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RoundUp - 2nd Week of March 2024 






There’s Another CoVid Variant On The Horizon



No surprise, but the CDC now announces the appearance of a new CoVid variant.  BA.2.87.1 has just surfaced having infected 9 persons in the Republic of South Africa.  So far, there are no cases of BA.2.87.1 in the US or outside of South Africa, and, for that matter, no significant bump in Covid within South Africa.   That suggests this new variant is not highly transmissible.


That having been said, BA.2.87.1 does sport 30 unique mutations in its spike protein always raising the possibility of its escape from the CoVid immunity each of us has built up with vaccinations and infections.  The good news is that most of the recent variants that appeared have been vulnerable to that very immunity.


The CDC is closely monitoring this latest CoVid version using case, hospitalization, and wastewater data.  We don’t yet know if this variant will be clinically important.  If it is…remember you heard about it here first.  Stay tuned….


#cdc #CoVid #variant #ba287 $mutation

cdc, CoVid, variant, ba2871, mutation



CDC Changes CoVid Quarantine Rules



The CDC has erased the current 5 day quarantine rule that applies after you test positive for CoVid.  It now says that you can go out in public as soon as 24 hours after diagnosis as long has you have no or improving symptoms and no fever over that 24 hour time.  


Actually, the new CDC rules apply to anyone with any respiratory infection including CoVid, the flu, RSV, and even the common cold.  The reason I say any respiratory infection is that only in the case of CoVid do we have a readily available, reasonably priced home test to determine whether or not you have CoVid.  Oh yes there is Lucira, a Pfizer test for both CoVid and influenza, but that will set you back $40 on Amazon for a single test.  That’s 7-8 times as expensive as the $5-6 for each CoVid test.


Back to the guidelines.  Besides the 24 hour rule with no symptoms or improving symptoms and no fever off any fever-reducing medications such as Tylenol, acetaminophen, Advil-Motrin, ibuprofen, or aspirin, it also states that, for the next 5 days you should take precautions to avoid any disease spread including wearing a tight-fitting mask, distancing from others, hygiene with hand washing, and cough/sneeze covering, and testing.  The last provision is vague but ultra-important.


We know that for CoVid, and possibly for other respiratory diseases, you can be highly infectious and yet asymptomatic.  You want to be responsible to your family, friends, co-workers, especially if some of them are in high risk groups including older persons, those with weak immunity, and those with chronic disease such as diabetes or cancer.  To be responsible, you really to modify your behavior for more than 24 hours.


In the case of a positive CoVid test with no symptoms, the blanket 5 day rule is not enough without follow up testing.  A safer interval is 10 days, since we know that the virus does hang around the long.  Then, your CoVid home test must be negative before you can go out in public or around vulnerable people without a tight-fitting or preferably an N95 mask with distancing as far as you can.  Even with the mask, safety is iffy.  That means you can’t dine indoors taking off the mask until your test is negative.  If your test is positive, even a bit, you must mask and distance and should stay away from vulnerable people.


For the flu and RSV, if you know for certain that you have either, and even a cold, you should mask and distance for 5 days after your symptoms and fevers abate.  Since these diseases are not as potentially devastating as Covid to your or to anyone you might infect, the CDC rules as they stand make sense.  I say it again:  for CoVid, rely on home testing to tell you when you are no longer infectious.


#CoVid #cdc #influenza #rsv #commoncold #respiratory #testing #masking #distancing #hygiene

CoVid, cdc, influenza, rsv, commoncold, respiratory, testing, masking, distancing, hygiene



Zombie Nerves Cause Lingering Bladder Infection Pain


Urinary tract infections trigger a local nerve overgrowth that plagues patients with continuing pain.  A multi-disciplinary team of Duke University pathologists and immunobiologists report this discovery after their clinical and mouse model studies.


Beginning with a study of patients with recurrent urinary tract infections, they found that bacterial growth in the urinary system elevates levels of a neuropeptide nerve growth factor that in turn triggers pain nerve proliferation and persisting zombie pain.   The nerve growth factor is a byproduct of immune reactions against the bacteria by both mast cells and monocytes.


In a animal model, the investigators were able to suppress this nerve overgrowth with the addition of a nerve growth factor inhibitor. This type of medication may well help future victims of recurrent urinary tract infections prevent development of this zombie pain syndrome.


#uti #urinarytractinfection #recurrent #nerveovergrowth #mastcell #monocytes

uti, urinarytractinfection, recurrent, nerveovergrowth, mastcell, monocytes



Diagnosing Microbial Infections In A Twinkling



A new method for rapidly identifying bacteria, fungi, and other microbes is here thanks to a database that catalogues the molecules characteristically produced by these germs, that is their chemical fingerprints.  This tool, named microbeMASST, with MASST standing for mass spectroscopy search tool, has been developed by UC-San Diego pharmacologists.


Here’s how it works. Biological samples are fed into a mass spectrometer that can identify the individual molecules.  The list of these substances is then fed into microbeMASST, and the program spits out the names of those microbes that produce such chemicals.  All this in a fraction of the time it might typical take to identify pathologic agents, particularly slow growing ones such as the tuberculosis bacterium.


The database now covers in excess of 60,000 microbes and that number will surely grow.  In addition to microbe identification, the database can better help us understand the metabolism of these pathogens leading to better therapeutic approaches for their control.


#microbes #bacteria #microbeMASST #massspectroscopy

microbes, bacteria, microbeMASST, massspectroscopy




MR Imaging Saves Breast Cancer Patients



Women monitored with magnetic resonance imaging following initial treatment for BRCA1 positive breast cancer enjoy a 3.5-fold lower risk of mortality compared with those not monitored with such imaging.   This the conclusion of a multisite collaborative study by the Hereditary Breast Cancer Clinical Study Group.  


The study reviewed the cases of 2488 women with a BRCA1 sequence variation breast cancer followed for up to 24 years.  Of that number, 1756 women had at least 1 screening MR imaging exam and a mean number of 4.7 over their follow up period.  The women in the MR group developed 241 recurrent cancers leading to 14 deaths or 5.8% mortality rate.   Among the 732 women who did not receive MR surveillance, 103 breast cancers developed leading to 21 deaths with a mortality rate of 20.3% or 3.5 fold higher mortality rate.


This is the largest prospective study of MR imaging surveillance for breast cancer, but it does not specifically compare MR with other imaging such as mammography.  Most of those women in the non-MR group did have mammography follow up.  


MR has many advantages over mammography and ultrasound breast imaging.  MR is painless, does not employ ionizing radiation, is highly sensitive, and can detect smaller cancers at earlier stage.. These study results demonstrate how this can translate into fewer deaths.


#breast #cancer #BRCA1 #MR #magneticresonance #imaging #mortality

breast, cancer, BRCA1, MR, magneticresonance, imaging, mortality




Pancreatic Cancer Organoids Audition Possible Therapies



Small biopsies of a patient’s pancreatic cancer can be grown out into a 3D cell matrix that provides an advanced look at how effective any given chemotherapy might be inside the human body.  Researchers at La Jolla California’s Salk Institute now report the optimal method for rapidly growing these organoids.


The harvested cancer cells grow in liquid nutrient but require a supporting biological scaffold in order to organize themselves into a living testing organoid.  The Salk biologists tested 3 different biological matrix products to determine which generated organoids most reliably.


Testing with human tumor but also mouse tumor tissue determined that Matrigel surpassed two other products in successfully promoting organoid development with the smallest numbers of seed cells at the greatest rate of speed.


Organoids promise to be important tools in therapy selection.  They join genetic analysis of tumors as indispensable components of precision cancer therapy planning,


#organoids #pancreatic #cancer #chemotherapy 

organoids, pancreatic, cancer, chemotherapy 






Lung Targeting Nanolipids



Using a clever DNA barcoding selection system, bioengineers and immunologists at the University of Pennsylvania have identified lipid nanoparticles or LNPs that selectively accumulate in the lungs.  These molecules than become ideal transport mechanisms for delivery of mRNA to lung tissues.  Such mRNA can be specifically created to trigger the production of therapeutic agents to treat lung diseases including cancer.


These lipid nanoparticle mRNA transporters may be familiar to you as they have already been used in the creation of CoVid mRNA vaccines.  The CoVid vaccine lipid nanoparticles as a group are non-specific in their targeting.  These new LNPs may see far more broad deployment for not only vaccines but as carriers for other molecules to other organs as the scope of precision and guided therapy expands.


#lnp #lipids #nanomedicine #lung #mRNA #vaccines

lnp, lipids, nanomedicine, lung, mRNA, vaccines



An Eye Test For Autism


Those children with autism spectrum disorder, ASD, commonly carry the SCN2A genetic variation.  This mutation that affects the flow of electrical signals in and out of brain cells has broad impacts on the developing neurologic system.   These include a likelihood of seizures but also changes to the eyes’ motor controls.  UC-San Francisco neurologists have exploited these changes to the so-called oculomotor system to identify children with the SCN2A mutation and and autism in its many forms.  


Using an eye tracking device that visualizes a child’s eye movement when asked to focus on a person or object, the child without the mutation consistently does so which a child with SCN2A and autism cannot focus consistently.


This mutation is also associated with other neurologic issues, but the oculomotor test is a rapid gateway into the diagnosis of autism spectrum disorder.


#autism #eyes #oculomotor #diagnosis #pediatrics

autism, eyes, oculomotor, diagnosis, pediatrics






Diet Drug Fakes Could Kill You



Novo Nordisk, the Danish manufacturer of the diabetes drug semaglutide, repurposed for weight loss and branded as Wegovy and Ozempic, is once again screaming a warning to all those who are searching for this drug in a market where it is in very short supply.  While these warnings have been coming from the company and the FDA since late last year, Novo is now working with multiple countries as well as the US to stem the tide of counterfeit and dangerous semaglutide copycats.  These fakes are circulating in 16 or more countries, and they can be dangerous.  


Some of the fakes deliver inaccurate levels of semaglutide from defective dispensers, and that leads to unpredictable and inaccurate doses that trigger life-threatening drops in blood sugar.  In other cases, counterfeits are created by compounding pharmacies that use raw semaglutide obtained from questionable sources around the world.  Lilly has found bacteria, other impurities, and non-medicinal chemicals like sugar alcohol in these compounded knockoffs of its diet drug tirzepatide or Zepbound.  In the most egregious and disgustingly careless example of counterfeit creation, insulin injectors without any semaglutide are relabeled and decorated to look like authentic Ozempic and Wegovy preloaded syringes.  Injecting unknowable quantities of insulin can lead to so-called diabetic coma with crashes of blood sugar levels and potential death.


Only buy and use these diet drugs from reliable sources.  The company has posted pictures and descriptions of authentic and counterfeit products on its website so that you can study them carefully and avoid a potentially life-threatening episode.


#semaglutide #tirzepatide #ozempic #wegovy #zepbound #fake #counterfeit #fda

semaglutide, tirzepatide, ozempic, wegovy, zepbound, fake, counterfeit, fda




We Now Have The Allergen Of The Year



During this season of award shows, the medical community won’t be left out.  One dermatology professional association, the American Contact Dermatitis Society has named sulfites the Allergen of the Year for 2024.


Sulfites as a family of chemicals can be present in foods, drinks, cosmetics, and therapeutic skin creams both over-the-counter and prescription.  When sulfites touch the skin in susceptible individuals, they can induce and repeated trigger local allergic reactions that you recognize as rashes, tiny blisters, and good old fashioned red bumps that can be devilishly itchy.  This type of allergic reaction forms slowly snd usually does not lead to hives or life-threatening anaphylactic reactions.  The reactions most commonly occur on the hands and then on the

chest, abdomen, back, and extremities.


The sulfite family includes sodium disulfite, sodium sulfite, ammonium sulfite, and potassium sulfite.  These chemicals serve as preservatives and therapeutic antioxidants and may be found in antifungal and steroid creams, ointments, and solutions as well as in some nasal sprays and drops.


Foods have sulfites too, and they include dried fruits, bottled lemon and lime juices, wines, molasses, grape juice, and pickled cocktail onions.


So…. If you have developed any of these skin reactions and are mystified about their causes, think sulfite. Check the active and inactive ingredients listed on the labels of anything you put on your skin.  If you are suspicious, you can do your own skin test by putting the product in question on a bandaid and placing that on your skin.  If you detect a little red square after a day or so, think sulfite allergy and stop using the product in question.


#sulfites #contactallergy #creams #cosmetics #driedfruit #rash #itch

sulfites, contactallergy, creams, cosmetics, driedfruit, rash, itch








Drug-Coated Balloon Keeps Coronaries Open



The first coronary balloon catheter that not only opens these critical heart-feeding arteries but helps to keep them open has now won FDA approval for marketing.  Boston Scientific’s Drug Coated Balloon or DCB, coated with paclitaxel,  reduces the risk of vessel reblocking during a one year period by 38%.  


The superiority of this DCB, branded as Ranger, was substantiated in a multisite study of 480 patients led by Harvard’s Beth Israel Deaconess cardiologists.  The novel balloon is coated with paclitaxel, an anti-cancer drug that inhibits growth and overgrowth of blood vessel lining cells.  The novel balloon prevented all blockage of the stents and led to a 49% lower risk of heart attack.  The data revealed no paclitaxel toxicity and adverse reactions.


These new balloons will be available in the US this spring.  They are already on the European market.


#coronary #balloon #stenosis #paclitaxel #dcb #heartattack

coronary, balloon, stenosis, paclitaxel, dcb, heartattack



Buying Prescription Drugs Directly From Big Pharma….Or Nearly



The Eli Lilly company is now selling many of its drugs, including the sought-after diet drug tirzepatide, branded Zepbound, directly to you at low prices.  This cuts out the intermediaries including the wholesaler, pharmacy benefit managers, pharmacies, and insurance companies who tack on additional costs as the medications pass through their hands.


The new program called LillyDirect particularly helps those without health insurance.  The program offers, for example, Lilly’s highly popular diet drug tirzepatide for $550/month, about half of the drug’s list price.  This new program joins other direct-to-consumer operations run by Walmart, Costco, Amazon, and billionaire Shark Tank panelist Mark Cuban’s Cost Plus.


All of these programs follow a trend that puts prescription drugs into the hands of consumers for lower prices.  Besides the ones already mentioned, there is the GoodRx coupon opportunity that often permits you to purchase medications for less money than you’d fork out as a copay using your health insurance.  If you aren’t insured, it can be a godsend.


Finally, the pathway to lower prescription prices sometimes takes you out of the US to a Canadian, Indian, or Israeli pharmacy.  Many of these offer American brand name drugs or legitimate generics at a fraction of the prices you’ll pay here.  Be a smart consumer and don’t pay more than necessary.


#Lilly #tirzepatide #lillydirect #Walmart #costco #amazon #cuban #costplus

Lilly, tirzepatide, lillydirect, Walmart, costco, amazon, cuban, costplus



CPSC Recalls



Gas-Fired Hot Water Boilers Could Gas You



The Consumer Product Safety Commission and the US boiler company are recalling U.S. Boiler, New Yorker Boiler, Advantage, FORCE and Archer brand gas-fired hot water residential boilers.  The blocked vent shutoff switch can fail with boilers installed above 5,400 feet in altitude leading to toxic levels of carbon monoxide output and poisoning of household occupants.


About 2500 of these boilers have been installed by heating and plumbing contractors nationwide between February 2009 and November 2023.


Immediately contact US Boiler by phone at 1-888-432-8887  or via email at to schedule a free boiler repair.  If you are using these boilers before repair, you should use a CO monitor.


#usboiler #boiler #shutoff #carbonmonoxide #poisoning #recall


usboiler, boiler, shutoff, carbonmonoxide, poisoning, recall



Insignia Air Fryer Fry Themselves



The Consumer Product Safety Commission and Best Buy are recalling Insignia Air Fryers and Air Fryer Ovens.  These air fryers overheat and melt their own handles, while the air fryer ovens overheat and shatter the oven door glass.  All this leads to fires, burns, and lacerations.


About 187,400 fryers and fryer ovens were sold in the US, and about 99,900 were sold in Canada at Best Buy stores and online at,, and other marketplaces.


Stop using these fryers and go online to to retrieve instructions regarding submission of photos including pics of your unit with model number shown, purchase receipts, and verification of unit destruction. For more information, call BestBuy  at 1-800-566-7498. Fryers-and-Air-Fryer-Ovens-Due-to-Fire-Burn-and-Laceration-Hazards


#insignia #airfryer #fryeroven #overheating #handles #doorglass #recall

insignia, airfryer, fryeroven, overheating, handles, doorglass, recall



Honeywell Commercial Fire Alarm Sounders Are Dangerously Quiet



The Consumer Product Safety Commission and System Sensor are recalling Honeywell System Sensor L-Series Low Frequency Fire Alarm Sounders Model #s HWL-LF and HWL-LF-BP10.  The sounders and strobes on these units are defective and fail to deploy and alert in the case of a fire.


About 29,000 of these sounders were installed by Honeywell authorized installers and fire equipment distributors.


Contact Honeywell System Sensor by phone at 1-800-736-7672 or via email at to arrange for a free inspection and repair.


#honeywell #systemsensor #alarm #strobe #malfunction #fires #burns #recall

honeywell, systemsensor, alarm, strobe, malfunction, fires, burns, recall



Anker Battery-Powered Coolers Overheat



The Consumer Product Safety Commission and Anker now recall Anker EverFrost Battery Powered Cooler Model A17A0,1, and 2.  The lithium-ion batteries in these coolers overheat with fire and burn hazards.


About 5480 coolers were sold in the US and about 160 were sold in Canada at Best Buy, TD Synnex, and other stores nationwide and online at


Stop charging and using these coolers.  Contact Anker at 1-800-988-7973 or via email at for a free replacement battery pack and instructions regarding battery pack replacement and old battery disposal.


#anker #cooler #lithiumionbattery #overheating #fires #burns #recall

anker, cooler, lithiumionbattery, overheating, fires, burns #recall



Another Magnetic Ball Recall



The Consumer Product Safety Commission and Getallfun now recall 216 piece 5 millimeter magnetic ball kits.  Theses magnets are too small and too powerful thus violating federal toy regulations to prevent aspiration and choking as well as intestinal damage.  These magnets can trigger choking and intestinal obstruction, perforations, and infection.


About 1140 magnet kits were sold at Getallfun’s Aurora, Illinois store and online at  Contact Getallfun by email at to receive a prepaid mailing label for product return and refund. Magnetic Ball Sets Due to Ingestion-Hazard-Failure-to-Meet-Federal-Safety-Regulation-for-Toy-Magnet-Sets


#getallfun #magnets #aspiration #bowel #obstruction #infection #recall

getallfun, magnets, aspiration, bowel, obstruction, infection, recall 



Jool Baby Nova Baby Infant Swings Are A Suffocation Hazard



The Consumer Product Safety Commission and Jool Baby are recalling Jool Baby Nova Baby Infant Swings.  These swings have an incline angle greater than 10 degrees in violation of federal infant sleep product and labeling regulations with risks of suffocation.


About 63,100 of these swings were sold at Walmart stores and online at,,,, and on other websites.


Immediately stop allowing your infant to sleep on these swings.  Contact Jool Baby by phone at 1-888-788-5665 or via email at or online at to receive a free repair kit.  To receive the repair kit with a new seat and labels, safe plush toys, and an updated remote control.  To receive these, email a photo of the seat’s warning label.


#joolbaby #swings #reclining #sleep #asphyxiation #labelling #recall

joolbaby, swings, reclining, sleep, asphyxiation, labelling, recall



GT LaBomba Bicycles Have Defective Frames



The Consumer Product Safety Commission and the GT company are recalling GT LaBomba bicycles as their headtube/downtube weld fails and the unit separates from the frame leading to crashes, falls, and injuries to riders and bystanders.


About 3,040 bikes were sold in the US and bout 324 were sold in Canada at bicycle stores nationwide.


Immediately stop riding these bikes and contact the GT company at 1-800-843-2453 for via email at to receive a free replacement frame.


#gt #labomba #bicycles #frame #weld #crash #injury #fall #recall

gt, labomba, bicycles, frame, weld, crash, injury, fall, recall



Yamaha Piano AC Power Adapters Crack Open



The Consumer Product Safety Commission and Yamaha are recalling Yamaha PA-10 AC Power Adapters.  The cases of these electric piano AC adapters crack open exposing electrical components leaking to shock and electrocution hazards.


About 34,500 of these adapters were sold at Guitar Center,, Sweetwater Sound, Sam Ash, Musicians Friend, B & H Photo & Electronics, American Musical Supply, and other independent, authorized Yamaha professional audio stores nationwide and online at


Stop using these power adapters and contact Yamaha at 1-844-703-5446 or via email at to receive a free replacement adapter.


#yamaha #ACpoweradapter #casecracking #shock #electrocution #recall

yamaha, ACpoweradapter, casecracking, shock, electrocution, recall



Tommy Bahama Kids Pants Can Choke Your Child



The Consumer Product Safety Commission and TJX are recalling Tommy Bahama brand children’s pants in sets.  The plastic end pieces on these pants’ fake drawstrings detach creating choking hazards.


About 14,500 were sold in the US and about 660 were sold in Canada all at Marshall’s stores.


Don’t allow your children to wear these pants until you have cut off the fake, decorative draw strings.  Take back the pants to a Marshalls store for a full refund.  Alternatively, you can call TJX 1-888-627-7425 for instructions regarding garment destruction and a refund.


#tjx #marshalls #childrenspants #drawstrings #choking #recall

tjx, marshalls, childrenspants, drawstrings, choking, recall



Textron Snowmobiles Have Defective Brakes



The Consumer Product Safety Commission and Textron are recalling Model Year 2024 Arctic Cat Catalyst 600 Series Snowmobiles.  The brake line tends to contact the brake disc and fracture leading to loss of braking, crashes, and injuries to riders and bystanders.


About 2,700 were sold in the US and about 900 were sold in Canada.


Stop riding these snowmobiles and contact Textron Specialized Vehicles at 1-800-279-2281 or via email at to arrange for a free inspection and repair or to receive a free repair kit.


#textron #snowmobile #brake #leakage #crash #injuries #recall

textron, snowmobile, brake, leakage, crash, injuries, recall




FDA Recalls



Great Value Honey Roasted Cashews Have Undeclared Allergens



The Food and Drug Administration and John B. Sanfilippo and Son, Inc. have recalled Great Value Honey Roasted Cashews as they contain undeclared milk and coconut allergens.  Those with an allergies to milk and coconuts could develop a serious or life-threatening allergic reaction should they consume this product.  Affected is product labeled Best if used by Jul 08 2025.


These cashews have been sold at Walmart stores in AL, AR, CA, CO, CT, FL, GA, HI, IL, IN, KS, KY, LA, MA, MO, MS, NC, NE, NJ, NM, NV, NY, OH, OK, PA, SC, TN, TX, VT, WV, and via


Do not consume these cashews.  Return them to a Walmart store for a full refund.


#walmart #cashews #milk #coconut #allergy #recall

walmart, cashews, milk, coconut, allergy, recall



Wesco Fresh No Bake Mint Cookies Have Peanut Allergen



The Food and Drug Administration and Wesco, Inc. have recalled Wesco Fresh No Bake Mint Cookies as selected units contain undeclared peanut.  Affected are packages with sell thru dates of 03/15/2024, 03/16/2024, 03/17/2024, 03/18/2024.


These cookies were sold throughout Michigan’s lower peninsula.


Return these cookies to the place of purchase for a refund.  For additional information about this recall, phone Wesco at 1-231-719-4385 or via email at


#wesco #cookies #mint #peanut #allergy #recall

wesco, cookies, mint, peanut, allergy, recall



KALO Brand Carrot and Chocolate Cake Slices Have Soy



The Food and Drug Administration and KALO Foods now recall KALO Carrot and Chocolate Cake Single Slices contain undeclared soy.


The cake slices were sold in North Carolina and Virginia.


Do not consume these cake slides, and return them to the place of purchase for a full refund.  For more information, contact Michael Cusato at 1-336-949-4802.


#KALO #cakeslices #chocolate #carrot #soy #allergen #recall

KALO, cakeslices, chocolate, carrot, soy, allergen, recall



Ground Cinnamon Is Full of Lead



The Food and Drug Administration and multiple manufacturers are recalling ground cinnamon as it is contaminated with lead.  Lead is taxic to the nervous system and a particular danger to developing children.  Impacted are: La Fiesta Brand Cinnamon Ground .87oz; SWAD Cinnamon Powder 3.5 oz. Best Before March and July 2026; El Chilar Ground Cinnamon 1.25 oz lots D300, EX1024, F272, EX1026; Colona Bros. Marcum Ground Cinnamon 1.5oz & Supreme Tradition Ground Cinnamon 2.25oz. Best By 4-10/25


Affected products have been sold in: Arizona, California, Maryland, Washington state, and Texas.


Return these products to the place of purchase for a full refund.  For more information, contact La Fiesta at 1-408-326-0487, SWAD Raja Foods at 1-847-972-2865; El Chilar 1-407-880-6007; or Colona 1-201-864-1115.


#cinnamon #lead #poisoning #recall

cinnamon, lead, poisoning, recall



Stonewall Kitchen Gluten-Free Doughnut Mix Has Wheat



The Food and Drug Administration and Stonewall Kitchen are recalling Stonewall Kitchen Gluten-Free Cinnamon Sugar Doughnut Mix due to undeclared wheat in the product.  Those with an allergy to wheat, those with gluten sensitivity, and those with celiac disease could develop a serious or life-threatening allergic reaction should they consume this product. Affected is product to be enjoyed by 3/9-10/2025.


If you have this product on your shelves and you, someone in your household, or a possible visitor is allergic to wheat or has a gluten sensitivity, return the product to the place of purchase for a full refund.  For more information, contact Stonewall Kitchen Premier Guest Services by email at or call them at 1-800-826-1735.


#stonewallkitchen #doughnut #glutenfree #wheat #gluten #celiac #allergy #recall

stonewallkitchen, doughnut, glutenfree, wheat, gluten, celiac, allergy, recall

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