To obtain the most complete examination possible, I employ a "cast" of animated characters who sing and dance for the children.  Such amusement therapy keeps them focused on fun and not on the fact that I will be gazing into their ears, noses, and throats.  Since my examination is entertaining, parents find that their children "drag" them to subsequent appointments rather than the other way around.


During the examination, younger children will sit on a parent's lap in the examining chair. Older children usually sit by themselves, but you may wish to stand by them if this is reassuring. My examining chairs have electric "elevator" features which never cease to delight children and many adults as well.

I will help you position your child to minimize sudden, unpredictable movements which could be painful. During each visit, I will examine all regions but concentrate on the area of concern unless a new problem involving another area has surfaced since the previous visit. Please alert me if this is true.


I try, if possible, to arrange and coordinate any necessary tests at the time of your visit. Hearing tests, blood tests, and routine x-rays will be arranged for your child at facilities convenient either to your home or nearby my office. Once results are available, I will discuss them with you either by phone, email, or during a subsequent visit.





I always prefer to implement well-planned medical therapy.  Surgery is a last resort for most recurrent ear and sinus infection problems.  My regimens combine over-the-counter medications and devices along with selected prescription drugs. We will agree on a treatment plan at the first visit and update those strategies as we go along. 

My prescriptions are computer-generated with dosages individually calculated for your child’s weight. They include an information section at the top which includes a copy of your prescription including the drug name, dosage, instructions, and refills. I will always provide you with at least one refill for each prescription in order to cover you if you run short of medicine.

Prescriptions written by me may be filled at any pharmacy in Connecticut, New York, Massachusetts, or New Jersey. As a convenience, I can electronically transmit the prescription to the pharmacy of your choice.  Please be certain that the pharmacist labels the medication bottle accordingly.




If maximal medical management fails to yield the desired progress, I will recommend surgery.  Once you and your child's pediatrician concur, my office will make the necessary arrangements with the hospital and will notify your insurance company in order to obtain the required pre-certification. Every effort will be made to accommodate your schedule. Please remember that patients with the most urgent problems must be served first.


All surgical patients are scheduled for a preoperative visit with me, usually several days to one week prior to the scheduled surgery. When they are necessary, your child may also be scheduled for laboratory tests in advance of the scheduled preoperative visit at one of your health insurance company’s approved testing centers. 

I perform most surgery at the Connecticut Children’s Medical Center in Connecticut.  The hospital operates preoperative orientation programs which I highly recommend. 

At the time of your preoperative visit, I will provide you with all necessary instructions and prescriptions. I recommend that you fill prescriptions for postoperative medications prior to the surgery to eliminate hassles on the day of surgery.

I see all patients at least once post-operatively one to three weeks following surgery. Frequently, I will see your child back at quarterly intervals to monitor progress over time. Those children undergoing ear surgery will have a post-operative hearing test arranged for them at an appropriate time.            

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