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HealthNews RoundUp - 4th Week of August 2022






Excess Deaths From CoVid



A total of 1,173,156 or 20% more Americans than expected died during the first 2 years of CoVid according to Yale researchers.  The largest relative mortality increase occurred in 18-49 year olds and in males.  As expected, the largest death toll occurred in this over 65 years of age.  


Looking at various regions, the highest cumulative excess mortality occurred in the South with the lowest numbers in the West and Northeast.  The most excess deaths occurred in Hispanics followed by Black people and then Whites.  Once vaccines were available, the excess mortality in those over 65 dropped precipitously.


These terrible stats reflect the government’s and the media’s incompetent and inconsistent public health messaging as well as frank lies regarding masking and and then vaccination.   Also to blame was a shameful lack of activism and pushback by academic public health expects.


#CoVid #mortality #masking #vaccine #cdc #gop #foxnews

CoVid, mortality, masking, vaccine, cdc, gop, foxnews



Medical Marijuana Triggers Arrhythmias



Cannabis is an increasingly popular treatment for chronic pain.   $  Danish researchers compared 4931 chronic pain patients using various cannabis derivatives for pain with an equal number of of controls.  The risk of developing a new cardiac arrhythmia was 74% higher in those regularly using cannabis.  Of the group, 18% had cancer, 17% arthritis, 15% back pain, 10% neurological diseases, 4% headaches, 3% complicated fractures, and 33.% unspecified chronic pain


Those who use cannabis regularly should regularly check for cardiac rhythm problems with a pulse check or an Apple Watch EKG.


#cannabis #arrhythmia #pain

cannabis, arrhythmia, pain



The Eyes Have It For Autism Diagnosis



Quantitating the eye pupillary reflex response in children and teens may help to screen for autism.  Speech-language pathologists at the Washington State University measured the reflex rate using a monocular pupillometer in 36 diagnosed autistic persons versus 24 matched subjects with normal communication skills.  The data showed that the pupillary light reflex in the autistic developed 19% faster and faded 26% more slowly compared with the normal controls.


Pupillometry may be a rapid, objective screening tool to use alongside behavioral testing to earlier diagnose autism.  Though earlier diagnosis leads to better rehabilitation outcomes, the average age of diagnosis has not diminished from the 4 year mark over the past 20 years.


#autism #pupillaryreflex #pupillometry

autism, pupillaryreflex, pupillometry



Monitoring Recovery From Traumatic Brain Injury



A fiber optical fiber, introduced into an ailing brain after a traumatic brain injury, could feed vital information about 4 parameters for computer processing and then on to clinicians seeking to optimally manage a patient’s recovery.  Chemical engineers at the Imperial College London have developed a multiplexed optical sensor capable of monitoring 4 biomarkers including pH, temperature, oxygen levels and glucose levels.  This system’s proof-of-concept was done on ex vivo brain tissue, but its success leads the way to clinical studies.


#tbi #fiberoptics #monitoring #machinelearning #headtrauma

tbi, fiberoptics, monitoring, machinelearning, headtrauma



CoVid Has Triggered More Child Diabetes



New cases of diabetes type 2 surged 77% during the first year of the pandemic, 2020, compared with the 2 previous years 2018 and 2019.  Johns Hopkins pediatric endocrinologists studied 3113 children from 24 medical centers.


This increase in non-insulin dependent diabetes was more common in the South and West, in males, in younger children 5-11 years, and in Black youth vs White youths,.  Typically, more girls than boys and more adolescents than younger children develop diabetes type 2.  


The researchers propose that these increases are associated with more weight gain due to less exercise and more, possibly nervous, overeating.  Then too pandemic-induced anxiety and frank psychosis may unleash more cortisol and inflammatory agents that reduce insulin-sensitivity.


The bottom line: get your kids involved in physical activities and clear your kitchen junk cabinets of high-caloric snacks.


#CoVid #pandemic #diabetes #children #exercise #obesity

CoVid, pandemic, diabetes, children, exercise, obesity



Did Your Child Have Undiagnosed CoVid?



In a CDC study of nearly 27,000 blood samples collected this past May and June, 80% showed anti-CoVid antibodies that can only be induced by an actual viral infection and not by vaccination.  Using this data, the CDC projects that 57 million or more American children have suffered CoVid infections.  That’s 4 times the number of reported and documented cases.


The reasons for this discrepancy: home testing the results of which are not folded into the statistics; and completely asymptomatic infections that tend to occur more often in children.


What should you do?  Get your child vaccinated. Fewer than one-third of kids 5-11 and fewer than 2% of 6 months-5 years have been fully vaccinated with the available, FDA-approved, free, effective and safe Moderna and Pfizer vaccines.  Even if your child was infected, vaccination will reduce their risks of reinfection and Long CoVid.


#CoVid #cdc #silentinfection #vaccination #longcovid

CoVid, cdc, silentinfection, vaccination, longcovid



Abundant Salt and Little Water Breed Obesity



University of Colorado kidney specialist Dr. Richard Johnson has studied this phenomenon and give us the blueprint for understanding how it works.  Lots of salt and little water, and sometimes caffeine rich soda, dehydrates our bodies.  That dehydration, in turn, stimulates the production of the sugar fructose from the carbs and starches we eat.  That extra fructose encourages more eating, and many foods add even more fructose in the form of high fructose corn syrup.  The dehydration also stimulates production of vasopressin that encourages your kidneys to retain more water,  The vasopressin also stimulates more fat production.


What should you do?  Drink plenty and I mean plenty of water.  To keep it in your body, cut out excess caffeinated beverages including coffee and soda.  I didn’t say all…I said excess.  Avoid salty carbs like fries.  That will help your body stop manufacturing excess fat.  The non-calorie icing on this proverbial cake is exercise exercise, exercise!


#obesity #salt #dehyration #fries #fat #fructose #vasopressin

obesity, salt, dehyration, fries, fat, fructose, vasopressin






Healthcare Business News.  4th Week of August, 2022


Here is some notable healthcare-related business news for this 3rd Week of August, 2022.



There you have the latest healthcare-related business news for this 4th Week of August, 2022, 2022.









CPSC Recalls



IKEA Expresso Maker Could Burst Open



The CPSK and IKEA are recalling its IKEA METALLISK Espresso Maker.  This expresso coffeemaker with a stainless-steel pressure safety valve may burst open expelling boiling contents creating burn hazards.  About 2100 expresso makers were sold in the US, 5200 were sold in Canada, and 200 were sold in Mexico at IKEA stores.  The affected expresso makers have a date stamp between 2040 and 2204 representing year and week of manufacture.  Immediately discontinue use of these recalled expresso makers and return the unit to any IKEA store for a full refund.  For more information, contact IKEA at 1-888-966-4532.


#ikea #expressomaker #burst #burns #recall

ikea, expressomaker, burst, burns, recall



Navitas Utility Vehicle Steel Rolling Chassis Have Sticky Throttles



The CPSC and Navitas Vehicle Systems Ltd. now recall Navitas Utility Vehicle Steel Rolling Chassis.  These chassis, used for personal utility vehicles, have throttle pedals that may stick in the depressed or full-on position creating crash and injury hazards.  About 3700 of these chassis were sold by Navitas dealers nationwide.  Affected are chassis from the model years 2020 through 2022 and both 4 and 8 seat models.  Stop using any utility vehicles built on these rolling chassis.  Contact Navitas at 1-844-576-2499 or via email at to confirm that you have a recalled unit and to arrange for a free repair.


#navitas #utilityvehicle #chassis #throttle #crash #injury #recall

navitas, utilityvehicle, chassis, throttle, crash, injury, recall



Blue's Clues Foot to Floor Ride-on Toys Are Tippy



The CPSC and the Huffy Corporation are recalling Blue's Clues Foot to Floor Ride-on Toys.  These ride-on units may tip forward creating fall and injury hazards for the child rider.  About 28,550 of these ride-on were sold at Walmart Stores.  The affected model number is 55061.  Take these ride-ons away from your children, and contact the Huffy Corporation at 1-800-872-2453 or via email at to obtain a free kit and instructions for install a stop bar on the toy.


#huffy #walmart #bluesclues #rideon #tipping #fall #injury #recall

huffy, walmart, bluesclues, rideon, tipping, fall, injury, recall



Trek Bike Handlebars May Crack



The CPSC and Trek are recalling Trek Model Year 2022 Speed Concept SLR and MY 2021-2022 Emonda SLR bicycles and MY 2020-2021-2022 aftermarket Bontrager Aeolus RSL VR-C handlebar/stems.  These bicycles and aftermarket handlebars may crack leading to crashes and falls.  About 3200 bikes and 900 aftermarket handlebars were sold in the US and about 530 bikes ad 115 handlebars were sold in Canada.  Immediately stop riding these Trek bikes and any bike with the Bontrager aftermarket handlebar.  Contact your authorized Trek dealer to check if your units are involved in the recall and for arrange for a free repair.  For more information, call Trek at 1-800-373-4594.


#trek #handlebars #crack #crash #falls #recall

trek, handlebars, crack, crash, falls, recall



Big Game Hunters Play Kitchens Have Lead



The CPSC and DOM Sports are recalling Big Game Hunters Mud Kitchens.  The brass water taps on these play kitchens contain lead levels above the save federal standards.  Lead is a neurotoxin for young children, and exposure to it should be minimized.  About 190 of these play kitchens were sold online at  If you bought one of these toys for your child, remove and dispose of the brass water tap. Contact DOM Sports at 1-833-415-0078 or via email at to obtain a free replacement water tap.


#biggamehunters #playkitchen #lead #poisoning #children #recall

biggamehunters, playkitchen, lead, poisoning, children, recall




Kidoozie My First Activity Desk Toys Could Entrap Children



The CPSC and Epoch Everlasting Play are recalling Kidoozie My First Activity Desk Toys.  The toy’s protruding knob could become entangled with a child’s clothing when the toy is attached to a crib.  The toy’s handle could entrap an infant’s jaw.  About 8200 were sold in the US and about 1830 were sold in Canada at Learning Express, Marshalls, and independent toy stores nationwide and online at and  Immediately take this toy away from your children and contact Epoch at 1-800-631-1272or via email at to arrange for a free, safe replacement or a refund.  The company will provide a prepaid shipping label for the toy’s return.


#kidoozie #activitydesk #entrapment #children #recall

kidoozie, activitydesk, entrapment, children #recall




The Polaris Patriot Boost Snowmobile Clutch May Detach



The CPSC and Polaris Industries are recalling Polaris Snowmobiles, Model Year 2022 PATRIOT BOOST RMK KHAOS and PATRIOT BOOST PRO RMK.  The primary clutch bolt may fracture allowing the clutch assembly parts to separate from the vehicle creating dangerous projectiles and injury hazards to riders and bystanders.  About 2300 of these snowmobiles were sold in the Us and about 986 were sold in Canada.  If you own one of these snowmobiles, contact your Polaris dealer to arrange for an update to the drive clutch and a new drive clutch bolt.  For more information and to verify if your unit is involved in the recall, call Polaris at 1-800-765-2747.


#polaris #snowmobile #clutch #projectile #crash #injury #recall

polaris, snowmobile, clutch, projectile, crash, injury, recall




Agit Global Wave Storm Paddles May Fracture



The CPSC and Agit Global North America are recalling Agit Global Wave Storm Paddles that are frequently sold with stand-up paddleboards.  These paddles may unexpectedly crack mid-shaft exposing sharp edges with a laceration risk to the user or any bystander.  About 124,000 of these paddles were sold at Costco, Home Depot, REI, Amazon,, Sam’s Club and small surf/sporting goods stores nationwide and online at  Immediately stop using these paddles and contact Agit Global by phone at 1-877-862-0622 for via email at to obtain a free zippered paddle shaft sleeve to encase the vulnerable zone while the paddle is in use.


#agit #paddleboard ##paddle #fracture #laceration #recall

agit, paddleboard, #paddle, fracture, laceration, recall



Hard Rock Cafe Children’s Hooded Sweatshirts Have Strangling Hoodie Strings



The CPSC and Hard Rock are recalling Hard Rock Cafe Children’s Hooded Sweatshirts.  These children’s sweatshirts have hood drawstrings that easily catch on objects creating a strangulation hazard.  About 1550 of these hoodies have been sold at Hard Rock Cafes nationwide and online at  If you bought these hoodies for your kids, don’t let your children wear them until you have either removed the drawstrings or significantly shortened them.  If you like, call Hard Rock at 1-888-519-6683 or contact them via email at to arrange for a prepaid shipping label to return the item for a refund.


#hardrock #sweatshirt #hoodie #drawstring #strangulation #recall

hardrock, sweatshirt, hoodie, drawstring, strangulation, recall



The ASUS ROG Computer Motherboard Could Have A Meltdown



The CPSC and Asus Computer International are recalling ASUS ROG Maximus Z690 Hero computer motherboards.  These motherboards have a capacitor installed incorrectly and this leads to a short circuit, overheating, melting, and possible fires creating burn hazards.  About 10,000 of these motherboards were sold at Best Buy and Micro Center stores nationwide and online at and  The affected motherboards have part number 90MB18E0-MVAAY0 and a serial number that starts with MA, MB, and MC.  If you did purchase and install one of these motherboards in your computer, remove it and contact ASUS Computer International at 1-888-363-1885 or online at


#asus #motherboard #overheating #fire #burns #recall

asus, motherboard, overheating, fire, burns, recall




FDA Recalls


Great Value Walnut Chopped Pouches Contain Pecans



The FDA and the South Georgia Pecan Co. are recalling Great Value Walnut Chopped 4 oz. Pouches.  These containers are filled with pecans rather than walnuts as labeled.  Those with a pecan allergy could develop a serious or life-threatening allergic reaction should they ingest the nuts in these pouches.  The affected lot is #29329 with a Use by date of April 29, 2023.  This product was sold at Walmart retail stores located in the States of: Florida, North Carolina, and South Carolina.  If you bought this product, return it to the place of purchase for a refund.  Formore Information, call the South Georgia Pecan Customer service line at 1-800-627-6630.


#greatvalue #walnuts #pecans #allergy #recall

greatvalue, walnuts, pecans, allergy, recall



Mighty Sesame Tahini Is Salmonella-Contaminated



The FDA and Rushdi Food Industries are recalling Mighty Sesame 10.9 Oz Organic Tahini in squeezable packaging.  This product is contaminated with salmonella.  This bacterium causes a severe gastroenteritis that may progress to a fatal systemic infection in the very young, frail older persons, and those with a weak immune system.  The lot involved has an expiration date of 3/28/23.  The product was sold at retail locations in New York, New Jersey and Connecticut as well as at Wal-Mart stores nationwide.  Discontinue use of this product and return it to the place of purchase for a refund.  If you have questions about the recall, contact Rushdi Foods either by the email or by phone at 1-718-369-4600.


#mighty sesame #tahini #salmonella #infection #recall

mighty sesame, tahini, salmonella, infection, recall




Wegman’s Lemon Dill Finishing Butter Has Bacterial Contamination



The FDA and Epicurean Butter LLC are recalling Wegman’s Lemon Dill Finishing Butter.  This product is contaminated with Listeria monocytogenes with an origin in the frozen dill from SupHerb Farms.  Listeria may cause a serious or life-threatening infection in the very young, older and frail persons, or in those with weak immune systems.  The bacterium may also precipitate a miscarriage or a stillbirth.  The product was sold in Wegman’s Food Markets in New York, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Maryland, Massachusetts, Virginia, North Carolina, and Washington DC.  If you bought this Wegman’s Lemon Dill Finishing Butter, return it to the store for a refund,  For more information, call Epicurean Butter LLC at 1-303-427-5527.


#wegmans #lemondillbutter #listeria #infection #recall

wegmans, lemondillbutter, listeria, infection, recall

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