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HealthNews RoundUp - 1st Week of October 2022





CoVid Raises the Risk of Pediatric Diabetes

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Contracting CoVid doubles the risk that a child will develop insulin-dependent diabetes.  This the result of a matched cohort study completed by health informatics researchers at Cleveland’s Case Western Reserve University.


The study population included more than one million children under age 18 with 29% having contracted CoVid infections and 71% having contracted non-CoVid respiratory infections.  By 1, 3, and 6 months following their respective infections, those with CoVid histories had increased risks of type one diabetes that were 1.96, 2.1, and 1.8 fold higher than the controls.  The risks were higher for older children: for kids 0 to 9 years, CoVid bumped the risk of diabetes by 6 months 1.7 fold while for that 10-18 years that risk jumped 2.2 fold.


The take-home points are two-fold.  First, children infected with CoVid should be carefully monitored for the development of diabetes.  Finally, parents should do all they can to prevent their kids from getting a CoVid infection.


#diabetes #CoVid #insulin

diabetes, CoVid, insulin



Vaccinating Adults Against CoVid Protects Unvaxed Kids



An effective mass CoVid adult vaccination program in one Austrian region not only reduced new CoVid cases in all adults by 75% but it also reduced the CoVid cases in children by 65%.  Austrian microbiologists and statisticians report these results after studying population data from their country’s comprehensive epidemiological reporting system.


The researchers compared the incidence of CoVid infections among both adults and children in the Schwaz region before and after a Pfizer mRNA vaccination campaign that drove immunization rates from 5% to 60%.  The adult infections dropped 57% and the infections in the unvaccinated children also dropped 43%


They also compared the infection rates in highly vaccinated Schwaz with those in neighboring regions with only 5-10% vax rates.  Here the effect was most dramatic with the 75% difference for adults and the 65% difference for children that I mentioned at the beginning of the report.


So parents: even if you aren’t convinced that the CoVid vaccines are safe and effective for your kids… which they are, get yourselves vaccinated and boosted.  Your CoVid immunization will help you and your children as well as the rest of your community and all of us.


#CoVid #vaccines #adults #children

CoVid, vaccines, adults, children



Mouthwashes Confirmed To Kill CoVid



A common component of mouthwashes, cetylpyridinium chloride or CPC for short, is known to kill CoVid and its variants by itself or in the presence of saliva. Japanese biologists have now confirmed the work of British researchers, reported last year, showing that CPC-containing mouthwash can kill the original Wuhan CoVid and its alpha, beta, and gamma variants.


The researchers suggest that the CoVid virucidal effect is due to CPC-induced virus protein denaturation.  CPC appears to work better than chlorhexidine, another common mouthwash component.


We know that CoVid is present in saliva.  The saliva from an infected person, in addition to their respiratory secretions, can spread disease.  So use of a CPC-containing mouthwash can’t hurt in our fight against CoVid spread.  


The CPC mouthwashes include: Cepacol Antibacterial Mouthwash; Crest ProHealth Rinse; Colgate Zero Alcohol-Free Mouthwash, TheraBreath Oral Rinse; ACT Mouthwash; and Amazon Basics Antiseptic Rinse.


#cetylpyridium #cpc #mouthwash #CoVid 

cetylpyridium, cpc, mouthwash, CoVid 













Forty Percent + of Americans Have Terrible Health Insurance



The latest Commonwealth Fund health insurance survey of Americans shows that 43% are underinsured including 44% who bought individual policies and 29% covered by their employer.


Other findings: 46% skipped or delayed healthcare due to cost; 42% were burdened with medical debt; and 49% were unable to pay an unexpected $1000 medical bill.


#healthinsurance #underinsured #medicaldebt #employerinsurance

healthinsurance, underinsured, medicaldebt, employerinsurance



Instacart Launches A Health Division



Instacart, the grocery delivery people, announce a new focus on helping with home-based healthcare.  This initiative coincides with their upcoming IPO.  Instacart Health will offer a program for caregivers and medical teams to place grocery orders, presumably for healthy foods and supplies, on behalf of patients and family members.  This move comes as other delivery services and ride-share companies including Uber and Lyft continue their expansions into the healthcare space.


#instacart #health #caregivers #uber #lyft

instacart, health, caregivers, uber, lyft



CPSC Recalls



Eames Desk Units and Storage Units Have Lead Paint



The CPSC and the MillerKnoll company are recalling Eames Desk and Storage Units.  The painted tan side panels of these units contain lead levels that exceed the safe federal standards and create a lead poisoning hazard.  Lead is a neurotoxin and is particularly dangerous for young children.  About 700 of these pieces were sold at Herman Miller and Design Within Reach stores nationwide and online at,, and on other websites.  If you purchased one of these desks or storage units, contact MillerKnoll at 1-800-338-2107 or via email at to determine if your unit is on the recall.  If so, you can receive either a full refund and free product pickup or a free repair kit that includes a replacement panel.


#millerknoll #desks #storageunits #lead #poisoning #recall

millerknoll, desks, storageunits, lead, poisoning, recall



Optimus Gemini Portable 2-burner Stoves Leak Gas



The CPSC and Katadyn North America Inc. now recall Optimus Gemini Portable 2-burner Stoves.  The gas regulators on these stoves leak gas due to a defective seal leading to possible fires, burns, or explosions.  About 1100 of these stoves were sold at specialty outdoor and sporting goods stores nationwide and on various websites.  Immediately discontinue use of these stoves and return them to the point of purchase for a refund.  For more information, contact Katadyn North America Inc. at 1-800-755-6701.


#optimus #stove #gasleak #fire #burns #explosion #recall

optimus, stove, gasleak, fire, burns, explosion, recall



Swift Bicycle Bag Fastening Straps Easily Break



The CPSC and Swift Industries are recalling Swift Bicycle Bag Fastening Straps.  These rubber straps that attach the bag to the bicycle easily break permitting the bag to fall off the bike and create a crash hazard and possible injuries to the rider and bystanders.  About 1800 of these bags were sold at REI and EVO sporting goods stores, various bicycle shops and other stores nationwide and online at,, and  If you purchased one of these bags, discontinue using the included straps and contact Swift at 1-206-397-8638 or via the email to receive replacement straps.


#swift #bikebags #straps #crash #injury #recall

swift, bikebags, straps, crash, injury, recall



Hearth & Hand with Magnolia Tea Kettles Are Fire Hazards



The CPSC and Target are now recalling Hearth & Hand™ with Magnolia Tea Kettles for multiple issues.  The paint on the kettle’s bottom may chip, the handle may break, and the spout tends to leak all of which create burn and possible fire risks.  About 12,800 of these kettles were sold at Target stores and online at  Stop using these recalled kettles and return them to any Target store for a refund.  You can also contact Target at 1-800-440-0680 to arrange for a prepaid return shipping label or to obtain more information.


#target #kettle #paint #handle #spout #burn #recall

target, kettle, paint, handle, spout, burn, recall



Two Brands of Home Elevators May Entrap Children



The CPSC and Custom Elevator and Cambridge Elevating are recalling their residential elevators.  The spaces between the external landing doors and the interior elevator car door is wide enough that a child may become entrapped and suffer injuries or even death.  If you have one of these elevators in your home, discontinue using it.  Contact the elevator company to obtain free space guards and how to measure the space in order to use guards of the appropriate size.  Reach Custom Elevator at 1-888-443-2800 or via email at or Cambridge Elevating at 1-866-207-6551 or via email at



#elevator #residential #custom #cambridge #entrapment #injury #recall

elevator, residential, custom, cambridge, entrapment, injury, recall



Flynn Twin Full Bunk Beds With Ladders Create An Entrapment Hazard



The CPSC and Value City Furniture are recalling Flynn Twin Full Bunk Beds With Ladders.  The ladder geometry is flawed and its second rung is placed so close to the lower bunk frame that a child may be trapped between the two.  About 821 beds have been sold at American Signature Inc. and Value City Furniture stores nationwide and online at  If you own one of these bunk beds, stop using the ladder.  Value City Furniture and American Signature Furniture are providing replacement ladders with repair instructions.  For more information, contact Value City Furniture at 1-888-751-8552 or American Signature Furniture 1-888-751-8553.


#bunkbed #ladder #flynn #entrapment #strangulation

bunkbed, ladder, flynn, entrapment, strangulation



E-Z-GO RXV Personal Transportation Vehicles Have Defective Steering



The CPSC and Textron Specialized Vehicles are recalling 2022 and 2023 Freedom and Valor E-Z-GO RXV personal transportation vehicles.  The steering knuckles and A-arms on these utility vehicles break on impact leading to loss of vehicle control, crashes, and injuries to the driver and bystanders.  About 34,000 of these vehicles have been sold at EZ Go dealerships nationwide and online via E-Z-GO’s Dealer to Driveway program.  Immediately stop driving these vehicles and contact Textron Specialized Vehicles at 1-888-525-6040 or via email at to arrange for a free repair or to obtain more information about this recall.


#textron #ezgo #personalutilityvehicles #steering #crashes #injuries #recall

textron, ezgo, personalutilityvehicles, steering, crashes, injuries, recall



Hyperjuice Chargers and Battery Packs Can Overheat and Burn



The CPSC and Hyper Products are recalling HyperJuice Stackable GaN 65W and 100W USB-C Chargers and HyperJuice 130W USB-C Battery Packs.  These chargers and battery packs can overheat while charging and create fire and burn hazards.  About 18,200 of the chargers were sold in the US at B&H Photo stores and online at and hypershop.comm, 54 were sold in Canada, ad 4 were sold in Mexico.   About 13,700 of the battery packs were sold in the US at the same outlets, about 151 were sold in Canada, and about 7 were sold in Mexico.  Immediately stop using these chargers and batteries and contact Hyperstack Products at 1-866-203-5570 for a refund in the form of a online store credit at


#hypershop #chargers #batterypacks #overheating #fires #burns #recall

hypershop, chargers, batterypacks, overheating, fires, burns, recall




Toddleroo Rotating Cabinet Latches Cause Choking



The CPSC and North States Industries are recalling Toddleroo Rotating Cabinet Latches.  The latching buttons on these safety devices may detach and create a choking hazard for young children.  About 103,000 of these safety latches were sold at Walmart, BuyBuyBaby and other stores nationwide and online at and other websites.  Immediately stop using these recalled cabinet latches and contact North States Industries at 1-888-243-8350 to arrange for refunds after sending front and back photos of the latches to prove that they have been destroyed.


#toddleroo #latches #choking #children #recall

toddleroo, latches, choking, children, recall



Yamaha Viking Off-Road Side-by-Side Vehicles Have Defective Brakes



The CPSC and Yamaha Motor Corporation USA now recall Yamaha Viking Off-Road Side-by-Side vehicles.  The rear brake lines on these vehicles have been improperly installed and may fracture leading to brake fluid leakage, reduced braking power and vehicle control, crashes, and injuries involving the drivers, passengers, and bystanders.  About 330 of these vehicles were sold by authorized Yamaha dealers.  Immediately stop using these vehicles and contact Yamaha at 1-800-889-2624 to determine if your vehicle is recalled and to arrange free inspection and repair.


#yamaha #offroadvehicles #brakes #control #injuries #recall

yamaha, offroadvehicles, brakes, control, injuries, recall



BE Jewels Children’s Bowtie Hairclips Contain Lead



The CPSC and BE Jewel Accessories are recalling Children’s Bowtie Hairclips.  The crystals on these hair clips contain lead levels that exceed the permissible federal safe levels.  Lead is a neurotoxin and, if ingested, impedes a child’s normal development.  About 1200 hair clips were sold at Dollar stores and other discount stores nationwide.  If you bought these hair clips, immediately take them away from your children and contact BE Jewel Accessories at 1-212-273-0887 or email at to get information about how to dispose of the hair clips and receive a refund.


#bejewel #hairclips #lead #poisoning #neurotoxicity #children #recall

bejewel, hairclips, lead, poisoning, neurotoxicity, children, recall



Rockgeist BarJam Brackets May Cause Bicycle Accidents



The CPSC and Rockgeist are recalling Rockgeist BarJam Brackets that are used to attach camping gear to the bike while riding.  These brackets attached to the bicycle handlebars may crack and break allowing the attached gear to fall off and cause a bicycle accident and injuries to the rider or bystanders.  About 420 of these brackets were sold online at  Stop using these Barjam Brackets and contact Rockgeist at 1-828-747-7083 or via the email to arrange for redesigned replacement brackets.


#rockgeist #bicycle #brackets #camping #breaking #crash #injuries #recall

rockgeist, bicycle, brackets, camping, breaking, crash, injuries, recall




FDA Recalls



Additional Old Europe Cheeses and St. Louis Cheeses Are Recalled For Listeria



The FDA, Old Europe Cheese Inc., and Swiss American are expanding the recall of their Bree and Camembert cheeses due to contamination with listeria monocyogenes.    The following brands have additional affected products: St. Louis, Culinary Tour, La Bonne Vie, Lidl, Primo Taglio, and Reny Picot.  If you have any of these branded cheeses with best by dates of 12/14/2022, contact Old Europe at 1-269-925-5003 ext 335 to find out if your particular product is affected and for instructions regarding disposal and refunds.


#oldeurope #stlouis #cheese #bree #camebert #listeria #infection #recall

oldeurope, stlouis, cheese, bree, camebert, listeria, infection, recall



Diana’s Frozen Bananas With A Milk Chocolate Coating Have Peanuts



The CPSC and Dianas’s Bananas are recalling Diana’s Milk Chocolate Banana Babies in 10.5 oz packages.  These frozen chocolate dipped bananas contain undeclared peanuts.  Those with peanut allergies could develop serious or life-threatening allergic reactions should they consume these frozen bananas.  The affected product has a best buy date of C 08 05 23.  These bananas were sold at: Stater Brothers, San Bernardino, California; Albertsons/Safeway Irvine, California; Kroger Syracuse, Utah; Lipari Foods, Warren, Michigan; UNFI Iowa City, Iowa; and UNFI, Ridgefield, Washington.  Do not consume these frozen bananas and return them to the point of purchase for a refund.  Direct questions about this recall to Diana’s Bananas at 1-800-848-3641 or via the email


#dianasbananas #frozen #bananas #chocolate #peanut #allergy #recall

dianasbananas, frozen, bananas, chocolate, peanut, allergy, recall



H-E-B Meal Simple Tomato Basil Soup Has Label Mixup



The FDA and Bakkavor USA have recalled H-E-B Meal Simple Tomato Basil Soup in the 32 ounce format.  This product contains undeclared dairy in the form of milk.  The affected product has a best by of 12/2/2022.  It was sold in H-E-B stores in Texas.  The product was sold with a label for Meal Simple Beef Chili with Beans.  Due to this confusion, if you purchased either H-E-B Meal Simple Beef Chili with Beans or Meal Simple Tomato Basil Soup, return these products to the point of purchase for a refund or replacement with properly labeled product.  For additional information, call H-E-B Customer Service at 1-855-432-4438.


#heb #mealSimple #basilsoup #beefchili #milk #allergy #recall

heb, mealSimple, basilsoup, beefchili, milk, allergy, recall





Brie and Camembert Cheeses Have Listeria Contamination



The FDA and Old Europe Cheese are recalling all Brie and Camembert Cheeses sold under the following brands: Black Bear, Block and Barrel, Charmant, Cobblestone, Culinary Tour, Fredericks, Fresh Thyme, Glenview Farms, Good and Gather, Heinen, Joan of Arc, La Bonne Vie, Lidl, Life in Provence, Market 32, Maitre D’, Metropolitan, Prestige,  PrimoTaglio, Red Apple, Reny Picot, St. Randeaux, Taste of Inspiration, and Trader Joes.  These cheeses are contaminated with listeria monocytogenes.  The bacterium causes severe or life-threatening infections in the very young, older persons, and those with immune system deficits.    The products were sold  nationwide at Albertsons, Safeway, Meijer, Harding’s, Shaw’s, Price Chopper, Market Basket, Raley’s, Save Mart, Giant Foods, Stop & Shop, Fresh Thyme, Lidl, Sprouts, Athenian Foods, and Whole Foods. If you have any of these cheeses in your frig, do not consume it but return it to the point of purchase.  For additional information about the recall, call Old Europe Cheese at 1-269-925-5003 ext 335.


#cheese #brie #camebert #listeria #infection #recall

cheese, brie, camebert, listeria, infection, recall



Whole Foods Zerto Fontal Cheese Contains Egg



The FDA and Whole Foods are recalling Zerto Fontal Cheese.  The cheese contains the egg white protein lysozyme.  Those who are egg-allergic should develop a serious or life-threatening reaction should they develop these cheeses.  This cheese was sold allergic rhinitis Whole Food stores in New York, Connecticut, and New Jersey.  This cheese has a sell by dates of 9/21/2022 – 10/20/2022.  Return this cheese to the store with a valid receipt in order to claim a refund.  For additional information, call Whole Foods at 1-844-936-8255.


#wholefoods #fontalcheese #egg #allergy #recall

wholefoods, fontalcheese, egg, allergy, recall



Chai Concentrate Mixes Have Clostridium Bacterial Contamination



The FDA and Chai Box are recalling Chai Concentrate Mix 16 and 64 oz. bottles and Unsweetened Chai Concentrate Mix 9, 16, and 64 oz bottles.  These mixes are contaminated with Clostridium botulinum due to deviations in the commercial sterilization process.  This bacterium causes a weakening of all body muscles leading to respiratory failure, visual deficiencies, as well as speech and swallowing issues.  The affected products have best by dates between 09/22/2022 and 03/16/2023.  If you bought any of these products return them to the place of purchase for a refund.  For more information, contact The Chai Box at 1-844-242-4269 or via email at


#chaibox #chaiconcentrate #clostridium #botulism #infection #recall

chaibox, chaiconcentrate, clostridium, botulism, infection, recall



Holly Hill Dark Chocolate Almonds Contain Milk



The FDA and Momyer Distribution Inc have recalled Holly Hill Dark Chocolate Almonds.  This candy contains undeclared milk.  Those with milk allergies could develop serious and life-threatening allergic reactions should they ingest these chocolates.  This candy was sold in Oregon and Washington state at retail markets including Safeway/Albertsons and Roths Fresh Market.  The involved candy sold at Safeway/Albertsons has a Best By Date on or before 10/15/2023.  The product sold at Roths is labeled as Holly Hill Gourmet Snacks Dark Chocolate Almonds with a Best By Date on or before 10/21/2023.  If you bought these candies, return them to the point of purchase for a refund.  For more information, call the Momyer company at 1-503-393-3136.


#hollyhill #darkchocolate #almonds #milk #allergy #recall

hollyhill, darkchocolate, almonds, milk, allergy, recall



Wonder Pill Capsules Are Contaminated with an ED Drug



The FDA and the My Stellar Lifestyle company are recalling the Wonder Pill with lot numbers 20210912 and 31853-501 with an expiration date of 9/24.  These pills are tainted with tadalafil, a phosphosdiestase inhibitor drug marketed as the prescription erectile dysfunction drug Cialis.  This contaminant makes this over-the-counter supplement an unapproved drug with unproven safety and efficiency.  Using it could be dangerous for those taking nitrate-containing drugs including nitroglycerin due to the lowering of blood pressure to dangerous levels.  These pills were marketed by and    If you bought Wonder Pills, contact the outlet from which you made the purchase to arrange for a return and refund.  For additional information, contact Proper Trade LLC at 1-732-242-4711 or via the email


#wonderpill #tadalafil #ed #phosphodiesterase #hypotension #recall

wonderpill, tadalafil, ed, phosphodiesterase, hypotension, recall

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