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HealthNews RoundUp - 1st Week of November 2022





Blue Light Therapy Helps PTSD



Daily exposure to blue light each morning significantly improves Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder symptoms.  University of Arizona psychiatrists report these findings following their study of 82 PTSD sufferers.


All study participants committed to a daily 30 minute light treatment continued over a 6 week period.  The treatment group of 43 were exposed to blue wavelength LED lights operating at a wavelength of 469 nm while the 39 controls received amber LED light treatments at a wavelength of 578 nm.  All participants underwent neurocognitive and neuroimaging assessments to quantitate PTSD symptoms, sleep quality, and fear conditioning.


Blue light therapy reduced the numbers and severity of PTSD symptoms.  Light therapy improved sleep quality but both light wavelengths improved sleep.  The blue light improved the subjects abilities to extinguish fear memories.


#ptsd #sleep #bluelight #fear

ptsd, sleep, bluelight #fear



Common Health Indicators Predict Pancreatic Cancer Far Earlier



Studying the patterns of weight loss and increases in blood sugar can predict the development of pancreatic cancer at earlier and more treatable stages.  Researchers at UK’s University of Surrey compared with patterns of change in body mass indices (BMIs) and hemoglobin A1c levels (HbA1c) for 8777 patients ultimately diagnosed with pancreatic cancer and compared them with 34, 979 controls.


A drop in BMIs occurred a year before cancer diagnosis and an increase in HbA1c occurred 2 years proper to diagnosis.  These changes remained statistically significant for 2 to 3 years before actual cancer diagnosis.  A decrease in BMI was a stronger predictor of pancreatic cancer in diabetics than in non-diabetics.


Carefully following these weight and blood sugar trends will trigger pancreatic cancer screening at a point when aggressive surgical and medical therapy will be more successful.  Most pancreatic cancer is diagnosed too late.


#pancreaticcancer #bmi #hba1c @#weight #bloodsugar

pancreaticcancer, bmi, hba1c @#weight, bloodsugar



Common Acne Drug A Risk In The Absence of Abortion Rights



The prescription drug isotretinoin, branded as Accutane, is the last resort pharmaceutical therapy for severe acne.  Problem is that Accutane use triggers severe birth defects in 18-28% of live births and a 20% risk of miscarriage.


This very effective dermatologic drug is so dangerous to pregnant women and their developing babies that the FDA has mandated programs to avoid unplanned pregnancies in Accutane users.  The most recent is called the iPLEDGE program and it strictly regulates prescription of this drug and mandates a pre-use negative pregnancy test and monthly verified used of two forms of contraception.


Even with this strict program of birth control, 200-300 pregnancies per year occur while mothers are taking Accutane.  No contraception method is absolutely foolproof.  When pregnancy occurs and there is a high risk of severe birth defects, the treatment of choice is pregnancy termination.  But as of today, 13 states ban all terminations including these medically-indicated ones.


 $  Again, political meddling is interfering with good medical practice.


#acne #abortion #accutane #isotretinoin #birthdefects

acne, abortion, accutane, isotretinoin, birthdefects




CoVid Spread Snapshot As of 1st Week in November



To help you plan your activities while avoiding a case or another case of CoVid, I monitor the New York Time stats including cases per 100,000, the rise or fall of cases over the past 2 weeks, sand the rise and fall of deaths per 100,00.  We know that, with unrecorded  home testing, these numbers only help us see trends.


When cases are relatively high and/or rising, you protect yourself by keeping your CoVid immunity current, by avoiding crowds, and by using effective N95 or equivalent masks if indoors or in crowds.


In the Northeast: 

New York City remains the hotspot with 28/100K, +13%, deaths -52%.

Boston: 15, -3% drop, deaths +151%.

York County Maine: 18, -11% drop, deaths +59%.

Hartford: 16; -1% drop, deaths +120%.

Providence: 16, -16% drop, deaths +33%. 


In the Mid-Atlantic region: 

Philadelphia: 13, -4%, deaths -40%.

Pittsburgh: 15, +25%, deaths +4%.

Washington DC: 11, -9%, deaths +108%.

Baltimore: 10, - 20%, deaths +8%.


In the Southeast: 

Atlanta: 5,  -8%, deaths -51%.

Charlotte: 19, +63%, deaths 6%.

Orlando is 6, -4%, deaths -10%.

Palm Beach: 7, -11%, deaths -11%

Miami: 9, -14%, deaths -36%.


In the Mid-US: 

Chicago: 15, +24%,  deaths +2%.

Cleveland: 16, +37%, deaths +50%.

Montana: 10, -6%, deaths -55%.

Nashville: 12, +28%, deaths -12%.

New Orleans: 6 , +48%, deaths +40%.

Houston: 3 -38%,  deaths -37%.  


Stats for the West: 

LA: 9, -4%, deaths -50%.

San Francisco: 8, -20%, deaths +50%.

Portland OR: 9, -30%, deaths +13%.

Seattle:  9 , -6%, deaths+47%

La Vegas: 4,  -44%, deaths flat.

Phoenix: 9, -16%, deaths -73%.

Albuquerque: 24, +47%, deaths +600%.


#CoVid #cases 

CoVid, cases









Bacterial Ferry Boats For Cancer Chemotherapy



Swiss researchers are developing naturally magnetic bacteria belonging to the genus Magnetospirillum to carry chemotherapeutic agents into cancerous tumors.  These bacteria can be “loaded” with drugs and steered across blood vessel walls and deeply into tumor tissues using rotating magnetic fields.  The bacteria are able to carry chemotherapy drugs in nanospheres, fatty micro bubbles that are attached to bacterial cell walls.


#microrobots #bacteria #magnetic #nanospheres #cancer #chemotherapy

microrobots, bacteria, magnetic, nanospheres, cancer, chemotherapy




New Motorcycle Running Lights May Save Lives



A vertical array of 6 headlights makes a “hog” significantly more visible to drivers compared with a single headlight.  Rice University engineers tested a variety of motorcycle lighting configurations on the ability of motorists to quickly perceive and avoid an oncoming motorcycle.  While enlarging the size of a horizontal array of lights did not improve driver perception, stacking headlights in a way that more accurately represents the motorcycle height results in better automobile driver perception of the cycle’s presence.!


#motocycles #lights #accidents

motocycles, lights, accidents






Pfizer’s RSV Vaccine Candidate Looks Promising



Pfizer’s RSV vaccine, called RSVpreF, generates antibodies against the fusion protein that the RSV virus uses to enter human respiratory cells.  The vaccine is designed to be administered to pregnant women who produce antibodies against the fusion protein that pass across the placenta to their developing babies.  The antibodies then protect the newborns against RSV for their first 6 months when they are most vulnerable.  The ongoing Phase 3 study of some 7400 pregnant women so far reveals 82% protection against severe RSV during a baby’s first 3 months and an overall 69% protection level over the first 6 months.  Expect an FDA application by the end of 2022.


#pfizer #rsv #vaccine #newborns #fusion

pfizer, rsv, vaccine, newborns, fusion



Vitiligo Drug FDA-Approved



The FDA has approved ruxolitinib, the Janus kinase inhibitor, branded as Incyte’s Jakafi, effectively treats the auto-immune skin disease vitiligo that extinguishes natural skin color.  The drug is now approved for all those 12 and older.


Jakafi mediated the return of a natural skin color in half of those using it.  When effective, it mediated the return of 75% or more of facial pigment and 50% or more of pigment in all sites skin.  Over 1/3 of adults and 50% of teens enjoyed cosmetically acceptable resolution of their vitiligo following a year of use.


#vitiligo #ruxolitinib #incyte #jakafi #autoimmune

vitiligo, ruxolitinib, incyte, jakafi, autoimmune





CPSC Recalls



Air Wick Aerosol Air Freshener Cans May Rupture



The CPSC and the Reckitt company announce the recall of AirWick Fresh New Day® aerosol air fresheners - “Fresh Linen” and “Fresh Waters” scents.  A single batch of these air fresheners is missing a corrosion inhibitor leading to can corrosion and rupture with squirting of contents with possible skin and eye irritation as well as lacerations.  About 67,000 cans are involved that have been sold nationwide.  The affected products have a batch code of B22077-NJ and a date code of 18/03/22.  Stop using these recalled air fresheners, wrap the product in several layers of paper, and dispose of the cans.  To obtain a free voucher for a safe replacement, contact Reckitt by phone at 1-800-228-4722 or online at snd be prepared to submit a photo of the air freshener can.


#airwick #aerosol #airfreshener #corrosion #rupture #eye #skin #irritation #recall

airwick, aerosol, airfreshener, corrosion, rupture, eye, skin, irritation, recall



Power Plus Tora Portable Power Charging Stations May Ignite



The CPSC and Power Plus are recalling. Power Plus Tora Portable Power Charging Stations.  The lithium-ion batteries in these charging stations may overheat and catch fire while charging leading to fires, explosions, burns, and other injuries.  About 115 of these chargers were sold by Shutter distributors and installers in Florida, North Carolina, Texas and Virginia and online at  Immediately stop using these charging stations and contact Power Plus at 1-888-299-8672 or via email at for instructions regarding the return of the charger and a full refund.


#powerplus #charger #batteries #lithiumion #fires #burns #explosions #recall

powerplus, charger, batteries, lithiumion, fires, burns, explosions, recall



Black and Decker Garment Steamers Leak



The CPSC and Empower Brands are recalling BLACK+DECKER Model HGS011 Easy Garment Steamers.  These steamers may leak hot water and steam leading to burns.  About 518,000 steamers were sold at Walmart, Target, Bed Bath & Beyond and other stores nationwide as well as online at and  The affected products have date codes from 102ZJ to 210ZJ.  Immediately stop using these steamers and contact Empower Brands at 1-800-990-5298 or via email at to receive a free replacement upper assembly.


#blackanddecker #steamer #leakage #burns #recall

blackanddecker, steamer, leakage, burns, recall



FUUL Paraffin Lamp Oil Bottles Are Not Child-Safe



The CPSC and FHS Retail are recalling FUUL 1.9L Pure Liquid Paraffin Lamp Oil bottles.  These bottles contain low-viscosity petroleum distillates which must be sold in child-resistant packaging with mandatory warning labels.  These petroleum distillates can cause chemical pneumonia and lung damage the may be fatal.  About 1700 of these bottles were sold online at    If you have bottles of this lamp oil, store them out of reach of your children.  Contact FHS Retail by email at for a full refund by sending a photo of the product and a statement that you have safely disposed of the product.


#fuul #parafinoil #petroleum #poisoning #children #labeling #recall

fuul, parafinoil, petroleum, poisoning, children, labeling, recall



RadWagon 4 Electric Cargo Bikes Have Faulty Tires



The CPSC and Rad Power Bikes are recalling Rad Power Bikes.  The rim strip on these bike’s tires are misaligned leading to tire tube rupture, tire damage, loss of bike control, and injuries to the rider and bystanders.  About 29,300 of these bikes were sold nationwide at Reactive airway disease Power Bike stores and online at  Stop riding these recalled bikes and contact Rad Power Bikes at 1-844-406-2703 or via email at to schedule a free repair, tire replacements, and rim strip replacements.


#radpowerbikes #tires #rupture #crashes #injuries #recall

radpowerbikes, tires, rupture, crashes, injuries, recall



Myx Exercise Bicycles Have Dangerous Pedals



The CPSC and Myx and MyFitness are recalling MYX I, MYX II and MYX II Plus Connected Exercise Bicycles.  The pedals on these exercise bikes  readily loosen and detach if not properly tightened when installed leading to injuries.  About 162,000 of these exercise bikes were sold online at and  Stop using these recalled bikes until you tighten the pedals using the instructions that Myx will provide you via email.  To receive the information, contact Myx at 1-855-898-1275.  If your bike’s pedals have already fallen off, call the company to schedule a free in-home repair.


#myx #exercisebike #pedals #detachment #injuries #recall

myx, exercisebike, pedals, detachment, injuries, recall



Stashables Finger Skateboard Ramp Sets Have Lead Paint



The CPSC and BS Interactive are recalling Stashables Finger Skateboard 6-piece Ramp Sets.  The surface paint on these miniature skateboard and scooter toys in the ramp sets contain levels of lead that exceed the federal lead paint ban posing a risk of lead poisoning.  Lead is toxic to a growing child’s brain.  About 17,000 of these sets were sold online at and  Immediately take these toys away from your children.  Contact BS Interactive at 1-888-808-0173 or via email at to receive free replacement toy scooters and skateboards.


#stashables #skateboards #scooters #lead #children #poisoning #recall

stashables, skateboards, scooters, lead, children, poisoning, recall



Clark’s Navy Blue Women’s Shoes Are Poisonous



The CPSC and Clarks America are recalling Breeze Ave, Breeze Shore and Breeze Step 2022 women’s shoes in navy colors.  The shoes’ upper material contains the toxic chemicals benzidine and/or dimethoxybenzidine.  About 113,000 of these shoe pairs were sold in the US and about 10,000 were sold in Canada.  Stop wearing these shoes and return them to the place of purchase.  In the alternative, you may consult for information regarding the receipt of a full refund.  You will need to upload a photo of the shoes to confirm that yours are included in the recall.  Clarks will send free prepaid shipping materials.


#clarks #women #shoes #navy #benzidine #dimethoxybenzidine #poison #recall

clarks, women, shoes, navy, benzidine dimethoxybenzidine, poison, recall



Tangame Busy House Toys Contain Lead



The CPSC and Tangame Toys are recalling Tangame Busy House Toys.  The yellow-painted metal zippers and the orange plastic phone cords both contain level levels that exceed the federal lead content restrictions and the blue plastic horn bulb contains phthalates that exceed the federally-permissible levels.  Lead and phthalates are both toxic to children.  About 100 of these busy boxes were sold at  Take this recalled busy box away from your children and contact Tangame Toys via email at for information regarding safe disposal of this product and receipt of a full refund.


#tangame #busybox #lead #phthalate #poisoning #children #recall

tangame, busybox, lead, phthalate, poisoning, children, recall



Bolt Foldable Children’s Scooters Contain Lead



The CPSC and Anker Play Products have recalled Bolt Foldable Children’s Scooters.  The paint on these scooters contains lead levels above the permissible federal levels.  Lead is neurotoxic and dangerous for young children.  About 5,000 of these scooters were sold at discount stores nationwide.  Take these scooters away from your kids and contact Anker Play Products at 1-877-236-1945 or via email at to receive a full refund.


#bolt #scooters #lead #children #poisoning #recall

bolt, scooters, lead, children, poisoning, recall





FDA Recalls



Cedar Creek Popcorn’s Old-Fashioned Caramel Holiday Popcorn Box Contains Gluten



The FDA and Cedar Creek Popcorn are recalling Cedar Creek Popcorn’s Old-Fashioned Caramel Holiday Popcorn Boxes.  The package label touts it as a gluten-free product, but the popcorn does contain gluten.  Those with a gluten-sensitivity or celiac disease could develop a serious or life-threatening reaction should they consume this popcorn.  This product was sold nationwide at Tractor Supply Company stores.  If you purchased this popcorn and you or a family member are gluten-sensitive, contact the Cedar Creek Popcorn company at 1-319-573-7409 to obtain a refund.


#cedarcreek #popcorn #gluten #celiac #allergy #recall

cedarcreek, popcorn, gluten, celiac allergy, recall



Daiso Tiramisu Twist Cookies Secretly Contain Nuts



The FDA and Daiso California LLC are recalling Daiso Tiramisu Twist Cookies.  These cookies contain undeclared almonds and hazelnuts.  Those who have allergies to these nuts could develop serious and life-threatening allergic reactions should they consume this cookies.  Daiso Tiramisu Twist Cookies have been sold in Daiso stores in California, Washington, Nevada, Texas, New York, and New Jersey.  If you bought these cookies, return them to any Daiso store for a full refund.  If you have questions about this recall, phone 1-833-888-1610 or email


#daiso #cookies #tiramisu #almonds #hazelnuts #allergy #recall

daiso, cookies, tiramisu, almonds, hazelnuts, allergy, recall



Zingerman’s Harvest Pumpkin Gelato and Paw Paw Gelato Contain Egg



The FDA and Zingerman’s Creamery have recalled Zingerman’s Harvest Pumpkin gelato and Paw Paw gelato.  These products contain undeclared egg.  These gelatos were sold in Ann Arbor and Chelsea Michigan at Zingerman’s Creamery and Deli stores, Argus Farm Stop, and Agricole Farm Stop and online at  If you bought these products, return them to any Zingerman’s Creamery store for a full refund. For more information call Zingerman’s at 1-734-929-6450.


#zingermans #gelato #egg #allergy #recall

zingermans, gelato, egg, allergy, recall



Whole Foods Dipping Caramel Has Wheat



The FDA and Whole Foods Market are recalling Whole Foods Dipping Caramel.  This product contains undeclared wheat.  Those with a wheat allergy, those with gluten-sensitivities and celiac disease could develop a serious or life-threatening reaction should they consume this caramel.  This product was sold at Whole Foods Stores in Regency-Omaha, Nebraska in Basalt, Longmont, snd Highlands Ranch Colorado, and in Olathe Kansas.  If you bought this dipping caramel, return it to your Whole Foods Market with your printed receipt for a full refund.  For additional information, call Whole Foods at 1-844-936-8255.


#wholefoods #caramel #wheat #gluten #celiac #allergy #recall

wholefoods, caramel, wheat, gluten, celiac, allergy, recall

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