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RoundUp - 4th Week of June 2023






New Medication For Post Concussion Headaches



Head injury victims taking the blood pressure drug prazosin, branded as Minipress, experienced half as many headaches as those on an inactive placebo.  Washington state Veterans Administration healthcare researchers performed a randomized pilot study of the drug on 32 military veterans and active duty personnel.  An additional 16 received a placebo medication.  


The data revealed a 44% reduction in headache frequency for those taking prazosin compared with controls.  The percentage of participants experiencing a 50% reduction in their headaches was 70% for those taking the drug vs 29% for those on the placebo.  Of most import, the prazosin significantly reduced the impact of headaches on the participants’ everyday lives.


This preliminary study will be followed by larger, double-blinded randomized trials, but the initial results are encouraging indeed.


#headache #concussion #prazosin

headache, concussion, prazosin



CTE Driven by Numbers of Severe Head Impacts, Not Concussions



The odds that a football player will develop the devastating Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy appears to be triggered not by the numbers of concussions but rather by the cumulative numbers of head impacts and their severities.  This the result of a Harvard Mass. General Hospital retrospective study that reviewed the records of 631 deceased football players and calculated a cumulative head impact index (CII) and tabulated the numbers of recorded concussions for each.  The players spent an average of 12.5 years on the gridiron and died at nearly 60 years of age.


Taken as a group, the players’ CII values, that is the number of their repetitive head impacts, were more highly correlated with their chances of having developed CTE as seen on autopsy than were their numbers of concussions.


The bottom line:  head injuries, even those that don’t trigger concussions, are dangerous and lead to a lethal degenerative neurologic disease.


 #cte #chronictraumaticencephalopathy #concussions #headimpacts #cii 

cte, chronictraumaticencephalopathy, concussions, headimpacts, cii 



Internet Surfing Fights Dementia



Older individuals regularly using their computers, tablets, and phones to browse the web, email, and use social media enjoyed more than 50% lower risk of dementia.  NYU public health researchers followed 18,154 adults 50 to 65 years of age for 17 years.  Of the group, 65% were regular internet users.


The data revealed that regular but moderate internet users were 57% less likely to develop dementia.  The probability of developing dementia increased for both groups over time, but the rate of dementia development was higher for the non-users.  Moderate online activity was the most beneficial, with those on their devices more than 2 hours a day experiencing dementia risks that increased with each additional hour.


The takeaway:  our brains definitely work on a “use it or lose it” basis.  One good way to use it is via online activity, but don’t overdo it.


#internet #dementia #websurfing #email; #messaging

internet, dementia, websurfing, email;, messaging



Women Who Use ART Later Experience Natural Conception



A full 20% of women who required so-called assisted reproductive technology, either IVF or ICSI, later become pregnant naturally.  University College London reproduction scientists conducted a meta-analysis of 11 human reproduction studies dating back to 1980.  


These studies followed 5,180 women for over 2 to 15 years after they had either in vitro fertilization or intracytoplasmic sperm injection.  The pooled data for those women who delivered a baby following IVF or ICSI indicates that a full 20% of them achieved pregnancies via natural conception.


The study flies in the face of the popular notion that, once a woman requires assisted reproductive methods, she will always require this help.  It’s a call to those couples who welcomed a child using IVF or ICSI to try for a sibling the natural way before with repeating assistive methods or going for an adoption.


#ivf #ics #assistedreproduction #naturalconception

ivf, ics, assistedreproduction, naturalconception



Long CoVid Speaking and Swallowing Problems



CoVid viruses can damage the vagus nerve, critical for speaking, swallowing, proper digestion, and control of heart rate.  German infectious disease researchers conducted intense studies of 30 individuals with long CoVid and an average age of 44 years.  Eighty percent were women.  Two sets of controls were used: 14 who fully recovered from CoVid; and 16 who were never CoVid-infected.


The long CoVid patients had vagus nerve thickening on neck ultrasound imaging, reduced esophageal motility, and a higher incidence of hiatus hernia, that is stomach herniation into the chest.


This study indicates that CoVid infects and damages a critical nerve that controls so many of our vital functions.  Add this to the list of other organs that CoVid compromises including the heart, lungs, brain, eyes, and kidneys.


#CoVid #vagus #speaking #swallowing #heartrate #digestion

CoVid, vagus, speaking, swallowing, heartrate, digestion



Pregnancy Hormone Reverses Multiple Sclerosis Brain Damage



Estriol, a relatively weak estrogenic compound that surges during pregnancy due to placental production, can reverse the deterioration of myelin nerve sheaths and may help control or even cure multiple sclerosis or MS.  UCLA neurologists studied the effects of estriol on brain tissue in a mouse MS model.


Exposing the experimental animals with an MS-like autoimmune encephalitis to estriol, demonstrated marked remyelination as the result of increased cholesterol synthesis in the supporting cells that form the delicate cables around the connections between the main brain cells or neurons.  Estriol also decreased the loss of cortical neurons and reduced brain atrophy.


This exciting development offer yet another pathway for treating and possibly reversing multiple sclerosis.  We already suspect that it may be effective since pregnancy itself does inhibit the progression of MS.


#estriol #ms #multiplesclerosis #remyelination #demyelination #brainatrophy

estriol, ms, multiplesclerosis, remyelination, demyelination, brainatrophy







Mini-Shocks Could Help Stroke Victims



Targeted low level electrical stimulation improves blood flow to  sections of the brain that lost this vital circulation as the result of  ischemic strokes.  UCLA neurologists mounted a preliminary study of 10 ischemic stroke patients.  Seven were randomized to receive individually focused very low transcranial direct current stimulation across their skulls to the impacted regions of their brains within the first 24 hours following their strokes.  The 3 control subjects received only sham stimulation.


The electrical stimulation improved blood flow and reduced the size of poorly perfused brain a median of 100%.  At the same time, the controls suffered progression of stroke-affected brain by 325%.  The electrical stimulation improved blood flow by 64% while the sham treatment led to a 4% decrease.


This exciting treatment may lead to a faster recovery from ischemic stroke…..someday soon.


#stroke #ischemic #electricalstimulation #bloodflow #directcurrent

stroke, ischemic, electricalstimulation, bloodflow, directcurrent



Treatment For Male/Female Baldness



The key to curing male hair loss may come from the unlikeliest source: an ugly hairy mole.  Stem cell researchers at UC-Irvine have discovered that such moles contain hair stem cell hyperactivity.  Investigating the triggers for hair growth in these moles using a mouse model, they found overproduction of a hair signaling factor called osteopontin or SPP1 by aging pigment cells in these hairy moles.  Osteopontin binds to an antigen on the surface of hair follicle cells and stimulates their production of new hair.   Still under study are the factors that drive aging cells to produce the hair-promoting osteopontin.  When that is better understood, it may be possible to prevent hair loss in men, and in some women, as they age.  We hope that understand comes……someday soon.


#baldness #moles #hairmoles #aging #osteopontin #ssp1

baldness, moles, hairmoles, aging, osteopontin, ssp1



Nanorobots Fight Fungal Infections



University of Pennsylvania dental researchers in collaboration with Penn bioengineers have developed metallic nano-robotic particles that can be directed to sites of fungal infection and eradicate these dangerous yeasts.  The team has utilized catalytic iron nanoparticles called nanozymes to create microscopic robots that can be driven to infected tissues using magnetic fields.  Once they arrive at the fungus to which they attach, the robots generate highly reactive oxygen compounds that, like your Clorox cleansers, kill the yeast.  Now that we face fungal species like Candida auris that our current antibiotics can’t kill, these micro robots may be called upon to save the day….someday soon.[LIST_EMA


#nanorobots #fungus #candida #magnetic #ironnanoparticles

nanorobots, fungus, candida, magnetic, ironnanoparticles







A Saliva-based Pregnancy Test



The Israeli startup Salignostics has developed  a pregnancy test on a card similar to the CoVid tests.  The test, called Salistick, detects the presence in saliva of human chorionic gonadotropin, a hormone that surges in the body during pregnancy.  The test is 96% accurate on the first day of a missed period and 97% accurate on the second day.  The test is a rapid, convenient, and accurate method to test for pregnancy without the need to use urine.  Salistick will first be available in Europe, Africa, and the middle east.  No word on when it will be available in the US.


#saliva #pregnancy #HCG #humanchoronicgonadotropin 

saliva, pregnancy, HCG, humanchoronicgonadotropin 



Apple Watch Determines Psychological Resilience



Data from a wearable, in this case the Apple Watch, can predict a person’s ability to cope with adversity and manage stress.  Digital health researchers at New York’s Mt. Sinai Hospital and medical school have studied data from 329 healthcare workers, average age 37 years, 63% women and 37% men.  All had iPhones and Apple Watches and downloaded a Warrior Watch Study app.


At study onset, each subject completed a survey to pinpoint her or his psychological well-being and ability to effectively manage psychic adversity.  The smart watch recorded heart rate data over a 2 week period.  The Apple Health App calculated heart rate variability which is an indicator of activity in the involuntary nervous system.  Using watch-derived and demographic data, the researchers trained various algorithms to predict psychic resilience.  


The researchers conclude that wearable device output can be used by machine learning models to predict an individual’s level of psychologic resilience, but that more research is needed to improve the precision and accuracy of this determination.


#psychology #resilence #wearables #applewatch #machinelearning

psychology, resilence, wearables, applewatch, machinelearning



First Medicine For Treating Hot Flashes Of Menopause



The FDA has approved the oral medicine fezolinetant, branded as Veozah, as an effective treatment for severe vasomotor symptoms brought on by menopause.  This age is a neurokinin 3 receptor antagonist that effectively shields the receptor that controls body temperature.  The pill should be taken once a day, each day at the same time.  The drug’s effectiveness and safety were determined in two randomized, controlled, double-blinded trials.


#hotflashes #menopause #Veozah #fezolinetant

hotflashes, menopause, Veozah, fezolinetant



Happy Independence Day



Here’s wishing you and your family a happy and safe 4th of July celebration.    Leave the firecrackers to the pros at public displays, protect your ears from the loud bangs and loud music, don’t drive or ride with a driver under the influence of drugs, and protect your skin with sunscreens.  


I’ll be traveling from now until after Labor Day, so I’ll only be in the studio sporadically to file health and recall reports.  Until we next speak:  keep and smile on your face and your body in motion.  These are THE best medicines.


#independence #firecrackers #noise #alcohol #drugs #sunburn

independence, firecrackers, noise, alcohol, drugs, sunburn




CPSC Recalls


Zooby Video Baby Monitors For Cars May Ignite



Recall by: CPSC; Infanttech



The baby monitor’s battery can malfunction, overheat and burst, posing fire and burn hazards.


Sold: About 17,100 units were sold at infant and



Consumers should immediately remove the battery from the plush camera and can continue using the zooby plush camera and monitor if it is plugged in to a power source. Contact Infanttech via the email for a free replacement battery.


#zooby #babycarmonitor #battery #overheating #fire #burn #recall

zooby, babycarmonitor, battery, overheating, fire, burn, recall



Variously Branded Steam Humidifiers Have Faulty Electrical Wiring



Recall By: CPSC; Research Products Corporation 


Brands: AprilAire, Coleman, Luxaire, Bryant, Carrier and York.



The humidifiers contain an electrode wire with a “D” shaped connector that can loosen causing arcing and/or overheating, posing fire and burn hazards to consumers.


Sold: About 36,200 were sold in the US and about 3,800 were sold in Canada at HVAC contractors nationwide and online at,,, and other websites.



Immediately stop using and shut off the recalled humidifiers and contact Research Products at 1-888-742-2401 to receive a free electrode wire repair kit and assistance with identifying a qualified contractor to replace the faulty electrode connector wires free of charge.


#humidifier #electric #overheating #fire #burns #recall

humidifier, electric 3overheating, fire, burns, recall



Hurtle Children’s Multi-Purpose Helmets Fail To Protect



Recall by: CPSC; Sound Around



These helmets fail to comply with the positional stability requirements of the CPSC federal safety standard for bicycle helmets. They fail to protect in the event of a crash creating a risk of head injury.


Sold: About 1,800 helmets were sold at,, and



Immediately stop using these helmets and contact Sound Around at 1-877-238-1863 or via email at cs@hurtleusa.comto receive a full refund. To receive the refund, destroy the helmet by cutting off the straps and upload photos of the destroyed helmet to  and then dispose of the recalled helmet.


#hurtle #helmets #poorlyprotective #injury #recall

hurtle, helmets, poorlyprotective, injury, recall



RoboAlive Baby Shark and Mini Baby Shark Bath Toys Have Sharp Fins



Recall By: CPSC; Zuru



A child may fall or sit on the hard plastic top fin of these sharks creating risks of lacerations, punctures, and impalements.


Sold: About 7.5 million sharks were sold at Walmart, CVS Pharmacy, Dollar General Corp., Family Dollar Services, HEB Grocery Company, Meijer, Target, TJX Companies, Ross, and Walgreens stores nationwide and online at,, and other websites. 



Immediately stop using the recalled bath toys and contact Zuru at 1-833-820-0839 for a full refund.


#sharks #roboalive #fins #lacerations #perforation #recall

sharks, roboalive, fins, lacerations, perforation, recall



Boost The Mood Ceramic Mugs Spark In The Microwave



Recall By: CPSC; Michael Giordano International



These ceramic mugs are mislabeled as microwave safe. When microwaved, the metallic print on the mug sparks and creates fire and burn hazards.


Sold:  About 26,400 were sold at Ulta Beauty stores nationwide and online at as part of a promotional set with socks, hand and foot cream.



Stop using the recalled ceramic mugs and contact Michael Giordano International at 1-833-870-6579 or via email at to receive a $10 cash refund.


#boostthemood #mugs #microwaveunsafe #sparking #fire #burns #recall

boostthemood, mugs, microwaveunsafe, sparking, fire, burns, recall




FDA Recalls



Pamana Fruit Jelly Snacks May Choke Infants and Toddlers



Recall By: FDA; Foremost Foods Corporation


Problem: These jelly cups are small enough to be accidentally aspirated leading to choking and death.


Sold: Nationwide in large clear jars at Seafood City supermarkets.


Actions: Return these jelly cups to the place of purchase for a full refund.  Alternatively, dispose of them in a sealed package inside a secure garbage can with a tight‐fitting lid. For more information contact Foremost Foods at 1-909‐525‐9500.


#pamana #jellycups #aspiration #choking #death #recall

pamana, jellycups, aspiration, choking, death, recall



Cadia and Trader Joe’s Organic Frozen Pineapple and Frozen Fruit Blend With Organic Frozen Pineapple Contain Listeria



Recall By: FDA; Scenic Fruit Company


Problem: These frozen products are contaminated with Listeria monocytogenes, a bacterium that causes a life-threatening infection in vulnerable individuals.


Sold: Trader Joe’s retail stores, nationwide, and Cadia Health Food stores in California,Illinois, Indiana, Florida, Maryland, Oregon and Texas.


Actions: Return these products to the place of purchase for a refund or destroy them.  For additional information, contact Scenic Fruit by email at


#traderjoes #healthfood #frozenpinapple #listeria #infection #recall #cadia

traderjoes, healthfood, frozenpinapple, listeria, infection, recall, cadia

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