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HealthNews RoundUp - 5th Week of July 2020



There’s An Emergency And We’re All First Responders



The way to fight CoVid while ensuring your health and happiness and that of your loved ones is to VOTE and compel anyone you know to VOTE.  That vote must go to those who can responsibly manage us out of this pandemic both in terms of public health and economics.


Most advanced nations achieved these goals, but we Americans have failed miserably.  More than 150,000 of our friends and family have died.  We need a change at the top, and for the next 3 months I will suspend these reports and use all my energy to make it happen.   In this CoVid emergency, the first responder is YOU, the voter. 


#covid #voting #politics #publichealth

covid, voting, politics, publichealth



Mask Wearing Does Not Breed CoVid Carelessness



Wearing a face mask does not prompt people to omit physical distancing or hand washing.  This the conclusion of a British investigation that reviewed 22 studies.


Six studies of more than 2,000 households show in the aggregate that those wearing masks are not more likely to aggregate in large crowded groups or dispense with commonsense hand washing.  Three studies actually showed that people tend to move away from those with masks thereby maintaining distancing.  Six studies showed mask wearing fails to negatively impact hand sanitizing.


Wearing a mask, distancing, and washing are the three keys to stopping CoVid and getting back to normal living.  MDW!


#covid #masks #distancing #washing

covid, masks, distancing, washing




Non-CoVid Vaccines May Help CoVid



Administration of common vaccines are associated with lower CoVid infection rates.  Researchers at the Mayo Clinic report this observation after their study of immunization records of some 137,000 individuals.


Their data show that immunizations with the commonly used vaccines including polio, HIB, pneumococcal, influenza, and hepatitis are associated with lower risks of CoVid for up to 5 years.  HIB vaccine reduces the risk by 47%, polio vaccine cuts it by 43%, pneumovax by 38%, flu vaccines by 36%, and hepatitis vaccines by 20%.


The study isn’t perfect, and CoVid prevention is not the best reason for receiving these vaccines.  It is is yet another incentive for getting indicated vaccinations on a timely basis.


#covid #vaccines

covid, vaccines



CoVid  Antibody Tests Not All Created Equal



A new CoVid antibody test is better able to detect antibodies that actually can protect you from the virus.  University of North Carolina researchers now announce this test and its benefits in the journal Science Immunology.


Most commercially available CoVid antibody tests measure antibodies to the nucleocapsid or N antigens, while this test measures spike protein antibodies, the receptor-binding-domain, or RBD.  These antibodies neutralize CoVid by spike protein cell attachment and viral entry and are the ones that vaccines must trigger.


This RBD antibody test, particularly if routinely used to report numeric levels of anti-CoVid antibodies, should finally tell us if an individual is CoVid immune.


#covid #covid #spikeprotein #nucleocapsid #vaccine

covid, covid, spikeprotein, nucleocapsid, vaccine



Have 3 Cloth Layers In Your Face Masks



If you make a mask, put at least 2 layers and ideally 3 in that mask.  Australian researchers make that recommendation after high speed photographic studies of aerosols emanating from a subject through masks of various constructions.


The investigators used cotton fabric with a thread count of 170 to create one and two layered masks to compare with a 3 layered surgical mask.  The visual recording system captured still and video images while the healthy subject was speaking, coughing, and sneezing.


The single layered mask reduced aerosol spread with speaking and coughing but not with sneezing.  The 2 layered mask was better but not as good as the 3 layer surgical mask.


#covid #mask #cotton #surgicalmask

covid, mask, cotton, surgicalmask



Children May Be COVID Super-Spreaders



Children younger than 5 years with an active COVID infection have from 10 to 100 times more virus in their noses and throats compared with older children and adults.  This the conclusion of studies at Northwestern and Chicago’s Lurie Children’s Hospital of 145 CoVid-infected individuals of various ages.


The investigators indicate that young children could very well be important sources of CoVid spread within their own families and in the general population.  Older children appear to be no more infectious virus than do adults.


Children in day care and pre-school should be carefully monitored for COVID infection, and those adults and kids in most vulnerable categories must stay away from them.


#covid #toddlers #children #superspreaders

covid, toddlers, children, superspreaders



Fido May Help Lick CoVid



A group of trained Australian dogs can sniff out CoVid-infected persons with excellent and sometimes 100% accuracy.  These highly-trained canines are part of an international program coordinated by France’s National Veterinary School.


The animals are conditioned to detect characteristic odors emanating from the respiratory tracts of CoVid-infected persons using the same protocols used for explosive-detection training.  This work seems perfectly safe for dogs as they are resistant to CoVd-19 infection.


Cohorts of such trained animals will be deployed in airports, mass transit stations, and even in schools to permit instantaneous detection of CoVid-infected persons.  CoVid infection will be confirmed by standard viral testing.


#covid #dogs #screening

covid, dogs, screening



CoVid  IS Primarily Airborne



CoVid virus is primarily spread by virus riding in mist aerosols rather than in droplets.  Harvard epidemiologists draw this conclusion from their study of transmission onboard a Diamond Princess Cruise ship.


The researchers analyzed 132 individual episodes of viral spread and found that large respiratory droplets were responsible about 40% of the time while aerosols transmitted the virus in nearly 60%.  Overall, 70% of transmission occurred through the air while only 30% of spread occurs via surfaces.


Bottom line: mask up to block droplets and aerosols.  Use or make masks with 3 layers of high thread count cotton or, better yet, N95, KN95, FFP2, or HEPA H13-14 filters.  Also distance and wash.


#covid #aerosol #droplets #fomites #cruises

covid, masks, droplets, fomites, cruises



Silvercrest Bread Makers Recalled



The CPSC and Lidl US have recalled the Silvercrest Bread Maker.  The appliance lid may become energized leading to an electric shock. If you have this device, unplug it.  You may return the device at a Lidl US store in VA, NC, SC, MD, GA, DE, PA, NJ, or NY.  For more information, call the company at 1-844-747-5435.


#recall #breadmaker #lidl #shock

recall, breadmaker, lidl, shock



DaVinci Bassinets On Recall



The CPSC and DaVinci announce the recall of the DaVinci Bassinet.  The mattress may become accidentally disengaged that could lead to an infant fall or entrapment.  If you have one of these bassinets, stop using it immediately and call DaVinci for a free repair kit.  You may reach the company by calling 1-833-932-0208.


#recall #bassinet #davinci #fall #entrapment #parenting

recall, bassinet, davinci, fall, entrapment, parenting



Greenpan Simmerlite Dutch Ovens Have Been Recalled



The CPSC and the Cookware Company announce recall of the Greenpan Simmerlite Dutch Ovens.  The lid on this pan may explode while it is inside your oven leading to injuries and burns.  If you have one of these, stop using it and contact the Cookware company at 1-877-926-6526 to arrange for a replacement glass lid or a refund.


#recall #dutchoven  #explosion

recall, dutchoven, explosion



Rocky Mountain Bike Recall



The CPSC and Rocky Mountain have recalled the Non-Electric Instinct, Instinct BC, and Pipeline Bicycles.  These units’ front frame triangle can crack and cause separation of the head tube from the frame leading to falls and other injuries.  If you have one of these bikes, discontinue using and call Rocky Mountain at 1-877-744-1515 for more information and to arrange a repair.


#recall #bicycles #rockymountain #frame

recall, bicycles, rockymountain, frame



Manhattan Ball Activity Toys On Recall



The CPSC sand Manhattan Toy have recalled the Manhattan Ball Activity Toys sold exclusively through Target.  The toy’s plastic tubes may detach releasing small silicone tethers that pose a choking hazard to young children.  Do not permit your baby to play with this toy.   Return it to the nearest Target store for a complete refund.  For more information, call Manhattan Toy at 1-800-541-1345.


#recall #manhattanball #choking

recall, manhattanball, choking



Hand Sanitizers With Wood Alcohol Recalled



The FDA and multiple companies have announced the recall of hand sanitizers due to their contamination with poisonous methanol.  These include All Clean, Blumen, Optimus, Born Basic, Scent Theory, Resource Recover & Trading, Assured, Modena, and Herbacil.  If you have any of these, do not use them.  Return them to the place of purchase for a refund.


#recalls #handsanitizer #methanol

recalls, handsanitizer, methanol



Child Iron Supplements On Recall



The FDA Wellements LLC, and Upspring  announce the recall of  Wellements Iron Drops and Upspring Baby Iron + Immunity dietary supplements.  These supplements may contain undisclosed milk allergens.  If you have these products, return them to the place of purchase.  Alternatively, contact Wellements by calling 1-800-255-2690 or contact Upspring by calling 1-512-828-7988 and request full refunds.


#recall #ironsupplement #milk

recall, ironsupplement, milk



Whole Food Pastries And Spinach-Artichoke Dip Have Been Recalled



The FDA and Whole Foods have recalled several lines of pastry and its Spinach-Artichoke Dip due to undeclared allergens.  Their Kouign-amann pastry has undeclared eggs.  Their Chantilly Key Lime Tartlets have undeclared almonds.  The Spinach-Artichoke Dip contains undeclared egg.  If you have any of these products, do not consume them but return them to Whole Foods for full refunds.  For more information, call 1-844-936-8255.


#recall #wholefoods #pastries

recall, wholefoods, pastries



Hostess Raspberry Zingers On Recall



The FDA and Hostess are announcing the recall of Hostess Raspberry Zingers.  These pastries may contain mold.  if you have any of these in your junk food  cabinet, do not consume them.  Return the pastry to the point of purchase for a refund.  For more information, call Hostess at 1-800-483-7253.


#recall #raspberryzingers #hostess #mold

recall, raspberryzingers, hostess, mold



Cookies Have Been Recalled



The FDA and Happy Colon Foods are recalling Happy Colon Yum Shortbread Cookies and Mmmmm Chocolate Chip Cookies.  Both cookie types contain undeclared milk.  If you have these products, return them to the point of purchase.  For more information, contact Happy Colon Foods by calling 1-855-423-6637.


#recall #cookies #shortbread #chocolatechip #milk

recall, cookies, shortbread, chocolatechip, milk



Pecan Blend Trail Mix Is On Recall



The FDA and Flagstone Foods have recalled Wegman’s Pecan Blend Trail Mix.  This product contains undisclosed almonds and walnuts that could trigger significant allergic reactions.  If you have this this trail mix, don’t consume it but rather return it to the place of purchase for a refund.  For additional information, call Flagstone at 1- 612-222-3857.


#recall #trailmix #walnuts #almonds #wegmans

recall, trailmix, walnuts, almonds, wegmans



KIND Granola Has Been Recalled



The FDA and the KIND Healthy Snacks have recalled KIND Oats & Honey Granola with Toasted Coconut pouches.  A number of these contain undisclosed sesame seeds.  If you have these pouches at home, do not consume them.  Instead, return them to the store for a full refund.  For additional information, contact KIND Snacks by calling 1-203-803-3653.


#recall #granola #sesameseeds

recall, granola, sesameseeds

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