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HealthNews RoundUp - 4th Week of August  2021





Mask Wearing: Your Best CoVid Defense



Mask wearing reduces CoVid cases by 88% in the absence of any other defenses.  Who cares you say now that we have the CoVid vaccines?  Well think again. Your vaccine defense wanes continuously to the point where it’s only partially protective against the aggressive and now ubiquitous Delta variant by 6 months. And beyond Delta, we have the Lambda variant, which is even worse.


So masks.  Researchers at UC-Davis analyzed CoVid data for 20 weeks from February to July, 2020, way before any vaccines were available.  About 420,000 persons were surveyed about mask-wearing and other mitigation efforts.  Mask-wearing was THE most effective protection against CoVid followed by quarantine and immigration restrictions.  On the other hand, use of mass transit was a CoVid spreader.


In the face of threatening variants and declining vaccine immunity, your only reasonable defense is a good mask and solid scientific guidance. By good, I mean a KN95 or an N95 dust, non-medical mask.  Even better, combine them.


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CoVid Triggers Lingering Brain Impairment



Nearly 42% of patients infected with CoVid suffer longstanding brain fog and significant cognitive impairment.  This among the findings by Stanford researchers after their neuropsychiatric studies of 100 CoVid patients.


Most of these patients had milder cases with only 29% hospitalized and 12% treated in the ICU.  Nevertheless, the group performed poorly on cognitive tests with impaired sustained attention, working memory, and decision-making.  In addition, 22%  of the group demonstrated moderate to severe depressive and/or anxiety symptoms.


Over and over, studies prove that CoVid is not an innocuous disease that you can contract and recover from completely.  If you don’t die on a respirator, you may be left with a damaged brain, heart, or kidneys.  Then there’s this……Another study showed that 30% of CoVid19 survivors suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder.


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CoVid, brain, memory, attention, depression, anxiety, ptsd




CoVid Immunity From mRNA Vaccines Is Declining



Vaccination with either the Moderna or the Pfizer mRNA vaccines triggers strong but gradually declining CoVid antibody and cell-mediated responses.  University of  Pennsylvania researchers studied the immune responses of 61 vaccinated individuals at 6 time-points: pre-vaccine to 6 months after the jab.  Sixteen of the 61 vaccine recipients were vaccinated after surviving CoVid.


The peak antibody levels were measured 1 week after the second dose.  Then, over the first 3 months following vaccination, the antibody levels dropped by one-half every 35 days.  Over the second 3 months, the antibody levels dropped by one-half every 60 days.  All those vaccinated did have detectable antibody by 6 months.  A gratifying finding is that populations of B cells that manufacture protective anti-Covid antibodies to CoVid variants actually increased over 3-6 months post-vaccination.  This indicates that the vaccine, made against so-called wild-type CoVid, triggers a response capable of responding to changing virus and more dangerous variants.


Cell-mediated anti-CoVid activity peaked one week after vaccination completion and then dropped from then until 3 months but was still present at 6 months.  Despite a decrease in virus killer cell numbers, there is evidence that these cells remain ready to rise to the occasion and kill on demand.



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CoVid, vaccine, antibodies, cellmediatedimmunity, variants




Keep iPhones and Apple Watches Away From Chest Implants



From the FDA’s science and engineering lab comes the warning that your iPhone or any electronic device with a strong magnetic coupling interface could generate magnetic fields capable of activating the magnetic switches that control implantable pacemakers and cardioverter-defibrillators.


The magnetic switches in these devices are designed to be triggered by magnetic fields stronger than 10 gauss.  To test the ability of the Apple iPhone 12 series and the Apple Watches to accidentally set off these switches, the FDA measured the magnetic fields around these devices at various distances.


All the 12 series iPhones and the Apple Watch generate magnetic fields greater than 10 gauss up to 11 millimeters or nearly a half inch away.  For safety sake, the FDA scientists recommend keeping these phones and the watch at least 6 inches away from the implantable device site.  


Why?  If a pacemaker’s magnetic switch is activated, it could begin pacing when unneeded leading to abnormal heart rhythms.  Mistakenly activating the switch on an implantable defibrillator prevents it from functioning and providing a heart-starting, lifesaving jolt when needed. Other implantable devices with magnetic switches including cochlear implants, infusion pumps, and neurostimulators may be similarly affected.


So let me repeat, for safety sake, keep your iPhones and Apple Watches at least 6 inches from any implantable device.  One more thing…recent iPads have magnets too.


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iPhone, applewatch, magnetic, pacemaker, defibrillator, cochlear, implants




Can Hydroxychloroquine Protect Against CoVid?



This question continues to pop up, and now we have a randomized, multicenter study to provide a definitive answer.    Collaborators at Duke, Vanderbilt, Baylor, Temple, the University of Kansas, and the Universities of Florida and South Florida studied 1360 health care workers during the pre-vaccine era between April and November, 2020.  A group of 683 participants were randomly chosen to receive a month of HCQ and 676 were selected to receive a placebo.  Each participant was studied for any side effects from the HCQ or placebo, and the chief outcome measure was the development of a CoVid infection as authenticated by a positive PCR test.


When the numbers were tallied, there was good news and bad news associated with the HCQ therapy.  The good news:  those receiving it compared to an innocuous placebo suffered no increase in reported adverse effects.  The bad news: the HCQ does not significantly reduce the risk of CoVid infection.


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Delta CoVid Is Bad But The Lambda Variant Is Worse



As the vaccines made against the wild type CoVid are helping us weather the pandemic fueled by variants that first arose in Great Britain, the B.1.117 alpha, in South Africa, the B.1.351 beta, in Brazil, the P.1 gamma, and yes in India, the B.1.617 delta, all is not well.  Since not enough people have been fully vaccinated, even in countries with advanced health systems such as the US and European countries, the virus has continued to mutate.


One particularly worrisome variant has arisen in South America, the C.37 lambda.  While the Delta variant is more contagious than the wild type and earlier variants and can break through mRNA vaccine immunity to cause infection, those vaccine-immunized do clear the virus quickly.  The lambda variant, now dominant in some South American countries and in the process of spreading around the world, appears to even more poorly bind the protective antibodies generated by our current vaccines.  The result: more severe CoVid breakthrough infections.


What’s the message.  You’d better get vaccinated and boosted.  And you’d better have an ample supply of effective masks including the KN95s and the N95 dust masks.  In all probability, you’ll may want to combine the two in particularly risky settings that include indoors or in crowds outdoors.


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CoVid, delta, lamda, vaccines, masks



mRNA Vaccine Safety



The mRNA vaccines that can most effectively protect you from CoVid do carry a tiny risk that you could develop a case of treatable cardiac inflammation.  Even your risk of that is 6 times greater should you develop a CoVid infection.  This and other reassuring conclusions stem from a massive Israeli study of more than 1.7 million persons that was just published in the New England Journal.  Half the group was vaccinated with the Pfizer CoVid vaccine.  The researchers also studied s a subset of more than 340,000 unvaccinated persons half of whom developed CoVid.


The tabulated data revealed that, while vaccination increased the myocarditis risk 3-fold to 2.7 events per 100,000, a CoVid infection propelled that risk 18-fold to 11 events per 100,000 while increasing the risk of other life-threatening events including pericarditis, arrhythmias, blood clots in the veins and lungs, heart attacks, and strokes.


My advice:  there isn’t any better health and wellness move that you can make right now than a mRNA CoVid vaccination and then a booster if its been more than 6 months since your initial two dose vaccination.


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CoVid, vaccine, mrna, pfizer, myocarditis



Minimizing CoVid Risk In Cars



Riding with windows open WHILE wearing a mask is the wining formula for protecting yourself from CoVid.  Britain’s Global Centre for Clean Air Research studied in-car air quality with multiple sensors and estimated your probability of  CoVid transmission from another, infected passenger.  They tested various conditions including everyone masked or maskless, windows closed or open, the ventilation system bringing in fresh outside air or recirculating the air, speaking levels varying from loud to normal to only breathing, and various trip durations.


Transmission of infection rises as speech volume levels escalate.  Infection transmission diminishes when passengers wear a typical non-medical 3 layer cloth mask  as airflow through the vehicle increases by opening the windows or, second best, bringing in fresh air while air conditioning. 


 With 50%.        Loud speaking        Normal Speaking.         Only breathing

      eff. Mask

WC-RC                 28.5%/hr.                   5.1% /hr.                       1.1%/hr.

WC/AA                   5.1%/hr.                   0.8%/hr.                         ——

WO                          2.3%/hr                    0.4%/hr.                        ——


In a situation, say ride-sharing, where the driver may be infected, you as the passenger are maximally protected by sitting in the right rear seat with the right front and left rear windows open.  The more protective the mask worn by the infected passenger and the uninfected passenger or passengers, the less likely is CoVid transmission over time.


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CoVid, automobile, ventilation, masking



Moderna Twice As Protective Against Delta CoVid As Pfizer



Those vaccinated with the Moderna mRNA CoVid vaccine are now about 50% less likely to develop a positive CoVid PCR test when compared with those who received the Pfizer vaccine.  This conclusion comes from a massive Mayo Clinic Health System study.  The researchers tabulated the month by month effectiveness of the two mRNA vaccines December 2020 to July 2021 in each of 5 states as Delta became the most prevalent form of CoVid.  They analyzed data from over 636,000 patients with at least one positive CoVid PCR test.


Initial data presented to the FDA by Moderna and Pfizer indicated that each vaccine was about 94% effective against the original wild type of CoVid.   Just looking at Mayo’s month by month Minnesota experience, as the Delta variant became more prevalent, each vaccine became less protective against CoVid but Pfizer also became significantly less protective than Moderna.  Data  in July for the 5 states Minnesota, Wisconsin, Arizona, Florida, and Iowa shows that Moderna’s infection protectiveness had dropped to 76% but Pfizer’s had dropped to 42%


The good news is that, over the same period, both vaccines remained very protective against serious CoVid infections that required hospitalization.  For Moderna, it was 81% and for Pfizer a statistically similar 75%.


With the Delta variant surging and our CoVid immunity waning each month following completion of vaccination, it is ultra important that all of us, Moderna or Pfizer vaccinated, use time-tested precautions such as masking, distancing, and ventilation to protect ourselves.  Those Pfizer-vaccinated should be particularly careful.


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Even The Vaccinated Can Spread Delta CoVid



Those fully vaccinated against CoVid who develop breakthrough infections and positive PCR tests carry the same high levels of infectious virus as the unvaccinated.  This warning comes to us from the University of Wisconsin and the CDC.  The Wisconsin researchers studied the quantitative PCR test results from 699 Wisconsin residents who tested positive for the virus in July, 2021.


Very large CoVid viral levels were detected in 68% of those fully vaccinated compared with 63% of those unvaccinated.  The viruses recovered from these samples were proven to be infectious in 95% of the vaccinated and 88% of the unvaccinated.  These large numbers of infectious virus were detected in those who were asymptomatic as well as in those suffering the symptoms of CoVid.


What should you do?  Assume that even those vaccinated could bear CoVid. That being the case, we all must continue to wear effective masks when indoors and when close together outdoors.  Assume that it is unsafe to eat indoors or to spend extended time inside public spaces.


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CoVid, vaccine, spreading, symptomatic





CPSC Recalls



Recall On John Deere Compact Utility Tractors



The CPSC and John Deere announce the recall of their John Deere 4M & 4R Compact Utility Tractors.  The rear wheel spacer bolts on these tractors were torqued improperly causing a wheel to fall off and lead to the tractor overturning creating an injury hazard for the operator.   About 200 were sold.  Immediately stop using these recalled tractors and contact your authorized John Deere dealer for a free inspection and repair of the wheel mounting bolts.  For more information, reach John Deere at phone at 1-800-537-8233 or online at


#johndeere #tractors #wheels #overturning #recall

johndeere, tractors, wheels, overturning, recall



Infant Bath Seats Now Recalled




PSC and Frieyss have recalled the Frieyss Infant Bath Seats.  These bath seats fail to meet federal safety requirements for both stability and leg openings and they may tip over creating a drowning hazard for infants.  About 120 were sold online at  If you bought one of these bath seats, discontinue its use and contact Frieyss via email at for instructions regarding free shipping for their return and a complete refund.


#bathseat #infant #frieyss #instability #drowning #recall

bathseat, infant, frieyss, instability, drowning, recall



Recall On Nordstrom’s Tucker and Tate-branded Children’s Socks



The CPSC and Nordstrom’s are recalling their Tucker and Tate-branded Children’s Socks.  These socks have pom poms that may detach and create a choking hazard for young children.  About 370 pairs of these socks were sold nationwide at Nordstrom stores.  If you bought these socks, immediately discontinue their use and return them to your nearest Nordstrom store or to for a refund.


#nordstrom #children #socks #PomPom #choking #recall

nordstrom, children, socks, PomPom, choking, recall



Ravin Crossbow Arrow White Nocks Are Recalled



The CPSC and Ravin Crossbows have again recalled Ravin Crossbow Arrow White Nocks following up an initial 2017 recall.  What’s a nock you might ask.  Well, its a grooved  plastic collar that the crossbow arrow fits into and serves as the contact point between the crossbow string and the arrow.  It is critical for the safe transfer of kinetic energy from bow to arrow.  With these defective white nocks, it is possible that the nock will not completely engage with the bowstring.  Then, when the bow trigger is pulled, the arrow fails to discharge properly, the user may try to re-nock the arrow, and the arrow will then accidentally discharge injuring the shooter or a bystander.  About 220,000 of these nocks were sold in the US at Bass Pro Shops, Cabela’s, Dick’s Sporting Goods, and other retail outlets.  About 3,600 were sold in Canada.  If you bought these nocks, stop using them and contact Ravin by phone at 1-888-298-6335 to arrange for free replacement ORANGE nocks.  To compensate you for the inconvenience and risk, the company will give you a $1 mechandise credit for each replaced nock.


#ravin #crossbow #nock #injury #recall

ravin, crossbow, nock, injury, recall



Recalled Are Primark Scent Stamper Pens



The CPSC and Primark have recalled Primark 8-pack Scent Stamper Pens.  The purple scent stamper in the bundle contains elevated and unsafe levels of the organic solvent benzyl alcohol that can create skin irritations. About 9500 of these stamper pen bundles were sold at Primark stores in the northeast, Florida, and Chicago.  If you have these markers, immediately discontinue their use by you and your family.  Return the pens to your nearby Primark store for a refund.  For more information, call Primark US by phone at 1-617-946-3236 or contact them online at


#primark #scentstamper #pen #benzylalcohol #recall

primark, scentstamper, pen, benzylalcohol, recall



TJX Swivel Counter Stools On Recall



The CPSC and HomeGoods have recalled TJX Swivel Counter Stools.  These stools may collapse creating falls and injuries.  About 4300 of the stools were sold nationwide at HomeGoods, Homesense, HomeGoods/TJMaxx, and HomeGoods/Marshall’s stores.  Stop using any of these stools that you have at home and return them to any HomeGoods or Homesense store for a full refund or a store gift card.  For more information, you may contact HomeGoods by phone at 1-800-888-0776 or Homesense at 1-855-660-4663.


#homegoods #homesense #stools #collapse #injury #recall

homegoods, homesense, stools, collapse, injury, recall



Recalled Are Marin Mountain Bikes



CPSC and Marin Bikes announce the recall of Marin 2021 model year mountain bikes.  The bottom frame bracket may fracture and cause the riders to lose control, fall, and injure themselves and others.  About 2100 of these bikes were sold at bike stores nationwide.  Immediately stop riding these bikes and contact Marin Bicycles by phone at 1-800-222-7557 or online at for instructions on receiving a free replacement bottom bracket and scheduling a free repair.


#marin #bicycles #frame #fall #recall

marin, bicycles, frame, fall, recall




B-Air VP-33 Blower Fans On Recall



The CPSC and Intertex are recalling B-Air VP-33 Blower Fans.  Components on the fan’s power board may overheat creating fire and burn hazards.  About 29,500 of these blowers hae been sold at Home Depot and Menarde’s stores and online at and  Stop using these blower fans and contact Intertex by phone at 1-800-465-7300 or via email at to receive a free repair kit including a replacement capacitor.


#intertex #blowerfan #overheating #fire #burn #recall

intertex, blowerfan, overheating, fire, burn, recall 



Teething Rings Are Recalled



The CPSC and Hallmark are recalling Hallmark-branded Teether Rings with Decorative Fabric and Plush Attachments.  The wood ring may fracture into small parts creating choking hazards.  About 15,500 of these teether rings have been sold in the US and about 1,200 have been sold in Canada at Hallmark Gold Crown stores, other retail outlets, and online at  Take these teething rings away from your infants and toddlers, destroy them, and contact Hallmark at 1-800-425-5627 or online at to arrange for a $25 gift card for use on the website.


#hallmark #teether #fracture #choking #recall

hallmark, teether, fracture, choking, recall



Multiple Rugs On Recall



The CPSC and multiple companies have announced the recall of rugs that fail to meet federal flammability standards.  The involved products include YOH Super Soft Purple Rugs, Pacapet Fluffy Pink Area Rugs, and Andecor Girls Soft Tye Dye Area Rugs.  These products have been sold online on  If you own these rugs, contact your point of purchase to arrange for return of the rugs and a refund.  For more information: YOH rugs -; Pacapet rugs -; Andecor rugs -


#rugs #flammability #amazon #recall

rugs, flammability, amazon, recall



Rossignol All Track DH Bicycles On Recall



The CPSC and Rossignol are recalling Rossignol 2018 and 2019 Model Year All Track DH Bicycles.  Cracks may form where the fork connects to the bicycle allowing the fork and front wheel to suddenly separate from the bicycle creating a fall hazard.  About 150 bicycles were sold in the US ad 24 were sold in Canada.  If you own one of these bicycles, stop riding it and contact 

Rossignol by phone at 1-888-243-6672 or by email at to receive free replacement parts.


#rosssignol #bicycles #fork #frame #falls #recall

rosssignol, bicycles, fork, frame, falls, recall



Recall on True Living Sling Loungers



The CPSC and Dollar General are recalling True Living Sling Loungers.  These loungers may collapse creating a risk for pinching, lacerations, or even amputations if body parts are trapped in the metal folding joints.  About 155,000 of these loungers were sold.  If you own one of these loungers, stop using it and cut the fabric straps to render it unusable.  Then contact Dollar General by phone at 1-800-678-9258 or on the website to arrange a refund.


#loungers #collapse #injuries #recall

loungers, collapse, injuries, #recall



Zen Magnets and Neoballs Magnets Are Recalled



The CPSC and Zen Magnets LLC are recalling Zen Magnets and Neoballs Magnets.  If several of these magnets are ingested, they may attract one another creating gastrointestinal erosion, perforations, and obstructions.  About 10 million magnets have been sold nationwide either individually or in sets.  Immediately take these magnets away from children and other vulnerable individuals.  Contact Zen Magnets LLC via your phone at 1-844-936-6245 or via email at


#zenmagnets #magnets #ingestion #gastrointestinal #perforation #obstruction #recall

zenmagnets, magnets, ingestion, gastrointestinal, perforation, obstruction, recall



Recalled Are Many Branded Dehumidifiers



The CPSC and New Widetech announce the recall of dehumidifiers sold under the following brand names: AeonAir, Amana, ArcticAire (Danby), Classic (Danby / Home Hardware Stores), Commercial Cool, Danby, Danby Designer, Danby Premiere, De’Longhi, Edgestar, Friedrich, Generations (Danby), Haier, Honeywell (JMATEK / AirTek), Idylis,

Ivation, Perfect Aire, SuperClima, Whirlpool, and Whynter.. These dehumidifiers may overheat and ignite creating fire and burn hazards. About 2 million of these units have been sold in the US, about 380,000 sold in Canada, and about 25,000 sold in Mexico.  Immediately stop using these dehumidifiers and contact New Widetech by phone at 1-877-251-1512 or online at


#dehumidifier #overheating #fire #burn #recall

dehumidifier, overheating, fire, burn, recall



Recall on LG Home Energy Batteries



The CPSC and LG Energy Solution Michigan have recalled LG Chem RESU10H Lithium-Ion Residential Energy Storage System Batteries.  These batteries may overheat, ignite, and create home fires and the output of toxic smoke.  About 10,000 of these batteries were sold in the US as part of residential solar energy systems.  Note too that the same type of battery sold in 2017-2019 was recalled in December, 2020.  If you have these batteries installed, immediately contact LG Energy Solution Michigan toll-free at 1-888-737-8104.  The company can perform online modifications to the battery software to make their operation safer until replacement batteries can be installed. 


#LG #batteries #solar #overheating #fire #burns #recall

LG, batteries, solar, overheating, fire, burns, recall 







FDA Recalls




Hostess Hot Dog and Hamburger Buns Recalled



Their FDA and Hostess Brands LLC are recalling Hostess Hot Dog and Hamburger Buns.  These baked goods are contaminated with both Listeria monocytogenes and Salmonella.  Both of these bacteria may cause serious or possibly fatal infections in the very young, elders, and those who are immunosuppressed or afflicted with complicating medical conditions.  Listeria may cause miscarriages and stillbirths.  Salmonella principally causes gastroenteritis but this may progress to general sepsis.  If you purchased these products, do not consume them but return them to the place of purchase for a refund.  For additional information, contact Hostess by phone at 1-800-483-7253 or online at


#hostess #buns #hotdogs #hamburgers #listeria #salmonella #recall

hostess, buns, hotdogs, hamburgers, listeria, salmonella, recall



Recall On Gordon Choice Deli Style Tuna and Chicken Salads



The FDA and RMH Foods, LLC now recall Gordon Choice Deli Style Tuna and Chicken Salads packed in 4 pound tubs lot number 10/16/2021.  These products contain undeclared wheat and tuna allergens.  Those with wheat or tuna allergies could develop a severe or life-threatening allergic reaction after ingesting these products.  These bulk tubs were distributed and sold in AL, FL, GA, IL, IN, KY, MI, MO, OH, PA, TN, VA, WW at Gordon Food Service retail stores and wholesaled to food service establishments.   If you have these products, do not consume them but rather destroy them or return them to the place of purchase for a refund.  For additional information, contact RMH Foods, LLC. Customer Service at 1-800-627-2523.


#gordonchoice #tunasalad #chickensalad #wheat #allergens #recall

gordonchoice, tunasalad, chickensalad, wheat, allergens, recall



Marketside Chocolate Candy Cookie Cake Is On Recall



The FDA and Jimmy’s Cookies LLC are recalling Marketside Chocolate Candy Cookie Cake.  This pastry contains undeclared peanuts.  Those with a peanut allergy may develop a serious or life-threatening allergic reaction after ingesting this product.  These cakes were sold by Walmart in AL, AR, FL, GA, IA, IL, IN, KS, KY, LA, MI, MN, MO, MS, NC, OH, OK, PA, TN, TX, VA, WI, WV.  If you purchased these cakes, return them to th Walmart store for a full refund.  For more information, call Jimmy’s Cookies by phone at 1-(973) 779-8500, X205.


#marketside #cookiecake #peanuts #allergy #recall

marketside, cookiecake, peanut, allergy, recall



Recall On Max Health Hydro Pineapple Burn



The FDA and the EBay seller known as jonquil 4308 now recall the dietary supplement Max Health Hydro Pineapple Burn.  This product has undeclared sibutramine, an appetite suppressing drug that has been withdrawn from the market due to safety issues.  This agent may dangerously elevate blood pressure and/or pulse rate and create a risk for heart attack, congestive heart failure, and stroke.  The product was sold on, and via other retailers.  If you have this dietary supplement, stop using it and destroy the product.  For more information, contact jongu 4308 via the seller or via the email


#maxhealth #hydropineappleburn #sibutramine #dietsupplement #recall

maxhealth, hydropineappleburn, sibutramine, dietsupplement, recall



Wavy Lay’s Original Potato Chips On Recall



The FDA and Frito-Lay have recalled Wavy Lay’s Original Potato Chips.  These chips have undeclared milk.  If ingested, they could trigger a serious or even a life-threatening allergic reaction in milk allergic individuals.  These chips were sold in NC, SC, and VA.  If you or a member of your family or possible guests have milk allergies, discard the product or return it to the place of purchase.  If you require additional information, contact Frito-Lay by phone at 1-800-352-4477.


#potatochips #lays #milk #allergy #recall

potatochips, lays, milk, allergy, recall




Recall On Ballreich’s BBQ Potato Chips



The FDA and the Ballreich Snack Food Co. announce the recall of Ballreich’s BBQ Potato Chips.  These chips are contaminated with salmonella.  This bacterium may cause serious or possibly fatal infections in the very young, elders, and those who are immunosuppressed or afflicted with complicating medical conditions.  It causes a gastroenteritis that may progress to general septicemia.  These chips were sold in the northeast, the northwest, the southwest, and in Ohio, Michigan, sand Indiana.  Do not consume this product.  Contact the Ballreich Snack Food Company at 1 (800) 323-2447 or via email at to arrange product replacement or refund.


#ballreich #bbqpotatochips #salmonella #recall

ballreich, bbqpotatochips, salmonella, recall



Variously Branded Infant Formulas Are Recalled



The FDA and the Able Group are recalling infant formulas sold under the HiPP, Holle, Bioland, and Kendamil brands.  These products contain insufficient iron supplementation and their labels fail to indicate that additional iron may be required in the diets of infants born prematurely or other low birth weights.  These products were sold online via  If you have these products, do not feed them to your infant and dispose of them.  You can contact the company by emailing them at to discuss refunds.


#infant #formula #iron #recall

infant, formula, iron #recall



Recall On Dark Chocolate Malt Balls



The FDA and DSD Merchandisers recall DSD Merchandisers Dark Chocolate Malt Balls.  This candy has undeclared peanuts.  If ingested, they could trigger a serious or even a life-threatening allergic reaction in peanut-allergic individuals.  These malt balls were sold in California and in Hawaii.  If you bought these malt balls, do not consume them but return them to the point of purchase.  For additional information, contact DSD by phone at 1-925-449-2044.


#maltballs #chocolate #peanuts #allergy #recall

maltballs, chocolate, peanuts, allergy, recall




Razor Hoverboard GLW Battery Packs Have Been Recalled



The CPSC and Razor are recalling the GLW lithium-ion battery packs used to power Razor Hovertrax 2.0 Self-Balancing Scooters and Hoverboards.  These battery packs are prone to overheating with resultant fires, explosions, and emission of toxic fumes.  About 237,300 of these battery packs have been sold by Walmart, Target, Toys R US, and other retail outlets as well as by,, and other online retailers.  If you have these battery packs installed in your Razor products, immediately stop using them and contact Razor by phone at 1-866-467-2967 or online at to obtain a prepaid shipping carton for shipping the GLW battery pack back to Razor and to request a free replacement battery pack.


#razor #batteries #lithiumion #hoverboards #fire #explosions #recall

razor, batteries, lithiumion, hoverboards, fire, explosions, recall




Recalls On Wee Gallery Ocean and Safari Wooden Tray Puzzles



The CPSC and Wee Gallery have recalled Wee Gallery Ocean and Safari Wooden Tray Puzzles.  The octopus and elephant puzzle pieces may break and create choking hazards for young children. About 7600 of these puzzles were sold in the US and about 550 were sold in Canada. Immediately take these recalled puzzles away from your children and contact Wee Gallergy  by phone at 1-800-282-5149 or via email at for a refund in the form of a $35 gift certificate for the purchase of any Wee Gallery product.


#weegallery #puzzles #choking #children #recall

weegallery, puzzles, choking, children, recall





Jimbo’s Bloody Mary Mix Is Recalled



The FDA and New England Cupboard are recalling Jimbo’s Bloody Mary Mix.  This product contains undeclared soy, wheat, and sulfites.  Those with allergies to soy, wheat, or sulfites could develop serious or life-threatening allergic reactions to these allergens.  This bloody mary mix was distributed and sold in ME, NH, VT, MA, MD, and mild Neo-Synephrine Nasal Spray.  If you purchased this product, call New England Cupboard at 1-207-848-4900 for a full refund.


#newenglandcupboard #jimbos #bloodmarymix #soy #wheat #sulfites #recall

newenglandcupboard, jimbos, bloodmarymix, soy, wheat, sulfites, recall



Recall On Keta Salmon Lox



The FDA and Loki Fish Co. have issued a recall of Keta Salmon Lox.  This food product is contaminated with listeria monocytogenes.  This bacterium causes a serious and sometimes fatal infection in the very young, elders, and those who are immunocompromised.  It can trigger miscarriages and stillbirths.  This product has been sold in Oregon and Washington state.  If you purchased this lox, don’t consume it.  Destroy it or return it to the place of purchase.  If you have additional questions, call the Loki Fish Company at 1-206-937-1048.


#loki #lox #listeria #recall

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Avanti Frozen Shrimp And Associated Products Are Recalled



The FDA and multiple companies have recalled products containing frozen shrimp from Avanti Frozen Foods that are contaminated with salmonella.  The products involved include sushi from Genji Pacific exclusively sold in California by Whole Foods, sushi from Mai Cuisine Inc sold in northern California by Target, sushi from Mai Franchising Inc. sold in northern California by New Leaf Community Markets, and finally frozen shrimp sold nationwide under various brands including Big River 365, Ahold, Censea, Cos, Cwno Brand, First Street, Nature’s Promise, Harbor Banks. Hos, Meijer, Sandbar, Sea Cove, Waterfront Bistro, Wellesley Farms, WFNO Brands, Hannaford, and FoodLion.  Salmonella causes serious and sometime fatal infections in the young, elders, and those with weak immune systems.  It triggers a gastroenteritis that may progress to bodyside sepsis.  If you bought ANY of these products, do not consume them.  Return them to the place of purchase.


#avanti #shrimp #sushi #salmonella #gastroenteritis #septicemia #recall

avanti, shrimp, sushi, salmonella, gastroenteritis, septicemia, recall

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