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HealthNews RoundUp - 2nd Week of November 2020



Which Surfaces Harbor The Most COVID?



One in every four trash cans have COVID on its surface.  Scientists in Boston, California, the UK, and Switzerland collaborate to assess the risk of contracting the coronavirus from a variety of public surfaces.


The researchers tested 348 surface samples from a Massachusetts town from April through June, 2020.  Though, on average, only 8.3% of samples were COVID positive, the riskiest after trash cans were liquor stores at 15%, banks at 13%, transit at 12.5%, grocery stores at 11%, and crosswalk buttons at 10%.


If you must touch surfaces, use your elbows, knuckles, or handle hooks.  If you touch surfaces, immediately wipe off your fingers with 70% alcohol that you always carry.


#covid #surfaces #trashcan #doorhandles #crosswalk

covid, surfaces, trashcan, doorhandles, crosswalk




Who Should Get Scarce Lifesaving CoVid Therapy?



With Covid19 skyrocketing, scarce ICU beds and cutting edge therapies are in short supply.  How and who will decide which patients get effective treatment?


A study from Ohio State and The Chinese University of Hong Kong presents public opinion on the subject.  The researchers surveyed 5175 participants in 11 countries asking them which factors should dictate the decision to treat.  


The two most important were age selected by 26.5% and probability of survival chosen by 23.3%.  The other factors in rank order were nationality, criminal record, predicted cost of treatment, expected ventilator days, family, and gender.


By wearing masks, distancing, and cleaning, we hope to never have to ration care.


#covid #rationing #ethics

covid, rationing, ethics


CoVid Virus Attacks Your Brain’s Defenses



The observation that 30 to 80% of CoVid patients experience neurologic symptoms may be explained by a new observation that CoVid spike proteins attack the integrity of the blood-brain barrier.  Pathologists from Philadelphia’s Temple University conclude this from their tissue culture studies.


Mixing CoVid19 spike proteins with blood vessel lining cells led to a protective layer breakdown that causes a potentially dangerous leakage through the brain’s protective coating.  Although the study stops short of demonstrating direct viral brain invasion, it suggests a mechanism by which that may happen.


The CoVid is definitely not a cold or the flu, so do all you can to protect yourself from it.


#covid #bloodbrainbarrier #spikeprotein

covid, bloodbrainbarrier, spikeprotein




Local Politics Can Sicken You With CoVid 



Those US counties with more Democrat voters enjoy significantly lower per capita rates of CoVid infection and death.  This the conclusion of a University of North Carolina study of some 3,132 US counties.  


The blue boxes in this chart show that COVID cases drop as more voters in the county vote blue.  This benefit fails to occur in states run by Republican governors and/or with Republican-controlled legislatures.  Deaths due to CoVid follow this same pattern.


The Democrat Party is associated with adherence to public health directives, and this data suggests you should do the same.  That’s true whether you vote Red or Blue.


#covid #democrat #republican #red #blue

covid, democrat, republican, red, blue




Avoid Drowning In The 2nd CoVid Wave 



The current tsunami of COVID cases is due to careless behavior.  Medical care will be scarce and you could die.


Wear a mask over your nose and under your chin when out in public or in public indoor spaces.  You can and should buy good masks with KN95 or N95 filtration that fit to your face without gaps.  Get them online from Amazon and EBay.


Public distancing is often terrible..  If you eat out, only do so outdoors with abundant ventilation and at tables positioning you at least 12 feet from the nearest stranger.


Don’t walk and eat or drink or use your phone without a mask.  Stop and sit away from others.  STAY ALIVE.


#covid #mask #kn95 #n95 #distancing

covid, mask, kn95, n95, distancing




Ear Ringing A Sign of Chronic CoVid 



If you have a history of the ear noise called tinnitus there is a significant chance that it will worsen during the pandemic.  British researchers now report their study of 3103 tinnitus sufferers in 48 countries.


Those with overt CoVid symptoms were 40% more likely to suffer worse ringing.  Those who tested positive were 58% more likely to do so.  Even without becoming ill, social distancing restrictions triggered more ear noise in 34%.  Financial stress made it worse in 49%.  Pandemic-associated health concerns triggered worse tinnitus in 32%.


While CoVid seemed to trigger it in only a few anecdotal cases, developing the disease and even worrying about that possibility makes it worse.


#covid #tinnitus #stress 

covid, tinnitus, stress



Super-Spreading Events Drive The Second CoVid Wave



Social gatherings devoid of proper mask wearing, distancing, and surface disinfection during which one infected person passes CoVid to more than 6 others, so-called superspreading events, appear to be major drivers for our rising CoVid rates.  MIT mathematicians draw this conclusion from their analyses of 45 CoVid spreading events.


By constructing mathematical models of disease spread, the researchers show that the exponential spread of disease during such events is consistent with multiple clusters each initiated by a single infected person.


 To combat CoVid , you must wear a tight-fitting mask with sub-micron filtration and stay as far as way as you can from others not in your immediate social bubble.


#covid #superspreader #mask #distancing #n95 #kn95

covid, superspreader, mask, distancing, n95, kn95




Gas Fire Pit Table Recalled



The CPSC and The Sunjoy Co, have recalled the Oakmont LP Fire Pit Tables.  A burner kit hose is improperly installed and it may melt, ignite, and pose a fire hazard.  If you have one of the nearly 11,000 units sold, stop using it and call the Sunjoy Co at 1-866-578-0101 to request a free replacement burner kit with installation instructions.


#firepit #burnhazard

firepit, burnhazard




Recall On Swim Snorkels



The CPSC and Arena North America have recalled the Arena Swim Snorkel Pro II.  These snorkels may release coating material from inside the breathing tube or mouthpiece.  The user may aspirate and choke on this material, and it could possible cause a fatal accident.  If you or your child use one of the 3350 snorkels sold in the US, one of he 3500 sold in Canada, or one of the 3100 sold in Mexico, immediately stop using it.  Contact Arena North America at 1-888-902-7362 to obtain a free replacement tube and mouthpiece.


#snorkel #choking

snorkel, choking



Bicycles Have Been Recalled



The CPSC and Salsa Cycles have recalled the Salsa Cutthroat series bicycles.  These include all GRX 810Di2, GRX 810 1x, and the GRX 600 bicycles.  Also affected are the Apex 1 frame sets and the Carbon Deluxe V2 aftermarket forks. The bicycle’s fork legs may crack or break, and that poses a fall hazard for the rider.  If you have one of these bicycles or framesets, stop using it.  Bring the cycle and other affected parts to the Salsa authorized retailers for inspection and free installation of a replacement fork.  If you need more information, call Salsa cycles at 1-877-774-6208.


#bicycles #salsa 

bicycles, salsa



Ring Doorbells On Recall



The CPSC and the Ring Co. Ave recalled the second generation Ring Doorbells.  This video doorbell’s battery may overheat if incorrect screws are used for installation.  This will pose fire and burn hazards.  If you have one of the 350,000 units sold in the US or one of the 8700 sold in Canada, do not install the unit.  Call the Ring Co. At 1-800-656-1918 to find out if you have an affected unit and to receive revised installation instructions.


#ring #doorbell #fire

ring, doorbell, fire




Recall on Three Wick Sonoma Candles



The CPSC and Kohl’s have recalled the 3 Wick Sonoma Goods For Life Branded Candles.  The candle, when entirely lit, generates high flames and intense heat that may ignite the wax surface and/or cause the jar glass to shatter.  This poses significant fire and burn hazards.  If you have one of the half-million candles sold, do not use it but contact Kohl’s at 1-855-564-5755 to arrange for a refund.


#candle #kohls #fire

candle, kohls, fire



Yeti Travel Mugs Recalled



The CPSC and Yeti have recalled the Rambler 20 oz. Travel Mugs with Stronghold Lids.  The magnet safety slider on the lid may eject and hot contents could spill out thereby posing burn hazards and chemical injuries.  If you have one of the quarter-million mugs sold, contact Yelp at 1-833-444-3151 for a refund.


#yeti #mug #burn

yeti, mug, burn



Toddler Boots On Recall



The CPSC and Target have placed toddler boots on recall.  A toggle on the boot may detract from the elastic lace, and this poses a choking hazard to children.  if you have a pair of the 122,000 sold by Target, do not allow your kids to wear them.  Return the boots to any Target store for a full refund.  If you purchased the boots online from, contact Target at 1-800-440-0680 to obtain a prepaid return label and a refund.


#boots #toddler #target

boots, toddler, target



Recall On Heated Blankets



The CPSC and InfoSpa have recalled the InfoSpa Electric Throw Heated Blanket.  This product may overheat and pose fire and burn hazards with resultant injuries.  If you have one of the 7050 units sold, stop using it immediately and contact InfoSpa at 1-855-630-5993 to find out how you can receive a full refund.


#electricblanket #overheat #fire

electricblanket, overheat, fire



Bunk Beds On Recall



The CPSC and the Zinus Inc. have recalled the Zinus Metal Bunk Beds.  The welds that secure the upper bunk can come apart causing the upper bunk to collapse and pose a fall and injury hazard.  Consumers should immediately stop using the recalled upper bunk and contact Zinus at 800-613-1225 for instructions on receiving a free repair kit with reinforcement brackets or a full refund.


#bunkbed #structuralflaw

bunkbed, structuralflaw

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