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HealthNews RoundUp - 3rd Week of May 2022






LongCoVid After Omicron Subvariants



Your chance of developing LongCovid is about 21% greater after an Omicron BA.2 infection compared with a Delta infection.  The UK’s Office for National Statistics surveyed 6631 persons infected with either the CoVid Delta variant or one of the Omicron subvariants after 3 shots of either the Pfizer, Moderna, or AstraZenaca CoVid vaccines.  The survey asked participants if they experienced any symptoms of LongCovid from 4 to 8 weeks after their infections.  If so, did their LongCovid symptoms interfere with their daily activities.


When the numbers were crunched, the incidence of LongCovid for the triple vaccinated was about 8 to over 9%.  Unlike the situation for Delta, the addition of the 3rd shot did not measurably decrease the LongCovid incidence after the Omicron subvariants.   In general, the incidence of any LongCovid trended higher after Omicron BA.2 than after either Omicron BA.1 or Delta.  The incidence of activity-limiting LongCovid was no higher after BA.2 than after BA.1.


Bottom line: the organ-rotting effects of LongCovid do occur in up to 1 in every 11 persons infected with the current CoVid Omicron subvariants.


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CoVid, longCovid, vaccination, boosting



Two Drug Asthma Therapy Is Optimal



When asthmatics develop oxygen-robbing attacks, rescue with inhaled therapy that includes not only albuterol but also a steroid is 26% more effective than treatment with the bronchodilator albuterol alone.  The randomized, double-blind multicenter MANDALA study followed a group of 3132 asthmatics who received one of three therapies: 180 ug of albuterol alone, the albuterol plus 160 ug of the steroid budesonide, or the albuterol plus a 80 ug half-dose of the budesonide.  The measure of effective rescue therapy was avoiding any inpatient admission, any ER or urgent care visit, or 3 days of systemic steroid therapy 


In contrast to the 26% outcome advantage afforded by the full dose of steroid plus albuterol, the half dose yielded only a 16% advantage over albuterol alone in terms of eliminating the need for inpatient or outpatient emergency care.  Following the patients over time, the two drug therapy also reduced the annualized rate of severe exacerbation by 26% and the amount of rescue systemic steroid needed by 22%.


The addition of topical steroids is effective because it treats the underlying inflammation rather than merely band-aiding the airway narrowing that triggers wheezing and shortness of breath.


#asthma #albuterol #budesonide #MANDALA


asthma, albuterol, budesonide, MANDALA



Intense Athletic Training May Be A Downer



The greater the intensity of road cycling training on a given day, the lower the moods of those cyclists the following day.  Researchers at Barcelona’s Laboratory of Sports Psychology and Sport Research Institute carefully monitored 5 recreational road cyclists over a 6 week period.   Captured was data that reflected the cyclists actual and perceived physical exertion and their cardiovascular responses on the training day and the day after.   Their mood was quantitated using a 10-point scale.


The morning after a day of intense cycling and exertion, the mood of the trainees tended to be low as did their heart rate variabilities.  This was particularly true if a trainees felt that the level of required physical exertion was beyond their capacities.


This model provides a framework for tailoring the progressive intensity of athletic training to the capabilities and needs of the trainees.  This strategy is incorporated into a number of smartphone apps.


#athletics #training #exertion #mood #heartratevariability


athletics, training, exertion, mood, heartratevariability



Sperm Age Marker Predicts Pregnancy Success



Those men whose sperm were in younger epigenetic age categories were 17% more likely to successfully father children.  This the finding of researchers at Wayne State’s Center for Human Growth and Development.


They studied 379 male partners of couples actively trying to get pregnant.  The epigenetic age of their sperm was determined by DNA methylation patterns, and the sperm were placed in several age categories.  While the sperm genetic age advancement was often closely tied to a man’s chronological age, other factors including smoking serve to genetically age sperm faster.  After data tabulation, those men with sperm in younger epigenetic age categories were more successful at impregnating their partners.


With couples waiting longer to become parents, epigenetic sperm aging joins other tests to not only predict the chances of getting pregnant but also risks that the developing fetus may harbor problematic or even life-threatening genetic defects.


#sperm #pregnancy #epigenetics


sperm, pregnancy, epigenetics



LongCovid Haunts Severe CoVid Victims



Half of those admitted to hospitals with severe CoVid infections at the pandemic’s beginning were continuing to suffer with at least one symptom of LongCovid 2 years later.  A Chinese study with the longest patient followup to date follkowed 1192 participants infected with the original Wuhan strain during 2020.  Their median age was 57 years,  Controls were matched persons with no history of infection.


Researchers assessed the patients at 6 months, 1 year, and 2 years following infection using a 6 minute walking test, lab tests, and questionnaires probing symptoms, mental health, quality of life, work history, and need for health care.  Two-thirds (68%) of patients had at least one symptom at 6 months and that figure only dropped to 55% by 2 years.  Most common were fatigue and muscle weakness in half (52%) at 6 months and still present in 31% by 2 years.  The same percentage had sleep problems at 2 years.  Some good news: 89% percent managed to drag themselves back to work by 2 years.  


While we await similarly comprehensive studies of LongCovid after more recent variants and subvariants, these sobering statistics should drive you to avoid getting CoVid by consistently masking with N95 masks and avoiding crowds when the virus concentration is high.  That is now!


#CoVid #longcovid #hospitalization #qualityoflife #mentalhealth #fatigue


CoVid, longcovid, hospitalization, qualityoflife, mentalhealth, fatigue



Blueberry Consumption Could Thwart Dementia



Daily consumption of blueberries may help keep you not only mentally sharp but metabolically healthy.  University of Cincinnati neuroscientists studied an admittedly small group of 33 persons 50-65 years of age who were suffering early mental decline and were overweight.  In a randomized, controlled trial, half the group consumed powders containing one-half cup of blueberries over 3 months. The other half acting as controls received placebo powder.


When their cognitive abilities and metabolic characteristics were tested at the trial’s conclusion, the blueberry consumers trended better in word finding, memory performance, and executive functions but also demonstrated less insulin resistance and were better able to burn fat for energy.


The blueberry’s magic?  Blueberries contain a high level of anthocyanins, the class of flavonoids that are excellent antioxidants.  They offer protection against cancer, heart disease as well as, yes, Alzheimer’s dementia and type 2 diabetes.


#blueberries #dementia #metabolicsyndrome #anthocyanins #flavanoids


blueberries, dementia, metabolicsyndrome, anthocyanins, flavanoids





Short Shorts for 3rd Week of May, 2022



Short Shorts are quickie reports about cutting edge medical and healthcare discoveries.  They’re worth knowing about this 3rd week of May, 2022.


Inhaled antibiotics may offer at least a partial solution to our current dilemma of ever-increasing antibiotic resistance.  British researchers call for the use of topical antibiotic delivery to the lungs of those with difficult-to-eradicate pneumonias in order to increase the antibiotic dosages without pummeling the rest of the body.  Such resistant bacterial infections are frequently associated with chronic obstructive lung disease and asthma.



The FDA is out with warnings to parents about the real dangers of edibles.  These THC-containing products are often packaged in cuts knockoffs of kid favorites including Capt. Crunch, Starburst Gummies, and Nerds Ropes.  Over the past 15 months, the FDA has received at least 100 reports of child cannabis overdoses due to these products.  Don’t buy these kid-attracting forms of cannabis and store any medications out of reach of your children.  If you do have dangerous medications at home, have your poison control center in your smartphone favorites list.



Synthetic hydrogel particles seem to make pancreatic islet cell transplant more acceptable immunologically.  Bioengineers at the Georgia Institute of Technology use these synthetic microgels to infuse an immunomodulatory protein SA-FasL that protects the insulin-producing cells from a local host rejection without subjecting the entire body to drug.  Look for human trials upcoming.




Bacteria can infect us or, alternatively as probiotics, protect us from their dangerous cousins.  The latest bacterial trick is now revealed by Swiss scientists who show that gut bacteria can record data about genetic events occurring in their vicinity.  Using the CRISPER-Cas gene editing technology, the researchers find that bacteria can log invasion by viruses by incorporating snippets of viral DNA or RNA into their own genetic material for later retrieval.  The bacteria not only record information about viral attack but also about nutrient conditions in their gastrointestinal environments.  Someday, our own bacteria may 

tattle when we gorge on fries or donuts.



There you have the latest health reveals for the 3rd week of May, 2022.  When additional information about these developments becomes available, I’ll pass it on to you.



#antibiotics #resistance #inhalationtherapy #copd #asthma #poisoning #parenting #children #edibles #diabetes #isletcells #transplantation #hydrogels #microgels #bacteria #viruses #nutrition #datalogging


antibiotics, resistance, inhalationtherapy, copd, asthma, poisoning, parenting, children, edibles, diabetes, isletcells, transplantation, hydrogels, microgels, bacteria, viruses, nutrition, datalogging





Healthcare Business News.  3rd Week of May, 2022



Let’s review some the healthcare-related business news for this rd week of May, 2022


Google and DeepMind, Alphabet’s AI lab subsidiary, are facing a British lawsuit for their use of confidential health information belonging to 1.6 million users of the UK’s National Health System.  The data was mined from a smartphone app called “Streams” that dealt with kidney problems.  It’s not the first time for these defendants either as they and the University of Chicago were the targets of a class-action lawsuit for patient privacy violations.



Gilead, the maker of the HIV PreP drugs Truvada and Descovy, has partially settled their suit against 58 defendants for illegally selling drugs provided as part of Gilead’s charity program providing medications for those unable to afford them.  Shady clinics and pharmacies defrauded the program of more than $68 million over less than 2 years, and their owners were caught purchasing mansions, cryptocurrency, jewelry, sports cars, and private jets.  Shameful.



Pfizer and United Healthcare are two of the largest donors to legislators who are pushing to rob women of their reproductive choices.  An investigative report by Insider details the nearly 1,000 healthcare companies including insurers, medical associations, drug companies, clinics, pharmacies, and care facilities that have in toto donated more than $10 million to 380 state legislators and 13 governors who enacted anti-choice laws.  It is disgusting that companies and organizations dedicated to excellent healthcare for all are taking sides in this frankly stupid culture war to deny women their rightful reproductive choices.



Alife Health, a San Francisco startup, that is creating AI tools to guide more successful in-vitro fertilization, has just scored $22 million in Series A financing from the VC firms of Lux Capital, Union Square Ventures, and Maveron.  The company’s first product, Stim Assist, provides guidance about the optimal times for ovarian drug stimulation necessary to procure mature eggs ripe for fertilization.  A second product in the pipeline, Embryo Predict, helps to evaluate available embryos and pinpoint the best ones to transfer.  A patient app, also in development, will provide a digital framework for care reminders and educational tools.


There you have the latest healthcare-related business news for this 3rd week of May, 2022


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google, alphabet, deepmind, ai, privacy, nhs, gilead, hiv, prep, pfizer, unitedhealthcare, choice, politics, culturewar, alife, ivf




Saw It On TV: Overview



SAW IT ON TV is a new feature designed to give you the nitty gritty about the healthcare products and services that are hawked to you during the seemingly endless barrage of TV ads.  Oh yes, we do hear them ad nauseam on good ol’ radio too.  Last year, the pharmaceutical industry alone shelled out more than 1.7 billion dollars to advertise their wares on TV.


Let’s take a quick look at the top brands that you see every day on screen.  The top 5 and the bucks they spent in March, 2021 alone are Dupixent, $24 million; Rybelsius, $19.9 million, Humira, $19.6 million, Trulicity $17.1 million, and Xeljanz, $13.6 million.  Then we can’t forget the also rans Rinvoq, Ozempic, Jardiance, Enbrel, and Tremfya.


In upcoming editions of SAW IT ON TV, I’ll review each of these drugs in detail so you’ll know for what they’re prescribed,, their cost, and, as far as we know it, their effectiveness.


#pharmaceutical #tv #advertising


pharmaceutical, tv, advertising



CPSC Recalls



Moderne Glass Coffee Cups May Crack



The CPSC and the Moderne Glass Company now recall Moderne Glass 15 ounce Coffee Cups.  The glass used for fabrication is not tempered and the coffee cup may crack or break when hot water is poured into it.  This creates burn and laceration hazards.  About 2500 of these cups were sold online at  If you bought one of these cups, stop using it and contact the Moderne Glass Company by phone at 1-800-645-5131 to receive a full refund.


#moderne #coffeecup #crack #burns #recall

moderne, coffeecup, crack, burns, recall



Hover-1 Superfly Hoverboards Control Themselves



The CPSC and DLG are recalling Hover-1 Superfly Hoverboards.  An electronic throttle software defect permits energy to flow to the motor driving the board forward even when the rider is not controlling it.  This is a setup for falls and injuries to the rider and bystanders.  About 93,000 of these hoverboards were sold at Best Buy stores nationwide and at  If you bought one of these magic carpets, stop riding it and contact the DGL Group by phone at 1-888-556-8426 to check if your board is affected by the recall and to obtain shipping instructions for returning your board to an authorized repair station.


#hoverboard #throttle #injury #falls #recall

hoverboard, throttle, injury, falls, recall



FDA Recalls



QueensMade Lemonade Recalls All Its Products



The FDA and QueensMade Lemonade LLC announce the recall of all its juice-type products including all lemonade flavors and ginger turmeric shots.  These products were produced without supervision of a mandated inspector, and product safety could not be verified.  These products were sold at various stores, restaurants, and food trucks in the Cincinnati OH area.  If you bought any of these products, contact QueensMade Lemonade LLC at 1-513-205-3753 for more information regarding a refund.


#queensmade #lemonade #tumericshots #contamination #recall

queensmade, lemonade, tumericshots, contamination, recall



Wild Alaskan Cooked and Smoked Salmon on Recall



The FDA and White Cane Sockeye Salmon LLC are recalling its Wild Alaskan Cooked and Smoked Salmon.  This product contains undeclared wheat and soy.  Those with soy or wheat allergies or those with gluten issues or celiac disease could develop severe of life-threatening allergic reactions should they consume this salmon.  The product was sold at farmer’s markets Green Valley, Udall Park, Oro Valley, and Rillito Park in Arizona.  If you or family members have these ellergies, return the salmon to the place of purchase for a refund.  For more information, call Randy Houghton at 1-208- 661-7927.


#salmon #sockeye #whitecane #wheat #soy #allergy #celiac #recall

salmon, sockeye, whitecane, wheat, soy, allergy, celiac, recall



Recalled Is Dierberg’s Markets Fresh Garden Spiral Pasta Salad



The FDA and Dierberg’s Markets are recalling Dierberg’s Markets Fresh Garden Spiral Pasta Salad with an outdate of 5/31/22 in 12oz & 2 lb packages. This product has undeclared egg.   The salad in the spiral pasta container is actually broccoli cheddar that contains egg.  Those with an egg allergy could develop a serious or life-threatening allergic reaction after ingesting this salad.  The product was sold in the St. Louis MO metro region.  If you bought it, if you or a family member have an egg allergy, or if you really wanted the Broccoli Cheddar Pasta Salad, return the product to the point of purchase for a refund or replacement.  If you need more information, call Dierbergs Markets at 1-636-532-8884.


#pastasalad #egg #allergy #recall

pastasalad, egg, allergy, recall



Jif Peanut Butter is Contaminated



The FDA and The JM Smucker Co. now recall select Jif peanut butter products sold in the US.  The peanut butter is contaminated with salmonella, a bacterium that causes serious and sometime fatal infections in the very young, in frail or elderly individuals, and in those with weakened immune systems.  The products in this recall involve all sizes and styles of creamy and crunchy peanut butter with lots numbers starting at 1274425 and ending with 2140425.  If you definitely have any Jif peanut butter product or honey with these lot numbers, do not consume it but rather destroy it.  If you aren’t certain that your product is in the recall, if you want more info about the recall, or if you want some compensation, call the Smucker Co. at 1-800-828-9980.


#jif #peanutbutter #salmonella #infection #recall

jif, peanutbutter, salmonella, infection, recall

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