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RoundUp - 4th Week of November 2023 





Coffee, Booze and Sleep



Both coffee and alcohol have negative effects on your sleep patterns.  Psychiatrists and sleep scientists at Seattle’s University of Washington now report this conclusion following their study of 17 financial traders with a mean age of 30. 

These driven individuals tend to chain drink coffee during their days using caffeine to turbocharge their performance.  They drink alcoholic beverages in the evening to bring themselves down and, they think, promote better sleep. 


The study data reveals some support for this self-medication paradigm. As conventional wisdom holds, caffeine improves performance.  It keeps you up and overall reduces your sleep duration. Every cup of coffee robs you of 10.4 minutes of sleep.  Coffee does not significantly affect sleep quality.  Alcohol makes you drowsy, but it does impact sleep quality with each glass responsible for a 3% decrease in quality.  It has no impact on overall sleep duration. 


While evening alcohol cuts quality, preceding it with coffee neutralizes that negative effect.  Furthermore, the evening alcohol erases the caffeine-driven sleep shortening.  


So it seems many in the financial services sector have empirically discovered a self-medication regimen that finds a sweet spot with respect to sleep.


#coffee #alcohol #sleep #quality #duration

coffee, alcohol, sleep, quality, duration



Flu Season Beginning Early



Normally flu cases begin to escalate in December and January.  The CDC now reports significantly higher than normal activity already in Louisiana, Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Mississippi, New Mexico, South Carolina,  the District of Columbia, and Puerto Rico.  Flu cases are also cropping up in the Northeast, the Mid-Atlantic states, and on the west coast.


So far, only about 35% of US adults and 33% of kids have received the flu vaccine, and the numbers are even lower in the south where cases are surging.


Get the vaccine now.  Those over 65 should get the high strength influenza vaccine, and all others should receive the vaccines that are age-appropriate.


#influenza #vaccines

influenza, vaccines



Teen Concussions Linked to Suicidal Behaviors



Teen guys with 2 or more concussions in a year were twice as likely to make a suicide attempt as those with only one concussion.  Teen girls with any concussions in a year were twice as likely to have tried suicide.  University of South Carolina public health and pediatric researchers report these conclusions after analyzing survey responses from 23,445 students.


The bottom line:  teens suffering concussions, particularly girls and boys with more than one such event, should be monitored carefully for depressive and suicidal ideas and behaviors.  When noted, these teens should be aggressively treated.


#adolescents #concussions #depression #suicide

adolescents, concussions, depression, suicide



Salt Water Gargling and Nasal Spraying Tame CoVid



CoVid infections are on the rise again.  If you do contract the virus, the regular use of saline gargles and nasal saline aerosol irrigations will reduce your chances of landing in the hospital with a severe or a life-threatening case by nearly 70% (69%).  


Texas clinicians reports this finding after studying 55 CoVid patients using the saline washes in their throats and noses in comparison with more than 9000 (9398)infected controls who did not.  The patients studied had average ages between 39 and 45.


This is incredibly simple home therapy.  If you do get infected, be prepared with saline for irrigation as a gargle and sterile nasal saline aerosol so you can launch into action AS SOON AS POSSIBLE.


#CoVid #saline #gargles #nasalspray #hospitalization

CoVid, saline, gargles, nasalspray, hospitalization



Cannabis During Pregnancy Triggers Complications



Pregnant women using cannabis in any form face higher risk of a preterm birth, a baby with a low birth weight, and the need for a neonatal intensive care stay.  University of Toronto investigators reached these conclusions after reviewing and meta-analyzing 57 studies.  Specifically, the pregnant cannabis users were 1.7 fold more likely to have a preterm birth, 2.6 fold more likely to bear a low birth weight baby, and 2.5 times more likely to have their baby require specialized care in the NICU.


We can’t say it often enough:  don’t use recreational drugs of any kind during pregnancy.  Try to avoid using any medications as well.  If you must, be certain that you take meds under the watchful eye of your medical team.


#cannabis #pregnancy #lowbirthweight #prematurity #nicu

cannabis, pregnancy, lowbirthweight, prematurity nicu



One-Third of Americans Don’ t Think Their Vaccination Decisions Affect Others



This disconcerting result popped up on a national survey conducted by the Ohio State University.  The poll of 1,007  respondents by the SSRS Opinion Panel Omnibus showed that about 33% didn’t feel the need to become vaccinated against CoVid, influenza, or RSV thinking they were not at high risk.  They were either unaware or didn’t care that their decision put others, particularly the very young, older individuals, or those with weakened immune systems at greater risk for severe and life-threatening respiratory infections.


This attitude is just plan selfish.  Loyal Americans support good public health.  Everyone 6 months and older should be getting both the flu and the CoVid vaccinations.  Those 60 and older and pregnant women in late pregnancy should be getting the RSV vaccination.  Those 65 and older and those ages 5 to 64 with chronic lung or heart diseases or weakened immune systems should be getting the pneumonia vaccines.


So… don’t be selfish. Protect those you love and those all of us love by getting shots to help fight respiratory diseases.


#vaccination #CoVid #influenza #rsv #pneumonia

vaccination, CoVid, influenza, rsv, pneumonia



Constipation May Drive Mental Decline



Those continually experiencing constipation with bowel movements occurring 3 days or more apart have reduced cognitive skills equal to someone 3 years older.  Harvard Medical School investigators analyzed data from 12,696 female and male subjects in two Nurses Health Studies looking at bowel emptying frequency and cognitive skills as measured by a standard neuropsychological test battery.


Compared with those having daily bowel movements, those who had to wait 3 days or more for a movement scored significantly worse on their cognitive function tests.  Their cognitive skills equaled those of persons from 1 to nearly 5 years older.  These constipated individuals were also 73% more likely to suffer cognitive decline with aging.


This is yet another instance of an association between gastrointestinal and brain function.  Then again, we all know people with their proverbial heads up their butts.


#constipation #cognition #dementia

constipation, cognition, dementia



Too Many Children Are Taking Melatonin Too Long



Nearly one in every 5 children are taking melatonin for one to nearly two years on average.  This troubling result comes from pediatricians at the University of Colorado who surveyed the parents of 993 children 1 to 13 years of age.  The children were separated into 3 groups: preschoolers; school-aged kids; and preteens.


Melatonin was given consistently to 5.6% of preschoolers, 18.5% of school-aged children, and 19.4% of teens.  The median duration of use was 1 year for preschoolers, 18 months for the school-aged, and 21 months for the preteens. 


This level of pediatric use is a problem, since we know little about the safety of long term melatonin use.  Yes, melatonin is a natural hormone our bodies produce, and, yes, it does promote sleep.  Problem is that this over-the-counter so-called food supplement is unregulated by the FDA.  The available commercial melatonin preparations contain widely divergent amounts of the hormone ranging from 74% to a whopping 347% of the amount shown on the label.  This drug concentration irregularity may be one  reason that poison control centers report a 5-fold increase in melatonin ingestion over the past decade.


Sleep problems are common in children and are well-managed with behavioral methods.  Tons of books describe how to do it.  Skip the drugs.


#melatonin #sleep #children #parenting #poisoning

melatonin, sleep, children, parenting, poisoning













CPSC Recalls




Sliding Glass Doors Blow Away In High Winds



The CPSC and MI Windows and Doors now recall MI 1615 and 1617 Sliding Glass Doors; Window World 4000 Series and 8000 Series Sliding Glass Doors.  The glass separates from the frame in hurricane force winds leading to injuries.


About 1900 of these glass door were sold by independent window distributors and installers, including Window World, in the U.S. eastern and southern coastal regions.


If you have these glass doors installed, contact the company at 1-800-270-2913 anytime, email at the email to schedule a free repair.  Until that’s completed, cover these doors with plywood during periods of high winds.


#glassdoors #MI #frame #injuries #wind #hurricane #recall

glassdoors, MI, frame, injuries, wind, hurricane, recall



PandaEar Stainless Steel Toddler Cups Contain Lead



The CPSC and PandaEar are recalling PandaEar Stainless Steel Toddler Cups, 8 oz. since the bottoms of these cups have a solder bead with unsafe levels.  In addition, the cup’s lid tends to crack creating shape edges and ingestion parts that lead to choking and laceration hazards for young children.


About 1600 of these cups were sold online at


Do not permit your children to use these cups.  Contact PandaEar via email at for a full refund.


#pandaear #toddlers #cups #lead #lid #poisoning #choking  #lacerations #recall

pandaear, toddlers, cups, lead, lid, poisoning, choking, lacerations, recall




Lenovo Laptop Powerbanks Shortcircuit



The CPSC and Lenovo have recalled Lenovo USB-C Laptop Power Banks

since internal screws tend to loosen and create shortcircuits with overheating and fire hazards.


About 2,850 of these heavy duty lithium batteries were sold in the US and about 510 were sold in Canada at,,,,,,, and


Immediately stop using these powerbanks and contact Lenovo at 866-989-0515 or via email at for a free replacement and instructions regarding safe disposal of these powerbanks.


#lenovo #powerbanks #lithiumion #battery #shortcircuit #overheating #fire #recall

lenovo, powerbanks, lithiumion, battery, shortcircuit, overheating, fire, recall



Balloon Time Tanks Can Shoot Their Caps At You

Vidcast:  Balloon Time Tanks Can Shoot Their Caps At You


The CPSC and Worthington Industries are recalling Balloon Time Mini Helium Tanks since the compressed helium can leak and forcefully shoot the plastic cap injuring users and bystanders.


About 121,000 of these helium tanks were sold at Meijer, Cool Kat Party Warehouse, Bradley Party and Variety, Ultimate Party Super Store, RSVP Food and Party Outlet, Party Center and select Party City stores nationwide, and online at


Immediately discontinue use of these helium tanks and empty each tank of the gas by pointing it away from yourself and others and carefully removing the plastic seal and cap.  Write your name and RECALLED with a destruction code on the front of the tank.  Take a photo of the tank and upload it to in order to get a refund.  Properly dispose of the empty tank. If you need information, call Balloon Time at 888-359-4833 or via email at


#balloontime #helium #minitank #leakage #projectiles #injuries #recall

balloontime, helium, minitank, leakage, projectiles, injuries, recall



ZLINE Gas Ovens Spew Carbon Monoxide



The CPSC and ZLINE are recalling ZLINE 30-inch, 36-inch and 48-inch RG gas ranges since their ovens emit dangerous levels of carbon monoxide leading to poisoning and possible death.


About 30,000 of these gas ranges were sold at Best Buy, Lowe’s, The Home Depot and The Range Hood Store stores nationwide and online at,,,,,, and


If you have this range, stop using the oven even if you had it previously repairs during the recall of January 2023.  If the company has not contacted you, contact ZLINE at 833-226-1400 or via email at


#zline #gasrange #oven #carbonmonoxide #poisoning #recall

zline, gasrange, oven, carbonmonoxide, poisoning, recall



Khalite High Heel Sandals Lose Their Heels



Problem: The CPSC and Khalite LLC are recalling Louisa, Linden and Seigel Heel Sandals in they Spring and Summer 2024 collection since the heels tend to detach leading to falls and injuries.


Sold:  About 1860 sandals were sold at Khaite, Bergdorf Goodman, Nordstrom, Saks Fifth Avenue, and other independent stores worldwide and online at,, and


Actions:  Stop wearing these sandals and return the shoe to the place of purchase for a full refund.  If you purchased directly from a Kalite store or website, email the company at


#khalite #sandals #heel #falls #injuries #recall

khalite, sandals, heel, falls, injuries, recall



Red Shed Hammock Chairs Have Loose Backs



Problem:  The CPSC and the Tractor Supply Company now recall Red Shed® Hammock Swing Chairs since the plastic buckle that supports the chair’s fabric back tends to fracture allowing the chair’s occupant to fall backward.


Sold:  About 7500 of these hammock chairs were sold.


Actions:  Stop using these hammock chairs and contact the Tractor Supply Company at 1-877-718-6750.


#redshed #hammmockchair #back #falls #injuries #recall

redshed, hammmockchair, back, falls, injuries, recall



Red Shed Hammock Chairs Have Loose Backs




Problem:  The CPSC and Target are recalling these sorting toys since their stems detach creating choking hazards for young children.


Sold: About 1850 units were sold at Target stores and online at


Actions:  Take these mushroom sorting toys away from your kids and return them to any Target store for a refund.  For additional info, reach Target at 1-800-440-0680.


#target #mushroom #sortingtoy #stems #choking #recall

target, mushroom, sortingtoy, stems, choking, recall




FDA Recalls



More Cantaloupe With Salmonella



The FDA and multiple companies are recalling cantaloupe with salmonella contamination: Pacific Trellis Fruit/Dulcinea’s Malichita brand cantaloupe; CF Dallas LLC’s Freshness Guaranteed Seasonal Blend, Melon Trio, Melon Mix, Fruit Blend, Fruit Bowl, Seasonal Fruit Tray, Fruit Mix, Cantaloupe Chunks, and RaceTrac Fruit Medley; and Crown Jewel Produce’s Malichita/Z Farms Cantaloupes.


These cantaloupes were sold in California, Illinois, Oklahoma, Texas, Wisconsin, Indiana, Michigan, Ohio, Kentucky, North Carolina, Tennessee, Virginia, and Louisiana.


Do not consume these cantaloupes.  For more information and possible refunds, call Pacific Trellis Fruit for further information at 323-859-9600. CF Dallas, LLC Customer Service 281-651-5400 Ext 5400, Crown Jewels Produce at 1-520-281-2325


#malichita #cantaloupes #salmonella #infection #recall

malichita, cantaloupes, salmonella, infection, recall



Acorn Raspberry Crème Filled Cookies Have Hazelnut



The FDA and Wine Country Gift Baskets are recalling Acorn Baking Company’s Raspberry Creme Filled Cookies since some packages of these cookies included with a variety of gift baskets actually contain hazelnut crème filled cookies.  The allergen statement on the package indicates that the cookies were made in a facility where traces of nuts, sesame, and sulfites could contaminate them, but the product labeling in question is grossly incorrect.


If you received or gifted one of these baskets, call Houdini Customer Care (714) 525-0325

to determine if your basket has affected cookies.


#acorn #giftbaskets #raspberry #hazelnut #allergy #recall

acorn, giftbaskets, raspberry, hazelnut, allergy, recall



TING Miconazole Foot Spray Contains A Carcinogen



The FDA and Insight Pharmaceuticals are recalling TING® 2% Miconazole Nitrate Athlete’s Foot Spray Antifungal Spray Powder.  The propellant in these aerosol cans is contaminated with benzene which is known to be a human carcinogen.  The affected lots are 0H88645 and 0B88345.


Do not continue to use this aerosolize spray.  Contact Insight at 1-800-344-7239 or via the email to receive a refund.


#TING #miconazole #aerosol #footspray #benzene #carcinogen #recall

TING,  miconazole, aerosol, footspray, benzene, carcinogen, recall



Wilcox and Leonardo Ice Cream and Yogurt Has Listeria Contamination



The FDA and Wilcox Ice Cream are recalling all flavors of Wilcox brand ice cream, yogurt, and ice cream bars, and Leonardo’s brand gelato due to listeria monocytogenes contamination.


Sold in VT, NH, MA, and NY.


Do not consume these frozen treats.  Before disposing of them safely, take a photo of the top and sides of the container and email it with your contact info to for a full refund.


#wilcox #Leonardo #icecream #yogurt #gelato #listeria #infection #recall

wilcox, Leonardo, icecream, yogurt, gelato, listeria, infection, recall



KinderMed Pain & Fever Contains A Spoiled Drug



The FDA and KinderFarms, LLC are recalling all lots of KinderMed Infants and KinderMed Children’s Pain & Fever Oral Suspension.  The acetaminophen in these products is unstable and toxic leading to gastrointestinal distress. Tylenol-branded acetaminophen products are unaffected.



If you have either of these two products on your shelves, don’t administer them to your children.  Return them to the place of purchase for a full refund.  For more information, contact KinderMed at at or by phoning 1-800-996-2930.


#kindermed #pain #fever #acetaminophen #toxic #gastrointestinal #recall

kindermed, pain, fever, acetaminophen, toxic, gastrointestinal, recall



HMC Branded Fruit Is Tainted



The FDA and HMC Farms are recalling all of their peaches, plums and nectarines sold in retail stores between May and November of 2022 and between May and November 15, 2023 due to listeria monocytogenes contamination.  Their organically grown items are not implicated.  The fruit is no longer for sale but some may be in your refrigerators or freezers.


Do not consume this fruit.  Discard it.  For additional information, contact HMC at 1-844-483-3867.


#hmc #peaches #plums #nectarines #listeria #infection #recall

hmc, peaches, plums, nectarines, listeria, infection, recall



Raw SeaFoods Salmon Burgers Have Hidden Allergens



The FDA and Raw SeaFoods, Inc. now recall Raw SeaFoods Farm Raised Lightly Seasoned Atlantic Salmon Burgers because of undeclared sesame and milk allergens.


This recalled product was sold by Whole Foods Market stores nationwide from August 25, 2023 through November 15, 2023.


If you or a member of your household have sesame and/or milk allergies, do not consume these salmon burgers.  Return them with a proof-of-purchase to any Whole Foods Stores for a full refund.  For more information, call Raw SeaFoods, Inc. at 1-508-673-0111.


#rawseafoods #salmon #burgers #sesame #milk #allergies #recall

rawseafoods, salmon, burgers, sesame, milk, allergies, recall



TFP Dry Pet Food Has Salmonella


The FDA and TFP Nutrition is expanding the recall of pet foods to include all dry dog, dry cat, and catfish formulas due to salmonella contamination.  


The following brands are involved: Star Pro, Farm Dog, Lone Star, Hill Country Fare, Texas Pets, Member’s Mark, Red Flannel, Exclusive Signature, and Retriever dog foods, EconoMax, MultiCat, Feline Medley, Paws and Claws, Farm Cat, Texas Pets, Red Flannel, Exclusive Signature, Star Pro, Lone Star Cast Food, and Lone Star Catfish Food.  These were all manufactured in a single Texas facility.


Do not feed these branded foods to your pets without checking to see if your particular product is recalled.  Check on or call 1-866-311-1323.  Call the same number for additional general information.


#tfp #petfood #dogfood #catfood #catfish #salmonella #infection #recall

tfp, petfood, dogfood, catfood, catfish, salmonella, infection, recall 



Dr. Ergin’s Sugar MDs Advanced Glucose Support Supplement Contain Dangerous Drugs



The FDA and SugarMDs LLC are recalling this food supplement because it is contaminated with two medications that produce dangerous reactions: glyburide and metformin.  Glyburide can lower the blood sugar to dangerous levels.  Metformin can also lower blood sugar and also causes a toxic and sometimes life-threatening buildup of lactic acid in the bloodstream.  The affected lot is 22165-003 with an expiration date of 09/2024.


Do not consume this supplement and return it to the place of purchase for a full refund.  For additional information, contact SugarMDs LLC at 1-561-462-5053 or via the email


#sugarmds #glucosesupport #supplement #hypoglycemia #glyburide #metformin #recall

sugarmds, glucosesupport, supplement, hypoglycemia, glyburide, metformin, recall



Multiple Eye Drops May Be Contaminated



The FDA and Kilitch Healthcare India are recalling a substantial number of eye drops due to lack of sterility.  Affected are lubricating and multiaction eye drops.


Do not use these eyedrops.  If you are uncertain whether the eyedrops you have on hand are implicated in this recall, contact the company via one of two emails: or


#kilitchhealthcare  #velocityhealthcare #eyedrops #lubricant #multiaction #sterility #recall

kilitchhealthcare , velocityhealthcare, eyedrops, lubricant, multiaction, sterility, recall 



Vinyard Cantaloupes Have Salmonella Contamination



The FDA and the Vinyard Fruit and Vegetable Company are recalling Cantaloupe Chunks and Cubes and Fruit Mixes and Medleys Containing Cantaloupe due to a salmonella contamination.  This is due to the fact that the already recalled cantaloupe produced by Sophia Foods is used in Vinyard products.


Return any of these products to the place of purchase for a full refund.  For more information call 1-405-639-2451.


#cantaloupe #vinyard #salmonella #infection #recall

cantaloupe, vinyard, salmonella, infection, recall 



Eltahan Golden Raisins Contain Sulfites



The FDA and the Eltahan company now recall Eltahan Golden Raisins since they were found to contain undeclared sulfite.  This agent can trigger dangerous allergic reactions.  The affected product has a Best By day of 1/20/2026.


The product was sold in New York, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania.


Do not consume these raisins.  Return them to the place of purchase for a refund.  For more information, call Eltahan at 1-862-239-9555 or reach the company via the email


#eltahan #raisins #golden #sulfites #allergies #recall

eltahan, raisins, golden, sulfites, allergies, recall

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