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RoundUp - 4th Week of March 2024 






Toxic Metal Nanoparticles In Vaping Liquids



Canadian researchers are about to tell the American Chemical Society spring meeting attendees that even unheated cannabis vaping liquids from both regular stores and bought off the street contain toxic metal particles.  They tested for 12 metals and found high and dangerous levels of lead as well as lower levels of arsenic, mercury, and cadmium.  Many of the metallic particles were nano-sized and highly reactive with human tissues when the vaping unit is activated, heats, and evaporates the liquid into your lungs.  That is not where you want these metals.


#Cannabis #vaping #nanoparticles #metals #lead

Cannabis, vaping, nanoparticles, metals, lead



Military At Risk For Skin Cancer



Nearly 75% of those in the army, navy, and marines work outside in the sun more than 6 hours a day, most of those who served in the Iraq War suffered at least one sunburn, 40% of the military are unaware of their skin cancer risk, and air force flyers exposed to higher radiation levels face even higher risks.


These facts were presented to the American Academy of Dermatology’s annual meeting by Harvard dermatologists at the VA Boston Healthcare System.  All of these enhanced risks lead to a higher incidence of all skin cancers including deadly melanoma, the most dangerous of skin cancers.


These risks to military men and women is very real since the risk of developing melanoma doubles for those with 5 sunburns or even a single blistering sunburn as a child or teen.


Those in the military and all of us need to protect our skin by wearing sun-protective clothing and regularly using sunscreen.  Of most importance for those at risk: regularly monitor your own skin and have someone who cares about you help you look for moles and changing lesions.


#military #veterans #melanoma #cancer #army #navy #airforce #sunscreen

military, veterans, melanoma, cancer, army, navy, airforce, sunscreen




Troponin Levels Assess Cardiovascular Risks



Does the word troponin sound familiar?  Maybe not, but troponin1 is an enzyme released into the bloodstream when cardiac tissues are damaged..  Over hours, rising troponin1 levels indicate that a patient has suffered a heart attack.


University of Alabama-Birmingham cardiovascular researchers now report another use of repeat troponin1 level measurements.  They studied some 8,000 under active treatment for high blood pressure for whom multiple troponin1 measurements occurred over a one year period.  Some subjects were receiving standard therapy and some were receiving intense therapy for their blood pressure elevations.


Those individuals receiving the most intense therapy for blood pressure control enjoyed decreasing troponin1 levels over time AND a lower risk of subsequent cardiovascular incidents including not only heart attacks but also stroke, heart failure, and death from any cardiovascular disease.


Serial troponin1 measurements appear to be useful not only as measures of hypertension therapy effectiveness but as predictors of other cardiovascular problems that can then be thwarted with proactive measures.


#troponin #hypertension #heartattack #heartfailure #stroke

troponin, hypertension, heartattack, heartfailure, stroke



Plant-based Foods Help Men With Prostate Cancer



Those men under treatment for prostate cancer and most consistently consuming plant-based foods enjoyed better sexual function, less incontinence, and better general quality of life compared with those men consistently eating animal-based diets.  This the conclusion of a retrospective study by NYU urology and population health researchers.


The study showing this dietary effect reviewed data from the Harvard Public Health School’s Health Professionals Follow Up study for 3505 men with non-metastatic prostate cancer.  Tabulated were survey responses regarding the foods they consumed regularly, their sexual function, and their urinary function including bladder control.  The men were sorted into 5 groups according to their consumption of plant-based vs. animal-based diets.  Other studies have independently shown that plant-based diets slow prostate cancer growth and improve erectile function.  


For these and so many other reasons, eating fruits, vegetables, grains, and nuts is a huge plus for all men. Women too.


#prostate #cancer #plantbased #animalbased #sex #incontinence

prostate, cancer, plantbased, animalbased, sex, incontinence




Foods Can Conquer Acid Indigestion



Heartburn is common.  At least 1 in every 4 persons in North America have it, and it seems that nearly everyone you know is on some type of acid-suppressing medicine, prescription or over-the-counter or both.  With the trend toward using food as medicine, let’s look at the foods that can help you control gastric acid and heartburn.


Melons including cantaloupe, honeydew, watermelon and bananas.  Melons have low acid content so they don’t add to the acid your stomach produces.  Same is true for bananas.

Green vegetables including broccoli, asparagus, green beans, celery, and cauliflower are low acid and healthy.

Fish don’t contribute to acid problems.  Grill, bake or poach it.  No frying.

Lean chicken, turkey, and beef are low acid.  Don’t fry or eat the skin.  Fatty versions will trigger heartburn.

Egg whites have good protein and are low acid.


Then the carbs:

Oatmeal has fiber which helps your gi system keep moving.

Whole-grain bread has lots of vitamins, minerals, but isn’t acidic.

Rice is another healthy carb without acid but plenty of fiber.

Root vegetables and Potatoes including sweet ones, beets, turnips, and carrots.  No onions.  Other root vegetables are specifically anti-acid: ginger, fennel, parsley.


Eat healthy and put out that fire in your chest.


#heartburn #reflux

heartburn, reflux




Vaping and Smoking Modify Your DNA



Those who use e-cigarettes suffer the same epigenetic and potentially carcinogenic DNA changes as tobacco smokers.  So say British and Swiss researchers after their study of 3500 cheek tissue cell samples.


Epigenetic changes are inherited factors that affect the function of the cell’s main genetic material without actually modifying chromosomal structure.  One common epigenetic modification is addition of a methyl chemical group to the DNA, and this change often leads to unwanted genetic behavior including the development of the uncontrolled cell growth and migration typical of cancer.  This DNA methylation is often the consequence of environmental chemical exposures.


The analysis of cheek cells from e-cigarette users and tobacco smoker reveal similar levels of DNA methylation.  These same epigenetic changes have been observed in lung cancer cells.


This study contradicts the oft stated conclusion that e-cigarette smoking is significantly safer than tobacco smoking with respect to cancer initiation.

Previous studies have shown that vaping is 95% less harmful than smoking.  Cigarettes contain many more harmful chemicals compared with e-cigrettes.  However, if even one of those fewer chemicals triggers a cancer, it can be fatal.


#ecigarette #tobacco #smoking #epigenetics #DNAmethylation #carcinogenesis 

ecigarette, tobacco, smoking, epigenetics, DNAmethylation, carcinogenesis






Surface Ultrasound Diagnoses Disease



Parisian investigators affiliated with the Sorbonne report their pilot study using a sensitive vibrometer, the airborne ultrasound surface motion camera, AUSMC for short, to quantitate lung vibrations associated with speaking and breathing.  This non-invasive technique is in its infancy, but the concept of using both speech-generated vibrations and also those produced by vibration generators on the chest to help diagnose disease in the lungs and the voicebox may be of use…..someday soon.


#vibrations #ultrasound #ausmc #lung #larynx

vibrations, ultrasound, ausmc, lung, larynx




Intestinal Thermometer To Diagnose IBD Earlier



A wireless mini temperature sensor that rests against the small bowel wall offers continuing monitoring and an early warning signal that inflammatory bowel disease is ramping up.  Northwestern University bioengineers have packed this sensor and its power supply into a small capsule that rests within the loops of the small intestine.  They used this thermal telemetry in a rodent model to monitor intestinal temperatures continuously over a 4 month period.


A rise in temperature and a shift in an otherwise predictable cyclic thermal pattern provides an otherwise unobtainable warning of inflammation and infection permitting timely therapy initiation.  The device could not only help patients with IBD, but could also be used to monitor organ transplants….someday soon.


#thermometer #ibd #crohns #colitis #inflammation #infection #transplantation

thermometer, ibd, crohns, colitis, inflammation, infection, transplantation







Traveling Babies Need The Measles Shot



Measles is on the rise around the world and here$ at home as well. A full 93% of cases popping up in the US are linked to international travel and most occurred in infants under 1 years who traveled unvaccinated.


The CDC now $ recommends that families planning to travel with infants 6 to 11 months have the baby receive an early dose of the MMR, the measles, mumps, rubella vaccine, at least 2 weeks before departure.  They should then get their regular MMR at 12-15 months and the second shot at 4-6 years.


Traveling children,  never vaccinated, who are 1 year and older should receive 2 MMR shots 28 days apart at least 2 weeks before departure.  The same is true for adults who have never been vaccinated or measles-infected.


Plan ahead:  If you’re traveling with kids or not, consult your medical team 6 months before international trips and that’s up from one month.  You want to be fully vaccinated 2 weeks or more before leaving the US.


FYI: For non-traveling children, the MMR vax should be administered at 12-15 months with the second shot between 4 and 6 years.


Measles is dangerous: In addition to the rash, fever, and sore throat, it can trigger pneumonia, encephalitis, bronchitis, croup, laryngitis, and gastrointestinal infections.  It can trigger premature births.


What about adults going overseas.  If you received the measles vaccine or experienced a natural measles infection years ago, the prevalent opinion is that you are PROBABLY protected.  Immunity does wane, so why chance it?  Get an MMR shot at least 2 weeks before your departure.


#measles #cdc #travel #international #mmr #infants #children

measles, cdc, travel, international, mmr, infants, children



FDA Warns About Chinese-Made Plastic Syringes



The FDA has fired off letters to the Chinese manufacturer of plastic syringes and the two American importers of these products due to persisting quality issues.  


The FDA has directed Medline Industries and Sol-Millennium Medical Inc, the importers and distributors of these Chinese syringes, to immediately transition away from selling plastic syringes manufactured by Jiangsu Caina Medical Co. Ltd as this company’s syringes consistently leak, break, and fail to deliver reproducible liquid volumes.


The FDA warns consumers, medical teams, and healthcare organizations to check the origin of the syringes they use and to use non-Chinese syringes if at all possible.  If they must be used, monitor them carefully for failures.  Glass syringes, syringes pre-filled with medications, and syringes used for topical and oral delivery of medications are not affected.


#plastic #syringes #chinese #breakage #leakage

plastic, syringes, chinese, breakage, leakage 







New Treatment For Sinusitis?



The FDA has improved what is described as a new treatment for certain chronic nasal and sinus infections.


This therapy for so-called chronic rhinosinusitis without nasal polyps employs the long-used steroid nasal spray fluticasone, branded as Flonase, but delivers this drug using a novel dispenser that employs a higher pressure exhalation delivery system called the Xhance, marketed by the Opinose company.  The device sports a blow hole into which the patient forces air under pressure.  This pressurized exhaled air carries the steroid mist up into the higher reaches of the nasal cavity.  


Two company-sponsored so-called phase 3 studies demonstrated that the Xhance system with the topical steroid versus a comparable exhalation delivery system with placebo solution led to fewer nasal and sinus symptoms and improved sinus aeration on imaging.  It would seem that the controls are flawed.  An appropriate control would be the Xhance exhalation steroid delivery system vs a conventional aerosol steroid delivery system. That would show that the exhalation pressurization actually drives benefit.


Only time will tell if this system advances sinus therapy, but it may be worth a try if other therapy has failed you.


#rhinosinusitis #polyps #fluticasone #topical #steroids #xhance #Flonase

rhinosinusitis, polyps, fluticasone, topical, steroids, xhance, Flonase




Health Insurance Companies Drag Feet On Modern Therapy For IBD



Health insurance corporations are preventing patients from receiving the latest and most effective treatments for IBD, Crohn’s Disease and Ulcerative Colitis.  Over 80% of US health insurance companies refuse to authorize the most contemporary therapy for inflammatory bowel disease as initial therapy.  This the conclusion of a review by gastroenterologists at Harvard’s Beth Israel Deaconess Hospital.


Over 90% of companies insist that any given patient first fail one of the decades-old therapeutic regimens for IBD before prescribing modern therapy.   Only after failing to respond to salicylates, steroids, or immunosuppressive drugs, are patients permitted to employ cutting edge biologics including anti-tumor necrosis factors and adhesion molecule antagonists.


Studies have shown that the early use of these effective and contemporary approaches leads to enhanced bowel healing preventing hospitalizations, surgical procedures, and irreversible disease.  Of the 34 insurance companies who would release their decision-making rules, between 59% and an abysmal 6% adhered to the current treatment recommendations by gastroenterology specialty groups.


It is time for health insurance companies to move into the present and begin covering the most effective therapy for this and other diseases.  Only you can put pressure on your employers to demand the most modern and effective therapies..


#ibd #crohns #ulcerativecolitis #biologics #salicylates #steroids #immunosuppression

ibd, crohns, ulcerativecolitis, biologics, salicylates, steroids, immunosuppression








CPSC Recalls



Raven Crossbows Can Suddenly Shoot



The Consumer Product Safety Commission and Ravin Crossbows are recalling Ravin R500 Model Crossbows.  If the device is not fully cocked, it can suddenly discharge creating injuries to the user or bystanders.


About 13,300 of these crossbows were sold in the US and about 425 were sold in Canada at Ravin, Bass Pro Shops, Cabela’s, Dick’s Sporting Goods stores and other stores nationwide, and online at


Immediately stop using these crossbows and contact Ravin Crossbows at 1-888-298-6335 or via, email at in order to arrange a free repair.


#ravin #crossbow #discharge #injuries #recall

ravin, crossbow, discharge, injuries, recall



Starbucks Gift Mugs Can Overheat and Crack



The Consumer Product Safety Commission and Nestlé USA have recalled Metallic Mugs included in 2023 Holiday Starbucks-branded Gift Sets.  If these mugs are heated by microwave or by filling with with very hot liquids, they overheat and crack leading to burns and lacerations.


About 440,500 of these gift sets with mugs were sold online and in-store nationwide at Target and Walmart and through Nexcom military retail outlets.


Stop using these mugs.  For a refund, return them to the place of purchase or contact Nestlé USA at 1-800-681-1676.


#nestle #cups #metallic #overheating #cracking #burns #lacerations #recall

nestle, cups, metallic, overheating, cracking, burns, lacerations, recall



Crown Gas Hot Water Boilers Can Gas You



The Consumer Product Safety Commission and the Crown Boiler Company are recalling Crown Aruba IV (AWR Series) gas-fired hot water boilers.  The blocked vent switch fails to operate properly at altitudes above 2,000 feet leading to emission of poisonous carbon monoxide.


About 1100 of these boilers were sold by heating and plumbing contractors and wholesale distributors nationwide.


If you have one of these boilers, contact the Crown Boiler Company at 1-888-583-5624 or via the email to check if your particular boiler model number is part of the recall.  If so, the company will arrange a free repair.  Meanwhile, if you must use the boiler, have a carbon monoxide monitor operating.


#crown #boiler #gas #blockedventswitch #carbonmonoxide #poisoning #recall

crown, boiler, gas, blockedventswitch, carbonmonoxide, poisoning, recall




Fisher-Price Mickey and Friends Toy Figures Lose Their Heads



The Consumer Product Safety Commission and Fisher-Price now recall Fisher-Price Little People Mickey and Friends Figures.  In particular, Donald and Daisy have heads that detach and create choking hazards for young children.  The other figures are said to be ok, but I’d check them to be certain.


About 204,000 of these figure packs were sold in the US and about 11,000 were sold in Canada) at Walmart, Kohls, Meijer, HEB and Kroger stores nationwide, and online at and and other various eCommerce sites.


Take the Donald and Daisy figures away from your kids.  Contact Fisher-Price at 1-855-853-6224 to receive a prepaid return shipping label to send back Donald and Daisy for a $10 refund.


#fisherprice #toy #figures #donald #daisy #disney #choking #recall

fisherprice, toy, figures, donald, daisy, disney, choking, recall



Culture King’s Floating Sneaker Displays Have Dangerous Magnets



The Consumer Product Safety Commission and the Culture Kings company are recalling Culture King’s Magnetic Levitation Sneaker Displays.  The powerful magnets that permit the sneakers to float can attract each other leading to display breakage, plastic splintering, and even spark emissions leading to lacerations and other injuries.  Should the multiple magnets be swallowed, they can lead to bowel perforations, twisting, and obstruction with infections that can become deadly.


About 4300 of these sneaker displays were sold online at


Immediately store these displays and contact Culture Kings at 1-888-520-1885 or via email at for a refund and recalled product stickers.  When handling this display, keep the magnets at least 6 inches apart. Put the stickers on the metal side of each magnet, destroy the display by cutting the power cord, and upload a photo of the destroyed unit and the stickered magnets to


#culturekings #sneakers #levitation #display #magnets #lacerations #ingestion #bowel #recall

culturekings, sneakers, levitation, display, magnets, lacerations, ingestion, bowel, recall



Happiness Roller Ball Candy Can Unhappily Choke



The Consumer Product Safety Commission and Twenty Four Six Foods now recall Happiness USA Liquid Rolling Candy.  The rolling ball on the liquid candy dispenser easily detaches and becomes a choking hazard.


About 290,000 units were sold at kosher market stores nationwide.


Immediately take these candy dispensers away from your . Contact Twenty Four Six Foods at 1-833-436-1200 or via  email at to obtain a refund.


#twentyfoursixfoods #liquidcandy #rollingball #choking #recall

twentyfoursixfoods, liquidcandy, rollingball, choking, recall






FDA Recalls



Trader Joe’s Cashews Have Salmonella



The Food and Drug Administration and Wenders LLC are recalling Trader Joe’s 50% Less Salt Roasted & Salted Whole Cashews.  Lots  T12139, T12140, T12141, and T12142 have salmonella contamination. This bacterium can trigger serious and possibly fatal infections in the very young, elders, and in those with weak immune systems.


The cashews were sold by Trader Joe’s in AL, AR, AZ, CA, CO, ID, KS, LA, NM, NV, OK, OR, TN, TX, UT, and WA state.


Do not consume these nuts.  Return them to the place of purchase for a refund.  For more information, email Wenders LLC at


#traderjoes #cashews #salmonella #infection #recall

traderjoes, cashews, salmonella, infection, recall

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