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HealthNews RoundUp - 4th Week of January 2022







Smell Disorders Linger Long After CoVid



More than two-thirds of those infected with CoVid continue to suffer some olfactory problems in some form at least 18 months later.  Neuroscientists at Sweden’s Karolinska Institute report this and other related finding following their longitudinal studies of 100 CoVid-infected individuals.  A group of 44 non-infected persons served as controls.


The 18 month’s post-infection analysis revealed that 4% of the previously-infected couldn’t smell at all and 33% had a significantly reduced sense of smell.  An additional 30% of those infected had a distorted sense of smell, bringing the total to 67%.  The infected experienced significantly more nasal discomfort than the uninfected.  On the brighter side, only 3% of the infected continued to experience taste disorders.


The take home point: you don’t want to catch CoVid.  Get vaccinated and boosted, mask up with an N95 or KN95 mask more often than not when away from home, and stay as far away from possibly infected persons as you can.


#CoVid #smell #odor #vaccine #booster

CoVid, smell, odor, vaccine, booster



Exercise Safely After CoVid



We all know that regular exercise is the best thing you can do for your body.  If you’ve had a case of CoVid, when can you safely return to exercising.  British and Scottish sports medicine specialists weigh in with some guidelines to follow.


The first consideration is how severe a case of CoVid you experienced.  If it was a mild case with very few symptoms that have stopped and you feel ready to resume exercising, it is likely safe to do so.  Keeping mind, though, that the time you spent convalescing has led to some deconditioning so gradually return to your pre-illness level of exercise intensity.


Anyone who had a moderate case with lingering respiratory symptoms such as cough and shortness of breath should also see a personal physician.  Blood oxygen levels will likely be determined and an electrocardiogram and pulmonary function testing may be completed.  


If you had CoVid accompanied by symptoms of cardiac involvement such as chest pain, shortness of breath, palpitations, and feelings of fainting, you should get a cardiologist’s clearance before returning to exercising.  That would include a physical exam and a 12 lead electrocardiogram and possible referral to a cardiologist for more in-depth testing including echocardiography, blood tests for cardiac muscle injury, and stress testing.


Those who were hospitalized and particularly those requiring intensive care and a ventilator will require in-depth cardiac and pulmonary testing before a carefully supervised return to regular exercising due to the risks of myocarditis and/or pulmonary embolic and other diseases.


Once those who weren’t hospitalized seem ready for the exercise, begin with light intensity exertion for at least 2 weeks.  While you do this, you should be able to carry on a conversation.  If all goes well move on to more challenging activities starting with 5 minute blocks of brisk walking, stair climbing, jogging, swimming, or cycling.  After doing this for several weeks, you should be able to return to pre-infection activity levels.


#CoVid #exercise #myocarditis #pulmonaryembolism #cardiac

CoVid, exercise, myocarditis, pulmonaryembolism, cardiac


CoVid and Fertility



There turns out to be good and bad news according to Boston University epidemiologists who looked at the relationship between CoVid and the ability of men and women to create offspring.  First the good headline: vaccination against CoVid does not reduce fertility.  Now the bad headline: an actual CoVid infection reduces the ability of men to father children at least temporarily.


The BU Pregnancy Study Online known by the acronym PRESTO studied 21,126 women and their male partners from December 2020 through November 2021.  The analyses indicated that CoVid vaccination with at least one dose of the Pfizer mRNA vaccine or the single dose of the Johnson & Johnson vaccine did not have any statistical impact good or bad on fertility for either women or men.


Men who tested positive appeared to suffer a fertility reduction of 18% during a 60 day period after infection.  Other studies have demonstrated that CoVid infection is associated with a reduction in sperm counts and motility.  We do know that CoVid can infect and kill testicular cells.


If you and your partner are trying to get pregnant, your chances are unaffected by CoVid vaccination but may be significantly reduced by a CoVid infection.


#CoVid #fertility #vaccination #infection

CoVid, fertility, vaccination, infection



How Fast Should Your Doctor Report Lab Results?



More than 75% of patients expect to be contacted with abnormal test results within 24 hours.  Only 9% of clinicians agreed.  This disturbing non-connect is now reported by surgical investigators at the University of Colorado after surveying 57 patients and 69 clinicians.


Some 89.7% of patients and 80.6% of clinicians agree with the premise that patients should be provided access to their health information as guaranteed by the 2016 federal 21st Century Cures Act. One of the law’s provisions that only took effect in 2021 mandating immediate patient access to health information is more controversial.  A 62.7% majority of clinicians feel that releasing the information immediately to patients would be too confusing while 84.2% of patients disagree and want their information NOW.


This study shows that patients want and need to know test results as soon as possible, good or bad.  Clinicians need to cut through the growing medical bureaucracy and step up to the plate to provide patients with timely explanations of the results and insight into what comes next.  Technology and telemedicine make that not only possible but mandatory.


#tests #transparency #medicalrecords #bureaucracy

tests, transparency, medicalrecords, bureaucracy



Depressed Persons More Likely To Believe CoVid Misinformation



Those with depression are are twice as likely to believe lies about CoVid.  Psychiatric investigators at Harvard’s Mass. General Hospital report these conclusions after analyzing responses from 2,809 adults completing two consecutive surveys two months apart.


Those with moderate or more severe major depression were more than twice as likely (2.2) to believe CoVid vaccine misinformation, were nearly 3 times more likely (2.7) to be vaccine deniers, and half as likely to have been vaccinated against CoVid.  


Their depressive illness preceded exposure to social media so that CoVid  was not triggering the depression.  In addition, levels of depression in the general population are 3 or more times higher now than they were prior to the CoVid pandemic.


The Harvard scientists conclude that depression makes persons more vulnerable to unsubstantiated claims about CoVid and CoVid vaccines.  Aggressively treating this mental illness not only prevents self-destructive behavior but limits anti-social decisions that impact us all.


#CoVid #depression #misinformation #vaccination #vaccinedenial

CoVid, depression, misinformation, vaccination, vaccinedenial



CoVid Boosters Save Lives



Ramping up America’s current rather dismal CoVid booster vaccination rate could prevent more than half a million hospitalizations and save at least 70,000 lives.  The CDC reports that, as of last week, only 47% of booster-eligible Americans have received the shot that will offer significant Omicron protection.  The rate of booster vaccination nationwide is only 750,000 persons per day.  Adding the booster to a 2 dose Pfizer vaccination regimen more than doubles the protection against symptomatic Omicron infection and is 90% effective in preventing the need for hospitalization. 


Public health specialists at Yale, Toronto’s York University, and the University of Maryland issue this challenge after creating computer models to project the impact of CoVid Omicron’s spread.  Using historical data, a mathematical model predicts that doubling the rate of booster administration to 1.5 million doses/day would prevent 401,897 CoVid hospitalizations and 48,358 deaths.  Tripling the rate of boosting to 2.3 million doses/day would prevent 619,133 hospitalizations and save 70,603 lives.


It is possible to achieve this life-saving level of CoVid boosting since the initial  CoVid vaccination rate was over 2 million shots per day.


#CoVid #vaccination #booster #hospitalization #death

CoVid, vaccination, booster, hospitalization, death




The Omicron Variant Lives Long and Prospers



Omicron lives on plastic for up to 10 days and on skin for as long as 28 hours.  For plastic that’s 3.5 times longer than for the original strain and for skin that’s 2.5 times longer.  Japanese infectious disease and molecular biology researchers now report these findings on, the pre-publication website, after comparing the viability of CoVid’s principal variants on plastic and skin.


For plastic, Omicron lives for an average of 8 days compared with 4.8 days for Delta, 2.5 days for Gamma, 6.5 days for Omicron’s cousin Beta, and 2.3 days for the original CoVid.  On skin, compare Omicron’s 21 hour persistence with 16.8 hours for Delta, 11 hours for Gamma, 19 hours for Beta, and 8.6 hours for original CoVid.


The good news: alcohol disinfectants do kill Omicron, and the 70% isopropyl alcohol will knock it dead in less than 15 seconds.  That being the case, do use it on your hands, plastic items, and, frankly, any other potentially contaminated surfaces.


#omicron #plastic #skin #alcohol

omicron, plastic, skin, alcohol



A Second CoVid Booster Protects Those At-Risk



A 4th dose of Pfizer mRNA vaccine for those 60 years or older reduces the chances of a serious or severe Covid infection threefold and offers twofold protection against any CoVid Omicron infection.  Israel’s health ministry announces these preliminary results of their study comparing the fate of 400,000 Israeli’s who received 4 Pfizer doses with 600,000 who received the two vaccinating doses and one booster.  They have not published or released more in-depth data as yet.


The trial of a 4th Pfizer dose began in December of 2021 by inoculating 150 medical staffers, and the trial was subsequently expanded.  The researchers state that the second booster appears most useful for older persons and those with complicating medical conditions such as immunosuppression following transplantation or cancer chemotherapy.


Stay tuned for more updates on this.  Suffice it to say, the CDC is watching this and should be considering an optional second booster for older persons and those with medical issues.


#CoVid #booster #pfizer #immunosuppression #age

CoVid, booster, pfizer, immunosuppression, age



Omicron Is Milder But Still Lethal



With Omicron spreading faster than any previous CoVid version, it is proving to be the deadliest variant to date with a previous 7-day average of 2200 deaths.  This is far greater than the numbers recorded during the Delta variant’s heyday and the greatest number of cases since February, 2021 when CoVid vaccinations were just beginning.


The CDC reports that Omicron kills 9 persons per 1,000 cases compared with 13/1,000 for Delta and 16/1,000 during the pre-vaccine era.  With the current 7 day average of 555,252 cases per day and a reported 30% increase in deaths, Omicron could kill more than 4,997 persons a day or more than twice as many persons as previously reported.


One reason Omicron is killing so many is that far too many vaccinated persons are not boosted.  We know that 2 shots of the otherwise excellent mRNA vaccines just don’t vanquish Omicron well enough.


We all want the pandemic to be over, but that fact is that it’s not.  Cases are dropping, but it’s not yet time to stop precautions.  Get boosted, use tight-fitting N95 or KN95 masks when around other people not in your bubble, stay clear of crowds, and use alcohol-based sanitizers.


#CoVid #omicron #delta #vaccination #boosters #deaths

CoVid, omicron, delta’s vaccination, boosters, deaths





CPSC Recalls



Recall On Children’s Sleepwear Garments



The CPSC and Childrensalon Ltd. announce the recall of Children’s Sleepwear Garments including Fabric Flavours, Mini Lunn, My Little Pie, Joha and Beau Kid.  This sleepwear fails to meet federal flammability standards and create risks of burn injuries to children that wear them.  Parents should immediately stop using the recalled children’s sleepwear garments and take them away from children. Contact Childrensalon by phone at 1-833 611-2580 or online at for instructions regarding the return of recalled sleepwear.


#childrenssleepwear #childrensalon #flammability #burns #recall

childrenssleepwear, childrensalon, flammability, burns, recall



FRIGG Silicone Pacifiers Are Recalled



The CPSC and Mushie & Co. have recalled FRIGG Silicone Pacifiers.  The base of the silicone nipple has a manufacturing defect that may cause the nipple to detach from its plastic shield and create a choking hazard.  About 333,725 of these baby pacifiers were sold nationwide.  Immediately take these pacifiers away from your infants and toddlers.  To receive a refund, cut the silicone nipple from the base of the pacifier and send a photograph of both the detached nipple and the base of the pacifier to Mushie & Co at:  Then dispose of both pieces the garbage.  For more information, contact Mushie & Co by phone at 1-877-687-4431 or via email at


#pacifier #frigg #nipple #choking #recall

pacifier, frigg, nipple, choking, recall




Family Dollar Beach Loungers Now Recalled



The CPSC and Family Dollar are recalling Family Dollar Beach Loungers.  These loungers may suddenly collapse and create an injury hazard if fingers or toes become caught in the folding metal joints.  About 38,300 of these loungers were sold nationwide.  If you this lounger, stop using it and return it to any Family Dollar store for a full refund.  Alternatively, if you mail Family Dollar a photo showing that you have rendered the lounger unusable, they will refund you the purchase price.  For more information, contact Family Dollar by phone at 1-844-636-7687 or via email at


#familydollar #lounger #collapse #injury #recall

familydollar, lounger, collapse, injury, recall



Recall on DeWalt Corded Chainsaws



The CPSC and DeWalt are recalling DeWALT DWCS600, 18-inch corded chain saws. A defective power switch permits the chainsaw to continue running even when the switch is in the off position.  The saw may unexpectedly turn on when it is first plugged in.  This defect creates risks for the user and bystanders.  About 8500 of these corded chainsaws have been sold nationwide.  Immediately stop using these chainsaws.  Contact DeWalt by phone at 1-855- 474-5875 or via email at to receive a prepaid shipping label for returning your saw and receiving a safe replacement.


#dewalt #chainsaw #corded #powerswitch #injuries #recall

dewalt, chainsaw, corded, powerswitch, injuries, recall




Evolve Home Energy Storage Systems are Recalled



The CPSC and Eguana Technologies are recalling Evolve Home Energy Storage Systems.  The lithium ion batteries at the heart of these systems may overheat and create a fire hazard.  About 245 of these systems were sold in Hawaii, California, Florida, Georgia and New Hampshire.  If you had one installed, immediately contact Eguana Technologies by phone at 1-800-667-6478 or via email at in order to schedule a free repair.  Note that
Eguana will limit the state of charge of all online units in order to reduce risk of overheating until the batteries are replaced.  If your unit is not online, contact Eguana to come out and manually reduce the state of charge.


#eguana #homeenergy #lithiumbattery #overheating #fire #recall

eguana, homeenergy, lithiumbattery, overheating, fire, recall



Recalled are Geri-Care Aspirin and Acetaminophen



The CPSC and Geri-Care Pharmaceuticals are now recalling over-the-counter Geri-Care Aspirin in the low dose 81 mg and the normal dose 325 mg dosages as well as their Acetaminophen in the 500 mg dosage.  These medications are not marketed in child-resistant packaging and create a risk of poisoning for children.  About 800 packages were sold nationwide online at a variety of sites including,, and  Immediately store any of these products out of the reach of children until you can safely dispose of them.  For more information, call Geri-Care Pharmaceuticals by phone at 1-800-540-3765 or via email at


#gericare #acetaminophen #aspirin #packaging #poisoning

gericare, acetaminophen, aspirin, #packaging, poisoning



AOSKERA Children’s Nightgowns on Recall



The CPSC and AOSKERA have recalled AOSKERA Children’s Nightgowns.  These garments fail to meet federal flammability standards for children’s sleepwear and create risks for childhood burn injuries.  About 1000 of these nightgowns were sold nationwide at  Immediately stop your children from wearing these nightgowns.  Expect that Amazon will contact you and provide you with a prepaid mailer to return the product for a refund.  You may also contact AOSKERA by email at to receive the mailer.


#AOSKERA #childrensnightgown #flammability #burns #recall

AOSKERA, childrensnightgown, flammability, burns, recall



Recalls on Matrix T1 and T3 Series Commercial Treadmills



The CPSC and Johnson Health Tech North America are recalling Matrix Fitness T1X, T1xe, T3x and T3xh commercial treadmills.  The power cord may become loose from the treadmill’s power socket, spark, overheat and create a fire hazard.  About 19,900 of these treadmills were sold in the US, and about 17 were sold in Canada at Johnson Health Tech North America and Johnson Fitness &Wellness stores nationwide and online at  If you own or use one of these treadmills, be certain that the power cord is firmly inserted into its socket before each use until a new bracket is installed.  To arrange that, contact Johnson Health Tech North America by phone at 1-866-218-3674 or via email at


#matrixfitness #treadmills #powercord #overheat #fire #recall

matrixfitness, treadmills, powercord, overheat, fire, recall











FDA Recalls



Recalled Are Dr. Snack Goji Berry Food Snacks



The FDA and BCS International Corporation are recalling Dr. Snack Goji Berry Food Snacks.  This product contains undisclosed sulfites.  Consuming them could trigger severe or life-threatening allergic reactions in those with sulfite allergies.  These treats were sold in New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, Maryland and Delaware.  If you bought this product, return it to the place of purchase for a refund.  If you have additional questions, contact BCS International Corp. by phone at 1-718-392-3355.


#drsnack #gojiberries #sulfites #allergy #recall

drsnack, gojiberries, sulfites, allergy, recall



Lidl Frozen Chopped Spinach Is Recalled



The FDA and Frozen Food Development is recalling Lidl Frozen Chopped Spinach.  This product is contaminated with listeria monocytogenes that may cause serious and sometimes life-threatening infections in the very young, elders, and in those who are immunosuppressed.  The lots involved are R17742 and R17963 with a best buy date of 9/10/23.  If you purchased Lidl Frozen Chopped Spinach, return it to the place of purchase for a full refund.  For more information, contact Lidl Customer Care by phone at 1–844-747-5435.


#lidl #spinach #listeria #infection #recall

lidl, spinach, listeria, infection, recall



Recalled is Amy’s Vegan Organic Rice Mac & Cheese



The FDA and Amy’s Kitchen are recalling Amy’s Vegan Organic Rice Mac & Cheese.  This product contains undeclared milk in lot # 60J0421 with a best before of 10/1023.  Those with a milk allergy could develop a severe or life-threatening allergic reaction after ingesting this Mac and cheese product.  If you have this product in your freezer, do not consume it.  Return it to the point of purchase for a refund.  For more information, contact Amy’s Consumer Relations at 1-800-643-0570.


#amys #macandcheese #milk #allergy #recall

amys, macandcheese, milk, allergy, recall



Lily’s Peppermint Baking Chips Are Recalled



The FDA and Lily’s Sweets have recalled Lily’s Peppermint Baking Chips.  This product contains undisclosed soy lecithin.  Anyone with an allergy to soy should not consume this product.  The recall involves 18,855 cases of the 7 ounce package with various lot codes that were contaminated by the co-manufacturer when white disc-shaped pieces of candy were found in these baking chips. Do not use this product. To receive a refund, complete a contact form at  Alternatively or if you need more information, contact Lily’s by phone at 1-877-587-0557.


#lilys #bakingchips #peppermint #soy #allergy #recall

lilys, bakingchips, peppermint, soy, allergy, recall



Recalled are Siren Birthday Cake Protein Bites



The FDA and Siren are recalling Siren Birthday Cake Protein Bites.   This product contains undeclared cashews and almond butter.  Those with allergies to cashews and/or almonds may develop severe or life-threatening allergic reactions after ingesting these protein bites.  The the 4 lots involved are coded: 21326, 21335, 21336 and 21340.  If you purchased this product, return it to the store for a refund or a safe replacement.  For more information, contact Siren via email at or by phone at 1-650-667-0874.


#siren #proteinbites #cashews #almonds #allergy #recall

siren, proteinbites, cashews, almonds, allergy, recall










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