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HealthNews RoundUp - 5th Week of September 2022





Teens Eating More Omega 3 Fatty Acids Pay Better Attention



Teens with higher levels of omega 3 fatty acids have longer attention spans and reduced impulsivity.  Spanish epidemiologists measured the levels of fish-based DHA and plant-based ALA score in the red blood cells of 332 teens with a mean age of nearly 14 years.


Their data revealed that those with the highest levels of DHA scored best on tests of attention span and focus and shorter reaction times.  Higher levels of ALA in contrast correlated best with low impulsivity. 


DHA is found fish including salmon, trout, tuna, cod, herring and a variety of shellfish such as mussels, oysters clams, and crab.  Good sources of ALA are spinach, broccoli, tomato, green peas, brussel sprouts, and rice.


Parents adding these foods to their teens’ diets should be rewarded with not only better report cards from school but also enhanced cooperation at home.


#omega3fatty acids #DHA #ALA #attention #impulsivity #teenagers

omega3fatty acids, DHA, ALA, attention, impulsivity, teenagers



Infants and Preschoolers Find Relief From Industrial-Strength Itchiness



For the first time, a biologic drug relieved the nagging itch of moderate-to-severe eczema for babies and preschoolers.  The monoclonal antibody dupilumab, better known to TV audiences as Dupixent, drives a 75%+ reduction in eczematoid itch and better sleeping in at least half the children 6 months through 5 years who took it for 4 months.


These findings come from a Northwestern University-led Phase 3 study of the drug in 162 kids 6 months to 6 years of age at 31 sites across North America and Europe.  The drug has already been approved for older children, teens, and adults with eczema.


#eczema #dupixent #itch #sleep #infants #toddlers

eczema, dupixent, itch, sleep, infants, toddlers



The Impact of CoVid Vaccines



The vaccines against CoVid have prevented 8 million cases of the disease in the US, prevented at least 120 thousand American deaths, and kept 700 thousand of our friends and relatives out of the hospital.  These statistics come from the Columbia School of Public Health.


The CoVid vaccines received emergency use authorizations in December of 2020 for first line healthcare workers and those in long-term care facilities.  Within months, the vaccines were made available to seniors 65 years and up and then those 16-64 with high-risk medical issues. By May 2021, all those 12 years and older were eligible, and, by November 2021 the 5 to 11 year olds were included.


Despite the availability, only 68% of Americans have been fully vaccinated and only 40% have received any of the recommended boosters.  As of the 3rd week of September, only about 4% have received the latest Omicron boosters.


Just think about how many of the 1 million plus who have died from CoVid could have been saved by universal vaccination.


#CoVid #vaccine #boosters #hospitalization #death 

CoVid, vaccine, boosters, hospitalization, death



Ketamine Plus Computerized Training Fights Depression Longer



The general intravenous anesthetic ketamine quickly induces a reversal of depression in even the most medication-resistant persons.  Problem is that the relief can be fleeting.  


Pittsburgh psychiatrists now show that pairing the single ketamine injection with a 4 day digital positivity training program extends the drug’s positive effects for more than a month.  The automated program helps the participants see themselves in a more positive light with happy imagery and suggestions.


The ketamine has a two-fold effect on the subjects.  It elevates their mood but also makes them more receptive to the positive suggestions.


#depression #ketamine #asat #positivitytraining 

depression, ketamine, asat, positivitytraining 



Anti-Oxidant Tomatoes Are On Their Way



A purple tomato containing 10 fold more antioxidants could someday be sitting on your grocery store shelves.  These tomatoes appear like giant blueberries and, in many ways, are just that.  Using bioengineering, genes from the antioxidant rich purple snapdragon plant are added to the tomato’s own genetic complement to increase its production of anthocyanin.  As a side effect, the entire tomato, not just its skin, becomes purple.


Yes, the purple tomato is a GMO, a genetically modified organism, but this so-called super tomato has passed the US Department of Agriculture’s first test showing that it may be safely cultivated without pest damage.  Don’t look for the Purple Tomato yet as it must first pass other hurdles at the USDA, the FDA, and the EPA.


#tomato #purpletomato #gmo #antioxidants #anthocyanin #usda #fda

tomato, purpletomato, gmo, antioxidants, anthocyanin, usda, fda



CoVid Vaccination Protects Against Omicron During Pregnancy



Complete CoVid vaccination plus a booster reduces the chance that a pregnant woman will develop a moderate to severe Omicron infection 3.5-fold.  This study by the UK’s National Perinatal Epidemiology Unit reviewed the cases of 3699 women admitted to 94 British hospitals with test positive Omicron.


Even more striking was the fact that 76.7% of symptomatic women admitted to the ICU for respiratory care including ventilator therapy were unvaccinated.  In contrast, NONE of the CoVid ICU patients had received 3 doses of the vaccine.


If you’re pregnant or planning to be, better get vaccinated and keep your booster status up to date.  That means, if its more than 5 months since your last booster or if you are immunosuppressed, diabetic, or fighting disease such as cancer, immediately get your Omicron booster.


#CoVid #pregnancy #vaccination #hospitalization #icu

CoVid, pregnancy, vaccination, hospitalization, icu



CoVid Kills More Kids Than Flu



This graph says it all. The pediatric deaths due to CoVid are nearly 5-fold higher than those due to influenza during a typical winter respiratory disease season. The numbers were tabulated by Boston’s Brigham snd Women’s ER Dr. Jeremy Faust from CDC data.  


The kids reflected in these statistics are your children, grandchildren, nieces, nephews, and, yes, younger sisters and brothers.  If nothing has so far, these sickening statistics should drive all parents who truly love their children to get them vaccinated and, when available, boosted against CoVid and the latest Omicron variants.  


The fact is that way too few children HAVE been vaccinated.  As of last week, the CDC reports that only 8% of the 6 month to 4 year olds have received even one vaccine dose, only 31% of the 5-11 year olds have received the 2 dose immunization series, and only 57% of 12 to 17 years olds are fully vaccinated.  C’mon parents: we can do so much better for our children.  They depend on us to keep them safe and  healthy.  Get your entire family vaccinated and boosted.


#CoVid #children #vaccination #boosters #influenza 

CoVid, children, vaccination, boosters, influenza 



Reusable Contact Lenses Risk Infection



Those wearing reusable contact lenses were nearly 4 times more likely to develop microbial keratitis, a corneal infection, in comparison to those using disposable lenses.  Ophthalmologists at University College London reviewed the cases of 205 contact lens wearers.


Compared with those using disposable lenses, the risk of amoeba-driven keratitis was 3.8 fold higher for those using reusable soft lenses and 4.6 fold higher for those using rigid reusables.  Other factors that drove increased keratititis rates included showering or swimming wearing lenses (3.3 fold increase), overnight lens wearing (3.9 fold increase, and infrequent professional eye exams (10 fold increase).


Amoebic keratitis is rare affecting only 1 in every 20,000 contact lens wearers.  Even so, it accounts for about 50% of eyesight loss, and 25% of those infected require corneal transplants to restore vision.  The sad fact: about 90% of these cases are avoidable.


#keratitis #contactlenses #reusables #disposables #blindness

keratitis, contactlenses, reusables, disposables, blindness





Mass Producing Blood Stem Cells



Stem cells are the precursors for all cells in our bodies.  Australian researchers announce the development of a microfluidic blood stem cell incubator.  The system on a plexiglass block mimics the pulsatile circulation of the embryo that is a key factor in driving the generation of blood stem cells.  It seems that general stem cells recognize pulsing and shear forces as signals that they should differentiate into blood cells.   The plan is to upscale this microfluidic system to generate large supplies of hematologist stem cells needed by those on chemotherapy whose own populations  of red and white cells have been depleted.


#stemcells #microfluidics #chemotherapy

stemcells, microfluidics, chemotherapy



Liquid Biopsies For Brain Cancer Surveillance



Canadian bioengineers have developed the technology for diagnosing and analyzing cancers in the brain using a 3D printed ultrasensitive nanosensor capable of detecting tumor-specific proteins in at little as 5 ul of blood using surface-enhanced Raman scattering methodology.  

This liquid biopsy system can detect a primary or secondary tumor with nearly 100% accuracy and the intracranial location of that tumor with 96% accuracy.


#braincancer #liquidbiopsy #nanosensor #sers

braincancer, liquidbiopsy, nanosensor, sers



Robotic Clothing Will Help Children With Cerebral Palsy



Clothing with AI-controlled and air-driven actuators will help kids coping with cerebral palsy fine-tune their arm and leg motions.  Bioengineers at UC-Riverside working with clinicians at California’s Children’s Hospital of Orange County, better known at CHOC, are developing shirts and pants with air bladders and control sensors.  Then a child intends to, for example, move the arm, sensors record arm muscle activation, a signal travels to a wearable microcomputer, and micropumps inflate the air motors in the shirt to initiate and fine tune the intended motion.


 #cerebralpalsy #choc #airmotors #wearables #robots

cerebralpalsy, choc, airmotors, wearables, robots







GlucoCheck Will Offer Non-invasive Glucose Monitoring



Inventive bioengineers at Georgia’s Kennesaw State College of Computing and Software Engineering are developing a finger probe to  measure blood glucose levels without a blood draw, fingerstick, or even a microneedle in the subcutaneous tissue.  Named GlucoCheck, the system shines visible laser light through either finger or ear tissues and uses a smartphone to analyse the resulting images of transmitted light in order to calculate sugar levels.  Currently, the accuracy is 90%, and the researchers are tweaking their device to improve that and looking at a linkage with Amazon’s Alexa ecosystem.


#glucose #diabetes #glucocheck #smartphone #alexa

glucose, diabetes, glucocheck, smartphone, Alexa



Pfizer To Purchase ResApp



The Australian digital health startup ResApp will become part of the Pfizer family after $116 millionUS changes hands.  The ResApp mobile app analyses cough and other respirator sounds to help diagnose asthma, pneumonia, bronchitis, croups, and COPD.  The app might help with the diagnosis and staging of CoVid.


#pfizer #resapp #respiratory #asthma #bronchitis #copd #CoVid

pfizer, resapp, respiratory, asthma, bronchitis, copd, CoVid



Predicting Immunity Against CoVid



MIT bioengineers and oncologists have developed a rapid card-based test to assess a person’s levels of neutralizing antibodies that can fend off a CoVid infection.  The system employs the typical lateral flow card used in current CoVid home antigen test kits.  


A drop of blood from a finger prick enters a capillary tube.  The tube is placed in a prefilled chamber with a gold-labeled CoVid receptor-binding-domain protein.  After a 10 minute incubation permitting anti-CoVid antibodies in blood to react with the RBD protein, the mix is applied to the test card that has two test indicator lines.  One line darkens with neutralized CoVid proteins and the other darkens with free CoVid proteins.


A visual inspection gives a positive-negative binary result while a smartphone program can provide a quantitative measure of neutralizing antibody by assessing the line density.  No word yet about commercialization, but stay tuned.


#CoVid #immunity #neutralizing #antibody #rbd #smartphone #lateraldiffusioncard

CoVid, immunity, neutralizing, antibody, rbd, smartphone, lateraldiffusioncard







CPSC Recalls


Canyon Lake and Cottage Colors Bunk Bed and Hutch Sets Have Ladder Entrapment



The CPSC and Rooms To Go are recalling Canyon Lake and Cottage Colors Bunk Bed and Hutch Sets.  The ladders sold with these beds have a flawed geometry leading to possible entrapment and strangulation should body parts slip into the space above the second rung from the top snd below the bunk bed hutch cross-member.  About 2100 of these beds and hutches were sold at Rooms To Go nationwide and online at  

Immediately stop using these ladders and the top bunk and contact Rooms to Go at 1-855-688-0919 or via email at


#roomstogo #bunkbeds #ladder #entrapment #strangulation #recall

roomstogo, bunkbeds, ladder, entrapment, strangulation, recall



Pool and Spa Drain Covers Lack Safety Features



The CPSC and Angzhili, Goetas, Wadoy Pool and Spa, Chyir Myd are recalling 8 inch pool drain covers.  These covers fail to conform to the mandated entrapment protection standards proscribed by the Virginia Graeme Baker Pool and Spa Safety Act and pose a hazard to swimmers and bathers.  About 7100 of these covers were sold online at  If you bought them and have them installed in your pool or spa, stop using the pool or spa and contact Angzhili by email at, Goetas at, Find4Fiz at, Chyir Myd at in order to receive a refund.  In order to qualify, submit a photo as proof of the removed drain cover to the company at


#angzhili #goetas #wadoy #draincover #entrapment #recall

angzhili, goetas, wadoy, draincover, entrapment, recall



Accompany Black Ceramic MugsWith Cork Bottoms May Crack Open



The CPSC and Accompany USA are recalling Accompany Black Ceramic MugsWith Cork Bottoms.  These coffee cups may crack and break when hot liquids are poured into them creating burn hazards.  About 25,000 of these cups were sold online at,,,,, and  Immediately stop using these ceramic mugs and contact Accompany USA  collect at 1-909-595-0178 and via email at to receive a full refund.


#accompanyusa #coffeecups #fragmenting #burns #recall

accompanyusa, coffeecups, fragmenting, burns, recall



Spaulding Momentous EZ Portable Basketball Goals May Fall Apart



The CPSC and Spaulding are recalling Spaulding Momentous EZ Portable Basketball Goals.  The welds in this device’s arm attaching the backboard to the pole may fracture causing the backboard to fall and injure bystanders.  About 13,400 of these basketball nets were sold in the US and 62 were sold in Canada.  Immediately stop using these portable basketball goals and contact Spaulding at 1-800-558-5234 to arrange for a technician to remove the original arm and install a new arm on the goal system.


#basketballgoal #spalding #backboard #injuries #recall

basketballgoal, spalding, backboard, injuries, recall



Miffy First LED Lights May Ignite



The CPSC and Mr. Maria are recalling Miffy First LED Lights.  These lights may overheat and create a burn hazard.  About 1400 of these lights were sold at baby boutiques, gift shops and children’s stores nationwide, including the MoMA Store, the Clic Gallery, and Albee Baby all in New York City; Aldea Home, San Francisco; Modern Art Museum, Fort Worth, Texas; and Tabletop, Potomac, Maryland.  Immediately stop using these lights and return the light to the place of purchase for a replacement.  If you made the purchase online or if your retailer is no longer in business, take a photo of the blue label on the bottom of the light and another photo of the date embossed underneath the right foot of the light and email both photos to in order to receive an upgraded LED module free of charge.


#miffy #ledlight #overheating #burns #recall

miffy, ledlight, overheating, burns, recall




FDA Recalls



Tuscan Garden Restaurant Style Italian Dressing Bottles Contain Asian Sesame Dressing



The FDA and TreeHouse Foods, Inc. are recalling Tuscan Garden Restaurant Style Italian Dressing.  Some of these bottles may contain Asian Sesame Dressing.  The label for the Italian dressing warns of egg and dairy but the Sesame dressing contains soy and wheat.  Those with soy or wheat allergies or Celiac Disease could develop serious and life-threatening allergic reactions should they ingest this Italian dressing.  The implicated 16 oz. bottles bear a best if used by date of 8/10/2023.  Return this product to the place of purchase for a full refund,  For more information call Tree House consumer affairs at 1-800-596-2902.


#treehouse #italiandressing #soy #wheat #allergy #recall

treehouse, italiandressing, soy, wheat, allergy, recall



Whole Foods Market Is Expanding Its Recall of 365 Organic Creamy Caesar Dressing



The FDA and Van Law Food Products Inc. are expanding the recall of Whole Foods Market 365 Organic Creamy Caesar Dressing.  The recall is being expanded to include product with a BEST IF USED BY DATE of SEP 21 22 through JUN 06 23.  The initial recall only only involved dressing with  a Best By Date of 04/06/2023.  This product contains undeclared soy and wheat allergens.  Those with an allergy to soy or wheat or who have gluten sensitivity or celiac disease could develop a serious or life-threatening allergic reaction should they consume this product.  This caesar dressing was sold in the produce or dairy department of Whole Foods in the states of Alabama, Colorado, Connecticut, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Michigan, Minnesota, Mississippi, Missouri, Nebraska, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, North Carolina, Ohio, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Wisconsin, and Wyoming.  If you bought this caesar dressing, don't consume it and return it to the place of purchase for a full refund.  For more information, contact Van Law Foods by phone at 1-844-936-8255.

Initial recall:


#wholefoods #caesardressing #soy #wheat #gluten #celiac #allergy #recall

 wholefoods, caesardressing, soy, wheat, gluten, celiac, allergy, recall



Arcade Snacks Candy Corn Contains Egg



The FDA and Arcade Snacks have recalled Arcade Snacks Candy Corn, 15 ounce packages.  This product contains undeclared egg.  Those with egg allergies could develop serious or life-threatening allergic reactions should they consume this candy corn.  This product has been sold in Massachusetts and Connecticut at the following retail establishments:  Johnson Roadside Farm Market in Swansea, Massachusetts, Donelan’s Supermarkets in Massachusetts, Fieldstone Farm Market in Marion, Massachusetts, Foodies in Massachusetts, Windfall Market in Falmouth, Massachusetts, and the Highland Park Market in Glastonbury, Connecticut.  The affected candy corn has a Best by Date of 3/8/2023.  If you purchased this candy corn in anticipation of this Halloween, return it to the place of purchase and pick up a replacement in time so as to not disappoint the Trick or Treaters or your own candy cravings.


#arcadesnacks #candycorn #egg #allergy #recall

arcadesnacks, candycorn, egg, allergy, recall



Melissa’s Dutch Red Potatoes with Dijon Mustard Sauce Has Egg



The FDA and World Variety Produce, Inc. are recalling Melissa’s Dutch Red Potatoes with Dijon Mustard Sauce.  This food product contains undeclared egg.  Those with an egg sensitivity could develop a serious or life-threatening allergic reaction should they consume these potatoes in mustard sauce.  The affected product has best by dates from 8/15/2022 through 10/9/2022.  The product was sold in: Arizona, California, Florida, Iowa, Idaho, Kansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Montana, New Jersey, Oklahoma, Texas, Utah, and Washington state.  If you purchased this product, return it to the place of purchase or dispose of it.  For additional information about the recall and refunds, contact World Variety Produce at 1-800-588-0151.


#melissas #dutchredpotatoes #egg #allergy #recall

melissas, dutchredpotatoes, egg, allergy, recall



GHGA/Kroger Ready-To-Eat Vegetable Products Have Listeria Contamination



The FDA and GHGA are recalling multiple ready-to-eat vegetable products due to contamination with listeria monocytogenes.  The bacterium can trigger serious and sometimes fatal infections in the very young, frail elders, and in those with weak immune systems.  Listeria can also cause miscarriages and stillbirths.  The affected products include: Asparagus Saute, Diced Bell Pepper and White Onion, Diced Red Onion, Fajita Mix, Fiesta Corn, Hamburger Fixins, Hatch Chile Guacamole Blender, Large Medium Salsa, Large Mild Chunky Guacamole, Large Mild Salsa, Mango Habanero Blender, Medium Hatch Salsa, Mexican Style Layered Bean Dip,   Mild Guacamole Blender, Mild Guacamole Blender, Mushroom Stir Fry Blend, Seasoned Squash Onion & Dill, Small Medium Hatch Chile Pico de Gallo, Small Ranch Tray with Dip, Snacking Peppers, Spicy Guacamole Blender, Steak Topper, 3 Skewer Veggie Kabobs, Tri Pepper Blend, and Vegetable Bowl.  These products were sold by Kroger stores in Alabama, South Carolina, and Georgia.  If you bought any or all of these products, return them to the store for a refund.  For additional information, call GHGA Customer Service at 1-888-449-9386.


#ghga #vegetables #listeria #infection #recall #kroger

ghga, vegetables, listeria, infection, recall, kroger



Antica Farmacista Ocean Citron Hand Sanitizer Has Benzene Contamination



The FDA and Salon Technologies have recalled Antica Farmacista Ocean Citron Hand Sanitizer alcohol gel 65%. This product has contamination with benzene.  The affected lot is 1166A with an expiration date of 6/18/2023.  Benzene is a carcinogen that can trigger leukemia.  This product has been sold in the Seattle area.  If you purchased it, return it to the place of purchase for a refund.  For additional information, contact Salon Technologies at 1-407-248-2948 or via email at


#antica #handsanitizer #alcohol #beneze #cancer #recall

antica, handsanitizer, alcohol, beneze, cancer, recall


#sanitizer #alcohol #benzene #cancer #recall

sanitizer, alcohol, benzene, cancer, recall

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