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Best Of - 3rd - Week of Mar 2023


Those with ADHD Tend To Hoard: Best of: 3/2022



Individuals with attention deficit-hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) are at least 6 times more likely to evidence a hoarding disorder (HD) that significantly interferes with the conduct of their lives.  So say psychologists at the UK’s Anglia Ruskin University following their study of 88 patients in an ADHD clinic, a matched control group of 90 persons, and an online sample of 220 UK residents.


The 19% of ADHD patients with severe and life-inhibiting hoarding behaviors were surprisingly in their 30’s with an equal number of males and females impacted.  Even among the remaining 81 of ADHD patients, there was a measurable tendency toward hoarding.


Previous studies of those with hoarding disorder concentrated on older females who self-identified and sought help with their tendencies to fill their living spaces with a suffocating quantity of items.   The new information this study reveals is that younger adults are similarly afflicted.!


#adhd #hoarding

adhd, hoarding



Kids Riding In Bike Trailers Inhale Excess Pollutants: Best Of: Feb, 2022



Parents who reduce their carbon footprints by cycling rather than car riding their children to preschools and elementary schools in bicycle trailers may be exposing the young ones to undue levels of pollutants.  The same goes for parents who take their children along in these trailers as they exercise.


Environmental engineers at the UK’s University of Surrey measured air pollutant exposures to bike trailer occupants as well as the parent cyclists during 82 bicycle runs of 1.3 to 1.4 miles in typical residential zones.   Pollutant exposures were higher in the afternoon runs home from school and were up to 18% higher at that time for the kids riding in the trailers than for the parents cycling them.  Trailer covers reduced the exposures to fine pollutants by up to 51% on morning runs but were less helpful in the afternoon with exposures to more course pollutant particles.


The bottom line: if cycling with your little ones in bike trailers, ride in areas as far away from motor vehicles and industrial sources of pollution.  Consider the use of ventilated and filtered trailer covers if weather permits.!


#bicycletrailers #pollutants #trailercovers

Bicycletrailers, pollutants, trailercovers



How Fast Should Your Doctor Report Lab Results?  Best Of: Jan, 2022



More than 75% of patients expect to be contacted with abnormal test results within 24 hours.  Only 9% of clinicians agreed.  This disturbing non-connect is now reported by surgical investigators at the University of Colorado after surveying 57 patients and 69 clinicians.


Some 89.7% of patients and 80.6% of clinicians agree with the premise that patients should be provided access to their health information as guaranteed by the 2016 federal 21st Century Cures Act. One of the law’s provisions that only took effect in 2021 mandating immediate patient access to health information is more controversial.  A 62.7% majority of clinicians feel that releasing the information immediately to patients would be too confusing while 84.2% of patients disagree and want their information NOW.


This study shows that patients want and need to know test results as soon as possible, good or bad.  Clinicians need to cut through the growing medical bureaucracy and step up to the plate to provide patients with timely explanations of the results and insight into what comes next.  Technology and telemedicine make that not only possible but mandatory.


#tests #transparency #medicalrecords #bureaucracy

tests, transparency, medicalrecords, bureaucracy



It’s Possible To Learn Twice As Fast: Best Of: Jan, 2022



Learning comprehension and retention are unaffected by watching an instructional video at up to twice the speed.  Educational psychologists at UCLA studied this phenomenon in 231 of their undergrads by having them watch two 15 minute videos including one about the Roman Empire and the other about real estate appraisals.  Groups screened the videos at either normal speed, 1.5 times faster, 2 times faster, or 2.5 times faster.


The participants were tested immediately after each viewing and again a week later.  Comprehension and retention were statistically identical between normal and double speed but declined with viewing at 2.5 times the normal speed.


So students……If you’re short on time, and who isn’t, ramp up the playback speed and rest assured that you’re not missing much.  Modern digital players adjust the audio pitch so your professors don’t sound like the Chipmunks.


#education #speedlearning #comprehension #retention

Education, speedlearning, comprehension, retention




Chocolate Packaging Influences Its Flavor: Best Of: Jun, 2019



When you chomp down on a chocolate bar or daintily take a bite of that truffle, the package that tasty tidbit came in has much to do with its perceived flavor.  Aussies at the University of Melbourne’s School of Agriculture and Food presented 75 study subjects with the same piece of chocolate wrapped in 6 different packages that cried out a variety of messages including bold, fun, everyday, special, healthy, or premium.


The study results showed that the participants, ranging from 25-55 years of age, liked the chocolate taste better when they loved the package design and when that design shouted fun, healthy, relaxing, excitement, and friendly.   The tasters were less enthusiastic about the chocolate taste when they picked up and tasted an unwrapped piece.


Other studies have shown that 60% of consumers make buying decisions solely on product packaging.  I’d add that even more make choices based on name brands.


If you want to save a ton of money and still enjoy the food you eat, be adventurous and try less expensive less well-known and advertised brands.  


Nadeesha M. Gunaratne, Sigfredo Fuentes, Thejani M. Gunaratne, Damir Dennis Torrico, Caroline Francis, Hollis Ashman, Claudia Gonzalez Viejo, Frank R. Dunshea. Effects of packaging design on sensory liking and willingness to purchase: A study using novel chocolate packaging. Heliyon, 2019; 5 (6): e01696 DOI: 10.1016/j.heliyon.2019.e01696


#chocolate #packaging, tastetest #branding

chocolate, packaging, tastetest, branding




Premies Brains Develop Better To Music: Best Of: May, 2019



Premature infants who listen to music enjoy enhanced neural development.  Swiss neuroscientists at the University of Geneva report the positive effects of specially composed and performed music on developing neural networks of premies.


The musical selections varied with time of day and were designed to lend an auditory structure to the infant’s first days out of the womb.  The instruments that produced the most consistent reactions from the babies were the snake charmer’s flute, the harp, and bells.


The double blind study used MRI imaging before and after the musical exposure to assess the effect.  The group of premies treated to the music showed stronger connections between the parts of their brains that perform cognitive tasks, manage social relationships, and manage emotions.


If a premie has recently joined your family, consider adding lilting flute, harp, and orchestral bell music to their environments.


Lara Lordier, Djalel-Eddine Meskaldji, Frédéric Grouiller, Marie P. Pittet, Andreas Vollenweider, Lana Vasung, Cristina Borradori-Tolsa, François Lazeyras, Didier Grandjean, Dimitri Van De Ville, Petra S. Hüppi. Music in premature infants enhances high-level cognitive brain networks. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, 2019; 201817536 DOI: 10.1073/pnas.1817536116


#Premies #music #flute #harp #bells #neuraldevelopment

Premies, music, flute, harp, bells, neuraldevelopment




The Reproductive Clock Ticks For Men Too: Best Of: May, 2019



Women over 30 with an interest in motherhood constantly have an eye on that ticking biological clock.  The latest study from Rutgers University suggests that men also need to pay attention to old Father Time if they want to produce healthy offspring.


The study reviewed nearly half a century of research on fertility and healthy reproduction.  Men 45 years or older with decreasing testosterone experience declining fertility and contributed suboptimal sperm that trigger pregnancy complications including gestational diabetes, preeclampsia, premature birth, still births, low birth weight, newborn seizures, and birth defects including cardiac anomalies and cleft palate.  Later, the children of older men had an increased incidence of childhood cancer, psychiatric disorders, and autism.


The study’s authors recommend that men as well as women keep an eye on the clock if they have parenthood in their futures.  If fatherhood is to be delayed, they suggest that men consider banking their sperm by age 35 or by 45 at the latest.


N. Phillips, L. Taylor, G. Bachmann. Maternal, infant and childhood risks associated with advanced paternal age: The need for comprehensive counseling for men. Maturitas, 2019; 125: 81 DOI: 10.1016/j.maturitas.2019.03.020


#Paternity #agingsperm #prematurity #birthdefects #spermbanking

Paternity, agingsperm, prematurity, birthdefects, spermbanking




Paternal PostNatal Depression: Best Of: Jan, 2019



At least one in 5 new mothers experience postpartum depression, but, wait, new fathers may experience it too.  A study from University of Cambridge sampling more than 3000 British families just published in JAMA Psychiatry shows that one in 20 fathers may suffer from it too. 


Most interesting was the finding that 18 year old girls whose father did have confirmed postpartum depression were themselves at a greater risk for depression.  This was not the case for male offspring.


Studies continue to ferret out the causes for this observation.  Meanwhile, though, it is important that new fathers as well as new mothers be monitored for the signs of depression.  If found, all should be aggressively treated in an effort to prevent untoward effects of their emotional challenges on their mates and offspring.  Girls with a family history of maternal or paternal postpartum depression should themselves be watched and treated. 


Leticia Gutierrez-Galve, Alan Stein, Lucy Hanington, Jon Heron, Glyn Lewis, Christine O’Farrelly, Paul G. Ramchandani. Association of Maternal and Paternal Depression in the Postnatal Period With Offspring Depression at Age 18 Years. JAMA Psychiatry, 2018; DOI: 10.1001/jamapsychiatry.2018.3667


#fathers #psychiatry  #postpartum  #depression   #teens

Fathers, psychiatry, postpartum, depression, teens



See-Saw Weight: Best Of: 10/2018



It’s healthier to maintain weight at a given level than have your weight bounce up and down.  Korean study shows that those with unstable weight are  127% more likely to die prematurely, 43% more likely to experience a heart attack, and 41% more likely to experience a stroke.  More than a 5% flux in weight has adverse health consequences.


#obesity #overweight #weightfluctuation #homeostasis #death #heartattack #stroke

obesity, overweight, weightfluctuation, homeostasis, death, heartattack, stroke



Back Pain A Sign of Teen Problems: Best Of: 9/2018



Parents looking for early warning signs of serious and sometimes life-threatening teen problems can now add back pain to that age-old upset stomach. The Journal of Public Health now publishes an Australian study of nearly 6400 teens that reveals back pain in these 14 to 16 year olds is consistently associated with smoking, drinking, depression, and missed school days. The more frequent and severe the back pain, the greater the likelihood of tobacco and alcohol abuse,  the greater numbers of school days missed, and higher incidence of significant clinical depression. Now, these findings only indicate an association between back pain and health risk factors rather than a cause. There is also the chicken and egg question as to whether the pain led to the puffing, boozing, and sad feelings or visa versa. What is important is that parents and teachers of children and adolescents who report repeated or continuing back pain should begin to ask more questions and offer more support in order to prevent an eventual disaster.

S J Kamper, Z A Michaleff, P Campbell, K M Dunn, T P Yamato, R K,Hodder, J Wiggers, C M Williams. Back pain, mental health and substance use are associated in adolescents. Journal of Public Health, 2018; DOI: 10.1093/pubmed/fdy129 

#teens #backpain #substanceabuse #smoking #drinking #truency #parenting

teens, backpain, substanceabuse, smoking, drinking, truency, parenting



Caffeine Withdrawal and General Anesthesia: Best of: WBZ-AM: 1991



Lead-in by Diane Stern

Headaches after anesthesia may be due to caffeine withdrawal according to a New Zealand study.    Ingesting more than 200 mg of caffeine a day(3 cups of coffee or 4 cups of tea) increases likelihood of a post-anesthesia headache. 


#anesthesia #caffeinewithdrawal #coffee #tea #wbznewsradio

anesthesia, caffeinewithdrawal, coffee, tea, wbznewsradio



Alka Selzer and Upset Stomach: Best Of: WBZ: 1990



Lead-in by the late and great Gary LaPierre

Many turn to AlkaSeltzer for gastrointestinal distress.  Problem is that AlkaSelzer contains aspirin in addition to an antacid sodium bicarbonate.  Aspirin can irritate stomach linings but can also induce gastrointestinal bleeding due to its interference with platelets leading to blood thinning or anticoagulation.  Know too that other NSAIDs such as ibuprofen (Advil, Motrin) can also cause gastrointestinal irritation and bleeding.   All NSAID-containing over-the-counter drugs such as aspirin, ibuprofen, AlkaSeltzer, Advil, and Motrin should be avoided by those on blood thinners.


#alkaseltzer #nsaids #aspirin #ibuprofen #advil #motrin #bleeding #stomachache #wbznewsradio

alkaseltzer, nsaids, aspirin, ibuprofen, advil, motrin, bleeding, stomachache, wbznewsradio



Jogging With Babies: Best Of: WBZ: 1990



Lead-in by the late and great Gary LaPierre

Jogging with babies in infant carrier-back packs can lead to dangerous shaking, neck and back injuries, and undue bouncing of the babies brain within the skull leading to concussion-type injury.  The best way to jog with your baby is to have them come along in a jogging stroller.  Keep in mind though, when you have the baby low to the ground on sidewalks with cars and trucks passing, they are exposed to undue amounts of exhaust fumes.


#infants #jogging #shaking #neck #brain #concussion #wbznewsradio

infants, jogging, shaking, neck, brain, concussion, wbznewsradio



Fountain of Youth is in Exercise: Best Of: March, 2018



Vigorous exercise can block the aging cycle.  This according to a British study comparing those who regularly ride bicycles compared with a matched group of couch potatoes and another control group of healthy young adults in 20s and 30s.  The cyclists maintain the immunity, muscle strength, metabolism, and, in males, testosterone levels of young adults.


#aging #exercise #immunity #testosterone #cycling

aging, exercise, immunity, testosterone, cycling

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