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HealthNews RoundUp - 1st Week of June 2020



P&S Ravioli Could Be Deadly



The USDA has announced that P&S Ravioli Company”s raw beer ravioli may contain pathogenic E. coli bacteria.  This product is no longer for sale, but you might have some of it in your home freezer.  The 13 oz. package would be labeled “P&S Ravioli Company 12 Jumbo Meat Ravioli” with a use-by date of 11/30/2020, a lot code 20121, and the mark “EST 2736” inside the USDA mark of inspection.  If you have this product in your freezer, do not consume it but return it to the store for a full refund.


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ravioli, ecoli



Metformin Tablets On Recall



The FDA and the Apotex Corporation announces recall of Apotex’s Metformin HCl extended release tablets. 500 and 750 mg tablets.  One lot of this medication was found to have dangerously high levels of N-nitrosodimethylamine (NDMA).  This agent is a probably human carcinogen.  Metformin is a medication for treatment of type 2 diabetes along with diet and exercise.  If you have this product, return it to the point of purchase.  If you purchased it online directly from Apotex, call Inmar Rx Solutions at 1-888-985-9014.  Notify your doctor to be certain that you obtain an alternative for managing your diabetes.


#recall #metformin #ndma #diabetes

recall, metforminn, NDMA,  diabetes



Which Interventions Stop CoVid Spread



Closing schools turns out to be the single best non-pharmaceutical way to halt CoVid.  This the conclusion of an international collaborative meta-analysis by university number crunchers in the US, UK, Canada and Australia.


The data from 41 countries show that school closings have a 58% effectiveness, restricting gatherings to 10 or fewer 24%,  closing non-essential businesses 23%,

closing high risk businesses 19%, testing those with respiratory symptoms 18%, and stay at home orders 17%.


We have a dilemma: kids attending school then bring CoVid home and transmit it to multiple generations including the vulnerable.   Yet closed schools equals closed workplaces.  The solution: testing all children and their contacts.


#covid #schools #children #work #testing

covid, schools, children, work, testing





Singapore Gives Thumbs Down To Face Shields



Singapore’s Health Ministry, now facing a resurgence of CoVid19 cases, rejects face shields alone as insufficient protection against transmitting or contracting coronavirus.  The official guidance statement underscores the fact that air gaps around face shield permit contaminated droplets and aerosols to travel freely.


The only persons permitted to wear face shields are: 

  1. Children 12 and under who cannot wear masks.  I’ve seen kids as young as 2 wearing them well.

  2. Persons who cannot breathe through a mask.

  3. Persons speaking to a group at a safe distance from listeners.


 Wearing a face shield over a mask does provide additional protection.  CoVid19 is dangerous.  Avoid it with MDW: masks, distancing, washing.


#faceshields #masks #covid #pandemic #singapore

faceshields, masks, covid, pandemic, singapore




One Form Of Hydroxychloroquine Most Effective Against CoVid



Not all forms of HCQ or CQ are created equal..  A Chinese study just published by the online pre-print server reopens the HCQ/CQ controversy with a bit of sophisticated organic chemistry.


Clinically available hydroxychloroquine is a blend of two mirror images of the same molecule, the left and right enantiomers.  The study shows that L-HCQ inhibits CoVid replication 60% better than the R-HCQ.  L-CQ is 27% more effective than R-CQ. 


The mixed HCQ and CQ does’t help CoVid patients.   If these findings are confirmed by other investigators, cautious clinical studies might show that the lefty versions do.


#covid #hcq #hydroxchloroquine #cq #enantiomers #distereoisomers

covid, hcq, hydroxchloroquine, cq. enantiomers, distereoisomers




Which Measures Protect You From CoVid



Masks, eye protection and physical distancing each seem to have about equal impact on reducing your risk of a coronavirus infection.  Researchers at Canada’s McMaster University performed a global meta-analysis of 172 studies covering 25,697 patients.


While wearing face masks reduced the risk of infection the most, some 14%, eye protection reduced that risk 11% and distancing reduced the risk 9.8%. The fact that shielding your eyes helps so much emphasizes the importance of airborne virus transmission.


If you are in locations with abundant virus, do wear goggles, a face shield, or attachments to your glasses that block side entry of aerosols.


#covid #eyes #distancing #masks #goggles #faceshield

covid, eyes, distancing, masks, goggles, faceshield



FDA Approval For A Drug To Stop Uterine Fibroid-Associated Bleeding



Oriahnn, a estrogen-progestin combo pharmaceutical, may now be prescribed for management of excessive menstrual bleed caused by fibroids of the uterus.  The two clinical trials of this oral medication revealed that the drug reduced bleeding between 7 and 8 fold.  This drug provides a non-surgical alternative to removal of the uterus for those women who may not desire or qualify to have the operation.  The chief, serious complications of Oriahnn use include a reduction in bone density and an increased risk of fractures and an increased risk of excessive blood clotting with heart attack or stroke.  Women with known osteoporosis, a smoking habit, or high blood pressure should consider other avenues of therapy.  This drug will not prevent pregnancy, and non-hormonal contraception should be employed.


#approval #fda #oriahnn #fibroids #metrorrhagia

approval, fda, oriahnn, fibroids, metrorrhagia




New York City CoVid Patients Suffer Kidney Disease Equal To Lung Malfunction



Of the first 1000 New Yorkers hospitalized for CoVid19, about one-third suffered serious kidney injury and acute respiratory distress syndrome.  Clinicians at Columbia University and the New York/Presbyterian Medical Center just published details on the largest American CoVid case series to date.


Focusing on the 24% of patients requiring ICU critical care, 90% had acute respiratory distress syndrome, 78% had kidney disease, 35% required dialysis, and 44% died. 


The bottom line: CoVid19 triggers a nasty disease that suffocates, damages all your vital organs, creates body-wide clotting, and hangs on and on.  You CAN avoid it with DMW: distancing, masks, and washing.


#covid #nyc #kidneyfailure #dialysis

covid, nyc, kidneyfailure, dialysis




California Kids With CoVid Tend To Be Symptomatic



Two-thirds of children diagnosed with CoVid19 in Los Angeles had typical symptoms of a viral pneumonia.  This finding, reported by pediatricians at USC after their study of 35 children, contrasts sharply with other case series reported from China and elsewhere.


The median age of the kids was 12.5 years, and, as is typical, there was a preponderance of males.  The frequent symptoms were fever, congestion, cough, and shortness of breath.


Children under age 5 typically had more symptoms and a higher viral load in their bodies.


The western US variants of CoVid19 seem to produce more symptomatic disease in kids.  That may help prevent spread by asymptomatic carriers.


#covid #children #california

covid, children, california




No CoVid Spread Through Breastmilk



The breastmilk of CoVid-infected mothers does not contain infectious virus.  Obstetricians, pediatricians, and virologists in Wuhan and Harbin China now report this finding in their study of 25 mother-infant pairs just reported online on the pre-print site.


The breastmilk of the new mothers was analyzed for virus using quantitative PCR testing and for anti-CoVid19 antibodies via ELISA testing. All milk samples were  CoVid virus-negative.  IgM antibodies were detected in the breastmilk in all cases where that antibody was found in the mother’s serum.


This study confirms the safety of breastmilk from CoVid-infected mothers.  New mothers who are CoVid positive may safely breastfeed.


#covid #breastfeeding #antibodies

covid, breastfeeding, antibodies

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