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RoundUp - 1st Week of January 2024 



CPSC Recalls


Another Toy Magnetic Ball Recall



The CSPC and Joybuy Marketplace Express have recalled Relax 5mm Science Kit, Large Hematite Magnets Magnetic Stones Building Blocks.  These tiny magnets are easily ingested by small children and attract to one another or another metal object leading to intestinal perforations, twisting, blockage, infections and even death.  Seven such deaths have been reported.


About 4240 units were sold exclusively online at


Take these magnet toy kits and magnets away from your children and contact Joybuy at 1-302-426-4543 or via email at to receive a prepaid mailing labels to return the product for a full refund.


#relax #magnets #ingestion #perforations #volvulus #obstruction #infection #recall

relax, magnets, ingestion, perforations, volvulus, obstruction, infection, recall



Blendjet Portable Blenders Have Fragmenting Blades



The CPSC and Blendjet have recalled BlendJet 2 Portable Blenders due to unit overheating and blade fragmentation with risks of fire and laceration hazards.  Affected are units with serial numbers that have their first four digits between 5201 and 5542. 


About 4.8 million mini blenders were sold in the US and about 117,000 were sold in Canada at Costco, Walmart, Target and other stores nationwide and online at


Stop using these mini blenders and keep them away from children.  To obtain a replacement, you must remove and cut the rubber seal from the base of the blender into more than three pieces and email the photo which shows the serial number on the bottom of the unit and the rubber seal in pieces to BlendJet at  For more information, call the company at 1-844-334-0562.


#blendjet #blender #blades #overheating #fire #laceration #recall

blendjet, blender, blades, overheating, fire, laceration, recall



Simpson Pressure Washers Have Dangerous Starting Motor Batteries



The CPSC and the FNA Group, Inc. are recalling Simpson Gas Pressure Washers with Electric Starters.  The lithium batteries in the electric starter systems overheating leading to burn and fire injuries.


About 2930 pressure washers were sold at Lowe's stores nationwide and at


Do not use these pressure washers.  Contact FNA Group Inc. at 1-866-733-8468 or via email at to obtain instructions regarding a free repair with replacement of the lithium battery with a lead acid battery.


#simpson #pressurewasher #lithiumion #battery #overheating #fire #burns #recall

simpson, pressurewasher, lithiumion, battery, overheating, fire, burns, recall



TJX Folding Chairs Can Dump You



The CPSC and TJX now recall all foldable wood and rope bistro set chairs sold by Marshalls, T.J. Maxx, HomeGoods, Homesense and Sierra stores nationwide as they tend to collapse whiles a person is seated in them leading to falls and injuries.


About 29,000 folding chairs were sold nationwide at these stores and online at,,, and


Stop sitting in these folding chairs and contact TJX at 1-888-520-0157 for information regarding refunds and chair disposal.  You can also return these chairs to the place of purchase.


#tjx #foldingchairs #collapse #falls #injuries #recall

tjx, foldingchairs, collapse, falls, injuries, recall



Klein Tools and Backfire Branded Power Stations Backfire



The CPSC and Klein Tools now recall Klein Tools KTB1000 and Backfire PAC1000 Power Stations.  The inverter boards within these devices tend to overheat driving fires and burns.


About 3800 power stations were sold at industrial distributors and electrical wholesalers nationwide.


Immediately discontinue use of these power stations and return them to the place of purchase.   For more information, call Klein Tools at 1-800-527-3099.


#kleintools #backfire #powerstations #inverter #overheating #fires #burns #recall

kleintools, backfire, powerstations, inverter, overheating, fires, burns, recall



Rhino Tree/Ladder Stands Won’t Stand



The CPSC and FeraDyne Outdoors are recalling the safety harnesses sold with Rhino Tree/Ladder Stands as they fail to comply with voluntary industry safety standards leading to stitching rips that create fall hazards for any users.


About 50,000 of these tree/ladder stands with safety harnesses were sold at Dick’s Merchandising & Supply, Orscheln Farm & Home, and hunting and supply stores nationwide and online at and other websites.


Discontinue use of these tree stand safety harnesses and contact FeraDyne Outdoors at 1-800-787-7589  or via email at to check if your tree stand safety harness is included in the recall.  If so, the company will give you instructions about obtaining a free replacement safety harness.  You should plan to submit photo proof that you have destroyed the defective safety harness.


#rhino #treestand #safetyharness #ripping #falls #injuries #recall

rhino, treestand, safetyharness, ripping, falls, injuries, recall



Hover-1 Helix hoverboards May Ignite


The CPSC and DGL Group Ltd. are recalling Hover-1 Helix hoverboards are their lithium ion batteries overheat leading to fires and burns.  The affected hoverboards have serial numbers containing 15914, 19203, or 19988 as the fifth of the six-code serial number on the board’s bottom label. 


About 25,000 boards were sold online at and


Stop riding these hoverboards and contact DGL at 1-888-556-8426 for instructions regarding receipt of a free replacement board.


#hover1 #helix #hoverboard #lithiumion #battery #overheating #fires #burns #recall

hover1, helix, hoverboard, lithiumion, battery, overheating, fires, burns, recall



HEAO High Chairs Are A Suffocation Risk



The CPSC and Brandline are recalling HEAO 4-in-1 High Chairs that are marketed for infant sleep as they recline more than 10 degrees in violation of federal guidelines for safe sleep and risk baby suffocation.  These high chairs also have features that risk finger lacerations and body part entrapment.


About 820 high chairs were sold online at


Do not place your child in these highchairs.  Contact Brandline at 1-302-261-5366 or via e-mail at for information regarding refunds and safe product disposal.


#heao #brandline #highchair #suffocation #laceration #entrapment #recall

heao, brandline, highchair, suffocation, laceration, entrapment, recall




Pella Casement Windows Drop Out



The CPSC and Pella are recalling Pella Architect Series Casement Windows are the window may detach and fall out of its frame creating injury hazards.


About 12,000 of these casement windows were sold at Pella Window and Door stores, Lowe’s, ABC Supply, Allied Building Products, Builders First Source, Builders Supply Co, Inc., Hammond Lumber Company, McCoy’s Building Supply, National Lumber, and The Carter Companies stores.


Keep these recalled casement windows shut and locked.  Contact Pella at 1-888-276-7624 to schedule a free repair by company approved repair technicians.


#pella #casement #windows #falls #injuries #recall

pella, casement, windows, falls, injuries, recall




Little City Playsets and Slime Eggs Contain Poisons



The CPSC and Perch, Amusty Inc., and Bingo Deals are recalling Litti City Premier Doctor Playset and Teacher Purse Set, Litti Pritti Stylist Handbag Set, and Prextex Slime Eggs as they all contain unsafe levels of phthalates.  The teacher set, the handbag set, and the egg also contain toxic lead levels.  


About 205,000 of these toys were sold online ate and  The handbag playlet was also sold at Ocean State Job Lots.


Take these playsets and the slime eggs aways from your kids and contact Perch at 1-888-359-4676 or via email at for information about refunds and product destruction and disposal.  You’ll need to provide photo proof of destruction.


#perch #litti #playsets #phthalates #lead #poisoning #recall

perch, litti, playsets, phthalates, lead, poisoning, recall





FDA Recalls



Nutramigen Infant Formula Has Bacterial Contamination



The FDA and Reckitt/Mead Johnson Nutrition are recalling certain batches of Nutramigen due to contamination with Cronobacter sakazakii,  This bacterium can causes life-threatening systemic infections and meningitis.  The affected batches are: ZL3FRW, ZL3FPE, ZL3FXJ, ZL3FQD, ZL3FMH, ZL3FHG all with a Use By date of 1/1/25.


Do not feed this recalled infant formula to your baby.  If your product has been recalled, contact the company at 1-866-534-9986 or by email at to receive a refund.


#nutramigen #bacteria #contamination #infection #recall

nutramigen, bacteria, contamination, infection, recall



Sam Sung Soybean Sprouts Have Listeria Contamination



The FDA and Nam & Son have recalled Sam Sung Soybean Sprouts due to contamination with listeria monocytogenes. This bacterium causes a severe and sometimes fatal systemic infection in the very young, older frail individuals, and those with weakened immune systems.  Listeria can also trigger miscarriages and stillbirths. 


This product has been sold in Virginia.


Do not consume these sprouts.  Return them to the place of purchase for a full refund.  For more information, call Nam & Son at 1-443-896-6738.


#samsung #sprouts #listeria #infection #recall

samsung, sprouts, listeria, infection, recall



Melissa’s Hot Kimchi Has Undeclared Fish



The FDA and World Variety Produce, Inc.have recalled Melissa’s Hot Kimchi due to the omission of fish on the allergy information panel.  Those with an allergy to fish could develop a serious or life-threatening allergic reaction should they consume this product.  Affected lots are 48528201, 48858701, and 49003901.


This affected kimchi has been sold in Sun International stores in Florida, Brookshire Brothers stores in Texas, OK Produce - Grocery Outlet in California.


Do not consume this product.  Return it to the place of purchase for a full refund.  For more information about this recall, phone World Variety Produce at 1-800-588-0151.


#melissas #kimchi #fish #allergy #recall

melissas, kimchi, fish, allergy, recall



Whole Foods Pollock and Cod Have Hidden Soy



The FDA and Tampa Bay Fisheries, Inc are recalling 365 WHOLE FOODS Market Beer Battered Pollock and Cod Fillets due to undeclared soy.  Affected are pollock lot number 32508201 and cod lot numbers 32348201 and 32628201.


Those with an allergy to pollock or cod could develop a serious or life-threatening allergic reaction should they consume these products. 


If you, household members, or visitors have fish, pollock, or cod allergies, return these products to your Whole Foods store for a full refund.  For additional information, call Tampa Bay Fisheries at 1-800-seafood.


#wholefoods #365 #beerbattered #pollock #cod #allergy #recall

wholefoods, 365, beerbattered, pollock, cod, allergy, recall



Choceur Caramel Candy Bars Have Undeclared Coconut



The FDA and Astor Chocolate Corporation have recalled Choceur Caramel Candy Bars since the presence of coconut in this candy bar is not listed on the label.  Those with an allergy to coconut could develop a serious or life-threatening allergic reaction should they consume this product.  Affected is lot number 0101614649.


These candy bars were sold at Aldi stores in Florida.  


Return these candy bars to the place of purchase for a full refund.  For additional , call Astor Candy at 1-732-901-1000.


#chocew #carmelcandybar #coconut #allergy #recall

chocew, carmelcandybar, coconut, allergy, recall



Blue Ridge Beef Pet Food Has Bacterial Contamination



The FDA and Blue Ridge Beef have recalled Blue Ridge Beef Kitten Grind, Kitten Mix, and Puppy Mix due to contamination with salmonella and listeria monocytogenes.  Ingesting these pet foods can lead to gastrointestinal infections.  Humans may also contract infections from their infected pets or by handling these contaminated pet foods.  All lots  with use by dates of 11-12-2024 are affected.


These pet foods were sold in: Connecticut, Massachusetts, Maryland,, North Carolina, NewYork, Pennsylvania, and Virginia.


Do not handle these products or feed them to your pets.  Contact Blue Ridge Beef  at to obtain a full refund and instructions regarding safe disposal of these pet foods.  For additional information, call 1-704-880-4500.


#blueridge #dogfood #catfood #salmonella #listeria #infection #recall

blueridge, dogfood, catfood, salmonella, listeria, infection, recall

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