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RoundUp - 1st Week of September 2023





E-Cigarette Vaping Associated With Teen Asthma



Smoking e-cigarettes is associated with as much as a 32% higher risk of adolescent asthma.  This the conclusion of a Texas A&M public health school study of 32,885 high school students aged 13-17 years.  About 9% of the teens lived in Texas.


The numbers reveal a significant association of asthma development in those teens who have never smoked any combustable substances before.  Those most at risk lived in Texas with the one-third higher risk.  The average risk for all American kids is 18%.


That’s bad news since about 60% of teens report constant e-cigarette smoking, and that smoking is more consistent in boys and in those with a history of depression.


While some studies show that e-cigarettes can help tobacco smokers quit the habit, this study underscores the fact that these nicotine vaporizers are far from safe as they spew volatile organic compounds, irritating particulate matter, carcinogens, heavy metals, and toxic flavoring chemicals.


#ecigarette #smoking #asthma #teens #boys 

ecigarette, smoking, asthma, teens, boys 



Plastic Chemicals May Dumb Down Your Baby Boys



Pregnant women exposed to phthalates during their first trimester give birth to boys who suffer from neurodevelopmental problems.  Israeli neuroscientists studied 158 mothers and their children beginning at 11 to 17 months of gestation finishing at 23 to 30 months of age.  At study entry, urine levels of phthalates were measured.  At 2 years of age, the children underwent neurologic and cognitive testing.


Maternal phthalate exposure during the first trimester was associated with developmental and behavioral deficits by 2 years of age, but only in the male children.  The children of mothers with high versus lower phthalate exposures had reduced personal-social skills, were more likely to internalize problems, were more anxious, and expressed more somatic complaints.


So where do pregnant moms pick up these phthalates?  They are prominently featured in soaps, body washes, shampoos, cosmetics, and personal care products.  Ladies, please, please, avoid using these during your pregnancies.


#phthalates #pregnancy #firsttrimester #boys #developmental #social #anxiety

phthalates, pregnancy, firsttrimester, boys, developmental, social, anxiety



Preventing Heart Disease In The HIV Infected



Those with controlled HIV infections and undetectable virus levels enjoyed a 34% lower incidence of cardiovascular disease when treated with the blood cholesterol lowering agent pitavastatin.  This game-changing multisite study headed by Harvard Medical School researchers was just published in the New England Journal.  The Journal also published an excellent video that summarizes these remarkable results.


Of the 7769 HIV-infected subjects taking continuing antiretroviral therapy who participated in this Phase 3, randomized, double-blinded study, nearly 88% had undetectable virus.  Half received pitavastatin 4mg daily and half received placebo.  


At study termination in about 5 years, the incidence of major cardiovascular events was 4.81/1000 person-years in the pitavastatin group vs. 7.32/1000 person-years in the placebo group.  The risk of cardiovascular death was 35% lower for the pitavastatin group.  The statin use was associated with 31% drop in LDL cholesterol levels.


Previous studies have proven that HIV infections are associated with higher risks of significant and deadly cardiovascular disease.  This significant trial with pitavastatin shows that the reduction in such disease among the HIV-infected is significantly greater than predicted by the reduction in LDL cholesterol alone.


#hiv #cardiovascular #heart #pitavastatin #ldlcholesterol #nejm

hiv, cardiovascular, heart, pitavastatin, ldlcholesterol, nejm



Earlier Infant Cleft Palate Repairs Pay Off



The percentage of children born with gaps in their palates who had close to normal speech in kindergarten was about 40% higher when their palates were repaired at 6 months of age rather than waiting until their first birthdays.  From European pediatric reconstructive surgeons comes another ground-breaking study just published in the New England Journal of Medicine. 


A total of 558 infants at 23 centers in Europe and South America participated. Half were randomly assigned to have their palatal repairs at 6 months and the remainder had them at one year of age.  Speech analysis for both groups was completed at 5 years of age.  Significant air escape during speaking, so called velopharyngeal insufficiency, occurred in 8.9% of the 6 month repair group compared with 15% of the 12 month repair group.  The infants who underwent earlier repair were also 20% more likely to be babbling by a year of age. 


This study argues for earlier cleft palate repairs and demonstrates that such may be accomplished safely.


#cleftpalate #timing #velopharyngealinsufficiency #babbling #infancy #nejm

cleftpalate, timing, velopharyngealinsufficiency, babbling, infancy, nejm



Good News About CoVid BA.2.86



From Boston and New York City come optimistic reports about the latest CoVid subvariant BA.2.86, nicknamed Pirola.  


Harvard Beth Israel Deaconess virologist Dr. Dan Barouch reports that the blood from 66 Americans with CoVid immunity from monovalent vaccines, bivalent boosters, or recent CoVid XBB infections could effectively neutralize BA.2.86 pseudovirus test microbes as well as other circulating and legacy CoVid variants.  


Meanwhile, NY City’s Columbia University virologist Dr. David Ho demonstrated similar results adding that the blood samples from those who experienced a recent XBB infection were most lethal to the BA.2.86subvariant.


That’s good news since both the Moderna and Pfizer booster vaccines, planned for distribution later this month, code for XBB antigens.  They are arriving just in time, as the immunity we gleaned from last January’s bivalent boosters is now wearing out.  Be sure to get your CoVid boosts as soon as they are available.


#CoVid #ba286 #pseudovirus #immunity #vaccines #booster

CoVid, ba286, pseudovirus, immunity, vaccines, booster



Pharma-Funded Studies More Likely Positive



Meta-analyses of new cancer drugs and the clinicians conducting them are twice as likely to report positive results when these studies and authors are funded by the companies manufacturing these medications.  Investigators at UC-San Francisco report these findings after evaluating 93 meta-analysis studies.


Eighty-one percent of the 21 studies with pharma-funded authors and 78% of the pharma funded studies reported positive results compared with only 48% of those studies or authors without pharma funding.  Furthermore, those studies and authors with non-industry funding showed the lowest percentages of positive findings and the highest percentages of equivocal or frankly negative conclusions about the tested drugs.


The bottom line: the funding sources of studies and investigators could affect the outcome of the studies.  They shouldn’t but they could.  As with all scientific studies, the credibility gold standard is confirmation by subsequent investigations.


#funding #pharma #metaanalysis #credibility #oncology

funding, pharma, metaanalysis, credibility, oncology






Wireless Strain Gauge For Spinal Fusion Surgery



To take the guesswork out of spinal fusion surgery, New Zealand bioengineers have developed an implantable strain gauge that can measure the forces on the metallic devices used to prevent spinal column movement.  If the spinal fusion is functional, there should be measurable strain, and this device provides quantitative evidence before the surgery is complete and the patient’s incision is closed. Then, over ensuing weeks and months, the gauge telemetrically demonstrates the continued integrity of the fusion without the need for an internal battery.  The device should be ready for commercialization next year, and it may also be adapted to monitor joint prostheses in the hip and knee……someday soon.


#spine #fusion #gauge #strain #implant #telemetry

spine, fusion, gauge, strain, implant, telemetry



Testing For Long CoVid Brain Fog



British neuropsychiatric researchers have identified two biochemical markers that accompany the handicapping cognitive impairments associated with Long CoVid.  Studying 1,837 hospitalized CoVid patients on a longitudinal basis, they discovered that elevated fibrinogen and D-dimer levels in such patients predict the development of CoVid “brain fog” 6 and 12 months later.  Fibrinogen is blood clot precursor, and D-dimer is a byproduct of blood clot dissolution.  The levels of these proteins are both elevated during CoVid in relation to a measure of inflammation, C-reactive protein.  We already know that CoVid infections tend to hyper stimulate both blood clotting and inflammation, and this latest finding suggests that brain damage with associated CoVid brain fog is somehow related to clotting overactivity.  Controlling this process may disperse the fog…..someday soon.


#CoVid #brainfog #cognitive #longCovid #clotting #inflammation #fibrinogen #ddimer

CoVid, brainfog, cognitive, longCovid, clotting, inflammation, fibrinogen, ddimer





US Drugs Cost Half As Much In Canada



It’s all over the news.  President Joe Biden’s Inflation Reduction Act is initiating the practice whereby the US government will negotiate the prices it pays to buy drugs from our nation’s pharmaceutical manufacturers and provides to seniors with Medicare insurance.  The Act also caps the monthly price of insulin at $35, covers the costs of all senior vaccines including the pricey Shingles vaccines, and extracts rebates from Big Pharma for their prices that rise faster than inflation.


Fact is that many countries around the world already negotiate drug prices with Big Pharma, and it effects prices you pay at the drugstore big time.  Let’s look at some medications you constantly hear hawked on TV, and compare the prices you’re charged versus those our neighbors to the north pay.


Ozempic, semaglutide, the diabetes and diet drug, is nearly one-third the price.  Humalog and Novalog insulin is nearly 5 times cheaper.  Epipen is half as expensive.  And it goes on and on.  All the result of drug price negotiations.


The solution isn’t buying our drugs from Canada.  The solution is getting our own drug prices in line.  Fortunately, we currently have a government that is trying to do just that.


#bigpharma #price #canada #inflationreductionact #biden #politics

bigpharma, price, canada, inflationreductionact, biden, politics



Faster Virus Test Uses Holographic and AI Techniques



With new CoVid subvariants and other viruses appearing each month, we need faster assays for identifying and quantitating viruses.   UCLA laboratory scientists have answered that call by developing a novel viral assay using advanced optics and machine learning.  Rather than employing the time-consuming staining of samples and manual counting of viral placques, this assay employs advanced time-lapse holographic imaging and artificial intelligence-powered counting techniques.  This new system reliably analyses samples in less than half the time with enhanced precision.  Look for commercial applications of these techniques soon.


#viruses #assay #holographics #ai #machinelearning

viruses, assay, holographics, ai, machinelearning




CPSC Recalls



Polaris Snowmobile Handlebars May Hook You



Recall by: CPSC; Polaris Industries


Problem: The handlebars hooks on Polaris Snowmobiles, Model Year 2022-2023 MATRYX PRO RMK and MATRYX RMK KHAOS, create puncture hazards to the rider’s body should a crash occur.


Sold: About 15,900 of these snowmobiles were sold in the US, and about 7,040 were sold in Canada.  


Actions:  Stop riding these snowmobiles and contact a Polaris dealer to schedule a free repair.  In the alternative, you may contact Polaris by calling 1-800-765-2747 to receive free replacement safe handlebar hooks that you may install yourself.


#polaris #snowmobile #handlebar #hook #injury #recall

polaris, snowmobile, handlebar, hook, injury, recall



Ski-Doo and Lynx Snowmobiles Leak Fuel



Recall by: CPSC; Bombardier Recreational Products


Problem: All model year 2023 Ski-Doo Freeride and Summit model snowmobiles and all Lynx Shredder model snowmobiles equipped with an 850E-TEC Turbo R Engine have leaky main injector fuel return hoses.  This creates fire and burn hazards.


Sold: About 4,070 of these snowmobiles were sold in the US, and (In about 3,100 were sold in Canada.


Actions:   Stop riding these recalled snowmobiles, and contact Ski-Doo and Lynx dealers or Bombardier to schedule a free inspection and repair.  For more information, contact the company at 1-888-272-9222.


#skidoo #lynx #snowmobiles #fuelleak #fire #burns #recall

skidoo, lynx, snowmobiles, fuelleak, fire, burns, recall



Boon Flair Highchairs May Dump Your Child



Recall by: CPSC; TOMY


Problem:  Boon Flair highchairs manufactured before September 2016 and all Boon Flair Elite highchairs have seats that detach from their bases due to loosening bolts.


Sold: About 83,000 high chairs were sold in the US, and about 2,850 were sold in Canada at Bed Bath & Beyond, Target, Toys ‘R’ Us, and other stores nationwide, and online at,,, and 


Actions: Immediately stop using these highchairs and contact TOMY at 1-866-725-4407 to receive a free repair kit consisting of bolts and safety washers.


#boonflair #highchairs #seats #falls #injuries #children #recall

boonflair, highchairs, seats, falls, injuries, children, recall



Glass Doorknobs May Crack and Slice You



Recall by: CPSC; Prime-Line


Problem:  Defender Security, Gate-House and Reliabilt branded glass doorknobs tend to crack and separate from their attachment assemblies leaking to lacerations.


Sold:  About 167,000 of these doorknobs were sold in the US, and about 10,265 were sold in Canada at home improvement stores nationwide and online at, and other websites.


Actions:  Immediately remove these recalled doorknobs and contact Prime-Line at 1-800-729-6123 or via email at to receive a full refund.


#glassdoorknob #DefenderSecurity #GateHouse #Reliabilt #cracking #lacerations #recall

glassdoorknob, DefenderSecurity, GateHouse, Reliabilt, cracking, lacerations, recall



Apollo Electric Scooters Have Detaching Wheels



Recall by: CPSC; Apollo Imports, Inc.


Problem:  Apollo Phantom V1, V2 and 60V Electric Scooters models have a suspension and wheel assembly module that detaches causing falls and injuries to the rider and bystanders.


Sold: About 3,900 of these scooters were sold online at,,, and


Actions: Stop riding these scooters and contact Apollo at 1-833-693-3468 or by email at to receive a new stem bolt along with instructions and a video link detailing installation of the bolt.  If you need help, the company will direct you to a service center that will perform the installation.


#apollo #scooter #wheels #injury #recall
apollo, scooter, wheels, injury, recall



Frigidaire Gas Cooktops Leak Gas



Recall by: CPSC;  Electrolux Home Products


Problem:  Frigidaire Stainless-Steel 30-inch 4 Burner and 36-inch 5 Burner Gas Cooktops have plastic control knobs with a black shaft that tend to crack and break leading to gas leaks with fire and possible explosion risks.


Sold:  About 77,000 of these gas cooktops were sold at Lowe’s, The Home Depot, and other independent appliance stores nationwide.


Actions:  Immediately stop using these gas cooktops, and check to see if your unit has control knobs with black shafts.  If so, contact Electrolux at 1-800-314-3998 or via email at to receive a free set of replacement knobs.  If you have chrome-colored knob shafts, you’re all set.


#frigidaire #gas #cooktop #knob #gasleak #fire #recall

frigidaire, gas, cooktop, knob, gasleak, fire, recall



Aiper Robotic Pool Vacuum Cleaners Can Short Circuit



Problem: Aiper Elite Pro GS100 cordless robotic pool vacuum cleaners have batteries that overheat and short circuit if the charging cord is plugged into the cleaner without an adapter.


Sold:  About 22,000 were sold in the US, about 50 were sold in Canada, and about 4 were sold in Mexico online at,,,,,, and


Actions:  Stop using these pool vacs and contact Aiper at 1-888-968-0666 or via email at to arrange for a replacement pool vac after you ship your unit back to the company using a free shipping label.


#aiper #poolvacuum #battery #overheating #shortcircuit #recall

aiper, poolvacuum, battery, overheating, shortcircuit, recall




FDA Recalls



NUT DIET MAX and Todorganic Nuez de la India Seeds and Capsules Are Toxic



Recall by: FDA: OBC Group Corp; Todorganic Inc.


Problem:  FDA analysis of these seed and capsules  shows that they contain yellow oleander plant.  This plant contains cardiac glycosides which are toxic to humans and animals causing severe and sometimes fatal cardiovascular, neurologic, and gastrointestinal side effects.


Sold: Online via,, and


Actions: Do not consume these seeds or capsules.  Return them to the place of purchase for a refund.  For more information, contact OBC at 1-305-216-1322 or Todorganic at 1-904-397-9339.


#nuezdelaIndia #seeds #capsules #yellowoleander #toxicity #cardiovascular #neurologic #gastrointestinal #recall

nuezdelaIndia, seeds, capsules, yellowoleander, toxicity, cardiovascular, neurologic, gastrointestinal, recall



Life Raft Ice Cream Products Have Listeria Contamination



Recall by: FDA; Life Raft Treats


Problem:  Life Raft Treats Not Fried Chicken ice cream bucket, Not Fried Chicken ice cream bar, and Life Is Peachy ice cream products, all with BEST BY DATES up to 8212024 are contaminated with Listeria monocytogenes.


Sold: In GA, IL, MD, NC, NY, SC, and TX.


Actions:  Do not consume these ice cream treats.  Return them to the place of purchase for a full refund.  For more information, call Life Raft Treats at 1-843-695-9806 or via email at


#liferaft #icecream #listeria #infection #recall

liferaft, icecream, listeria, infection, recall



Weis Brownie Moose Tracks Ice Cream Contains Egg



Recall by:FDA; Weis Markets


Problem: Weis Quality Brownie Moose Tracks Ice Cream contains undeclared egg.


Sold: Weis Markets’ stores in Pennsylvania, Maryland, Virginia, New Jersey, New York, Delaware and West Virginia.


Actions:  Return the product to the Weis Market at which you purchased it for a refund.  For more information, call Weis Customer Service at 1-866-999-9347.


#weis #moosetracks #icecream #egg #allergy #recall

weis, moosetracks, icecream, egg, allergy, recall



Ice Cream House Products Are Contaminated



Recall by: FDA; Ice Cream House


Problem: All Ice Cream House dairy ice cream, sorbet, and non-dairy kosher frozen dessert products are contaminated with listeria monocyogenes.  These include all flavors of packed ice cream, sorbets, cakes, ice cream sandwiches, cones, pops.


Sold:  At Ice Cream House in Brooklyn and through retail supermarkets in New York, New Jersey and Ohio.


Actions:  Do not consume these frozen treats.  Return them to the place of purchase for a full refund.  For additional information, contact the Ice Cream House at 1-845-445-7644 or via email at


#icecreamhouse #icecream #sorbet #kosher #nondairy #listeria #infection #recall

icecreamhouse, icecream, sorbet, kosher, nondairy, listeria, infection, recall



Texas Black Bean Tamales Have Milk



Recall by: FDA; Texas Tamale Co.


Problem:  Texas Tamale brand Black Bean Tamales contain undeclared milk allergen.  This occurs since Hatch Green Chile and Cheese Tamales were mistakenly packaged in Black Bean Tamale Bags.  Affected is lot # 17023 with a Best Before date of 6/19/2025.


Sold: Trader Joe's stores in: Alabama, Arkansas, Colorado , Kansas, Louisiana, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Tennessee, and Texas.


Actions:  Do not consume these tamales.  Return them to the point of purchase for a full refund.  For more information, call 1-800-T-TAMALE which is 1-800-882-6253.


 #traderjoes #texastamale #tamale #milk #allergy #recall

traderjoes, texastamale, tamale, milk, allergy, recall

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