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RoundUp - 1st Week of April 2024 






Consent Needed For Private Parts’ Exams



Hospitals and medical schools across the US opened up e-letters on April 1st from the Department of Health and Human Services, and it was no April Fool’s joke.  The letter heralded guidance rules and regulations regarding the new requirement for a patient’s written informed consent to any and all “sensitive and intimate examinations including pelvic, breast, prostate, and rectal” particularly those performed under anesthesia by all staff and trainees.


The medical necessity for these exams should be explained to the patient before signing is requested whether the exam is planned for the immediate future or was conducted due to unforeseen circumstances while the patient was under anesthesia.  In all circumstances, you, as the patient, have the right to refuse consent for such examinations by licensed providers and/or by trainees including medical students, fellows, nurse practitioners, physician assistants, and student nurses.


So expect to be asked to sign such consents from now on..  Be a good medical consumer and ask why such exams are necessary and in your best interest.  Also, be sensitive to the need for training excellence which can only be achieved by practice and repetition.


#informed #consent #pelvic #breast #rectal #prostate #trainees

informed, consent, pelvic, breast, rectal, prostate, trainees



AI Search For New Diet Drugs



With the astronomical success of the GLP-1 agonist drugs including semaglutide and tirzepatide, shortages of these drugs are driving a search for alternatives using artificial intelligence techniques.  In addition to finding more diet drugs, the search is on for new compounds with fewer side effects.


Spanish researchers are due to tell this spring’s European Congress on Obesity that their AI search of more than 10,000 naturally occurring compounds has identified two compounds that stimulate GLP-1 receptors.  These agents, dubbed Compounds A and B, are non-peptides and, as such, can be administered orally eliminating the need for injection.  


Once these agents were identified, the investigators have used computer models to predict how well they will work in the human body.


 More to come.


#diet #glp1agonist #semaglutide #tirzepatide #AI 

diet, glp1agonist, semaglutide, tirzepatide, AI 



Acne Products Trigger Benzene Toxicity



Ninety-five percent of benzoyl peroxide-containing cosmetics contain detectable levels of the human carcinogen benzene.  Even more worrisome: 89% of these products will harbor significantly toxic benzene concentrations if heated to levels considered safe by pharmaceutical standards.


These findings prompted the independent testing lab Valisure to seek a mandatory FDA recall of all acne medications that contain benzoyl peroxide or BP for short.  The tested products include Equate Beauty 2.5% BP cleansers, Neutrogena 10% BP cleanser, CVS Health 10% BP face wash, Walgreens 10% BP cream, Clean & Clear 10% cleanser, Equate Beauty 10% BP acne wash, and Proactiv 2.5% BP cleanser.


Predictably, some of the companies manufacturing BP-containing products as well their national trade association took issue with some of the test procedures.  Others groups have validated the reliability of these tests.


While more investigations are ongoing, the best advice is to avoid storing any of these BP-containing products at temperatures above room temperature.  If you live in a hot climate, refrigerate these products.  Furthermore, don’t use the products beyond their expiration dates.


This is an ongoing story, so stay tuned,


#benzoylperoxide #BP #benzene #carcinogen #heat #acne

benzoylperoxide, BP, benzene, carcinogen, heat, acne



Secondhand Vapors From E-Cigarettes Are Toxic



Just as second hand smoke contains dangerous compounds that can induce lung disease and worse, the fumes from e-cigarettes are transmitting chemicals into the bodies of anyone in the vaper’s vicinity.  Nurse researchers from Emory University now report that metabolites of agents contained in vaping liquids have been detected in the blood and saliva of children whose parents use e-cigarettes.


Worse still, half of parents were unaware that e-cigarette vapors posed any risk to children.  Specifically, 58% of vaping parents in a focus group thought that vapors from their own devices were creating very mild or no risk to their own children.


The vapors from e-cigarettes contain addicting levels of nicotine as well as volatile organic compounds that have inflammatory and/or carcinogenic effects on the lungs.  If you must vape or smoke electronic cigarettes, don’t do it around your children or around any children.


#vaping #ecigarettes #children #lungs #inflammation #carcinogens

vaping, ecigarettes, children, lungs, inflammation, carcinogens



Measles Vaccine For The Religious



Those who religions’ dietary laws forbid the ingestion of any foods or proteins from pigs often use this prohibition as the reason for rejecting the use of vaccines including the measles vaccine for their children and themselves.  It is true that many vaccines do use porcine gelatin, but there is an alternative.


The Priorix Measles, Mumps, and Rubella vaccine contains beef rather than pig gelatin.  Studies have shown that Priorix is as effective and safe a vaccine as those that contain pig gelatin.


So…. If you adhere to kosher or Halal food laws, ask your child’s or your own medical team about Priorix.  You can protect your family and your community by preventing the spread of communicable disease and still be faithful to your religious beliefs.


#mmr #vaccine #measles #pork #beef #gelatin #halal #kosher #muslim #judaism

mmr, vaccine, measles, pork, beef, gelatin, halal, kosher, muslim, judaism










Inhalable NanoBubbles Treat Lung Cancer



Columbia University biomedical engineers have harnessed the method by which cells normally communicate with each other in order to deliver poison pill chemotherapy directly to lung cancer cells.  Knowing that structures called exosomes are cell-to-cell messengers, the researchers have engineered these so-called extracellular vehicles to convey messengerRNA capable of directing lung cancer cells to produce suicidal chemotherapy.


Comparing their engineered exosomes to liposomes of the type successfully used to convey CoVid vaccine mRNA, they demonstrated the superiority of exosomes for chemotherapy delivery.  These exosomes, delivered by the latest inhalation devices, can transmit to ailing cells powerful immunotherapy including that driven by interleukins such as IL-12.


These bioengineered exosomes or EVs for extracellular vesicles can also be employed to deliver other agents to a variety of cells in a variety of diseased organs.  Though not yet being tested in clinical trials, we hope that these microscopic sacs of therapy will begin to save human lives…..someday soon.


#exosomes #cancer #chemotherapy #immunotherapy #il12

exosomes, cancer, chemotherapy, immunotherapy, il12



Skin Biopsy For Parkinson’s Diagnosis



It may soon be possible to diagnose not only Parkinson’s but other degenerative neurologic disorders with simple skin biopsies.  This the promise suggested by a new study from Harvard-Beth Israel Hospital neurologists.


Parkinson’s Disease, Lewy body dementia, multiple system atrophy, and pure autonomic failure are neurologic disorders with a distinctive deposit of the compound phosphorylated alpha-synuclein (P-synuclein) in tissues throughout the nervous system.  The Harvard study evaluated the practicality of detecting this telltale compound in simple skin biopsies.


After evaluating leg, thigh and neck skin samples from 428 individuals with these neurologic disorders, the data demonstrated the presence of P-synuclein in 93% of those with Parkinson’s, 96% of those with Lewy body dementia, 98% of those with multiple system atrophy, and 100% of those with pure autonomic failure.


New studies are underway to validate the usefulness of P-synuclein skin biopsies as predictors of these neurologic diseases.  If the technique proves useful, it may be possible to diagnose these disorders earlier and deploy proactive therapy…Some day soon.


#skin #biopsy #parkinsons #dementia #psynuclein 

skin, biopsy, parkinsons, dementia, psynuclein 











Household Chemicals May Trigger MS And Possibly Also ADHD and Autism



Fire-inhibiting and disinfecting compounds, both of which are commonly found around our homes, damage the specialized cells that create the insulating coverings around nerves called myelin sheaths.  The absence of these sheaths is associated with multiple sclerosis.


Case Western Reserve investigators have demonstrated that organophosphate flame retardants found in furniture and electronics stop the maturation of the sheath-generating oligodendrite cells while the quinaternary ammonium compounds found in disinfectants and in personal care products are frankly damaging to such cells.  Epidemiologic analyses indicate that these chemicals and the toxicity they induce are also associated with neurodevelopmental pathology including attention-deficit and autism spectrum disorders.


The take away: pregnant women and young children should not be exposed to these agents.  Read product labels carefully.


#flameretardants #disinfectives #myelin #oligodentrites #autism #hyperactivity

flameretardants, disinfectives, myelin, oligodentrites, autism, hyperactivity



Topical Pain Killers Are Toxic



The FDA is now out with a warning about skin creams sold for use after tattooing, piercings, laser hair removal, and dermabrasion.  Most of these agents contain the local anesthetic lidocaine in concentrations that are dangerous. The FDA warns that using agents with lidocaine concentrations above 4% is dangerous.


The agency has fired off cease and desist warning letters to 6 companies.


The companies and their dangerous products include:


In general, avoid lidocaine products more concentrated than 4%, don’t use them on injured skin, and don’t wrap the skin with plastic coverings after applying the medications.  High concentrations of lidocaine in the bloodstream causes arrhythmias, seizures, and respiratory problems.


#topical #analgesics #lidocaine #tattoo #piercing #dermabrasion #hairremoval

topical, analgesics, lidocaine, tattoo, piercing, dermabrasion






New Moderna CoVid Vaccine: Highly Targeted, More Stable



The next generation of Moderna’s mRNA CoVid vaccines will be directed against two key portions of the virus’ spike protein rather than the entire spike.  Creating mRNA that codes only for the spike’s N-terminal domain (NTD) and the receptor binding domain (RBD) generates blocking antibodies against these two spike regions that play the greatest roles in viral attachment to human cells.  As a result, this improved vaccine will be more active against variants and subvariants that pop up.


The other good news about this new vaccine family, dubbed mRNA-1283 in contrast to the initial Moderna offering labeled mRNA 1273, is that it offers enhanced stability in the refrigerator vs. the freezer.  In addition, the new vaccine is effective at lower doses with fewer potential side effects.


Look for this new Moderna offering in the fall.


#moderna #CoVid #vaccine #mRNA #NTD #RBD #stability

moderna, CoVid, vaccine, mRNA, NTD, RBD, stability



CPSC Recalls



Forias Pack and Play Mattresses Can Suffocate



The Consumer Product Safety Commission and Forias Direct as recalling Forias pack and play mattresses.  This memory foam mattress violates multiple federal safety standards for crib mattresses including thickness and labeling.  The mattress creates suffocation hazards.


About 1900 of these crib mattresses have been sold at


Stop using these crib mattresses. Cut the mattress in half and send a photo to and receive a full refund.


#forias #crib #packandplay #mattress #thickness #labeling #suffocation #recall

forias, crib, packandplay, mattress, thickness, labeling, suffocation, recall



Polaris Snowmobiles Leak Fuel



The Consumer Product Safety Commission and Polaris Industries are recalling Model Year 2022-2023 Snowmobiles equipped with PATRIOT BOOST Engines.  The fuel lines of these engines leak creating fire and burn hazards.


About 7,000 of these snowmobiles were sold in the US and about 3,100 were sold in Canada.  Remember too that these snowmobiles have been recalled in February 2022August 2022November 2022May 2023, and August 2023.


Stop fueling and riding these snowmobiles and contact Polaris or a Polaris dealer to schedule a free fuel line inspection and repair.  Reach Polaris at 1-800-765-2747 for more information.


#polaris #snowmobile #fuelline #leakage #fire #burns #recall 

polaris, snowmobile, fuelline, leakage, fire, burns, recall



Purefog Fog Liquid Is Moldy



The Consumer Product Safety Commission and Pure Brands of California are recalling Purefog High Density Natural Fog Juice Liquid, Long Lasting, Water Based.  This liquid degrades before the expiration date and may contain fungus.  Breathing this fog can induce a fungal pneumonia.  This liquid is designed for use with fog machines rated at 400-1500 watts.


About 3,300 jugs of this fog liquid have been sold on


Immediately stop using this fog liquid, pour it down the drain, and contact Pure Brands at 1-888-622-6536 or via email at for a full refund.


#fog #purebrands #mold #fungus #pneumonia #recall

fog, purebrands, mold, fungus, pneumonia, recall



BJ’s Citronella Tiki Torches May Torch You



The Consumer Product Safety Commission and BJ’s Wholesale Club now recall Berkley Jensen Citronella 72-inch Tiki Torches.  The top of the torch tends to break open or fall off while lit leading to burns.


About 90,000 of these tiki torches were sold at BJ’s.


Stop lighting and using these tiki torches.  Empty the fuel reservoirs and return the torches to BJ’s for a full refund.


#tiki #torch #bjs #burns #recall

tiki, torch, bjs, burns, recall




FDA Recalls



Abdallah Almond Alligator Boxes Have The Incorrect Product Label



The Food and Drug Administration and Abdallah Candies now recall some boxes of Abdallah Candies 8 oz. sea salt almond alligators.  These boxes are mislabeled with chocolate covered cherry labels rather than the almond labels.  Those with an allergy to almonds could develop a serious or life-threatening allergic reaction should they consume this product. 


These mislabeled candy boxes with a code of 0315 were sold nationwide during the month of March.


Return this box of candies to the place of purchase for a full refund.  For additional information, call Abdallah Candies at 1-800-348-7328.


#abdallah #candy #chocolate #almond #alligators #cherries #allergy #recall

abdallah, candy, chocolate, almond, alligators, cherries, allergy, recall



ForeverMen Energy Boost Capsules Are Tainted


The Food and Drug Administration and FAonline Inc. now recall ForeverMen Natural Energy Boost supplements. They are contaminated with the phosphodiesterase inhibitors sildenafil and tadalafil commonly prescribed for erectile dysfunction.  These drugs do not belong in supplements and pose a danger for those taking nitrate drugs such as nitroglycerine.


If you have this product, do not use it.  Contact FAonline INC. at the email for more information and a refund.


#forevermen #phosphodiestereseinbitors #nitrates #hypotension #recall

forevermen, phosphodiestereseinbitors, nitrates, hypotension, recall




Deluxe Macarons Contain Multiple Allergens



The Food and Drug Administration and Lidl US are recalling Deluxe Macarons Party Edition as they contain undeclared wheat, soy, egg, milk, and tree nuts (almonds, pistachios, and coconut).  The problem is that these macrons bear non-English ingredient labeling.


These macarons have been sold at Lidl US stores in Delaware, District of Columbia, Georgia, Maryland, New Jersey, New York, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, and Virginia.


Don’t consume these macarons.  Return them to your Lidl store for a full refund.  For more information, call the Lidl US Customer Care Hotline at 1-844-747-5435.


#lidl #macarons #allergens #nuts #wheat #soy #egg #milk #gluten #celiac #recall

lidl, macarons, allergens, nuts, wheat, soy, egg, milk, gluten, celiac, recall



Helados Mexico Mango Bars Have Salmonella



The Food and Drug Administration and Tropicale Foods have recalled Helados Mexico mango bars in the variety pack.  These bars have salmonella contamination.  Affected are bars with a Best By date of 10/11/2025.


Sold in Iowa, Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Massachusetts, Maryland, Maine, Michigan, North Carolina, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, South Carolina, Tennessee, Virgina, Wisconsin, West Virgina, and Washington, DC.


Do not consume these bars.  Dispose of them.  For more information and a question of refunds, contact Tropicale Foods communications department at 1-909-563-3090.


#heladosmexico #mango #bar #salmonella #infection #recall

heladosmexico, mango, bar, salmonella, infection, recall



Geissler’s Sushi Contains Multiple Allergens



The Food and Drug Administration and Geissler’s Supermarket Inc. have recalled all Geissler’s sushi products due to the presence of undeclared egg, wheat, or milk.  Those with an allergy to these foods, with a gluten sensitivity, or with celiac disease could develop a serious or life-threatening allergic reaction should they consume these products.  Affected are sushi products with a sell by date of 3/27-28/2024.


Affected are sushi products with a sell by date of 3/27-28/2024.


Do not consume this sushi.  Return it to the place of purchase for a full refund.  Additional information is available by phone at 1-860-623-0176 or by email at


#geisslers #sushi #allergic #egg #milk #wheat #recall

geisslers, sushi, allergic, egg, milk, wheat, recall



Food Club Flour Has Hidden Allergens



The Food and Drug Administration and the Shawnee Milling Company now recall 5 lb.bags of Food Club brand All Purpose Flour with Best if Used by date 03/07/2025.  This flour contains undisclosed milk or eggs.


This flour has been sold in New York and in Ohio.


Return this flour to the place of purchase for a refund.  For additional information, call Shawnee at 1-800-654-2600.


#shawnee #flour #allergy #milk #eggs #recall

shawnee, flour, allergy, milk, eggs, recall


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