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HealthNews RoundUp - 1st Week of September 2020



Weather Impacts CoVid Spread



Virus-containing droplets can travel further in colder, more humid conditions but the more deadly, lighter, viral aerosol clouds form more readily in hot, dry conditions.  These the results of  a Stanford-UC-Santa Barbara study released on the online pre-print server


Aerosols form when virus-contaminated droplets dry into a fine fog that travels further than the so-called 6 foot safe distance, remain aloft longer, and travel deeper into an unsuspecting person’s lungs increasing their chances of a CoVid infection. 


To be safe, wear a mask with an N95, KN95, or a HEPA H12 filter and avoid remaining closer than 30 feet from others talking, screaming, or singing.


The take home point : if you’re in a warm dry climate such as the Southwestern states or in any overheated room, a multi-layered cloth mask and the usual distancing may not protect you.


#covid #aerosol #droplet #n95 #kn95 #hepa

covid, aerosol, droplet, n95, kn95, hepa



A Common Cold May Fight Other Viruses



Runny, stuffy noses may become more welcome since cold viruses have the unexpected benefit of preventing the flu.  Yale laboratory medicine researchers tabulated 3 years of clinical data from some 13,000 patients.


Their data show that rhinovirus-infected cells present closed doors to the influenza viruses for about 5 days.  When cold viruses enter human cells they trigger production of the anti-viral agents called interferons. 


Though they have no evidence as yet, the researchers speculate that cold viruses could offer some protection against CoVid19 as well.  I wouldn’t purposely go out looking for a cold but maybe don’t dread one either as it may be the best of 3 evils.


#influenza #colds #covid #rhinovirus

influenza, colds, covid, rhinovirus




Rub Don’t Scratch That Itch



Neurobiologists and dermatologists at the University of Miami and Harvard warn that scratching to relieve an itch may be overkill.  They base that recommendation on their analyses of mice with skin itching triggered by injection of chemicals including capsaicin and chloroquine.


The data demonstrate that rubbing and stroking initially increase activity of nerves cells that tell you you’re itchy but nerve activity decreases significantly after you stop the rubbing.  Scratching produces similar neuronal responses but also leads to tissue damage, release of inflammatory mediators, and secondary itchiness.


The lesson to be learned: go gently and rub rather than scratch the itchy site.  More is less.  For instant medicinal relief, rub on over-the-counter Sarna.


#itch #rub #scratch

itch, rub, scratch



CoVid Is Sneakily Toxic in Pregnant Women



When a pregnant women catches CoVid she is 60% more likely to land in the ICU and almost twice as likely to require a ventilator for a prolonged period of time.

An international team reviewed 77 available studies covering more than 11,400 women with data collection starting in late 2019.


Their results also warned that CoVid-infected pregnant women were 60% less likely than non-pregnant women to present with the common CoVid symptoms of fever and muscle aches.  Their babies were more likely to suffer pre-term birth and to land in the neonatal intensive care unit.


Pregnant women with CoVid are sicker than they seem and require close monitoring.


#covid #pregnancy #ventilator #icu #preterm

covid, pregnancy, ventilator, icu, preterm



Tylenol Makes You More Daring



The acetaminophen you take for a headache or toothache may inadvertently drive you to tell your boss off or to drive less defensively.  Ohio State psychologists studied a total of 542 undergrads in 3 randomized controlled studies.


Those students taking acetaminophen demonstrated twice as much risky behavior on a virtual ballon inflation game compared with those on placebo.   They inflated the balloons with abandon bursting them. 


Normally nearly one in every 4 Americans takes acetaminophen on a regular basis.   During our current pandemic, use is skyrocketing and that threatens an epidemic of bad judgment.


#tylenol #acetaminophen #risk

tylenol, acetaminophen, risk



Recall On SodaSense CO2 Canisters



The CPSC and the SodaSense Company are recalling type 2 Soda Sense 60 liter CO2 canisters.  The canister is defective allowing CO2 to forcefully eject the top valve posing an injury hazard.  If you have these canisters, do not use them.  Contact the SodaSense company at 1-855-209-4997 to request a replacement.


#co2canister #sodasense

co2canister, sodasense



Aflac Plush Toy Duck On Recall



The CPSC and the Beverly Hills Teddy Bear Company are recalling their plush Doctor Duck that was distributed to Aflac employees and licensed agents as promotional items as late as July 2020.  The buttons on the lab coat worn by this quack doctor duck contain lead levels that exceed federal standards.  If you have one of these, take it away from your child and toss it!


#aflac #duck #lead

aflac, duck, lead



Patio 2-Burner Gas Grills Recalled



The CPSC and Royal Gourmet are recalling Patio 2-burner gas grills. The product’s plastic regulator hose can melt and ignite posing fire and explosion hazards.  Immediately stop using this grill and contact the company for a free, accessory repair kit,  You may reach Royal Gourmet at 1-800-618-6798.


#gasgrill #royalgourmet #fire

gasgrill, royalgourmet, fire




Recall On Cannondale Treadwell Bicycle Front Rack



The CPSC and Cannondale have recalled the front rack with bamboo tray on its Treadwell bikes.  This rack may unexpectedly detach, jam the front wheel, and create a fall hazard for the rider.  Stop riding the bicycle until the front rack is removed.  Contact your local Cannondale dealer or Cycling Sports Group to arrange for a free repair.  Reach them by calling 1-800-245-3872 or 800-Bike USA.


#rack #cannondale #treadwell 

rack, cannondale, treadwell




WHILL Personal Mobility Vehicles Recalled



The CPSC and WHILL announce the recall of its personal mobility vehicle model Ci.  The vehicle’s control pad is defective, and intermittently turns power on and off causing speed instability.  This poses crash and injury hazards.  Stop using the vehicle and contact the company to arrange for a repair and replacement of the affected parts.  Call WHILL at 1-844-699-4455.


#mobilityvehicle #whill

mobilityvehicle, whill



More Contaminated Hand Sanitizers On Recall



The FDA and multiple companies have recalled their hand sanitizers because of contamination with poisonous methanol.  The companies and brands include: M Alcohol Antiseptic 80%; bio aaa hand sanitizer; Always Be Clean and Just Hand Sanitizers; V Clean, Medical Minded, and Protz Hand Sanitizer; Florance Morris Antiseptic Hand Sanitizer 70% Alcohol.  If you have any of these products, do not use them.  Methanol is a poison and can produce severe nerve damage.  Return the products to the store for a refund.


#sanitizer #methanol

sanitizer, methanol



Pretty Thai Sweet Chili Sauce Is Recalled



The FDA and The Pretty Thai Company announce the recall of Pretty Thai Sweet Chili Sauce.  The jars of this sauce actually contain Pretty Thai Peanut Sauce.  This mislabeling of the peanut sauce is a huge risk for any peanut allergic persons.  If you have any of this chili sauce on your shelves, you may return it to the point of purchase for a refund or to obtain a jar of actual chili sauce.  For questions, you may contact Pretty Thai by calling 1-512-981-6170.


#chilisauce #peanut

chilisauce, peanut




Recall on Ancient Grain Jackfruit Bowl



The FDA and Fresco Food, Inc. are recalling the Ancient Grain Jackfruit Bowl.  This product contains undeclared fish.  The item was distributed in AL, FL, GA, NC, SC, TN and VA.  The product has been discontinued.  If you have a fish allergy, do not consume this product.  For information about a refund, contact Fresco Foods at 1-813-551-2100.


#grainbowl #fish

grainbowl, fish



Nature-Throid® and WP Thyroid® Recalled



The FDA and RLC Labs, Inc have recalled two thyroid replacement products, Nature-Throid® and WP Thyroid®.  These products have been found to have substandard amounts of thyroid hormone.  Levels as low as 87% of the expected dose have been measured.  Those using these replacement medications may develop symptoms of hypothyroidism including fatigue, cold sensitivity, constipation, dry skin, hair loss, puffy face, slowed heart rate, and depression.  If you purchased these products, do not discontinue their use without speaking with your doctors.  If you have further questions, call RLC Labs at 1-877-797-7997.


#thyroid #naturethroid #wpthyroid

 thyroid, naturethroid, wpthyroid

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