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RoundUp - 1st Week of December 2023 





Breast Milk Helps Early Cancer Detection



Analysis of breast milk and detection of cell-free tumor DNA, cfDNA, the so-called liquid tumor biopsy for early detection of breast cancer, is nearly 11 times more effective than using blood.  Spanish researchers studied 19 women who developed breast cancer during or shortly after pregnancy and a control group of 12 healthy breast milk donors.


The data showed that the concentration of cfDNA was 90-fold higher in breast milk compared with blood.  As a result, it is possible to detect the presence of breast cancer using breast milk in 87% of cases compared with only 8% of cases using blood.  This method’s overall sensitivity is 71% and its specificity is 100%.  In two cases, breast milk liquid biopsy detected cancer 6 to 18 months earlier than standard diagnostic methods.


Using $$ breast milk for an earlier diagnosis can be the driver for complete eradication of breast cancer with minimally invasive surgery, radiation, or chemotherapy.  The technique will also permit earlier discovery of cancer that has already spread improving chances for effective control.


#breastmilk #breastcancer #liquidbiopsy #earlydetection #cfDNA

breastmilk, breastcancer, liquidbiopsy, earlydetection, cfDNA




Soccer Heading Drives Brain Damage



When soccer players repeatedly deflect the ball with their heads, they suffer concussive-type damage to the frontal portion of their brains with diminished neural organization and diminished verbal learning performance.  Columbia University radiologists draw these conclusions from research they are scheduled to present to their specialty’s annual meeting.


The investigators conducted two studies involving 500 soccer players during which they correlated brain imaging data with detailed questionnaires quantitating the level of soccer heading.  The group of high intensity headers with more than 1500 incidents over 2 years showed significant imaging pathology including elevated frontal white matter diffusivity, a decrease in the orientation dispersion indices, and blunting of the normally sharp gray matter-white matter transition line.  These anatomic changes are associated with diminished learning and problem-solving skills.


In Europe, soccer is called football since the chief means of propelling the ball toward the goal involves kicking, not heading.  If you have children, teens, and young adults playing the game, strongly encourage them to keep the ball off their heads.


#soccer #heading #concussion #learning #problemsolving

soccer, heading, concussion, learning, problemsolving



Weight Loss Drug Helps Quash Alcohol Use Disorder



The diabetes drug semaglutide not only squelches the appetite for food but also significantly reduces alcohol cravings.  Researchers at the University of Oklahoma collaborating with those at the Oklahoma State State University report their preliminary study of  6 obese patients who also suffer from alcohol use disorder.


Treatment with semaglutide not only led to weight loss but also led to a reduction in alcohol use disorder symptoms as quantitated by the Alcohol Use Disorder Identification Test.


Larger, blinded, randomized tests of this phenomenon are on the drawing board.  Once the mechanism is better understood, GLP-1 agonists including semaglutide and tirzepatide may become standardized therapy for not only diabetes and obesity but for alcohol use disorder as well.


#semaglutide #glp1agonist #alcoholusedisorder #AUD #diabetes #obesity

semaglutide, glp1agonist, alcoholusedisorder, AUD, diabetes, obesity




Heat Plus Hair Care Product Equals Airway Toxicity



The sprays, gels, and waxes that are applied to hair contain volatile organic compounds.  When heat is applied with styling irons and blow dryers, these compounds are liberated and inhaled into the airways.


The most notable organic compound is decamethylcyclopentasiloxane, better known as D5 siloxane for short.  This compound and the fragrances in these hair care products are known to irritate respiratory linings as well as damage liver and nerve tissues from the results of animal studies.


The bottom line: when heating your hair with these chemicals at home or in the salon, ventilate the room to the greatest extent possible.


#hair #styling #blowdry #voc #volatileorganiccompounds #d5siloxane #lungs #liver #nerves

hair, styling, blowdry, voc, volatileorganiccompounds, d5siloxane, lungs, liver, nerves



Savoring Food Prevents Overeating



The smell and taste of food trigger specialized brain cells that curb your appetite and compel you to stop eating.  Neuroscientists at UC-San Francisco have studied this phenomenon in a mouse model.


The brain cells that exert this function, called prolactin-releasing hormone cells or PRLH cells, are located deep in the brainstem, the center for many of our involuntary bodily functions.  They turn on when we first taste food.  Another group of neurons, CGC cells, become activated by stomach filling and they inhibit further eating as we become full.


It wasn’t until the investigators developed techniques to image and record the electrical activities of these groups of brainstem cells that this mechanism which triggers hunger and fullness became apparent.  Even more interesting is the finding that the CGC appetite suppressing cells, when activated, release GLP-1, the hormone that the latest diet drugs mimic.


As we better understand this push-pull mechanism, we can better control our appetites and body weights.


#hunger #satiation #PRLH #CGC #glp1 #semaglutide

hunger, satiation, PRLH, CGC, glp1, semaglutide



Wearable Microphones Track Baby’s Breathing and Digestion



The stethoscopes that doctors wear around their necks or tuck into their lab coats allow monitoring or lung and gastrointestinal functions.  Problem is: your medical team members can’t listen all day long and ambient hospital and medical office  noise often washes out valuable diagnostic sounds.  


To solve these problems, Northwestern bioengineers have developed tiny, battery-powered microphone wearables that can be attached to a baby’s or an adult’s skin and record or relay via bluetooth body sounds continuously.  The units have two microphones: one records body sounds; and the other records ambient noise and permits noise cancellation.  


The device can monitor breathing rhythms, depth of breathing, heart sounds including murmurs and valvular sounds, and the sounds emitted by the stomach and bowels as they function through the day and night.  Using AI analysis, clinicians will be able to diagnose some diseases non-invasively by recognizing characteristic sound patterns.


#sound #microphones #breathing #gastrointestinal #heart #AI

sound, microphones, breathing, gastrointestinal, heart, AI










Novel Tissue Regeneration May Replace Root Canal Surgery



When inflammation and infection destroy dental pulp tissue deep within a tooth, traditional therapy, the root canal procedure, removes the diseased pulp, fills the tooth with an inert material, and caps the tooth with a crown.  Now, researchers at Boston’s Forsyth Institute report a discovery that promises a better approach which cleanses and regenerates healthy pulp tissue.  Their studies show that the naturally occurring compound Resolvin E1, RvE1, can inhibit pulp infection and inflammation.  RvE1 application to pulp also promotes the formation of stem cells that can later become other dental components.  More work is ahead, but RvE1 may be the key to restoring damaged and infected teeth rather than removing and replacing them with implants……someday soon.


#tooth #regeneration #endodontics #resolvins #rve1 #rootcanal #forsyth

tooth, regeneration, endodontics, resolvins, rve1, rootcanal, forsyth



Cellular Robots Help Repair Tissues



Researchers at Tufts Medical Center and Harvard’s Wyss Institute have constructed human respiratory cell microrobots with unique abilities to repair tissue damage.  They collected surface cells from one investigator’s windpipe.  Observing the single cells under the microscope, they noted that the moving hairs, the cilia on the cells that normally help move mucus on the airway surfaces, help propel the cells into natural groups.  These self-assembled robots, when placed on a sheet of nerve cells injured with a cut, traversed the damaged zone and facilitate healing.  The research team speculates that these so-called Biorobots, derived from a patient’s own cells and thus immune to rejection, might be able to not only jump start healing of nerves and the spinal cord tissues but also clear arterial plaque and even deliver drugs.  We can only hope for such Biobot deployment.,.. someday soon.


#microrobots #ciliatedcells #healing #nerve #tufts #harvard #wyss

microrobots, ciliatedcells, healing, nerve, tufts, harvard, wyss






Diagnosing Traumatic Brain Injury By Looking In The Eye



A hand-held eye safe laser quickly analyses biomarkers flowing through tiny blood vessels in the retina and, in so doing, can instantly determine the presence of a traumatic brain injury.  Biochemical engineers and ophthalmologists at the UK’s University of Birmingham have developed a system called EyeD.  


EyeD incorporates a Class 1 laser to generate a beam that enters the eye and bounces off retinal vessels.  The reflected light signals enter a detector and are analyzed via Raman spectroscopy.  Previous studies have identified the biomarkers generated by injured neural tissue, and the EyeD system can identify their presence rapidly and accurately. 


While EyeD remains experimental, it is headed for commercial development.  Placed first in the hands of ED trauma teams and then in ambulances for EMT use, the system can more rapidly jump start brain-saving and lifesaving imaging and therapy faster than currently possible.


#TBI #traumaticbraininjury #laser #raman #eye #retina

TBI, traumaticbraininjury, laser, raman, eye, retina



Protections Needed For Sensitive Reproductive Information



When a women travels out-of-state to access medically necessary reproductive services including pregnancy termination, the records of her treatment can be, without her permission, shared with her in-state medical team if both institutions use the same electronic medical record system or EMR.  That’s a terrible problem when she lives in a state where abortion services are illegal.


In April, 2023, the Office of the National Coordinator for Health Information Technology (ONC) proposed regulations that compel EMR companies to institute programming modifications so that sensitive health information such as a woman’s reproductive procedures can be shielded from automatic sharing without her permission beginning in January, 2026.  These protections for reproductive health information are supported by the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists, the National Health Law Program, and the Center for Reproductive Rights as well as by more than 13 health care organizations and individual physicians.


Problem is that this proposed regulation is opposed by EPIC, the maker of the most frequently used EMR as well as by United Healthcare.


Here’s what you need to do.  If you are a woman seeking reproductive services out of state, be certain that your out of state medical records are not shared with any other institution or medical team.  You have the right under HIPAA law to shield your medical records under threat of a lawsuit against anyone or any institution that violates your privacy.  


For all of us, let’s contact our congressional senators and representatives urging them to support the proposed ONC reproductive privacy rights.  Then get busy using social media, your phone, and email to contact United HealthCare and EPIC to lambast them for opposing a woman’s right to reproductive privacy. In America, its the squeaky wheel that gets action!


#womenshealth #reproductiveservices #abortion #emr #sharing #Epic #UnitedHealthcare #ONC

womenshealth, reproductiveservices, abortion, emr, sharing, Epic, UnitedHealthcare, ONC





CPSC Recalls



Polaris Patriot Snowmobiles Have Clutch Problems



The CPWC and Polaris are recalling Polaris Patriot 9R MATRYX PRO RMK, Patriot 9R MATRYX RMK KHAOS, and 2022 PATRIOT 850 MATRYX RMK, INDY and SWITCHBACK Snowmobiles.  The drive clutch components can loosen leading to crashes and injuries to the driver and bystanders.


About 5100 snowmobiles were sold in the US and about 2433 were sold in Canada.


Stop driving these snowmobiles and contact your Polaris dealer to schedule a free clutch replacement and clutch guard kit installation.  For more information, reach Polaris at 1-800-765-2747.


#polaris #patriot #snowmobiles #clutch #crash #injuries #recall

polaris, patriot, snowmobiles, clutch, rash, injuries, recall



Peg Perego Sleeper Bassinets Incline Improperly



The CPSC and Peg Perego are recalling YPSI and Z4 Inclined Sleeper Bassinets since they are designed for infant use yet have an unsafe incline level greater than 10 degrees.  On this incline, a baby could roll over into a dangerous position.  These bassinets also violate federal regulations mandating a stand.


About 550 of these bassinets were sold online on,,, and other websites, and at Baby First Furniture and other stores nationwide.


Don’t let your infant sleep in these bassinets.  Contact Peg Perego at 1-877-737-3464 or via e-mail at for instructions regarding either repairing these recalled bassinets or obtaining refunds.


#pegperego #bassinets #ypsi #z4 #incline #injury #recall

pegperego, bassinets, ypsi, z4, incline, injury, recall



Specialized Bike Pedals Can Detach



The CPSC and Specialized Bicycle are recalling the Supacaz Orbitron Pedals

that ship with the bicycles since the pedal body detaches from the spindle connecting to the chain crank leading to loss of control, falls, and injuries.


About 3,000 units were sold in the US, about 169 were sold in Canada, and 7 were sold in Mexico.


Immediately stop riding bikes equipped with these pedals.  Contact Specialized Bicycle at 1-877-808-8154 for a full refund.  It’s not clear from the company or its dealers will provider safe pedal replacements.


#specializedbicycle #pedals #Supacaz #Orbitron #detach #crash #falls #recall

specializedbicycle, pedals #Supacaz, Orbitron, detach, crash, falls, recall



More Children’s Cups Have Lead Contamination



The CPSC, Klickpick Home, and Tiblue are recalling stainless steel children’s cups due to the presence of accessible lead-containing solder on the cups’ bottoms.  Lead is neurotoxic to young children.


About 3600 Klickpick cups and about 84,000 DTiblue cups were sold on

Immediately take these cups away from your children and email either or to obtain a full refund.  You can also contact Amazon if you have questions about this recall.


#klickpick #tiblue #children #stainlesssteel #cups #lead #toxicity #recall

klickpick, tiblue, children, stainlesssteel, cups, lead, toxicity, recall



Multiple Brands of Baby Mattresses Are Dangerous



The CPSC, DODO Baby House, and Beyond Baby now recall DODO Baby House Pack and Play Mattresses and Vibe Bear Playyard Mattresses

 due to an excessive thickness and firmness that violate federal crib mattress safety regulations and creates a suffocation hazard. These mattresses also lack the mandated safety warnings and labels.


About 2470 mattresses were sold online by


Immediately stop using these crib mattresses.  To obtain a refund, cut the mattress in half, take a photo, and transmit the pic to DODO via the email or to Beyond Baby via the email .  More information about these recalls is also available via these emails.


#DODO #beyondbaby #crib #mattress #thickness #suffocation #recall

DODO, beyondbaby, crib, mattress, thickness, suffocation, recall



Berkshire and LL Bean Heated Blankets and Throws Dangerously Overheat



The CPSC and Berkshire Blanket & Home Co. are recalling Berkshire Blanket and L.L. Bean branded Heated Throws and Blankets due to excessive overheating that lead to fire and burn hazards.


About 29,840 of these heated items were sold by L.L. Bean and Army and Air Force Exchange Service (AAFES) stores nationwide and online at,,, and


Immediately discontinue use of these heated blankets and throws and contact Berkshire Blanket & Home Co. at 1-888-359-4662 for via email at for a full refund.  To get the refund, you’ll have to complete an online registration form at  either or, cut the items cord, write the word  Refund and an assigned refund code on the wash label, take a pic of the destroyed and labeled blanket, and submit the pic online.


#berkshireblanket #llbean #aafes #heatedblanket #heatedthrow #overheating #fire #burns #recall

berkshireblanket, llbean, aafes, heatedblanket, heatedthrow, overheating, fire, burns, recall



GE Cooktops Won’t Turn OFF



The CPSC and Haier-GE Appliances are recalling GE Knob-control electric radiant cooktops, model GE JP3030 since these cooktop’s burners remain ON even after the control knob is turned to the OFF position leading to burns.  This occurs due to misaligned knob stems and defective knob components.  Affected are burner manufactured in July and September 2022.


About 11,000 of these cooktops were sold at major home improvement and appliance stores nationwide, including Best Buy, Lowe’s and The Home Depot.


If you think that you have one of these cooktops, contact GE Appliances at 1-877-261-1509 to verify if your appliance is affected and to arrange for a free installation of replacement burner knob assemblies.  Until the repair is made, you must turn off the appliance using your home’s applicable circuit breaker.  The appliance’s indicator lights do not indicate the true status of the burner.


#gastroenteritis #cooktops #electric #radiant #controls #burns #recall

gastroenteritis, cooktops, electric, radiant, controls, burns, recall



Russound Loudspeakers Fall Off The Walls



The CPSC and Russound now recall Russound Loudspeakers Model AW70V6 because the speakers front baffle tends to separate from the rear housing causing the speak to fall and creating an injury hazard for persons and property below.


About 4,600 speakers were sold in the US and about 600 were sold in Canada by home theater and home sound system installers.


If you have these speakers mounted on your walls, immediately remove them and contact Russound at 1-800-638-8055 for via email at for a free replacement speaker.


#russound #speaker #wallmount #detachment #injury #recall

russound, speaker, wallmount, detachment, injury, recall





FDA Recalls



Manischewitz Chanukah Chocolate Coins Have An Allergen



The FDA and Manischewitz are recalling Manischewitz Dark Chocolate Coins since they contain undeclared milk.  Those with milk allergies could develop severe allergic reactions after ingesting these coins.  Affected is lot #2283.


These coins have been sold nationally but particularly in New York, New Jersey and Connecticut.


If you bought these coins and you, a family member, or visitors to your household have milk allergies, return the coins for refunds.  For more information, contact Manischewitz at 1-718-369-4600 or via email at


#Manischewitz #darkchocolate #coins #milk #allergy #recall

Manischewitz, darkchocolate, coins, milk, allergy, recall



Fruit Cups With Cantaloupe Have Salmonella Contamination


The FDA, Bix Produce, GHGA, LLC, and Kwik Trip now recall Created Fresh!, Jack & Olive, Sprouts Farmers Markets, Trader Joes, and Kwik Trip Fruit Cups since they contain salmonella-contaminated Malachite cantaloupe.


Bix fruit cups were sold in Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota, and Wisconsin.  GHGA cups were sold at Kroger stores in Alabama and Georgia, Sprouts stores in Alabama, Georgia, North Carolina and South Carolina, and Trader Joe’s retail stores in Alabama, Florida, Georgia, South Carolina, and Tennessee.  Kwik Trip cups were sold at Kwik Trip, Kwik Star, Stop-N-Go, Tobacco Outlet Plus Grocery, and Tobacco Outlet Plus convenience stores in the states of Wisconsin, Minnesota, Iowa, Michigan, Illinois, and South Dakota.


If you have any of these products in your fridge or freezer, do not consume them.  Return them to the place of purchase for a full refund.  For more information, call Box at 1-651-487-8000, GHGA at 1-888-449-9386, or Kwik Trip at 1-608-781-8988.


#bix #ghga #kwiktrip #traderjoes #kroger #sprouts #createdfresh #jackandolive #fruitcup #cantaloupe #salmonella #infection #recall

bix,, ghga, kwiktrip, traderjoes, kroger, sprouts createdfresh, jackandolive, fruitcup, cantaloupe, salmonella, infection, recall



Magnum Male Sexual Enhancement Capsules Are Contaminated



Tbe FDA and Meta Herbal are recalling Magnum Male Sexual Enhancement XXL 9800 capsules because they are contaminated with unpredictable amounts of the phosphodiesterase inhibitor sildenafil, the chief ingredient in the prescription drug Viagra.  Taking unknown amounts of this drug can be a danger to those men taking nitrates for cardiac diseases and high blood pressure.  The affected product has an expiration date of 1/20215.


Stop using this product and contact Meta Herbal at for a full refund and additional information about this recall.


#magnum #male #sexualenhancement #sildenafil #viagra #cardiac #hypertension #recall

magnum, male, sexualenhancement, sildenafil, viagra, cardiac, hypertension, recall



Burn Boot Camp Protein Bars Contain Non-Edible Fragments



The FDA and Doctors Scientific Organica are recalling Triple Chocolate Almond Flavored Whey Protein Bars because they have non-edible material including disposable hairnets, shrink wrap, and parchment paper.  This material causes choking and gastrointestinal injuries.  Affected are lot numbers 181, 184 and 187.


If you bought these protein bars, don’t consume them.  Return them to the place of purchase for a refund.  For more information, call Doctors Scientific Organica Customer Support at 1-786-749-1221.


#DoctorsScientificOrganica #proteinbars #foreignbodies #injury #recall

DoctorsScientificOrganica, proteinbars, foreignbodies, injury, recall



Hilltop Meadow Farm Cheese Has Listeria



The FDA, the PA Department of Agriculture, and Hilltop Meadow Farm are recalling Hilltop Meadow Farm Pepper Jack Raw Milk Cheese due to listeria monocytogenes contamination.  This bacterium causes severe disease in the very young, frail elders, and in those with immune deficiencies as well as miscarriages and premature births.  Affected is product with sell by dates of 9/21/2023 or earlier.


This contaminated cheese was sold at: Meadow Run Farms in Litiz, PA; Shady Acres Farm Market in Elizabethtown, PA; Willow Haven Farm in New Tripoli,  PA; Healthy Habits Natural Market in Orwigsburg, PA; Little Leaf Natural Products in Montrose, PA; Whole Earth Center n Princeton, NJ; Healthy Way, in Messina, NY; and Northstar Bison Store  in Cameron, WI.


If you bought this cheese, return it to the place of purchase for a refund.


#hilltop #pepperjack #rawcheese #listeria #infection #recall

hilltop, pepperjack, rawcheese, listeria, infection, recall

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