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HealthNews RoundUp - 2nd Week of January 2022






CoVid May Trigger Diabetes In Children and Teens



Young people under the age of 18 with CoVid are more than 2.5 times more likely to be diagnosed with diabetes as those uninfected with this virus.  This conclusion is now reported by a CDC study group after their analysis of a US medical claims database covering a total of 80,893 persons with a mean age of 12 years and a fairly even gender mix.


The incidence of either type 1, that is insulin-dependent, diabetes or type 2 diabetes managed with oral medication or diet alone was 316 per 100,000 person years compared with 118/100K for those uninfected with CoVid during the period of the pandemic and 125/100K for persons in the prepandemic period.  The incidence of diabetes was similar across all age and gender groups.


We have known since the start of the pandemic that diabetics do poorly with CoVid due to their suboptimal immunity.  Now we also know that the virus can induce a disruption of carbohydrate metabolism that is diagnosable as frank diabetes.  This is not surprising, since other studies have shown that CoVid can attack the pancreas and interfere with insulin production.


This finding should encourage all parents of children and teens to get their kids fully vaccinated and boosted.


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Covid, diabetes, vaccine, booster



CoVid Vaccination Prevents Teen Inflammatory Disease



A full course of the Pfizer mRNA CoVid vaccine reduces that chance that an adolescent will develop the multi system inflammatory syndrome known as MIS-C by 91%.  A collaborative group of pediatric infectious disease specialists at 24 of our nation’s preeminent children’s hospitals and pediatric departments studied a total of 283 patients with a median age of 14.5 years during the Delta variant predominant period July through December of 2021.  


Ninety-five percent of the adolescents who became infected with CoVid and developed symptoms of MIS-C were unvaccinated.  No CoVid-infected child who received the 2 doses of the Pfizer vaccine required mechanical ventilation or cardiovascular life support which 39% of the unvaccinated did.


MIS-C is a devastating illness that is largely preventable with CoVid vaccination and appropriate boosting.  Since only 52.3% of eligible teens 12 through 17 years had received the mRNA vaccine as of mid-December and a significantly lower percentage of those 5 through 11 years had received it due to its recent approval, huge opportunities exist.  Let’s not squander them.


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Covid, adolescents, MISC, vaccination, mRNA, hospitalization



Face Masks Block Toxic Aerosol Travel



From the “Yes….face masks really do make a difference ..department” comes a cut and dry engineering study that shows face masks reduce the distance an infectious aerosol travels by more than 50%.  Mechanical engineers at the University of Central Florida exhaustively studied 14 20-something participants to determine the effectiveness of various mask types on aerosol dispersal after speaking and coughing.


Measurements were made of droplet size, velocity, and spread as participants wore cloth masks, 3 layer surgical masks, or no mask.  The surgical mask limited the aerosol spread to 6 inches compared with at least 2 feet for the cloth mask and at least 4 feet for no mask.  Other studies have shown, though, that clouds of superfine aerosol are able to travel even further.


Now that we are dealing with the highly contagious Omicron variant, mask wearing is a must.  To avoid inhaling enough CoVid to make you ill, always wear the best mask you can indoors, that is a tight fitting N95 or at least a KN95 model indoors, mask up outdoors if others are around, stay 10 to 12 feet from others particularly if unmasked, and limit or frankly avoid any time spent indoors and in poorly ventilated areas even with masks.  Indoor eating is out.


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Call vid, masks, aerosols, N95, KN95



It’s Possible To Learn Twice As Fast



Learning comprehension and retention are unaffected by watching an instructional video at up to twice the speed.  Educational psychologists at UCLA studied this phenomenon in 231 of their undergrads by having them watch two 15 minute videos including one about the Roman Empire and the other about real estate appraisals.  Groups screened the videos at either normal speed, 1.5 times faster, 2 times faster, or 2.5 times faster.


The participants were tested immediately after each viewing and again a week later.  Comprehension and retention were statistically identical between normal and double speed but declined with viewing at 2.5 times the normal speed.


So students……If you’re short on time, and who isn’t, ramp up the playback speed and rest assured that you’re not missing much.  Modern digital players adjust the audio pitch so your professors don’t sound like the Chipmunks.


#education #speedlearning #comprehension #retention

Education, speedlearning, comprehension, retention



Does A CoVid Vaccination Help After You’re Infected?



Receiving the first shot of a 2 shot mRNA vaccination battery on the day you test positive for CoVid or within 5 days afterward cuts your chances of dying from the disease by over 80%. This the conclusion of an Israeli study that analyzed data from 271,710 persons who tested CoVid-positive using the PCR test during the period from December, 2020 through September, 2021.


While vaccine protection was significant for those 65 and older saving half of them, it was most dramatic for those in the 55 to 64 age group saving 81% of them.  Since the death toll was low for those under 55 years, vaccination did not have an appreciable effect on survival.  


Vaccination also has a protective effect on hospitalization reducing admissions by 25% for those 65 and older and by 30% for those 55 to 64 years.  There was no statistically significant effect of vaccination on duration of hospital stay for either group.


The bottom line: if you haven’t been vaccinated and test CoVid positive, its better late than never to get the jab.


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CoVid, vaccine, death, hospitalization







CPSC Recalls



Huge Recall On Residential Elevators



The CPSC and 3 makers of residential elevators, Bella Elevator, LLC, Inclinator Company of America, and Savaria Corporation, now announce recalls on a total of 69,000 residential elevators in the US and in Canada.  All of these elevators share the same issue: young children can become trapped in the space between the exterior door and the interior elevator car door or gate.  This occurs if there is a hazardous gap, and little ones may suffer serious injuries or death when the elevator is called to another floor.  The manufacturers have made a joint commitment to reengineer their products to avoid this dangerous issue in the future.  Meanwhile, owners of these elevators can obtain space guards from the manufacturers to prevent child entrapment.  Contact Bella Elevator by calling 1-877-375-1428 or online at  Contact Inclinator by phone at 1-833-620-2949 or online at  Contact Savaria by phone at 1-855-983-5520 or online at


#elevators #Bella #inclinator #savaria #entrapment #children #injury #death #recall

elevators, Bella, inclinator, Saveria, entrapment, children, injury, death, recall




Recall On HulovoX Children’s Robes


The CPSC and HulovoX are recalling HulovoX Children’s Robes.  These unicorn robes fail to meet federal flammability standards for children;’s sleepwear. They were sold online by from January through May 2021. Immediately stop your children from wearing these robes.  You may wait for Amazon to send you a prepaid mailer in order to return the robe for a refund.  Alternatively, or you may contact either Amazon or HulovoX to obtain the mailer in order to initiate the refund process.  Contact HulovboX at 1-800-316-0241 or via email at  You can contact Amazon via its website.


#robes #childrens #unicorn #flammability #burns #recall

Robes, childrens, unicorn, flammability, Burns, recall



EGL and ACE Branded Youth All-Terrain Vehicles On Recall



The CPSC and EGL Motor Inc. have recalled EGL and ACE Branded Youth All-Terrain Vehicles (ATVs).  These vehicles fail to comply with federal mandatory ATV safety standards in that children can operate them above the maximum allowable speeds creating risks for crashes and injuries.  In addition the handlebars cause a laceration risk should a child rider fall against them, and the parking brake fails to stop vehicle movement on a steep incline.  X

About 2900 of these ATVs were sold.  If you have this ATV, immediately stop using it and do not permit your child to ride it either.  Contact EGL Motors by phone at 1-866-496-9919 or via email at to arrange for a free repair.


#ATV #safety #throttle #brakes #handlebars #injuries #recall

ATV, safety, throttle, brakes, handlebars, injuries, recall



Recall On 2021 Model Year Giant and Liv Adult Bicycles



The CPSC and Giant Bicycles and Giant Retailers are recalling 2021 Giant and Liv Adult Bicycles.  The recall involves model year 2021 Giant Cypress DX, Giant Escape 3 Comfort, Liv Flourish FS 1 and Liv Alight 3 Comfort bicycles.  The adjustable handlebar stem on these bicycles may become loose and create fall and injury hazards.  About 20,800 bicycles were sold nationwide online at or at  Immediately stop using these bicycles and contact Giant Bicycle by phone at 1-866-458-2555 or via email at to schedule a free inspection and repair.


#giant #bicycle #handlebars #steering #crashes #injuries #recall

Giant, bicycle, handlebars, steering, crashes, injuries, recall



E-Z-GO Freedom RXV Personal Transportation Vehicles Are Now Recalled



The CPSC and Textron Specialized Vehicles are recalling 2022 E-Z-GO Freedom RXV ELiTE, Freedom RXV Gas, and Freedom RXV 48V vehicles with a rear-facing seat.  The rear seat support infrastructure is subject to failures leading to the rear seat unexpectedly tilting creating injury hazards for passengers.  About 280 of these vehicles have been sold nationwide at E-Z-GO dealerships nationwide and online via E-Z-GO’s Dealer to Driveway program.  If you bought one of these vehicles, immediately discontinue using the rear facing seat and contact Textron by phone at 1-888-525-6040 or via email at to arrange for a free repair.


#ezgo    textron #vehicles #seat #injury #recall

 EZgo, Textron, vehicles, seat, injury, recall




FDA Recalls



Taste of Inspirations Cream Puffs Are Recalled



The FDA and Poppies International, Inc are now extending their recall of their Delizza cream puffs to those branded as Taste of Inspirations.  This new recall is again due to small metal fragments in the product.  Ingesting these cream puffs could lead to injuries in the mouth, throat, and other parts of the digestive tract.  These cream puffs were sold at Hannaford stores in New York State.  If you bought these cream puffs, return them to the point of purchase for a refund.  For more information, call Poppies International at 1-252-428-7118.


#creampuffs #tasteofinspiration #foreignbodies #laceration #recall

Creampuffs, tasteofinspirations, foreignbodies, laceration, recall

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