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HealthNews RoundUp - 4th Week of November  2021







Extremely Hot Weather Damages Your Heart



Ever more frequent heat waves promise deadly heart strain and an epidemic of heart failure.  These warnings come from a  Montreal Heart Institute review of the consequences of extreme heat events.


Even beyond heat stroke with its dangerously high body temperatures, confusion, nausea and vomiting, environmental temperatures in the 100’s put a dangerous strain on your heart.  In a futile attempt to cool the body by superpowering its sweat glands, the heart ramps up its pumping function to dangerously high levels.


Those with pre-existing medical problems, particularly cardiovascular disease, are at particular risk.  The heat-associated heart strain can readily trigger heart attacks and ultimate heart failure.


To prevent these heat-related consequences, Canadian provinces routinely warn the public 18-24 hours before heat events with suggestions about how to beat the heat.  To prevent heat-driven heart damage, we must all seek air conditioning or use fans, remain hydrated, and dunk in comfortably cool water if possible.  


So you say, why worry about this now.  Fact is, many of you may be heading south to beat the cold, and you may just find more heat than you expect or want.  Just saying, when it’s hot, remember your heart.


#heat #heart #heartfailure #heartattack #heatwave

heat, heart, heartfailure, heartattack, heatwave



Surgery Selfies Prevent Post-Op Disasters



When infection occurs post-operatively, a timely selfie of the operative incision is nearly 4 times more likely to prevent a delayed diagnosis.   University of Edinburgh surgeons proved this point with the study of 233 surgical patients following their operations.


Each patient was contacted on days 3, 7, and 15 post-operatively, questioned about how they were feeling, and asked to take a selfie of their wounds.  A surgeon evaluated each photo.  The patients were again contacted at day 30 postop to find out if they had been diagnosed with an infection.


When compared with a control group of 269 surgical patients who were followed without photos, those in the selfie group had any wound infections diagnosed within 7 days of surgery about 4 times more frequently.  Don’t forget to tell your incision to smile!


#selfie #surgery #infection #incision #delayeddiagnosis

selfie, surgery, infection, incision, delayeddiagnosis



Your Work Performance Depends On Your Commute



If you can’t seem to please your boss, the problem, dear Brutus, is not in your stars but in your commute.  A just published Dartmouth study tracked 275 information technology workers using their smartphones and wearables to quantify the characteristics of their commutes and their bodily reactions to them.  Their HR records served to determine their work performances.


When the numbers were crunched, the researchers found that poor performers at work consistently struggled with higher stress levels in association with their commutes.  Excellent work performers enjoyed smoother commutes with more consistent durations and less associated anxiety.


To protect your body from undue stress and to guard yourself from embarrassments at work, take the easiest route to and from your job and …. play soothing music.


#commute #stress #jobperformance #smartphone #wearables

Commute, stress, jobperformance, smartphone, wearables



CoVid Vaccines Prevent Long CoVid



CoVid patients who received even one dose of an FDA-approved CoVid vaccine within a month of their CoVid diagnosis are more than 5 times less likely than an unvaccinated person to develop multiple symptoms of the dreaded long CoVid.   Researchers at the Massachusetts health think tanks Arcadia and MITRE studied 1,065,626 CoVid patients.


Analysis of the vaccination histories and the occurrence of long CoVid symptoms in these patients showed the protective effects of CoVid vaccines.  While vaccination following the diagnosis of an active CoVid infection protects against long CoVid the best when completed within a month of infection diagnosis, vaccination prior to any diagnosed CoVid infection is the most effective reducing the likelihood of developing long CoVid nearly 9 fold.


Preventing long CoVid is yet another reason to be vaccinated against CoVid.  The vaccines are most effective protecting you against both CoVid and long CoVid if completed long before possible exposure to the virus.


#CoVid #longcovid #vaccine

CoVid, longcovid, vaccine




Antibody Cocktail SHOTS May Prevent CoVid



Repeated shots of Regeneron’s antibody cocktail REGEN-COV reduced the risk of a CoVid infection by 92.4% for unvaccinated persons.  Regeneron-sponsored doubled-blinded, placebo controlled trials in Texas and Ohio studied 969 uninfected and unvaccinated subjects receiving 6 monthly shots of antibody compared with a control group of 240 subjects receiving placebo injections.


The monthly antibody injections were significantly protective even for those persons with complicating medical issues.  Injection site reactions occurred in 37% of the treatment group but the majority were mild and resolved within 4 days of injection.  There were no significant immunological reactions mounted against the injected antibodies that would limit their protection.


This Regeneron cocktail has been successfully used as an intravenous injection to treat hospitalized patients with severe CoVid.  This new study shows that subcutaneous shots of the same drug can successfully prevent CoVid.


#CoVid #regeneron #REGCOV #injection #prophylaxis

CoVid, regeneron, REGCOV, injection, prophylaxis



Booster CoVid Vaccine Shots Are Cost-Effective



Boosting 100,000 older Americans with the Pfizer vaccine will cost $3.4 million but save twice that amount in ultimate medical costs over a 6 month period. Researchers in China and at New York’s Mt. Sinai Medical School developed a computer model to assess the cost-effectiveness of boosting the CoVid immunity 6 months following the second dose of the Pfizer CoVid vaccine.


The study predicts a 67% probability that this CoVid booster strategy will be cost effective.  It would save $3.4 million per 100,000 American for a total savings of $11.9 billion.


Take advantage of the privilege and safety that a CoVid booster will afford you and your family.  If you are 6 months following your second Moderna or Pfizer shot or 2 months after your J&J shot, get the immune boost, possible save your life, and save your country money.   By the way, that booster only becomes effective 2 weeks after the jab.


#CoVid #booster #vaccine #Pfizer #Moderna #costeffectiveness

CoVid, booster, vaccine, Pfizer, Moderna, costeffectiveness



The Antidepressant Prozac Saves CoVid Patients



Hospitalized CoVid patients are 28% less likely to die of the disease if they are taking fluoxetine, the selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor, SSRI, best known as Prozac and prescribed for clinical depression.  A study from UC-San Francisco analyzed the data from 83,584 patients diagnosed with CoVid of whom 3,401 were on an SSRI.


The researchers comment that the beneficial effects of SSRIs are less dramatic compared with the medications already in use to treat hospitalized CoVid patients such as antibody cocktails, remdesivir, dexamethasone, and tocilizumab.  It is possible, though, that these anti-depressive medications may yet play a role in the treatment of hospitalized CoVid patients by enhancing the effects of these other medications.


#CoVid #ssri #antidepressives #prozac #hospitalization #death

CoVid, ssri, antidepressives, prozac, hospitalization, death



You Can Safely Get a CoVid Booster Along With Your Flu Shot



Persons simultaneously receiving CoVid boosters with the Moderna mRNA vaccine and the high dose quadrivalent influenza vaccine developed the same robust immune responses to the vaccines as those receiving only one vaccine at a time and showed no evidence of increased adverse reactions to the piggy-backed vaccinations.  This the data from an ongoing Phase 2 multicenter trial sponsored by vaccine maker Sanofi-Pasteur.


A total of 296 persons were divided intro 3 experimental groups: 100 received the Moderna and Flu vaccines together; 104 the Moderna booster only; and 92 the high dose flu vaccine only.  Antibody titers against CoVid increased to similar levels whether or not the participant also received the flu shot.  Antibody titers against the 4 influenza strains increased to similar levels whether or not a CoVid shot was administered at the same time.  There were no differences in side effects when vaccines were given at same time.


Now is the time for you to get your annual flu shot.  If it’s been 6 months since your second dose of Moderna or Pfizer vaccine or 2 months since your J&J shot, its time for a booster.  The good news is that you can get them both at the same time.


#CoVid #moderna #influenza #highdosequadrivalentinfluenza #booster

CoVid, moderna, influenza, highdosequadrivalentinfluenza, booster



Breakthrough CoVid Can Be Nasty



When vaccinated persons develop a case of breakthrough CoVid they have a 59% higher risk of developing at least one manifestation of long CoVid, usually lung disease, compared with individuals who never developed a CoVid infection.  Worse still, those with breakthrough CoVid have a 53% higher risk of unexpected death compared with the uninfected.


According to the Reuters Health news service, researchers analyzing data from the US Veteran Affairs database studied 16,035 vaccinated persons who developed breakthrough CoVid and nearly 3.6 million uninfected persons.  They tabulated the risks of long CoVid and death at 6 months following the CoVid infections in question.


Unfortunately, the actual study data has not yet appeared online, but Reuters is a reliable source.  Once I find the prepublication document, I will file another report.


For now, I wanted to share this important warming with you as the holiday season begins.  These data suggest that vaccines are effective but not perfect protection.  They say that, even if you are vaccinated, you don’t want to get CoVid because it can still do you in with long CoVid or worse.  


This being the case, I once again encourage you, even if vaccinated and boosted:  be ultra-careful indoors, in crowds even outdoors, on mass transit, and in airports and other transit hubs.  You DO NOT want a breakthrough case of Covid.


#CoVid #breakthrough #vaccine #longcovid #death

CoVid, breakthrough, vaccine, longcovid, death




CPSC Recalls


AmazonBasics Memory Foam Mattresses On Recall



The CPSC and Amazon are recalling AmazonBasics Memory Foam Mattresses.  These mattresses fail to meet federal flammability standards and create a risk for fires and burns.  About 15,300 of the mattresses were sold online at  If you bought one of these mattresses and haven’t yet been contacted directly by Amazon, contact the company by phone at 1-877-444-3765 or online at to arrange for the receipt of a mattress cover that will bring this product into federal safety compliance.


#amazon #foammattress #flammability #fires #burns #recall

amazon, foammattress, flammability, fires, burns, recall



Recall on Goodman Gas Furnace Evaporator Coil Drain Pans



The CPSC and the Goodman Manufacturing Company are recalling the evaporator coil drain pans that are installed on residential condensing gas furnaces in an up-flow configuration.  The molded plastic drain pan, located at the bottom of the evaporator coil, can overheat, melt, and create a fire hazard.  Evaporator drain pans with serial numbers with prefixes ranging from 1901 through 2101 are covered by this recall, and these were installed or repaired since January 2019.  About 298,300 of these evaporation coil drain pans were sold in the Us and about 44,000 were sold in Canada.  If you have one of these installed on your gas furnace or think you do, contact the Goodman Manufacturing Company by phone at 1-888-520-0579 or online at to arrange for a free repair by a qualified repair technician.  Goodman’s website has a model verification tool to determine if the product you have is covered by the recall.


#goodman #drainpan #overheating #fire #burn #recall

goodman, drainpan, overheating, fire, burn, recall



American Honda Recreational Off-Highway Vehicles On Recall



The CPSC and American Honda are recalling American Honda Pioneer and Talon Recreational Off-Highway Vehicles.  These vehicles have defective steering assemblies causing the driver to lose control with crash and injury hazards.  About 1400 of these ROVs were sold in the US at authorized Honda Powersports dealers nationwide.  Those who own these vehicles should immediately stop using them and contact an authorized Honda Powersports dealer to schedule a free inspection and repair that installs a new yoke joint and associated hardware in the steering shaft assembly.  For more information, contact American Honda by phone at 1-866-784-1870 or online at and click on “Recall Information” at the bottom of the page.


#honda #offhighwayvehicle #pioneer #talon #steering #crash #injury #recall

Honda, offhighwayvehicle, pioneer, talon, steering, crash, injury, recall




FDA Recalls


Recall On American Screening Hand Sanitizer



The FDA and American Screening are recalling American Screening Hand Sanitizer.  This topical product is packaged in 8 ounce bottles at resemble water bottles that create a risk for oral consumption of the 70% alcohol gel with poisoning.  Ingesting this ethyl alcohol will trigger sometime fatal neurologic toxicity with loss of coordination, slurred speech, and coma.  About 153,336 bottles of this product were distributed nationwide.  If you have this product, return it to the place of purchase for a refund.  More information is available by calling American Screening at 1-318-606-6037 or via email at


#americasnscreening #handsanitizer #alcohol #bottledwater #ingestion #poisoning #Recall

americasnscreening, handsanitizer, alcohol, bottledwater, ingestion, poisoning, Recall



Wilbur Dark Chocolate Triple Covered Malted Milk Balls Are Recalled



The FDA and Cargil are recalling Wilbur Dark Chocolate Triple Covered Malted Milk Balls.  This candy contains undeclared peanuts.  If eaten by those with a peanut allergy, these malted milk balls may trigger a serious or life-threatening allergic reaction.  About 469 one pound bags of this candy were sold at the Wilbur Chocolate Store in Lititz, PA and online at  If you bought these malted milk balls, do not consume them but return them to the place of purchase.  For additional information, contact Cargill by phone at 1-717-627-7946 or via email at


#cargil #wilbur #maltedmilkballs #peanut #allergy #recall

Cargil, wilbur, maltedmilkballs, peanut, allergy, recall



Mountain Meadow Herbs Brand Candida Flush is Recalled



The FDA and Mountain Meadow Herbs are recalling Mountain Meadow Herbs brand Candida Flush, Lot# 0120011Q.  Bottles from this lot have become pressurized, and, when opened, may explode spewing air and portions of capsules and their powder contents.  This product was sold in Product was sold directly to consumers in Indiana, Kentucky, Minnesota, Missouri, Montana, Nebraska, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Virginia, and Wisconsin, as well as in the Canadian Provence of Ontario.  If you have this product, dispose of it immediately.  For more information about refunds, contact Mountain Meadow Herbs by phone at 1-888-528-8615 or via email at


#mountainmeadow #candidaflush #explosion #injury #recall

mountainmeadow, candidaflush, explosion, injury, recall



Recall One Odor Eaters Spray Products



The FDA and Odor Eaters now recall all Odor Eaters spray products.  Multiple lots of Odor Eaters spray powder and Stink Stoppers spray contain dangerous amounts of the solvent benzene.  Benzene is a human carcinogen and may cause leukemia, bone marrow cancers, and other blood disorders if inhaled, swallowed, or absorbed through the skin.  If you bought any of these products, you may access Odor Eaters online at to request a product refund.  For more information, contact Odor Eaters by phone at 1-855-544-4821.


#odoreaters #sprays #benzene #cancer #recall

odoreaters, sprays, benzene, cancer, recall



Additional Salma Curry Products Recalled



The FDA and the Spice ’n More Corporation are now recalling additional Salma and Casablanca Curry products including Salma Natural Curry Powder, Salma Natural Jamaican Curry Powder, Casablanca Natural Spices Curry Powder, and Casablanca Natural Spices Curry Jamaican.  These products contain undeclared peanuts.  If eaten by those with a peanut allergy, these malted milk balls may trigger a serious or life-threatening allergic reaction.  If you bought any of these products, return them to the place of purchase for a refund.  For more information, contact Spice ’n More Corporation by phone at 1-718-417-0746 or via email at


#spicenmore #salma #casablanca #currypowder #peanuts #allergy #recall

spicenmore, salma, casablanca, currypowder, peanut, allergy, recall




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