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HealthNews RoundUp - 3rd Week of November 2020



Sensible Precautions Save You From CoVid



People tweet and write that wearing masks, distancing, and avoiding contaminated surfaces won’t protect you from CoVid.  Doesn’t matter though since the virus isn’t that dangerous for young adults.  WRONG on both counts.


Precautions DO work. The University of Minnesota studied 489 health care workers, 22% docs or mid-level practitioners, 51% nurses, and the remainder techs and managers.  Though 40% of them were directly exposed to CoVid patients, not one of them tested positive for the virus by the gold standard PCR test.


The young don’t skate!  Of 3222 young Bostonians admitted for CoVid, 21% needed the ICU, 10% went on a vent, and nearly 3% died. Be careful!


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covid, ppe, masks, distancing



Recycling Your Filter Masks



A CoVid tsunami is upon us.  N95 and KN95 filtration masks may be in short supply. You’ll want a way to recycle those you have.  To help us do it properly, the engineers at Tufts University distilled the result of 58 studies that look at methods employing heat, chemicals, and UV light and impact on viral decontamination and maintenance of filtration.


The best methods were dry heat, 160 degrees for 50 minutes, hydrogen peroxide exposure for 100 minutes on average, or UV exposure for more than 10 minutes.  Each of these drove a more than 3 log reduction in  CoVid concentrations on and in the mask while maintaining mask filtration, fit, fiber resilience and strap fit.


#mask #recycle #heat #hydrogenperoxide #uv

mask, recycle, heat, hydrogenperoxide, uv




Why Some Don’t Fear CoVid 



Those who refuse masks, distancing, and crowding restrictions do so because they fear government intrusion more than the coronavirus.  This the conclusion of two interrelated Lehigh University studies determining the attitudes of 300 participants regarding the power and purposeful actions of CoVid, so called agency, and the acceptance of societal interventions against it.


Social conservatives tend to view the virus as less dangerous than government.  The minority of conservatives who do recognize CoVid’s danger were more likely to embrace public health measures to stop it.


We all must recognize CoVid to be a predator army biologically evolved to spread silently throughout the world.   Fear it and welcome control measures.


#covid #agency #conservatives #liberals #predator

covid, agency, conservatives, liberals, predator



CoVid Antibodies Vary In Quality



Those who survive CoVid not only have more anti-viral antibodies, but those they do have are of higher quality.  Harvard immunologists draw this conclusion from their studies of 193 hospitalized CoVid patients comparing those surviving moderate to severe disease with those who perished.


Those who survived CoVid developed antibodies that could effectively bind to spike protein and prevent the virus from invading cell after cell. They also brewed  antibodies that bind to the Fc sites on killer lymphocytes and trigger them to flush away virus-infected cells that would release ever more virus.


This new information will guide vaccine developers to produce agents that evoke even more powerful protective antibodies.


#covid #antibodies #spikeprotein #killercells

covid, antibodies, spikeprotein, killercells




Healthy Sleep Prevents Fatal Heart Disease



Consistently satisfying sleep may reduce your chances of dying from a worn out heart by 42%.  Epidemiologists at Tulane University followed a huge UK population of 408,802 patients over a 10 year period looking for correlations between sleep patterns and the development of congestive heart failure.


Over those 10 years, 5221 developed heart failure.  This disease incidence was 34% lower in those with no daytime sleepiness, 17% lower in those without insomnia, 12% lower for those sleeping 7 to 8 hours a day, and 8% reduced for early risers.


Congestive heart failure can be deadlier than cancer.  Its only cure is a heart transplant.  Protect your ticker by sleeping soundly and exercising consistently.


#sleep #heartfailure

sleep, heartfailure



Using Lilly’s New  Monoclonal Antibody Is Complicated



The FDA just granted an emergency use authorization, the prized EUA, for Lilly’s IgG1 monoclonal antibody called Bamlanivimab.  This now joins the  Regeneron dual antibody cocktail as early treatment for CoVid.


Thing is, though, there are many catch-22s about bamlanivimab.  It must be given immediately after symptom onset when patients are at their most contagious and a danger to others.  It’s not for hospitalized patients or for those requiring oxygen.  Bamlanivimab requires 3 hours for IV infusion, its tricky to prepare and requires refrigeration, and it has serious side effects like anaphylaxis.  The worst problem: it’s in short supply and there’s only about 2 week’s worth in existence.


#covid #bamlanivimab #monoclonalantibody

covid, bamlanivimab, monoclonalantibody



Which Parents Will Vaccinate Their Kids Against CoVid



Almost two-thirds of parents want their children to have the CoVid vaccine, but that percentage varies widely with parental age, gender, marital status, education, ethnicity, and socioeconomic status.  Collaborators at Northwestern and Vanderbilt Universities surveyed 1008 parents.


Parents over 46 were 17% more likely to vaccinate.  Surprisingly fathers were 10% more likely.  Married parents approve it 14.5% more often.  College-educated parents are 19% more likely to vaccinate.  Asians are most likely to vaccinate at 76% followed by hispanics at 65%, whites at 61%, and blacks at 55%.  Those with the highest family income are 22% more likely to vaccinate compared with those at the bottom of the income scale.


#covid #vaccine #children #parents

covid, vaccine, children, parents



The Current CoVid Tsunami Is Drowning The Young



The highest incidence of CoVid cases that are now swamping Europe’s healthcare systems are occurring in young adults 18 to 29 years of age.  This effect is predominant in 22 of 25 countries.  

Italian researchers report that the European second wave began in Spain during the early summer but really ramped up in early September due to a predominance of cases in those 15-24.  They theorize that the driver was a return to schools and universities.


The data show that the very young are not spreading the disease.  Older teens and young adults are partying without regard to masking and crowd control, and their careless actions are having devastating effects.


#covid #children #teens #genz #secondwave

covid, children, teens, genz, secondwave



Recall on ALDI Trail Mix



The FDA and Kansan Enterprises have recalled the ALDI Southern Grove On the Go Sweet & Salty Trail Mix.  These 8 pack caddies may have undeclared almonds.  Those with almond allergies may develop a serious and life-threatening allergic reaction should they consume these product.   The product was distributed in  CT, DE, FL, MA, MD, NH, NJ, NY, PA, RI, VA, VT, WV.  If you have this product and have an almond allergic person in your household, return the product to the point of purchase for a refund.  For additional information, call the company at 1-800-860-5464


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trailmix, aldi, almonds

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