product is a prescription drug compounded to treat hair loss.  The contaminant minoxidil, besides helping with hair loss, is a drug used to treat high blood pressure.  It can cause unexpected low blood pressure, rapid heartbeat, and salt+water retention.  The company has been notifying its customers.  If you have this product, stop using it and call the company at (866) 630-5600 to arrange for self-addressed packaging to facilitate product return.


#recall #finasteride #minoxidil

recall, finasteride, minoxidil

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