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RoundUp - 2nd Week of September 2023






Blood Test For Chronic Fatigue Syndrome



A novel test pairing a laser spectroscopic cell analysis with artificial intelligence capably distinguishes individuals with myalgic encephalomyelitis/chronic fatigue syndrome, ME/CFS, from healthy persons in 91% of cases.  British researchers at the University of Oxford studied 61 ME/CFS patients comparing them with 37 healthy controls.  After a blood draw, the mononuclear cells of each were studied using single cell Raman spectroscopy to quantitate levels of the amino acids, lipids, cholesterol, glycogen, and glucose within the cells.  Number crunching using linear discriminant analysis clearly distinguished ME/CFS patients from normals as well as sorting the ME/CFS patients into those with mild, moderate, and severe disease in 84% of cases.


For years, the high variability of ME/CFS symptoms led some clinicians to be skeptical about the existence of this disorder.  Most medical teams now accept the existence of myalgic encephalomyelitis/chronic fatigue syndrome as a real disorder, and this test technique may serve to be identify those who suffer from it.


#chronicfatiquesyndrome #myalgicencephalomyelitis #ME/CFS #raman #spectroscopy #ai #Oxford

chronicfatiquesyndrome, myalgicencephalomyelitis, ME/CFS, raman, spectroscopy, ai #Oxford




Extreme Heat During Pregnancy Is Dangerous



During pregnancy, exposure to extreme heat bumps up the risk of severe maternal complications some 27%.  California public health researchers led by those at UC-Irvine studied 403,602 pregnancies in women with an average age of 30 years over a 10 year period preceding CoVid.  Exposures to hot weather were categorized by intensity of the heat as well as the duration of the exposures.


Exposures of pregnant women to excessive heat above the 80th percentile in terms of severity and duration at any time during pregnancy were associated with those 27% higher risks of severe gestational complications. The risk of problems rose from 32% to 239%  as daily maximal temperatures rose from the 75th percentile to the 95th percentile and the exposure durations rose from 2 to 4 days.


With climate change driving ever more frequent heat waves, women considering childbearing must plan for access to fresh, clean, and cool air.


#pregnancy #heat #complications #airconditioning #cooling #heatwaves #climatechange #uc-irvine

pregnancy, heat, complications, airconditioning, cooling, heatwaves, climatechange, uc-irvine



Insomnia Drug May Ease Opioid Withdrawal



From California’s famed Scripps Research Institute comes a study suggesting that a class of insomnia medications may help stunt the symptoms of narcotic withdrawal as well as inhibit drug-seeking behaviors.  This preclinical study exposed oxycodone-addicted rats to an experimental dual orexin receptor antagonist drug, DORA-12, which is pharmacologically similar to the FDA approved insomnia medication suvorexant, Merck’s Belsomra.


During a 2 week period following removal of narcotic access, those animals receiving DORA-12 failed to exhibit typical opioid withdrawal symptoms manifest by escalated physical activity as well as increased food and water intake.  When given cues to seek more narcotics, the animals on DORA-12 failed to do so.  The controls receiving no DORA-12 continued to go through withdrawal.


These results are promising and may spark human studies of dual orexin receptor antagonist drugs such as suvorexant as aids to speed opioid withdrawal and improve its success rates.


#opioids #withdrawal #dora #suvorexant #orexin #drugseeking #scripps

opioids, withdrawal, dora, suvorexant, orexin, drugseeking, scripps



Implantable Microsensor Monitors Brain Cancer Chemotherapy Effectiveness



A micro-multichannel syringe carrying a variety of chemotherapeutic agents and implantable into a tumor can help predict the effectiveness of these agents once that tumor is surgically removed.   Neurosurgeons and radiologists at Boston’s Brigham and Women’s hospital in collaboration with MIT bioengineers have developed and tested a biocompatible intratumor micro-implant, 6 X 0.7 millimeters, capable of releasing nano-doses of anti-cancer drugs within the tumor.   The device delivers these tiny drug doses in spatially discrete zones permitting later analysis of each drug’s effectiveness following tumor resections.


The investigators carried out a preliminary proof-of-concept study of the device on 6 patients, five with glioblastomas and one with an astrocytoma.  Each patient received 2 devices at the beginning of their operation which remained in place for 2 to 2.5 hours during tumor removal.  A series of 9 drugs were testeed in the study.


The analysis demonstrated that: implantation of these devices was well-tolerated; drug release was consistent; and tumor specimens could be effectively analyzed for drug effect. 


Subsequent, larger studies are planned to confirm these findings.  In addition, plans are underway to implant these tiny devices into brain tumors non-invasively 72 hours prior to the open surgery in order to observe additional chemotherapeutic effects on the cancer cells.


#chemotherapy #intratumor #microdevices #pathology #oncology #glioblastoma #harvard #mit #brighamandwomens

chemotherapy, intratumor, microdevices, pathology, oncology, glioblastoma, harvard, mit, brighamandwomens



Diet Drug Treats Both Forms of Diabetes



Semaglutide, the current “it” drug for weight loss, that was initially approved for management of non-insulin requiring diabetes, type 2 diabetes, cuts and even eliminates the need for insulin injections by type 1 diabetics.  This small University of Buffalo study was just published in the New England Journal of Medicine.


Endocrinologists there studied 10 recently diagnosed diabetes type 1 patients.  Each person was begun on injectable insulin both over the day and at mealtimes but was also given semaglutide.  Over a 90 day period during which the semaglutide dose was increased, all were able to eliminate insulin for meals.  Over 6 months, 7 of the 10 eliminated the need for any insulin. During the study, the mean HbA1c of the group fell from 11.7 to 5.7. Normal is less than 7


These incredible findings, if confirmed in a larger, randomized, double-blinded study, could revolutionize the management of so-called insulin-dependent diabetes.  Stay tuned.


#diabetes #semaglutide #insulin #HbA1c #ubuffalo #nejm

diabetes, semaglutide, insulin, HbA1c, ubuffalo, nejm



Exercise Could Blunt Alzheimer’s Disease



A new study from Harvard’s Mass General Hospital suggests how the exercise-induced hormone irisin is able to reduce brain levels of the amyloid deposits that are the hallmark of Alzheimer’s dementia.  Investigators at the hospital’s Genetics and Aging Unit studied the process in their own ground-breaking Alzheimer’s Disease model using a 3D cell human brain cell culture.


They discovered that the addition to the brain cells of the hormone irisin, normally produced in active muscles, boosts the astrocyte production of the enzyme neprilysin which, in turn, dissolves the chemical hallmark of Alzheimer’s, amyloid.  Astrocytes are star-shaped cells with many functions including control of the blood-brain barrier and helping to repair the brain and spinal cord after trauma.


If these findings are confirmed in clinical settings, they could serve the basis for more effective Alzheimer’s Disease therapy.  Meanwhile, it’s another reason to keep your body super-active at any stage of life.


#alzheimers #exercise #irisin #astrocytes #neprilysin #amyloid #massgeneral #harvard

alzheimers, exercise, irisin, astrocytes, neprilysin, amyloid, massgeneral, harvard






Flash Therapy During Sleep May Curb Jet Lag



An hour of flashing light therapy helps reset your biological clock.  Stanford psychiatrists report this preliminary yet promising finding after their study of 10 healthy 25 year old volunteers.  Each subject took part in two 36 hour sleep lab stays.  During one,  there was exposure to one hour of repetitive flashing light during the non-REM sleep phase when the brain’s circadian pacemaker in the hypothalamus is most sensitive to light signals without any sleep disturbance.  During a second, the control, the subject wore the same flash goggles, but no light therapy was delivered.  The result:  one hour of flashing light can shift the brain’s biological clock up to 6 hours though there was wide variability with most subjects enjoying a shift of about 68 minutes.  This technique could be simplified and commercialized to help you bet jet lag……someday soon.


#jetlag #circadianrhythm #flashes #light #stanford

jetlag, circadianrhythm, flashes, light, stanford






A tiny implant can detect the temperature changes characteristic of a transplanted organ’s rejection some 3 weeks earlier than conventional signs.  Northwestern University nephrologists and bioengineers report that their ultra-thin temperature sensor, smaller than your pinky fingernail and the depth of a hair, placed under a kidney’s capsule layer and attached to an adjacent tiny electronic pack powered by a miniature battery, capably transmits changes in the organ’s internal temperatures to a smartphone via Bluetooth.  Animal studies demonstrate that this implant effectively signals organ rejection far faster and more reliably than the traditional blood testing routines.  The device is easily implanted during the transplant surgery, and will be tested in humans…….someday soon.


#transplant #kidney #rejection #monitoring #implant #telemetry #northwestern

transplant, kidney, rejection, monitoring, implant, telemetry, northwestern







3D Printed Medications Customize Dosing



Texas A&M pharmacologists have perfected a method for 3D printing medications with precise dosages in child-friendly shapes and flavors.  This technology permits the fabrication of pills that deliver just the proper amount of a drug that works most effectively and safely within a narrow dosing range.  Currently, to deliver such doses, adult-sized pills must be crushed and dissolved in liquids in a process called compounding that may cause a deterioration in drug potency.  Though 3D pill printing isn’t new, the Texas team has developed a process that eliminates the use of solvents that often shorten shelf life.  First creating a drug powder, they mix in a biocompatible polymer, a coloring, and a flavoring before the mix is introduced into the heated print chamber.  The tablets are finished with a laser, and studies are now underway to modify this final finishing to create timed release of the contained medication.


#3dprinting #pediatrics #bioengineering #dosing #texasam

3dprinting, pediatrics, bioengineering, dosing, texasam



Toronto Company Perfects Plant-based Salmon



The Canadian startup, New School Foods, has perfected a plant-based salmon that looks, cooks, flakes, and tastes like the real thing all without any hooks, lines, or sinkers.  Though the product is only now available in a beta-test form, it is created with proprietary processes that create aligned muscle fibers, connective tissues, and other components.  Beginning “raw,” the pseudo-salmon is cookable, and its omega 3 fatty acids impart the taste of wild salmon.  This product, when available, will join the ranks of “Impossible,” “Beyond,”  and other-branded meats and dairy alternatives.


#plantbased #salmon #newschoolfoods #omega3

plantbased, salmon, newschoolfoods, omega3




CPSC Recalls



Lectric Brand XP Ebikes Have Faulty Brakes



Recall by: CPSC; Lectric eBikes LLC


Problem: The front and rear disc brakes on these bikes have calipers that fail leading to crash and injury hazards for the rider and bystanders.


Sold: About 45,000 bikes were sold online by


Actions: Stop riding these ebikes and contact Lectric at 1-877-479-5422 to receive a free caliper repair kit and $100 toward the installation costs.


#lectric #ebike #brakes #calipers #crashes #injuries #recall

lectric, ebike, brakes, calipers, crashes, injuries, recall



Whirlpool Stacked Commercial Dryers Can Burn Your Clothes



Recall by: CPSC; Whirlpool


Problem:  The dryers in these commercial stacked combos can overhead and ignite your clothes leading to fires and burns.  Affected are ADC brand stacked commercial 30 lb dryers with model number ADG-30X2R or ADG-30X2Ri.


Sold: About 2500 units were sold.


Actions: Owners and operators of laundries and laundromats should take these recalled units out of service and contact Whirlpool at 1-844-943-0884 or email them at to arrange a free repair.  If you see these units at your laundromat, avoid them.


#whirlpool #adc #dryers #commercial #laundromat #overheating #fires #burns #recall

whirlpool, adc, dryers, commercial, laundromat, overheating, fires, burns, recall



Argo ATVs Dump Fuel



Recall by: CPSC; ARGO


Problem:  These recalled 2020 ARGO Xplorer XR 500 models have improperly installed check valves and vent hoses that create fuel overflows, fires, and burns.


Sold: About 500 units were sold in the US and about 1670 were sold in Canada.


Actions:  Stop riding these ARGO ATVs and contact your dealer for a free fuel system repair.  For additional information, contact ARGO at 1-877-662-2840.


#argo #atv #fuel #leak #fire #burns #recall

argo, atv, fuel, leak, fire, burns, recall



Pirelli Racing Bike Tires Leak



Recall by: CPSC; Pirelli


Problem: The Pirelli P ZERO Race TLR Bicycle Tires tend to unseat from the rims leading to air leaks, tire deflation, loss of bike control, falls, and injuries to the ride and bystanders.


Sold. About 14,500 were sold in the US, and about 550 were sold in Canada at Competitive Cyclist, Trek and Angry Catfish stores nationwide.


Actions: Stop riding on these tires and contact Pirelli at 1-800-622-2390 or by email at for a free replacement or a refund.


#pirelli #racingtires #deflation #crashes #injuries #recall

pirelli, racingtires, deflation, crashes, injuries, recall



RegO Propane Tank Regulators Leak Gas



Recall by: CPSC; RegO


Problem:  RegO 302 Series Compact Regulators with date codes between 09/22 and 02/23 or code 21/22 leak gas leading to fires and burns.


Sold:  About 6300 regulators were sold at Trident Rubber LLC, Gas Equipment Co Inc., Century Fuel Products, boat manufacturers, and marine supply stores nationwide.


Actions: Stop using these recalled regulators, turn off the propane cylinder valve, and remove the regulator. Contact your RegO distributor or RegO at 1-336-449-7707 to receive a free replacement regulator.


#rego #propane #regulator #leak #fire #burns #recall

rego, propane, regulator, leak, fire, burns, recall



Emporia Smart Plugs Are Shockingly Defective



Recall by: CPSC; Emporia


Problem:  Emporia Smart Plugs, the 240V EU, lack adequate grounding and create risks of shocks to users.


Sold: About 80,000 plugs were sold online at and


Actions:  Stop using these plugs and contact Emporia at 1-844-367-6742 for via email at for a replacement smart plug or a refund.


#emporia #smartplug #grounding #shocks #recall

emporia, smartplug, grounding, shocks, recall



FDA Recalls



Mooncakes Contain Undeclared Egg



Recall by: FDA; Sheng Kee of California


Problem:  Mooncake gift boxes of various sizes, flavors, and batch numbers contain mooncakes with egg coating but no mention of egg on the labels.  They are a risk for those with egg allergies.


Actions:  Return these mooncake gift boxes to the place of purchase for a refund.  For more info, contact the company at 1-877-580-8000.


#mooncake #egg #allergy #recall

mooncake, egg, allergy, recall



TheraBreath Kids Oral Rinse Has Yeast Contamination



Recall by: FDA; Church & Dwight Co., Inc.


Problem:  TheraBreath Kids Strawberry Splash Rinse, lot #PA3083011, has candida yeast contamination.




Actions: Do not permit your children to use these oral rinse.  Before disposing of the product, contact Church & Dwight at 1-800-981-4710 to arrange for a refund.


#therabreath #oralrinse #strawberry #children #candida #yeast #contamination #recall

therabreath, oralrinse, strawberry, children, candida, yeast, contamination, recall

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