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HealthNews REPRISE - 1st Week May 2021



Dogs Help Heart Patients Live Longer-Reprise



If you’ve had a heart attack, living with a dog can lower your risk of dying prematurely by up to 35%.  A Canadian meta-analysis just published in the journal Circulation tabulated the data from more than 3.8 million participants over 10 years.


This large study shows that dog ownership prolongs lives and builds on previous work that credited dogs with reducing cardiovascular disease risk by lowering blood pressure, improving lipid profiles, and reducing stress.  


Dogs work their magic by making you work your body.  The physical activity associated with walking them, running after them, and yes, cleaning up after them provides enough beneficial exercise to keep your body’s systems working longer and stronger.


Caroline K. Kramer, MD, PhD Sadia Mehmood, BSc Renée S. Suen.  Dog Ownership and Survival: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis.  Circulation: Cardiovascular Quality and Outcomes. 2019;12:e005554.


#Dogs #cardiovasculardisease #mortality

Dogs, cardiovasculardisease, mortality 



The Aching Heart Needs Company-Reprise



A Danish study just published in the British Medical Journal shows that cardiac patients who describe themselves as lonely are 3 times more likely to die from any cause.  Lonely men were 40% more likely to experience a repeat cardiac illness within one year after an initial evetn.


The researchers studied more than 13,400 subjects with coronary disease, rhythm problems, valve disease, and heart failure.  Loneliness and living alone are associated with significantly poorer recovery from all forms of heart disease.


If you have heart disease or know someone that does, surround yourself or them with caring and supportive family and friends. The best medicines and surgery may fail due to lack of love.


Anne Vinggaard Christensen, Knud Juel, Ola Ekholm, Lars Thrysøe, Charlotte Brun Thorup, Britt Borregaard, Rikke Elmose Mols, Trine Bernholdt Rasmussen, Selina Kikkenborg Berg. Significantly increased risk of all-cause mortality among cardiac patients feeling lonely. Heart, 2019; heartjnl-2019-315460 DOI: 10.1136/heartjnl-2019-315460


#Loneliness #heartdisease

Loneliness, heartdisease



Exercise To Elevate Your Mood-Reprise



Just four hours of weekly exercise, any exercise, will reduce your chances of a depression episode by 17% even if you are genetically predisposed.  Harvard researchers now publish this result after studying 8,000 participants in a Boston database for whom they calculated a depression risk score based on family history and mood assessment by questionnaire.


The study shows similar benefits from high intensity exercise such as cycling, running, and dance and more relaxed efforts including yoga and stretching.  Although focusing on those at risk for depression, the investigators suggest universal beneficial effects for 35 minutes of daily exercise.


Depression is the most frequent cause of disability on the planet.  Keeping moving and avoid it.


#Exercise #depression #aerobics #yoga

Exercise, depression, aerobics



Girls’ Brain Math Center Equals Boys’-Reprise



A just published study from Pittsburgh’s Carnegie-Mellon University disproves the urban myth that boys surpass girls in mastery of mathematics or math-based science.  The psychologists studied 104 children 3 to 8 years of age .


Using MRI, the researchers determined the subjects’ math brain function while observing a video about counting and addition.    The scans were compared with each other but also with those from adults who watched the same math videos.


The conclusions:  no girl-boy differences in brain function, development, or maturity while thinking about math principles. 


These results plus previous work showing gender-equal ability to use math should encourage girls as well as boys to seek careers in math and science.


Kersey, A.J., Csumitta, K.D. & Cantlon, J.F. Gender similarities in the brain during mathematics development. npj Sci. Learn. 4, 19 (2019) doi:10.1038/s41539-019-0057-xx


#Math #science #girls #MRI

Math, science, girls, MRI



Only Children More Frequent Unhealthy Eaters-Rerprise



Children without siblings are nearly 5 times more likely to demonstrate unhealthy eating patterns compared with those having brothers and sisters.  University of Oklahoma nutritionists reviewed food consumption diaries from 67 families to determine a Healthy Eating Index for each.


Healthy eating habits are not diminished by time away from home in daycare or pre-school.  Less nutritious eating occurs when mother herself suffers from weight problems and when the family spends added time snacking in front of the TV.


If you have an only child, be cautious about his or her diet.  Eliminate the junk food, fill the fridge with carrots, apples, and grapes, end reduce time eating in front of TV.


Chelsea L. Kracht, Susan B. Sisson, Emily Hill Guseman, Laura Hubbs-Tait, Sandra H. Arnold, Jennifer Graef, Allen Knehans. Family Eating Behavior and Child Eating Patterns Differences Between Children With and Without Siblings. Journal of Nutrition Education and Behavior, 2019; 51 (10): 1188 DOI: 10.1016/j.jneb.2019.08.004


#Onlykids #healthyfood #overweight #obesity

Onlykids, healthyfood, overweight, obesity



Ramping Up Male Hormones Can Be Deadly-Reprise



Taking extra testosterone can double a man’s risk of dangerous leg blood clots, and that risk is tripled if he is younger than 65.  A study just published in JAMA Internal Medicine studied use of the supplement in nearly 40,000 men over a 7 year period.


Leg blood clots can travel up into the lungs and trigger a pulmonary embolism.  This blockage of blood into the lungs that kills up to 100,000 Americans each year.


Men take testosterone to increase physical and sexual vitality despite good scientific proof.  On the other hand extra hormone can enlarge a man’s breasts, reduce his sperm production, enlarge his prostate, and trigger sleep apnea.


I wouldn’t recommend it guys!


Walker RF, Zakai NA, MacLehose RF, et al. Association of Testosterone Therapy With Risk of Venous Thromboembolism Among Men With and Without Hypogonadism. JAMA Intern Med. Published online November 11, 2019. doi:


#testosterone #DVT #bloodclot #pulmonaryembolism

testosterone, DVT, bloodclot, pulmonaryembolism



A Sugar High Could Wreck Your Bowels-Reprise



Next week’s bingeing on that pie with ice cream and whipped cream piled high could trigger inflammatory bowel disease or worsen the disease you already have.  A mouse study from Canada’s University of Alberta reports that sugar in the gut feeds renegade bacteria like E. coli that trigger inflammation and destructive immune responses.


It only took two days of the sugary diet to give the experimental animals a bellyache.  Patients with inflammatory bowel disorders like Crohn’s and ulcerative colitis report similar experiences.


The good news is that your holiday sugar gorge may be neutralized by downing high fiber fruits, veggies, whole grains, beans and nuts that produce short-chain fatty acids.


Michael Laffin, Robert Fedorak, Aiden Zalasky, Heekuk Park, Amanpreet Gill, Ambika Agrawal, Ammar Keshteli, Naomi Hotte, Karen L. Madsen. A high-sugar diet rapidly enhances susceptibility to colitis via depletion of luminal short-chain fatty acids in mice. Scientific Reports, 2019; 9 (1) DOI: 10.1038/s41598-019-48749-2


#Sugar #inflammatoryboweldisease #crohns #ulcerativecolitis #fiber #shortchainfattyacids

Sugar, inflammatoryboweldisease, crohns, ulcerativecolitis, shortchainfattyacids



Don’t Let Your Baby Cook Too Long-Reprise



Forty-one weeks of gestation appears to be the safe upper limit for pregnancies.  This the conclusion of a Swedish multisite study of more than 2700 women with post-mature babies.


Half the group were randomized to be induced at 41 weeks,  The remainder were followed for up to another 7 days with mandatory induction at 42 weeks.  The study was abruptly ended when six babies in the watch and wait group died versus none in the 41 week-induced group.


A pregnancy is conventionally considered safe up to 42 weeks.  If you or a loved one is pregnant, insist on delivery by 41 weeks if the baby is large enough by ultrasound.


A.M. Jukic, D.D. Baird, C.R. Weinberg, D.R. McConnaughey, A.J. Wilcox. Length of human pregnancy and contributors to its natural variation. Human Reproduction, 2013 DOI: 10.1093/humrep/det297


#Pregnancy #postterm #induction #csection

Pregnancy, postterm, induction, c-section



Make-Up Bags May Harbor Deadly Bacteria-Reprise



Up to 90% of cosmetics contain the nastiest superbugs on the planet.  A British study just published in the Journal of Applied Microbiology cultured skin foundation blender sponges, mascara, and lip gloss finding grossly unhygienic conditions.


These contaminated products contain Staph aureus, E. Coli, and Citrobacter freundii that can trigger skin infections, eye disease, and even blood-borne sepsis.  The worse offenders seem to be the beauty blender sponges that are reused over and over again without cleaning despite having been dropped on the floor.


If you’re fighting embarrassing skin breakouts, do a deep dive into your make-up bag and consider replacing your products.  To maintain freshness, buy the smallest containers.


A. Bashir, P. Lambert. Microbiological study of used cosmetic products: highlighting possible impact on consumer health. Journal of Applied Microbiology, 2019; DOI: 10.1111/jam.14479


#Cosmetics #bacteria #beautyblender #mascara #lipgloss

Cosmetics, bacteria, beautyblender, mascara, lipgloss



Jedi Dieting Mind Trick-Reprise



Stepping on your bathroom scale daily is the Jedi mind trick that painlessly stops weight gain over the holidays and these inactive winter months.  This battle plan comes from nutritionists at The University of Georgia.


Their study began before Thanksgiving and ended mid-January.  It involved 111 adults half of whom weighed themselves on a WiFi-enabled scale that graphically displayed their weights over time.  The others just ate without any numeric feedback.  


The scale watchers gained no weight, and, if overweight, actually lost weight.  The controls gained up to 7 pounds on average.


If you want to look good in your swim suit come June, begin a daily weigh-in and chart it.


Sepideh Kaviani, Michelle vanDellen, Jamie A. Cooper. Daily Self‐Weighing to Prevent Holiday‐Associated Weight Gain in Adults. Obesity, 2019; 27 (6): 908 DOI: 10.1002/oby.22454


#Dieting #scale #winter #holidays #Mindtricks

Dieting, scale, winter, holidays, Mindtricks








The CPSC and CFMOTO now recall 2021 CFORCE 880XC All Terrain Vehicles.  The electronic power steering may malfunction causing the rider to lose control of the vehicle and creating a crash hazard.  About 2050 of these vehicles have been sold.  Immediately discontinue use of this vehicle and contact your CFMOTO dealer to schedule a free repair.  For more information, contact CFMOTO at 1-888-823-6686.


#atv #steering #cfmoto #recall

Atv, steering,  cfmoto, recall



Recall on Kidde TruSense Smoke and Combination Smoke/Carbon Monoxide Alarms



The CPSC and the Walter Kidde Portable Equipment Co. are recalling Kidde TruSense Smoke Alarms and Combination Smoke/Carbon Monoxide Alarms.  Implicated are smoke alarms in the model series 2040, 2050, and 2060 and combination alarms in the 2070 series.  These alarms could malfunction failing to alert those under its protection to a fire or a carbon monoxide hazard.  About 226,000 of these alarms were sold at Walmart, Homer Depot, Menards, and other retailers nationwide and online at,, and other sites.  If you have one of these, immediately contact Kidde at 1-844-796-9972 to arrange for a replacement unit.  Continue using the unit you have until the replacement arrives.


#smokealarm #COalarm #kidde #recall

smokealarm, COalarm, kidde, recall



Recall Of Peloton Tread+ and Tread Treadmills



The CPSC and Peloton Interactive, Inc. are recalling the Peloton Tread+ and Tread Treadmills.  Implicated is the Tread+ model number TR01 which can pull adults, children, pets and objects underneath its rear platform and create a risk of injury or death.  About 125,000 of these treadmills have been sold.    In the case of the Tread units model TR02, the touchscreen control unit may detach, fall, and create an injury risk.  Immediately stop using these treadmills and contact Peloton at 1-866-679-9129 for a refund.


#peloton #treadmill #entrapment #injury #recall

peloton, treadmill, entrapment, entrapment, recall



TJX Outdoor Wooden Folding Chairs Are Recalled



The CPSC and TJX now recall TJX Outdoor Wooden Folding Chairs. The chairs may fracture, collapse, and create fall and injury hazards to users.  About 92,000 chairs were sold at TJ Maxx, HomeGoods, and Marshall's stores nationwide and online at and   If you have one of these chairs, immediately stop using it and return it to the place of purchase or contact TJX at 1-888-520-0322 for instructions on how to participate in the recall and receive a full refund.


#chairs #tjmax #collapse, #injury #recall

chairs, tjmax, collapse, injury, recall



Recall On Pickens Flip Up Towel Grab Bars



The CPSC and Signature Hardware are recalling Pickens Flip Up Towel Grab Bars.  This product may break if the towel bar is used to support someone’s body leading to falls and injuries.  About 330 units were sold in the US online at,, and  Stop using this towel bar and contact Signature Hardware at 1-888-520-0167 to receive a full refund.


#towelbar #injury #fall #recall

towelbar, injury, fall, recall



Kolcraft Inclined Sleeper Accessory Recalled



The CPSC and Kolcraft again announce the recall of the Inclined sleeper accessory sold with Kolcraft Cuddle ‘n Care 2-in-1 Bassinet & Incline Sleepers and Preferred Position 2-in-1 Bassinet & Incline Sleepers.  Infant deaths due to suffocation have been reported with similar inclined sleepers when infants are able to roll from their backs to their sides or stomach.  About 51,000 of these units were sold.  Immediately stop using this incline accessory and contact Kolcraft at 1-800-453-7673 to arrange for a refund or a voucher usable on  The bassinets may be safely used without the inclined sleep accessory.


#inclinedsleep #infant #suffocation #kolcraft #recall

inclinedsleep, infant, suffocation, kolcraft, recall



Recall On WAYNE WaterBUG GLOW Multi-Use Submersible Water Removal Pumps



The CPSC and Scott Fetzer Consumer Brands are recalling WAYNE WaterBUG GLOW Multi-Use Submersible Water Removal Pumps.  If water enters the casing and contacts the electronic circuit board, a short circuit will occur and create electric short, fire, and burn hazards.  About 42,000 of these pumps were sold at Home Depot stores and online at  Discontinue using this pump and contact Scott Fetzer at 1-844-369-2149 to arrange for a replacement.


#pump #shortcircuit #electricshock #burn #fire #recall

pump, shortcircuit, electricshock, burn, fire, recall



Sam & Joe Infant Sleep Bags Recalled



The CPSC and TJX are recalling Sam & Joe Infant Sleep Bags.  The neck opening is so large for infants 0 to 6 months that it allows an infant’s head to slip into the sleep bag leading to possible suffocation.  About 3,600 of these infant sleeping bags were sold in the US  at TJX and Marshall’s stores and online at, and About 33,250 were sold in Canada.  Stop using the recalled infant sleeping bags and contact TJX at 1-833-888-0776 for instructions on how to participate in the recall and receive your choice of either a full refund or a store gift card.


#sleepingbag #infant #tjx #suffocation #recall

sleepingbag, infant, tjx, suffocation, recall



Recall Of Honda CRF450R Off-Road Motorcycles



The CPSC and American Honda are recalling Honda CRF450R Off-Road Motorcycles.  The cycle’s drive chain may break while in use and cause the cycle to suddenly slow and stop leading to a crash and rider injuries.  About 536 of these motorcycles were sold nationwide.  Stop using this recalled off-road motorcycle and contact your authorized Honda Powersports dealer to schedule an appointment for a free repair.  Additional information is available from American Honda at 1-866-784-1870.


#motorcycle #offroad #honda #chain #crash #recall

motorcycle, offroad, honda, chain, crash, recall



StaRite and Mastertemp Pool Heaters Are Recalled



The CPSC and Pentair Water Pool and Spa now recall StaRite and Mastertemp Pool Heaters.  A gas connection in the heater may leak a combustible air-gas mixture leading to a fire hazard and burns.  About 4700 heaters were sold in the US.  If you have one of these heaters, stop using it and contact Pentair Water Pool and Spa at 1-800-831-7133 to arrange a free repair.


#heater #pool #pentair #fire #burns #recall

heater, pool, pentair, fire, burns, recall



Recall On LifeSeasons Blood Nourish-R Iron Supplement



The CPSC and LifeSeasons are recalling LifeSeasons Blood Nourish-R Iron Supplement.  This dietary supplement contains iron and must be sold in a child-resistant package to avoid possible poisoning.  About 7800 bottles were sold at health food stores nationwide and online at life and  If you have this product in your home, immediately move it out of reach of children.  Call LifeSeasons at 1-877-455-2826 for instructions regarding product return and refund.


#lifeseasons #iron #supplement #childproof #packaging #poisoning #recall

lifeseasons, iron, supplement, childproof, packaging, poisoning, recall



Sauder and Aliesha-May Counter-height Bar Stools On Recall



The CPSC and Sauder Woodworking recall Sauder and Aliesha-May Counter-height Bar Stools.  The stool legs may begin to wobble over time creating a fall hazard.  About 3100 of these 2 stool pairs were sold online at,,  Stop using these stools and contact Sauder Woodworking at 1-866-218-8312 to arrange a full refund.


#stool #unstable #sauder #recall

 stool, unstable, sauder, recall



Recall On Crazy Fresh and Quick & Easy Veggie Pizza



The FDA and Russ Davis Wholesale announce the recall of Crazy Fresh and Quick & Easy Veggie Pizza.  This product contains undeclared soy.  Those with a soy allergy could develop a serious or life-threatening allergic reaction after ingesting this pizza.  This product was sold in grocery stores in Iowa, Michigan, Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota and Wisconsin.  Those with a soy allergy should not consume this product. Call Russ Davis Customer service at 1-877-433-2173 for information regarding a refund.


#pizza #soy #recall

 pizza, soy, recall



Hershey’s Chocolate Shell Topping Is Recalled



The FDA and The Hershey Company are recalling Hershey’s Chocolate Shell Topping.  Some 1700 bottles of this product bearing the product code 25JSAS1 were mistakenly filled with Heath Shell Topping that contains almonds.  Those with an almond allergy could develop a life-threatening allergic reaction after ingesting this product.  If you have this product, do not consume it but rather contact Hershey’s Customer Service at 1-866-528-6848 for a full refund.


#chocolateshell #hersheys #almonds #recall

chocolateshell, hersheys, almonds, recall




Ruffles All Dressed Potato Chips On Recall



The FDA and FritoLay recall Ruffles All Dressed Potato Chips.  This product contains undeclared milk.  Those with a milk allergy could develop a serious or fatal allergic reaction after ingesting these potato chips.  This product was sold in Sam’s Club warehouses in Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Louisiana, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, and Virginia.  No other retailers received tainted product.  If you have a milk allergy, do not consume this product.  Return it to the place of purchase or destroy it.  For questions, call FritoLay at 1-800-352-4477.


#potatochips #ruffles #fritolay #milk #recall

potatochips, ruffles, fritolay, milk, recall



Recall On Natural Way Almond Butter



The FDA and Natural Way announce the recall of Natural Way Almond Butter.  This product contains undeclared peanuts.  Those with a peanut allergy could develop a serious or life-threatening allergic reaction after ingesting this almond butter.  If you purchased this product, return it to the point of purchase for a refund.  Questions should be addressed to Natural Way at 1-479-595-5660.


#almondbutter #peanuts #naturalway #recall

almondbutter, peanuts, naturalway, recall




Bloommy Biotin Collagen Keratin Capsules On Recall



The FDA and Bloommy, Inc are recalling Bloommy Biotin Collagen Keratin Capsules.  This product contains a fish allergen as part of the collagen-based ingredient.  The implicated lot includes the Best Buy date of 4/2023.  Those with an allergy to fish could develop a severe allergic reaction after consuming this product.  This product was sold on  Those who purchased this product with a fish allergy should dispose of the product and contact Bloommy at 1-860-495-3743 for a refund.


#keratin #bloommy #fish #recall

keratin, bloommy, fish, recall

























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