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HealthNews RoundUp - 1st Week of December 2020



College Students As CoVid Long-Haulers



Fifty percent of college students suffer long-term effects from CoVid, and that counters the myth that young adults are largely unaffected by the virus.  Researchers at the University of Dayton and NY’s Mt. Sinai School of Medicine compared 43 CoVid positive university students with 58 healthy controls.  


The half suffering continuing CoVid were 43% more likely to have lifestyle-limiting exercise intolerance and shortness of breath, 24% more like to experience chest pain, 36% more likely to have appetite loss, and 19% more likely to have continuing taste and smell problems.


CoVid is a nasty disease even for the young.  Avoid contracting it by masking, distancing, and washing.


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covid, college, longhaulers




CoVid Cardiac Disease Can Kill You



More than three-quarters of adults who recovered from CoVid have imaging evidence of significant cardiac damage.   German investigators report this conclusion after studying 100 men and women with an average age of 49.


Each patient underwent cardiac MRI imaging an average of 71 days following their CoVid diagnosis.  At that time, 76% of the group had elevated troponin levels indicative of cardiac muscle damage.  The CoVid group compared with healthy controls demonstrated diminished cardiac function.


If you’ve had CoVid, don’t return to active exercise for 3 weeks after recovery.  For extra safety, particularly if you were hospitalized for CoVid, undergo a thorough cardiac examination looking for myocarditis or cardiac inflammation.


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covid, cardiac, mycarditis, exercise




Obesity Can Make CoVid Lethal



Markedly obese CoVid patients are nearly 3 times more likely than those with normal body masses to require ICU admission, go on a ventilator, or die.  An international collaborative team just published these results from their meta-analysis of 335,192 patients treated over the past 11 months.


The investigators suggest 3 explanations for this effect.  First of all,  excess body weight negatively alters a patient’s respiratory mechanics exacerbating the impact of viral lung damage.  Secondly, the additional body fat may serve as a CoVid reservoir as it does for other common human viruses.  Finally, obesity may drive underlying low-grade inflammation and immune suppression.


The severely obese must avoid contracting CoVid at all costs.


#covid #obesity #ICU #ventilator

covid, obesity, ICU, ventilator



Preventing Indoor CoVid Air Pollution



Analyzing a Chinese restaurant in which a super-spreader event occurred, a UC-Santa Barbara mathematician calculates that it would be necessary to have more than 50 air changes an hour rather than the current 10 to prevent an accumulation of a CoVid-infected cloud in an indoor space. That would feel like a brisk breezing blowing through the restaurant.  Furthermore, the residual air in the space would require far more rigorous filtration with MERV-13 or better HEPA filters.


A single CoVid infected diner can generate a dangerously-contaminated aerosol/droplet cloud in a matter of minutes.  Indoor dining is categorically unsafe, and safe. outdoor dining requires lots of spacing and a stiff wind.


#covid #restaurants #indoordining #aerosols #droplets

covid, restaurants, indoordining, aerosols, droplets




Can We Reduce CoVid Quarantine Durations?



If you can obtain an accurate CoVid viral test result within 1-2 days of testing at the conclusion of a quarantine, Yale researchers suggest that the length of quarantine may be safely reduced from 14 to 7-8 days.  Their study has just been pre-published online by  


The researchers studied 4,040 CoVid tests to offshore oil rig workers.  They determined that quarantine exit testing versus entry testing was most effective for preventing discharge of infectious persons into the general population.


If you are quarantining, at day 7 get a CoVid PCR test.  As soon as you receive a negative test result, it is safe for you to end your quarantine.


#covid #quarantine #test

covid, quarantine, test



CoVid Mutations Not Increasing Viral Transmissibility



As we find ourselves facing a CoVid tsunami, British virologists give us the reassuring news that the known CoVid viral mutations are not making the virus more dangerous.  From University College London comes an analysis of CoVid varieties isolated from over 46,000 patients.


The mutations occur for 3 reasons.  First, genetic misfires occur during the viral replication process.  Second, CoVid may interact with other human viruses infecting the same cells.  Finally, our human cells may modify CoVid RNA as they try to protect us from the virus.  The data show that this last mechanism appears to be the most common.


CoVid vaccines may induce mutations, but vaccine modification can meet the challenges.


#covid #mutation #vaccine

covid, mutation, vaccine



Recalls On Prairie Farms Chocolate Milk



The FDA and Prairie Farms have recalled Prairie Farms Premium Flavored Chocolate Milk gallons and Prairie Farms 1% Low-fat Chocolate Milk gallons.  Egg protein may be in these products but not labeled as such.  Those sensitive to eggs could develop a serious allergic reaction if they ingest these milk products.  These were mainly distributed in the Chicago area including the northern Illinois suburbs, Rockford, and southeastern Wisconsin.  If you have this product, destroy it or return it to the store for a refund or a product exchange.  If you have additional questions, call the company at 1-618-659-5700.


#chocolatemilk #prairiefarms #egg

chocolatemilk, prairiefarms, egg



Fresh Attitude Baby Spinach Recalled



The FDA and Vegpro International announce the recall of Fresh Attitude Baby Spinach.  This product is contaminated with salmonella.  This bacterium can cause a serious and sometimes fatal gastrenteritis in the very young, old, or immune-compromised.  This product was distributed in NY, NJ, DE, CT, MD, PA, and eastern Canada.  Return this product to the point of purchase for a full refund.  For more information, contact Vegpro at 1-877-613-5700.


#spinach #salmonella

spinach, salmonella



Golden Boy Custard Muffin Original and Pandan on Recall



The FDA and Hong Thai Foods Corp have recalled Golden Boy Custard Muffins both Original and Pandan.  Both products have undeclared milk allergens.  In addition, the original muffins are adulterated with the food coloring uranine-acid yellow 73.  Those with milk or food coloring allergies could develop significant allergic reactions.  If you have these products, return them to the point of purchase for a refund.  More information from the Hong Thai Foods Corp. is available by calling 1-718-237-1511.


#muffins #milk

muffins, milk



Recall on Dark Chocolate Pearls



The FDA and Maribel’s Sweets of Brooklyn have recalled Cacao Market MarieBell Cylinder Dark Chocolate Pearls.  This product has undeclared milk.  Those with milk allergies may develop a severe allergic reaction if they ingest these chocolate pearls.  If you have these chocolate pearls, return them to the store for s refund or destroy them.  For more information, contact Maribel’s Sweets by calling 1-718-599-5515.


#chocolate #milk

chocolate, milk



Huffy Ride-On Toy UTVs On Recall



The CPSC and Huffy have recalled the Huffy Torex 24V Ride-On Toy UTVs.  This toy can unexpectedly move when the battery is connected posing an injury hazard.  If you have one of the 5,150 units sold, stop using the toy and contact Huffy at 1-888-366-3828 to arrange for a replacement.


#toy #utv #huffy

toy, utv, huffy



Sure Scents 2-1 Peaceful Stream/Moonlit Waves Candles Recalled



The CPSC and the Dollar Tree Co. are recalling Sure Scents 2-1 Peaceful Stream/Moonlit Waves Candles.  The flame height may reach above the top of the glass container causing the glass to break and leading to a fire and burn hazard.  If you bought one of the 142,740 candles, immediately stop using it. Contact Dollar Tree at 1-800-876-8697 for a full refund.


#candle #burn #fire

candle, burn, fire



Recall on Honda Off-Road Recreational Vehicles



The CPSC and American Honda are recalling certain Honda Off-Road Recreational vehicles.  The models involved include 2017-2019 Pioneer 700, 20126-2020 Pioneer 1000 Side-by-side vehicles.  Due to a power steering defect, the vehicles may lose control leading to crashes and injuries.  If you own one of the 118,600 units, stop using it and contract an authorized Honda Powersports dealer to arrange for a repair.  Call Honda at 1-866-784-1870.


#offroad #honda #pioneer #steering

offroad, honda, pioneer, steering

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