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RoundUp - 3rd Week of January 2024 






Nitrates Plus ED Drugs Equal Disaster



When men take a drug for erectile dysfunction along with a nitrate-containing medication, it nearly doubles their risk of needing coronary artery surgery and increases their chance of dying by 40%.  Swedish researchers now report these grim statistics after studying 55,777 men with previous significant heart problems such as a heart attack or coronary revascularization over a 7 year period.


The ED drugs these men take, so called phosphodiesterase inhibitors or PDE drugs, include Viagra branded sildenafil and Cialis branded tadalafil.  The nitrate drugs, most often taken for angina, include: nitroglycerine or the brands Nitro-dur, Nitrolingual, Nitrotime, Rectiv, and Nitromist; isosorbide mononitrate or the brands Isordil and Dilatrate, and amyl nitrate.


The bad news: taking these ED and angina drugs together increases the overall risk of death by 39%, the risk of a heart attack by 72%, of heart failure by 67%, and the risk of needing heart surgery by some 95%.


Men… check your medications and don’t takes these drug types together.


#erectiledysfunction #ED #nitrates #angina #death #mi #surgery

erectiledysfunction, ED, nitrates, angina, death, mi, surgery



CoVid Vaccines Reduce Child Long CoVid



Vaccinating your children against CoVid can cut their risk of developing devastating Long CoVid by half.  So say researchers at CHOP, the renown Children’s Hospital Of Philadelphia, following their chart review of more than one million children.


Long CoVid prevention by vaccination was most effective for teens at 50.3% but reduced risks for those 5 to 11 years by 24%.  The vaccine was most effective at preventing Long CoVid for the first 6 months after getting the shot at 61% with than figure dropping to 11% by 18 months after vaccination.


Even if you don’t choose vaccination for yourself, and I highly recommend that you do, don’t be guilty of child abuse by failing to vaccinate your children.


#CoVid #longcovid #vaccination #adolescents #childabuse

CoVid, longcovid, vaccination, adolescents, childabuse



Learn To Use An AED—Save Lives



When most people encounter someone half conscious on the street, fewer than 1 in 5 Americans know how to use the automated external defibrillators placed in strategic public locations. It’s a shame since half of those suffering a cardiac arrest outside a hospital will be brought back to life with a timely shock. That’s the tragedy documented by University of Texas Southwestern cardiologists who reviewed some 10,000 patients with cardiac standstill.


These AED devices are lifesaving if you know how to use them and have the guts to pull them off the wall and deploy them.  To give you the confidence to save lives of friends, neighbors, strangers, and, maybe your family, I want you to watch this excellent video by the Washington Post featuring Dr. Landon Mueller of MedStar Health.




#AED #automatedexternaldefibrillator #cardiacarrest 

AED, automatedexternaldefibrillator, cardiacarrest 




Hey Doc…Have A Seat



In this day when patients complain bitterly that their doctors and other medical team members spend too little time with them, a study from the University of Texas Southwestern offers a solution.  When a chair was placed within 3 feet of a patient’s hospital bed versus further away, the doc was 21-times more likely to sit and engage with the patient about their issues leading to greater patient satisfaction on those surveys that inundate all of us.  Though the closer chair placement was not associated with more time spent with the patient, the patients’ satisfaction with the communication was significantly higher. 


The next time you visit your medical team and they tend to stand with one foot out the door, just say, “have a seat and let’s chat ….I have some questions for you.”


#communication #patientsatisfaction #surveys 

communication, patientsatisfaction, surveys 



New Drug Therapy For PTSD



The psychoactive drug ibogaine can curb symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder by some 88%.  This the conclusion of s Stanford University study of 30 Gulf War special ops veterans.


Administration of ibogaine for only one month also produced an 87% reduction in depressive symptoms, an 81% drop in anxiety, and marked improvements in concentration, memory, information processing, and tendencies toward impulsive behavior.  Every vet receiving the drug showed improvement.  Previous studies with other medications have failed to yield such dramatic improvements for PTSD sufferers.  


The bad news: while ibogaine is available in Canada and Mexico, it is a

 restricted Schedule I drug in the US and should only be administered under close supervision.  Ibocaine can also trigger cardiac issues, and must be administered with magnesium supplementation. 


This small, preliminary study requires repetition on a larger scale to confirm its effectiveness and to begin understanding how the drug works.  Nonetheless, the results are exciting and may offer hope to those with treatment-resistant PTSD.


#ptsd #ibogaine #magnesium #depression #veterans

ptsd, ibogaine, magnesium, depression, veterans



Men Smoking Their Way To Baldness



Male smokers are 84% more likely than non-smokers to lose their head of hair with aging.  University of Toronto dermatologists report this association following their meta-analysis of eight studies covering 1537 smokers and 1756 never-smokers.


Besides concluding that cigarette smoking is associated with male balding, the data also shows that heavier cigarette smoking was associated with more baldness.  Those smoking more than half pack a day versus those smoking less than that were 96% more likely to lose their hair.


So men, if you want to do all you can to preserve the hair on your heads, you’d be well advised to never smoke.  If you are a smoker, stopping or at least cutting down your cigarette consumption will improve your changes of avoiding baldness as well as untimely lung and heart disease.


#smoking #baldness #alopecia #menshealth

smoking, baldness, alopecia, menshealth






Nanorobots Treat Bladder Cancer



Researchers at the Institute for Bioengineering of Catalonia Spain have developed a nanorobotic system for precision delivery of therapeutic radiation to bladder cancers.  The nanotransporters are porous silica spheres coated with the enzyme urease.  When the coated nanosphere contacts the urea in urine within the bladder, it is propelled forward exposing its payload, radioactive iodine, to bladder surfaces.  Working with a mouse model, these radioactive nanorobots reduce the volume of bladder tumors by 90%.  Lots more testing lies ahead, but, hopefully this nanotechnology will help conquer bladder cancer……someday soon


#nanorobot #bladder #cancer #radiation 

nanorobot, bladder, cancer, radiation 



GyroGlove Calms Parkinson’s Hand Tremors



A wearable gyroscope on a glove effectively steadies the hands of those with neurodegenerative disorders such as Parkinson’s, Multiple Sclerosis, Traumatic Brain Injuries, and strokes.  Presented at this month’s Consumer Electronic Show by the UK’s GyroGear, the battery powered glove utilizes the spinning gyroscope’s stabilization to permit those with hand tremors to resume activities that demand fine motor skills.


The hand stabilizing glove allows those with handicapping tremors to once again work in the kitchen, sew, play musical instruments, and once again precisely move their hands and fingers.


The device is not yet FDA cleared or approved and it is currently very pricey.  Each glove is $5900 on sale.  Hopefully, these gloves will pass the necessary clinical tests and be covered by health insurance…..someday soon.


#gyroglove #gyrogear #gyroscope #tremors #parkinsons #ms #tbi

gyroglove, gyrogear, gyroscope, tremors, parkinsons, ms, tbi









A Reversible Male Contraceptive Gel



The search for a reversible male contraceptive technique has found a new possibility.  A Virginia company named Contraline announces ADAM, an injectable gel that can prevent the flow of sperm from the testes into the urethra and then out of the male’s body.  Introduced with a needle injection into each vas deferens, the procedure is carried out under local, regional, or a light general anesthetic over a 20 minute period.  


The company has tested the ADAM procedure on 23 men aged 25 to 65 years at 3 sites in Australia.  The gel could be implanted in all participants and led to a 99-100% reduction in sperm within a month after implantation.  The water-based gel is expected to last 2 years and spontaneously dissolve thereafter.  The company is currently testing techniques for on-demand gel removal.


#malecontraception #reversible #Adam #contraline

malecontraception, reversible, Adam, contraline



FDA Extends Narcan Shelf Life



If you just obtained a supply of Narcan, that is Emergent Biosolutions brand of naloxone hydrochloride, its shelf life has now been extended by one year from 3 to 4 years.  So says the FDA, but this extension only applies to Narcan manufactured after January 17, 2024.  The Narcan sitting on your shelf continues with the expiration date shown on the product.


Naloxone, the compound in Narcan, is a lifesaving drug that reverses the respiratory depression and other effects of opioids.  As of March, 2023, the drug was made available over-the-counter as the Narcan nasal spray.  RiVive branded naloxone nasal spray came on the market for over-the-counter distribution in July, 2023, and the first generic naloxone over-the-counter nasal spray, manufactured by Padagis, became available in August, 2023.


The FDA has approved these 3 over-the-counter opioid-reversal products with the goal of encouraging wide distribution and ready availability in crisis situations.  If you or someone you know has or could encounter individuals using or abusing narcotics, you and/or they should have a ready supply of naloxone nasal spray.


There appears to be a shortage of over-the-counter Narcan at pharmacies.  The front page of the Boston Globe heralded that fact.  Remember that e-commerce outlets such as Amazon carry over-the-counter medications such as Narcan.


#naloxone #opioids #Narcan #ReVive 

naloxone, opioids, Narcan, ReVive






CPSC Recalls



Bokser Mattress Pads May Light Up



The CPSC and Bokser Home are recalling Bokser Home 100% Cotton Mattress Pads as they violate federal flammability regulations for mattress pads and create fire and burn hazards.


About 2300 mattress pads were sold at Bed Bath & Beyond, Belk, Macy’s, Target, Bokser Home Outlet, and Fernish B2B stores nationwide and online at, and


Stop sleeping on these recalled mattress pads and contact Bokser Home at1-888-216-4403 or via email at for a full refund.  To get the refund, you must cut the pad with scissors and email the company of a photo of the destroyed mattress.


#bokser #mattresspad #flammable #fire #burns #recall

bokser, mattresspad, flammable, fire, burns, recall




Steamist Bath and Shower Seats Fall Off The Walls



The CPSC and Steamist now recall Steamist Tilt-Up Bath & Shower Seats as their wall mounting brackets and seat rods tend to corrode and break leading to falls and injuries.  Affected are model numbers SBS-101BN, SBS-101PN, SBS-101PC or SBS-101ORB.


About 3900 of these seats were sold in the US, about 733 were sold in Canada, and about 126 were sold in Mexico at specialty plumbing supply outlets.


Stop sitting on these wall-mounted bath and shower seats and contact Steamist at at 1-866-968-2250 or via the email to check if your product is included in the recall and to participate in the recall.


#steamist #bath #shower #seats #brackets #falls #injuries #recall

steamist, bath, shower, seats, brackets, falls, injuries, recall




Home Design Beds May Collapse On You



The CPSC and Home Design are recalling Home Design Upholstered Low Profile Standard and Platform Beds are they readily sag, break, and collapse leading to falls and injuries to bed occupants.  Affected are the following part numbers: 80002, 80032, 80053, 80055, and 80071.


About 527,177 frames were sold in the US and about 55,847 were sold in Canada at Wayfair,, and


Stop sleeping on these defective bed frames and contact Home Design at 1-833-383-2967 for via email at to receive free replacement slats and side rails after you email photos the bed with its law label or proof of its purchase.


#homedesign #bed #collapse #falls #injuries #recall

homedesign, bed, collapse, falls, injuries, recall








FDA Recalls


Al Amir Hummus and Tzatziki Have Undeclared Allergens



The FDA and Al Amir Fresh Foods are recalling Al Amir brand hummus dip products due to undeclared sesame and Tzatziki Cucumber Yogurt due to undeclared milk. Those with an allergy to sesame and/or milk could develop a serious or life-threatening allergic reaction should they consume these products. Affected products have a best by date of 1/25/2024 an have a 45 day refrigerated life after that date.


These Al Amir products are being sold in Oregon and Washington state.


If you or family members or visitors have sesame or milk allergies, return these products to the place of purchase.  For more details about this recall, reach the company at 1-503-780-0340 or via email at


#alamir #hummus #tzatziki #sesame #milk #allergies #recall 

alamir, hummus, tzatziki, sesame, milk, allergies, recall



Lian Sheng Dried Plums Contain Sulfites



They FDA and Rong Shing are recalling Lian Sheng Dried Plums and Dried Tangerine Plums as they contain undeclared sulfites.  Those with an allergy to sulfites could develop a serious or life-threatening allergic reaction should they consume these products.  Affected are products with an expiration date of 5/31/2024.


If you purchased these dried plums, return them to the place of purchase for a full refund.  For more information, call Rong Shing at 1-718-308-1177.


#liansheng #driedplums #sulfites #allergy #recall

liansheng, driedplums, sulfites, allergy, recall



Whitley’s Deluxe Nut Mix Fails To List Its Contained Allergens



The FDA and Whitley’s Peanut Factory are recalling Whitley’s Peanut Factory Deluxe Nut Mix as some of the product’s tins contain Whit’s Party Mix that contains, in addition to the almonds shown on the label, peanuts, milk, soy, wheat, and sesame. Those with allergies to these ingredients could develop serious or life-threatening allergic reactions should they consume this product.  The affected lot codes are MFG 22823, MFG 25023, MFG 25823, MFG 29323;, and MFG 35623.


If you have tins with the affected lot numbers, you may contact Whitley’s at 1-800-470-2244 or via the email for a refund.


#whitelyspeanut #nutmix #peanuts #milk #soy #wheat #sesame #allergy #recall

whitelyspeanut, nutmix, peanuts, milk, soy, wheat, sesame, allergy, recall



No Brand Mexican Style Quinoa Salad Contains Undeclared Allergens



The FDA and the Hans Kissle company are recalling No Brand Mexican Style Quinoa Salad as it contains undeclared egg and soy.  Those with allergies to egg and soy could develop serious or life-threatening allergic reactions should they consume this product.  Affected product has a use by date of 1/22/24.


This product was sold at Hannaford Supermarkets in Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New York, Maine, and Vermont.


If you purchased this product, return it to the place of purchase.  For more information, contact the Hans Kissle company at 1-978-556-4500.


#nobrand #quinoasalad #egg #soy #allergy #recall

nobrand, quinoasalad, egg, soy, allergy, recall




Bright Farms Spinach Has Listeria 



The FDA and BrightFarms now recall BrightFarms Spinach and Salad Kits due to listeria monocytogenes contamination.  This bacterium causes a severe and sometimes fatal systemic infection in the very young, older frail individuals, and those with weakened immune systems.  Listeria can also trigger miscarriages and stillbirths.  The affected products have best by dates of 1/11-20/2024.


This bagged baby spinach and salad kits were sold in: Connecticut, Massachusetts, New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Virginia, and West Virginia.


Do not consume these products and return them to the place of purchase.  For more information, contact BrightFarms at 1-866-857-8745 or via email at\


#brightfarms #spinach #saladkit #listeria #infection #recall

brightfarms, spinach, saladkit, listeria, infection, recall



Big Island Brownie Assortment Contains Undeclared Peanuts



The FDA and Big Island Candies are recalling Big Island Makana Brownie Assortment Box due to undeclared peanut allergen.  Those with an allergy to peanuts could develop a serious or life-threatening allergic reaction should they consume this product.  Affected is batch code RFFIC326760.


This brownie assortment was sold during late December, 2023 in Honolulu, Hawaii.


If you bought this assortment or received it as a souvenir gift and have a peanut allergy, do not consume these brownies.  If you live in Hawaii, return the product to on of the Big Island Candies stores.  If not, contact the company at 1.800.935.5510 (ext. 283) or via email at


#bigisland #brownies #peanuts #allergies #recall

bigisland, brownies, peanuts, allergies, recall

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