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HealthNews RoundUp - 1st Week of January 2022






Rating The CoVid Vaccines



When the anti-CoVid potencies of the 4 most popular vaccines are measured head-to-head, the Moderna mRNA vaccine just slightly edges out the Pfizer but both mRNA vaccines clearly beat the viral vector vaccines marketed by Johnson and Johnson and AstraZenaca.  These relative vaccine strengths are even more notable against the Omicron variant.


Investigators at the University of Amsterdam and Cornell University studied sera from vaccinated Dutch health care workers most of whom were 35 to 60 years of age.  When we look at the neutralization strength of antibodies induced by each of the vaccines, we see that the mRNA vaccines continue to produce impressive protection against even the Delta variant.  Their protection tanks when they face the Omicron variant with only the Moderna vaccine offering any substantial protection for some individuals.  The J&J and AstraZeneca vaccines, while offering moderate protection against most variants, failed miserably against Omicron.


Interestingly, the protection of all vaccines against the Beta variant, B.1.1.351, that arose like Omicron in South Africa, was reduced compared with that against the wild type and other variants except Omicron.   There is something about South Africa that births some interesting CoVid variants.


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Vaccination Protects Cardiovascular Function After Breakthrough CoVid



Those developing breakthrough CoVid after full vaccination with the Pfizer vaccine were 3.5 times more likely to reach their predicted exercise capacity compared with unvaccinated CoVid patients.  The the conclusion of an Israeli study of 43 participants who developed CoVid during the Delta-predominant era.


Of the 43, 15 were vaccinated and 43 were unvaccinated, and testing was completed on average 3 months following their acute infections.  At that time, the pulmonary function parameters were similar in the vaccinated and the unvaccinated groups yet the aerobic fitness of the vaccinated group was 14% higher than that of the unvaccinated.  Half of the unvaccinated group had fitness levels less than 80% of that predicted for them versus only 14% of those in the vaccinated group.


So vaccination not only protects you from infection.  It also maintains superior heart and lung function for those who sadly become infected despite vaccination.


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CoVid, vaccination, fitness



CoVid Remains In Your Vital Organs For Months



A just published NIH study confirms that CoVid remains in the body for months after an initial infection with widespread presence in vital organs.  The multidisciplinary team of NIH pathologists and virologists collaborated with University of Maryland clinicians in an exhaustive autopsy study of 44 patients with a PCR-proven CoVid infection.  The analysis was done up to 7 months after that infection.


CoVid was detected in the lung tissues of 98%, cardiovascular tissues of 80%, brain tissues in 91%, lymphoid tissues of 86%, gastrointestinal tissues of 73%, kidney and endocrine tissues of 64%, reproductive tissues of 43%, muscle, skin, fat and peripheral nerves in 68%, and the eyes in 58%.  After infection, even in mild cases, viral replication is extensive in the lungs, and the new virus is disseminated throughout the body via the blood.  There is evidence of viral replication occurring throughout the body for over 3 months even in tissues lacking the ACE2 receptor necessary for viral entrance into cells.


You do not want to catch CoVid.  Since our vaccines are less effective against the highly contagious Omicron, you must mask and double mask with N95 or certified KN95 masks, make certain they fit well, stay out of crowds, and avoid indoor gatherings.


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CoVid, nih, replication, multisystem, lung, heart, brain



Weight Loss Saves You From CoVid



Obese persons who lose significant weight can reduce their risk of developing severe and fatal CoVid by nearly 60%.  This the conclusion of a Cleveland Clinic cohort study of 11,809 obese adult patients.


The experimental group consisted of 2,958 patients who had lost 17% or more of their body weight prior to the first wave of CoVid that hit Cleveland in March, 2020.  This weight loss was triggered by bariatric surgical procedures.  A group of 8,851 persistently obese persons served as the control group.  The mean weight difference between groups was 44 pounds.


Although the rate of CoVid infection was statistically the same for both groups, 9.1% for the weight loss group versus 8.7% for the controls, those who lost the weight enjoyed a 49% lower risk of hospitalization, a 63% lower need for supplemental oxygen, a 58% reduced risk of severe CoVid, and a 72% lower risk of death.


Though those in the study achieved their weight loss through surgery, a well-executed medical weight loss program can produce similar body mass reduction.  Weight loss by any means would then improve your chances of better weathering CoVid.


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CoVid, obesity, weightloss, hospitalization



Comparing Omicron and Delta Disease Severities



The risk of developing a severe case of CoVid during the current Omicron era is roughly two-thirds less than during the immediately previous Delta era.  Using a national database, investigators at Case Western Reserve University performed a retrospective review of 577,938 first-time CoVid-infected patients.  Of them 14,054 had Omicron CoVid while 563,884 developed Delta CoVid.


Comparing Omicron versus Delta infections, the risk of a ED visit was 70% less, the risk of hospitalization was 54% less, the risk of an ICU admission was 67% less, and the risk of requiring a ventilator was 84% less.  For children and teens 5 through 17 years, the risk of an ED visit was 81% lower for Omicron and the risk of hospitalization was 64% lower for Omicron.


Omicron produces less severe disease than Delta.  That doesn’t mean acute Omicron infections are innocuous, particularly in the unvaccinated and unboosted.  Then too, it’s way too early for us to know what mischief Omicron will cause in our vital organs once it gets into our bodies.  Since we have no idea about Long Omicron CoVid, you best remain uninfected by the careful use of masking, especially indoors, by avoiding crowds, and by carefully cleansing your hands and your surroundings.


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CoVid, omicron, delta



Comparing a CoVid Boost from mRNA Versus Virus Vector Vaccines



The Pfizer mRNA vaccine and the Johnson and Johnson adenovirus vector vaccine induce comparable rises in anti-CoVid antibodies and anti-Covid cellular immunity after initial Pfizer vaccination.  In another words, a mix and match boosting strategy works!  Researchers at Harvard and the University of North Carolina report these results after analyzing the immunity conferred on 65 subjects, 24 of whom received the Pfizer and 41 received the J&J.


By 6 months after Pfizer vaccination, antibody protection against CoVid variants compared with the original strain plummets significantly.  Two and four weeks after a boost of either the J&J vaccine or the Pfizer vaccine, the antibody protection against all CoVid strains bumps up though protection against Omicron does begin to wane quickly.


Looking at cellular immunity against CoVid, the analysis showed that this part of the immune response remained quite active even 6 months following the initial Pfizer vaccination.  Boosting with the J&J virus vector vaccine did drive cellular immunity higher than with the Pfizer vaccine.


The bottom line: you can successfully mix and match when boosting your initial vaccination with an mRNA vaccine such as Pfizer and Moderna.  Those vaccinated with either mRNA vaccine, Pfizer or Moderna, should receive a booster of mRNA vaccine by 6 months after the second shot.  Those vaccinated with the J&J vaccine should receive a booster of mRNA vaccine 2 months after the J&J shot remains in place


This and other studies show that anti-Omicron cellular immunity remains robust after initial vaccination with mRNA vaccines.  This may well be the reason that those who do develop breakthrough Omicron experience relative mild cases.


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CoVid, vaccines, boosters, mixandmatch, pfize, #jandj



CoVid Infections Trigger Significant Cognitive Dysfunction



Persons suffering Delta CoVid infections have a 63% higher risk of losing vital executive function that is crucial for planning, focusing, forming memories, and multitasking.  Epidemiologists and psychologists at Canada’s University of Waterloo report this finding after analyzing 1,958 persons with a mean age 37 years.  The study group consisted of 303 with documented CoVid infections.  There were 1,655 controls.


The data showed a definite correlation between the severity of the CoVid infection and the degree of cognitive disability due to loss of executive functions.  Men were 15% more likely than women to experience cognitive dysfunction, and younger adults 25 to 39 years of age were 30% more likely than middle aged adults 40 to 54 years of age to lose it.  Those with moderately severe to severe CoVid infections were 60% more likely to suffer cognitive issues compared with uninfected persons.


Once again the evidence warns that you don’t want to catch CoVid. It attacks your vital organs including your lungs, heart, kidneys, and brains.  Though the latest information suggests Omicron infections may be initially milder, we don’t yet know the long-term consequences.


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CoVid, cognition, executivefunction, delta, omicron



Medical Scams To Avoid in 2022



As the year begins, I want to warn you about the ever-present medical scams that threaten to vacuum your hard-earned bucks from your wallet.


Bogus weight loss programs like those promoted by Dr. Wizard of Oz: 

Beware of programs that claim:

  • You can lose weight without modifying the food you eat in quantity and quality.

  • Measuring your weight regularly is unnecessary.

  • Any weight loss will be permanent.

  • You’ll lose 30 pounds in 30 days,

  • A topical cream or lotion will suction off the pounds.

  • Their program works for everyone.

  • They provide magical pills that melt those pounds off.


Fake fertility supplements:

Last May, the FDA issued warning letters to 5 makers of dietary supplements that claim they can eliminate fertility issues.  They include:

• LeRoche Benicoeur and its ConceiveEasy program

  • EU Natural Inc. and its Conception Female and Male Fertility products 

  • Fertility Nutraceuticals LLC and its products “CONFLAM- Forte™,” “FERTINATAL® DHEA”, and “OVOENERGEN™ CoenzymeQ10”

  • Sal Nature LLC and its FertilHerb supplements

  • NS Products, Inc and its NaturaCure.

Quick cures of all sorts for cancer, diabetes, dementia, arthritis, sexual performance, the flu, STDs, and CoVid.  You can spot the fakes if they tout:

  • One product with universal power.

  • Personal testimonials.  BTW, they are often actors.

  • Quick fixes.

  • All natural cures.

  • Miracle cures.

  • Conspiracy theories.


Don’t be suckered or even worse.  Buy legitimate healthcare products.


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medical, scams, dieting, fertility, miracles, cancer, diabetes





CPSC Recalls



Colony Brands Covered Wood Wagons Recalled



The CPSC and Colony Brands are recalling Colony Brands Covered Wood Wagons.  The paint on the wagons, the plastic handles, and the red plastic cover contain unsafe levels of lead that exceed federal safety standards. Excessive lead in pain is toxic and cause other health problems for young children if paint is ingested.  About 20 of these wagons were sold nationwide.  If you bought one of these wagons for your child, do not let them use it.  Return it to the place of purchase for a refund.  For more information, call Colony Brands at 1-800-991-4442 or contact therm via email at


#children #wagon #lead #toxicity #recall

children, wagon, lead, toxicity, recall



Recalled are Polaris Outlaw 110 EFI Youth All-Terrain Vehicles



The CPSC and Polaris are recalling Polaris Outlaw 110 EFI Youth All-Terrain Vehicles. The inner layer of the fuel line leaks and creates fire and burn hazards.  About 1100 of these vehicles were sold in the US and 2 were sold in Canada.  Immediately stop using these recalled vehicles and contact a Polaris dealer to schedule the free repair which involves installation of a new fuel line. For more information contact Polaris by phone at 1-800-765-2747 or online at and click on "off-road safety recalls” at the bottom of the page.


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polaris, off-road, atv, fuelline, fir, burns, recall



Recalled are Native Creation Small Wool Sweaters



The CPSC and Native Creation now recall Native Creation small wool sweaters. The paint on the zipper pull contains toxic levels of lead exceeding maximum federal safety standards. Excessive levels of lead can be toxic and create neurologic and other health problems for young children should the paint be ingested. About 170 of the sweaters were sold in the US. Immediately take these recalled sweaters away from your children and contact Native Creation for a full refund. You can reach the company at 1-206-499-3301.


#Nativecreation #sweater #lead #toxicity #recall

Nativecreation, sweater, lead, toxicity, recall



CRT Motor Youth All-Terrain Vehicles Are Recalled



The CPSC and CRT motors are recalling the CRT motor youth all-terrain vehicles. These vehicles fail to meet mandatory safety requirements for children who are able to operate them above the maximum allowed speed risking crashes and serious injuries. The handlebars on these ATVs also pose a laceration hazard. Immediately stop using these ATVs and do not permit your children to use them. Contact CRT Motors at 1-626-822-1129 for instructions regarding refunds on the vehicles.


#CRT #TV #youthvehicle #speed #crash #injuries #recall

CRT, ATV, youthvehicle, Speed, crash, injuries, recall





FDA Recalls



Moor Herbs angel formula infant formula is recalled



The FDA and Moor Herbs are recalling Moor herbs angel formula infant formula. This product fails to meet specific nutritional and labeling requirements for infant formula and contains more iron, sodium, and potassium than permitted by law. This could lead to overloads of these nutritional elements. The product also fails to contain sufficient Vitamin D which could lead to a Vitamin D deficiency. Parents who purchased this product should discontinue its use and either throw the product away or return it to the point of purchase for a refund. For more information, call Moor Herbs at 1-313-583-9709.


#moorherbs #infantformula #deficiency #toxicity #recall

moorherbs, infantformula, deficiency, toxicity, recall



Another Recall On Dole Salads



The FDA and dole fresh vegetables Inc. are recalling all Dole branded and private label package salads processed at their Springfield Ohio and Soledad California production facilities. The salads contain listeria monocytogenes. This organism can cause serious and sometimes fatal infections in young children, elders, and others with weakened immune systems.  The brands involved include: Dole, H-E-B, Marketside, Presidents Choice, Kroger, and Little Salad Bar. The products involved have a W or a B prior to their product lot codes and best if used by dates of 12/22/21 or 12/23/21 to 1/8/22 or 1/9/22. The salads were sold and distributed in Alabama, Arizona, California, Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Hawaii, Iowa, Idaho, Illinois, Indiana, Kansas, Louisiana, Minnesota, Michigan, Missouri, Mississippi, Maryland, North Dakota, Nebraska, Nevada, New York, Oklahoma, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Texas, Utah, Virginia, Washington state, and Wisconsin. If you bought these salads, return them to the point of purchase for a refund. Questions should be directed to Dole Consumer Response Center at 1-800-356-3111.


#dole #salads #listeria #infection #recall

Dole, salad, listeria, infection, recall



GAT Sport Jetfuel Diuretic is on Recall



The FDA and world health products LLC now recall GAT sport jetfuel diuretic.  This product contains undeclared milk in its medium chain triglycerides oil powder ingredient. Those with milk allergies could develop a serious or possibly life-threatening allergic reaction ingesting this product. Those with milk allergies or sensitivities who purchase this product should not consume it and instead return to the point of purchase or dispose of it. For additional information contact world health products customer service at 1-760-456-2631 or via email at


#GAT #sporjetfueldiuretic #milk #allergy #recall

GAT, Sportjetfueldiuretic, milk, allergy, recall



Recall of Chicken Salad Croissants



The FDA and GHGA, LLC are recalling chicken salad croissants. This product contains undeclared fish. Those with a fish allergy or sensitivity could run the risk of a serious or life-threatening allergic reactions if they consume this product. The product was sold by Kroger stores in Alabama, Georgia, and South Carolina. Those with fish allergies who purchased this product should return to the store purchase for a full refund. GHGA, LLC can answer consumer questions at 1-888-449-9386.


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GHGA, chickensalad, croissants, fish, allergy, recall

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