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HealthNews RoundUp - 3rd Week of May 2020



Anti-Viral Drug Whacks CoVid and Its Cytokine Storm



Interferon Alpha 2 Beta shortens persistence of CoVid19 and suppresses levels of the deadly immune mediators interleukin 6 and C-reactive protein.  University of Toronto investigators report that this interferon which curbed the SARS coronavirus some years ago now helps CoVid patients.


All 77 patients in the trial had moderate pneumonia not requiring intensive care.  Mean time to viral clearance for interferon-treated patients was 21 days versus 28 for the untreated.  Treated patients were also spared a toxic IL-6 spike  and enjoyed lower levels of C-reactive protein.


Let’s hope interferon alpha 2 beta turns out to be a universal coronavirus therapeutic.



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covid, pandemic, interferon,il6, creactiveprotein



KORE Organic Watermelon CBD Oil Recall



Summit Labs and the FDA announce a recall of KORE Organic Watermelon CBD Oil Tincture.  The Lot in question is K018, batch #730.  This product was found to have unacceptably high lead levels.  If you have this product, do not use it.  Return it to the place of purchase for a full refund.  Contact Summitt Labs at 1-833-810-5673 for. more information.


#recall #watermeloncbdoil #lead #cbd

recall, watermeloncbdoil, lead, cbd



Wegman’s Semi-Sweet Chocolate Nonpareils On Recall



Mellace Family Brands California Inc. and the FDA announce a recall of its Wegman’s Semi-Sweet Chocolate Nonpareils.  This product contains undeclared milk allergen and could trigger a dangerous allergic reaction in those with a milk allergy.  This product has been sold in MD, MA, NJ, NY, NC, PA, and VA.  If you bought this product, you may return it to the Wegman’s store service desk for a full refund.  If you require more information, contact Wegman’s at 1-855-934-3663.


#recall, #semisweetchocolate #nonpareils #milk

recall, semisweetchocolate, nonpareils, milk




Peekaboo Mint Chocolate Chip With Hidden Spinach Ice Cream Recall



Ramar Foods and the FDA announce a recall on Peekaboo Mint Chocolate Chip With Hidden Spinach Ice Cream.  This product may be contaminated with Listeria monocytogenes.  This bacterium causes a serious, sometimes fatal gastrenteritis in the very young, the elders, and those with weak immune systems.  It can cause miscarriages or stillbirths.  The ice cream was sold at Target Stores in FL GA, SC, and NC.  If you have this ice cream in your freezer, return it to the store for a full refund.  Address your questions to Ramar Foods at 1-844-491-7869.


#recall #icecream #listeria

recall, icecream, listeria



Most Video Gamers Are Not Addicted



Ninety percent of video gamers are not addicted to the sport.  This conclusion stems from a Brigham Young University study of 385 teens over a 6 year period.


Those who were obsessed with gaming, pursing the sport to the detriment of healthy functioning, had a definite profile.  The vidicts I’ll call them tended to be male with higher than average levels of depression, aggression, and shyness.  Their obsessive behavior spilled over into cell phone use.


Is there light at the end of adolescence?  Yes!  Once in their twenties, almost all he pathological video gamers tended to be self-supporting and not living in their parents’ basements.


#videogaming #addiction #adolescence

videogaming, addiction, adolescence



More Evidence CoVid19 Isn’t Germ Warfare



In-depth computer analysis of 334 genetic sequences from CoVid samples gathered around the world conclusively demonstrates a bat origin of the virus causing our global pandemic.  Australian researchers used artificial intelligence techniques to compare the viral genetic materials found in the wild with those of known alpha- and beta-coronaviruses.


Of the CoVid genomic sequences studied, 77% were from the US, 15% were from China, and the remainder from other Asian and European countries.  The computer painstakingly compared them all with reference coronavirus genomes found in bats, pangolins, and other animals. 


The data shows that CoVid19 is a natural betacoronavirus type more closely related to bat than pangolin types.


#covid #pandemic #betacoronavirus #bat #pangolin

covid, pandemic, betacoronavirus, bat, pangolin



Sickest CoVid Patients Have Substantial T Cell Immunity



Patients in critical condition due to CoVid19 infection develop the most intense cell-mediated immunity against the virus.  A German analysis of 28 CoVid patients defines the nature of anti-viral killer immune T cells.


The greatest numbers of the most toxic virus killer T cells arise in the sickest CoVid patients.  While it is good news that the human immune system reacts to the virus by producing immune lymphocytes as well as antibodies, it is this very reaction that provokes a cytokine storm creating collateral damage to the lungs, heart, and kidneys.


This new information will help clinicians develop vaccines that prevent viral invasion and hyperimmune devastation.


#covid #pandemic #cellmediatedimmunity #tcells #cytokinestorm

covid, pandemic, cellmediatedimmunity, tcells, cytokinestorm




Indoor CoVid Transmission Predominately Via Surfaces



If you are in a room with a CoVid19 carrier, asymptomatic and unaware of their infection, you are more likely to contract the virus from surfaces than from the air.  Israeli biomathematicians draw this conclusion from theie mathematical models of viral transmission through the air versus surface-hand-face transfer.


Using real life data, the investigators estimate that 60-80% of virus is transmitted via direct contact, 20-40% is transmitted via indirect contact with contaminated surfaces, and less than 1% via the air.


This data predicts that the combination of frequent hand washing, avoiding direct physical contact, and periodic surface disinfection will reduce the risk of person-to-person viral transmission by 85%.


#covid #pandemic #transmission #droplets #aerosols #fomites

covid, pandemic, transmission, droplets, aerosols, fomites



Essential Oils Are Recalled




Organic Pure Oil is recalling is Wintergreen Essential Oil and W8 Distributing is recalling its Jade Bloom Wintergreen ad Birch Sweet Essential Oils.  Both products fail to meet federal child-resistant packaging requirements.  This shortcoming puts children in the home at risk for poisoning.  If you have these products, return them to the points of purchase for refunds.  You may contact Organic Pure Oil at 1-657-0600-8100 or W8 Distributing/Jade Bloom at 1-0844-787-3645.


#recall #essentialoils,  #childsafe

recall, essentialoils, childsafe



Reducing Male Hormones May Help Treat CoVid19



Men with greater androgen signaling and abundant circulating androgens have more severe CoVid infections with accompanying lung, heart, and kidney damage.  A collaborative Yale, Harvard, and UC-San Francisco study of 454 hospitalized CoVid positive British patients.


The free androgen level was significantly associated with viral susceptibility and disease severity in men but not in women.  Androgens are known to increase expression of the ACE2 molecule in human tissues, and it is this protein that binds CoVid19 permitting it to enter and infect cells.


The researchers suggest that already FDA approved androgen inhibiting drugs such as dutasteride and finasteride may have potential for inhibiting CoVid19 infections.


#covid #pandemic #ace2 #androgens #5alphareductaseinhibitor #dutasteride #finasteride

covid, pandemic, ace2, androgens, 5alphareductaseinhibitor, dutasteride, finasteride



Hydroxychloroquine & Chloroquine Kill You, Not CoVid19



A huge global study shows that hydroxyochlorquine (HCQ) or chloroquine (CQ), with or without Zithromax, can double your risk of dying with CoVid.  These drugs also drive up your chances of suffering deadly ventricular heart arrhythmias 20 fold.


Just published in The Lancet and helmed by Harvard investigators, the analysis tabulates data from nearly 15,000 treated patients and 81,000 controls.  After adjusting for other confounding risk factors, these drugs and drug combinations all jeopardized patient survival.  The increased risks of dying: HCQ - 90%; HCQ+Zithromax-250%; CQ-70%; CQ+Zmax-238%.


Do not take these drugs.  There is no evidence that they prevent CoVid.  If you do get infected, they reduce your survival chances.


#hydroxychloroquine #chloroquine #covid #arrhythmia

hydroxychloroquine, chloroquine, covid, arrhythmia



FDA Buckles To Political Pressure On Hydroxychloroquine/Chloroquine



I’m mad as hell that a US health agency is waffling on its recommendation due to corrupt political pressure.


The timeline:

March 30 - FDA issues an Emergency Use Authorization for HCQ/CQ.

April 24 - FDA cautions against use of HCQ/CQ for CoVid19 outside of a hospital setting or within the context of a controlled study.  Warning about serious and life-threatening cardiac rhythm disturbance.  Reminder that these drugs have no proven benefit for CoVid19 infections.

Then, suddenly, May 19 - FDA commissioner Stephen Hahn MD reverses the agency’s position on these drugs and states to multiple media outlets including CNBC and The Hill that the decision about using HCQ/CQ should be made by the patient and his or her physician.


 Multiple studies ongoing or completed in France and China confirm that these drugs do not improve outcomes for patients hospitalized for CoVid19.  Use of the drugs over the years for both malaria and autoimmune diseases have shown that both drugs trigger electrocardiographic changes and dangerous arrhythmias.


That the FDA Commissioner has succumbed to political pressure from the executive branch to soften the agency’s recommendations about these drugs is dishonest, corrupt, and a violation of his physician Hippocratic Oath.  Don’t follow this flawed medical recommendation to pressure your doctor into prescribing these drugs.  They will not help you and they could kill you.


#fda #hahn #hydroxychloroquine #chloroquine

fda, hahn, hydroxychloroquine, chloroquine



Bunz Kidz Children’s Sleepwear Set Is Recalled



Stargate Apparel and the CPSC are recalling  the Bunz Kidz Children’s Sleepwear Sets sizes 2 through 12.  These are 100% micro polyester and the sets consist of a robe, top, and pants.  The children’s sleepwear sets fail to meet the federal flammability standards posing a risk of burn injuries to children.  The guidelines state that children’s sleepwear must be either snug-fitting or flame resistant.  If you have these garments, do not permit your children to wear them.  Return them to the point of purchase for a refund.  For more information, call Stargate Apparel at 1-866-351-0193.


#recall #bunzkidz #sleepwear #flammability

recall, bunzkidz, sleepwear, flammability



Most Of Us Wear Masks Incorrectly



Eighty-seven percent of mask wearers apply them incorrectly with air leakage that could be deadly.  A collaborative analysis by investigators at Singapore Hospitals and MIT looked at 714 subjects given N95 masks.


The common mask fit mistakes were incorrect strap placement and improper tightening of the mask’s nose clip.  Both mistakes result in air gaps around the mask.  Younger subjects and those with previous mask fit training did better.  In typical American fashion, reading the instruction book or previous mask use didn’t help.


When you use a mask, any mask, tighten the straps, position the mask under your chin, and fit the mask to your nose.


#mask #covid #pandemic

mask, covid, pandemic




Tricks To Improve Your Mood



As our house arrest continues, we all yearn for anything to improve our outlooks on life.  Researchers at Iowa State University studied 423 young adults 20 to 35 years of age surveying their moods and quantitating their physical activities over 10 days using wearable sensors.


Almost anything is better than sitting around.  Replacing prolonged sedentary time with light physical activity, moderate physical activity, or even sleep leads to mood elevation.  Stimulating your mind and body, even with subconscious activity and dreams, will reset and refresh your brain. 


If you find yourself sitting around for more than 30 minutes, get up and get physical.  Light physical activities include walking around your home cleaning, washing dishes, or cooking.


#pandemic #quarantine #sedentary #sleep #cleaning

pandemic, quarantine, sedentary, sleep, cleaning



CoVid19 Is 4 Times More Deadly Than The Flu



If you get infected with CoVid19 and show symptoms, you have a 1 in 75 chance of dying from the disease.  Compare that to your 1 in 1000 chance of dying if you contract the flu.


University of Washington researchers analyzed data from 116 counties in 33 states.  The highest fatality rate indicates that 1 in every 28 persons infected will die.  Overall, using the most optimistic estimate that only 1 in every 5 Americans will be infected, by the end of this year 350,000 to 1.2 million of us could die.


We can save ourselves and our families by obeying the 3 Commandments of Public Health: scrub, mask, distance.


#covid #pandemic #death #distance #mask #wash

covid, pandemic, death, distance, mask, wash




Actemra-Tocilizumab May Not Quell Cytokine Storms



The monoclonal antibody tocilizumab that is designed to reduce IL-6 and cytokine storms apparently doesn’t for critically ill CoVid19 patients. This the conclusion of a preliminary case series from the University of North Carolina.


Eleven patients with confirmed CoVid19 infections were treated with Actemra.  These patients were either severe or critical and had multiple medical issues including obesity and high blood pressure.  


Despite Actemra treatment, all patients experienced significant IL-6 level increases without improvements in their fevers or a reduction in their oxygen requirements.  Two other inflammatory indicators did diminish.


The conclusion: randomized, controlled trials of Actemra must occur before this drug can be widely used.


#covid #actemra #tocilizumab #il6 #cytokinestorm

covid, actemra, tocilizumab, il6, cytokinestorm



Immunotherapy Does Not Jeopardize CoVid Recovery



Patients receiving immunotherapy or genetic-targeted therapy recover just fine from CoVid infections.  A Spanish study of 50 CoVid patients with advanced melanoma was just uploaded to the pre-print server


In this small non-randomized study, the group of 22 melanoma patients on checkpoint immunotherapy had a 44% better survival rate than those on no therapy.  The 16 patients on targeted BRAF/MEK inhibitor therapy had a 41% better survival rate.


If you have a serious medical problem like advanced melanoma, work closely with your doctors to plan ongoing therapy.  Additional studies like this one will help decision making.  Don’t run scared of CoVid and compromise treatment of more serious problems.


#covid #pandemic #cancer #immunotherapy #melanoma

covid, pandemic, cancerimmunotherapy, melanoma



Radhuni Curry Powder On Recall



New Hoque and Sons, Inc. and the FDA announce the recall of Radhuni Curry Powder.  The product is contaminated with salmonella.  This bacterium can trigger a sever gastroenteritis with fever, diarrhea, nausea, and abdominal pain.  It can produce a septicemia with heart and blood vessel damage.  This product was sold in NYC grocery stores in the Bronx, Jackson Heights, and Jamaica.  If you have this product, return it to the point of purchase to get a full refund.  You may reach the company at 1-718-391-0992.


#recall #radhmi #curry #salmonella

recall, radhmi, curry, salmonella




Nelson and Lauki Dressers, Cabinets, and Chests Are Recalled



Herman Miller and Design Within Reach and the CPSC are recalling their Nelson and Lauki Dressers, Cabinets, and Chests.  These products fail to meet federal safety standards and may tip over, injure, entrap, and possibly kill children.  The products involved include Nelson Thin Edge Chest Cabinets, Double Dressers, Buffets, Chests, Cabinets and Lauki Three Drawer, Six Drawer, and Wide Dressers.  


If you have these products, do not use them without anchoring them to the wall or place them in a room without child access.  


This furniture was sold at Herman Miller and Design Within Reach stores.  To arrange for a refund and furniture pickup, call Herman Miller at 1-800-338-2107.


#recall #chestofdrawers #chests #dressers #hermanmiller #childsafety

recall, chestofdrawers, chests, dressers, hermanmiller, childsafety

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