What is Patient Satisfactioneering™

An excellent patient experience is the goal of every healthcare delivery organization including individual practitioner’s offices, outpatient clinics, and inpatient facilities.  Reaching that destination is a continuous quality improvement exercise that centers on three key zones: people; place; and things.

People drive the customer service experience for any organization.  They as a team are the faces of the enterprise, the architects of the delivery system, and the arms and legs that make it all happen.  The acronym that structures excellence in this zone is FOCUS.  The beneficiaries of excellence in this zone are both the customers and the team itself.

Place is the setting in which the customer journey occurs.  Work on this zone focuses on the physical space and its intangible properties.  The acronym that defines the parameters of this zone is WARM.

Things relates to a panoply of items that enrich and remove friction from the customer journey. This zone has five key focus points best summarized by the acronym PROPS.

Satisfactioneering™ the patient customer experience begins with stakeholder discussions to define the ideal parameters of each zone.  Following that, the team begins work planning the processes for quality improvements in each zone.  The execution phase then operationalizes changes envisioned with training and reality testing.  The final and most important phase is the assessment phase that pinpoints successes and continuing challenges in each zone.  This phase completes the loop as it naturally leads to yet another DPEA cycle as the work of continuous quality improvement is just that!

The Satisfactioneering™ Doctor OnCall, Dr. Howard Smith, offers on-site kickoff consultations to help your organization initiate the process.  He will then return to participate in your DPEA sessions to power the continuous quality improvement process.