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HealthNews RoundUp - 2nd Week of January 2023






Gorging on Fast Food Can Destroy Your Liver



Consuming more than 20% of your daily calories by wolfing down quarter-pounders, pizza, and donuts risks depositing enough fat in your liver to damage it, stop it from its vital detoxification role, and eventually triggering the need for a liver transplant.


University of Southern California investigators studied liver fat measurements and dietary habits of about 4,000 US adults.  About 29% of the cohort clocked one-fifth or more of their daily calories by consuming fast food.  Only this group developed abnormal fatty liver deposits, and the association was not changed by excessive body weight or the development of diabetes.


Bottom line: moderate your trips to those drive-through windows and populate your diet with fish, fruit, vegetables, and healthy grains.


#fattyliver #fastfood #friedfood #obesity #diabetes #liverfailure

fattyliver, fastfood, friedfood, obesity, diabetes, liverfailure



Treat Teen Obesity Early and Often



The American Academy of Pediatrics is now out with its first advice in 15 years for parents of obese adolescents and the medical teams that care for them.  That advice is to attack obesity aggressively by offering medications to those 12 years and over and by considering bariatric, that is weight loss, surgery for those at least 13 years of age.


Kids exceeding the 95th percentile of those of the same age and gender for weight are considered obese, and some 20% of US adolescents meet that worrisome threshold.  This degree of overweight warrants more than lifestyle changes.


The good news is that we now have effective drugs such as semaglutide and a series of safe surgical procedures to effectively jumpstart weight reduction while clinician teams identify and initiate therapy for underlying medical and psychologic issues driving the weight issue.  The important element is a new aggressiveness in getting those pounds off.


#pediatrics #obesity #semaglutide #bariatric #surgery #psychology

pediatrics, obesity, semaglutide, bariatric, surgery, psychology



Almonds Drive Recovery Following Sudden Physical Exertion




Those regularly consuming almonds in advance of unexpected, sudden vigorous exercise report less fatigue and muscle soreness as well as better leg and back strength. North Carolina investigators report this association following their randomized study of 64 middle aged men and women.


The experimental group ate 57 grams of almonds daily for one month before the 90 minute exercise challenge while the controls ate fiber bars.  The almond-eater’s reduced pain and suffering was associated with 69% higher muscle levels of agents that stimulate faster metabolic recovery.  The investigators attribute this phenomenon to the polyphenols in almond skins.


So, do exercise consistently.  To minimize the pain associated with planned and unplanned physical exertion, empty those jars of almonds.


#almonds #exercise #pain #soreness #polyphenols

almonds, exercise, pain, soreness, polyphenols



Limp Handshakes Associated With Depression




Those with a strong handgrip have a 26% lower risk of depression as years go by.  This the conclusion after a study of 115,600 older Europeans living in 24 different countries over a 7 year period.  


The investigators found a dose-response relationship between handgrip power and risk of depression for both men and women.  The association seemed somewhat stronger for women than for men. 


The association may be due to the fact that physical strength is an indicator of an overall level of health and well-being.  Then too, those who firmly grip the hands of those they meet is an indication of a positivity that cascades through through their social and work lives.


#handgrip #strength #depression #positivity

handgrip, strength, depression, positivity





Injectable Light-Activated Gel Squelches Prosthetic Joint Infections



Infections about prosthetic hip and knee joints are particularly difficult to tame.  One promising approach to this problem is now announced by Chinese bioengineers.  By combining hyaluronic acid, ionic silver, and black phosphorous, they created an hydrogel that is easily injected around joint prostheses and inhibits bacterial growth and troublesome inflammation while promoting healing.  This gel’s antibacterial properties, activated by its exposure to near infrared light, are powerful enough to kill the nasty Staphylococcus aureus.


#hydrogel #silver #phosphorous #joint #prothesis #infection #staph

hydrogel, silver, phosphorous, joint, prothesis, infection, staph



A Future Insulin Pill Powered By Micromotors



A pill that will someday literally jet propel insulin into the stomach lining is now announced by Chinese bioengineers.  The multilayered ingestible starts with a magnesium core that vigorously bubbles when exposed to stomach acid.  A layer of insulin is electrostatically coated on the core and is, in turn, covered with an outer covering of esterified starch the governs the controlled release of the insulin.  The pill micro fragments penetrate not only the stomach linings but travel further into the intestines permitting blood glucose control for at least 5 hours.


#insulin #pill #micromotor #extendedrelease

insulin, pill, micromotor, extendedrelease



Could Cats Help Spinal Cord Injury Victims?



That’s the question being posed by Georgia Institute of Technology biomechanical neuroscientists as they use their studies of cat locomotion and balance to better understand how the human motor system operates in health and following paralyzing injury.  Collaborating with colleagues in Philadelphia and Canada, they have developed models of human cortical and spinal cord sensory and motor networks.  Understanding these systems may one day permit the construction of electronic nervous systems capable of replacing or enhancing damaged biological ones.


#cats #spinalcord #locomotion #paralysis

cats, spinalcord, locomotion, paralysis






Hair Analysis Helps Autism Diagnosis



Strands of hair can provide a linear record of a child’s exposures to a variety of environment chemicals.  LinusBio is a New York City Mt. Sinai Hospital spinoff that has developed a process to do just that using mass spectrometry techniques.  Company investigators in collaboration with hospital pediatricians and psychologists report the use of this technology and a derived algorithm for prospective studies of 486 children followed from age 1 to 4 years.  While the LinusBio system is only an adjunct to diagnosing Autism Spectrum Disorder, it did predict that diagnosis with an 81% accuracy 96% sensitivity and 75% specificity.  An excellent beginning.


#autism #asd #elementalmetabolism #hair #massspectroscopy #linusbio 


autism, asd, elementalmetabolism, hair, massspectroscopy, linusbio



An LG Branded Earphone May Put You To Sleep



A wireless earphone called Breeze that plays brain wave synchronized patterns of static and dynamic stereophonic beats has the ability to lull you into sleep or drive an already sleeping subject into ever deeper sleep.  LG Electronics manufacturers the earphone pair that it developed in collaboration with the SleepWave company.


The device has 80 built-in rhythms and modifies the frequency of presentation according to the user’s sleep level as determined by wearable EEG sensors.  The earphone output and all wearer data are controlled by a smartphone app that also uses data from a person’s daytime activities to drive their sleep once the sun goes down.


#sleep #breeze #lg #sleepwave #insomnia

sleep, breeze, lg sleepwave, insomnia



CPSC Recalls


MI Windows Open Way Too Far



The CPSC and MI Windows and Doors are recalling MI 1620 vinyl single-hung impact windows with window opening control devices.  The tilt latch on the windows is defective, it causes the window opening control devices to malfunction, the windows open too widely, and falls and injuries may occur.  About 25,000 of these windows were sold at independent window distributors, including the C and C Window & Door and Southeastern Sash company in the U.S. southern coastal region which includes Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Louisiana, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina and Texas.  If you bought and installed one of these window, close and lock it.  Contact MI Windows and Doors by phone at 1-800-276-0408 or by email at to arrange for a free repair.


#miwindows #windowopeningcontroldevice #wocd #falls #injuries #recall

miwindows, windowopeningcontroldevice, wocd, falls, injuries, recall



LG 86 Inch TVs May Crush You



The CPSC and LG Electronics are recalling LG 86-inch smart televisions and stands.  The TV is unstable on the assembled stand creating tip over and entrapment hazards with serious injuries and even death especially for children.  About 52,000 were sold in the US, about 1,800 were sold in Canada, and about 2,900 were sold in Mexico.  If you bought one of these LG 86 inchers, stop using the provided stand and place the TV in a safe location away from children.  Contact LG Electronics by texting “STAND” to 1-256-888-9977, by calling 1-800-243-0000, or by emailing  LG will provide instructions on how to inspect the unit and obtain replacement screws and stand parts.  They will provide help from a technician for a free repair. If you wall-mounted the TV, do nothing.


#lg #86inchtv #stand #fall #entrapment #injury #death #children #recall

lg, 86inchtv, stand, fall, entrapment, injury, death, children, recall



Bissell Cordless Vacuums May Overheat



The CPSC and Bissell are recalling BISSELL Cordless Multi-Surface Wet Dry Vacuums Models 2551, 2551W and 25519.  The vacuum’s battery pack circuit board is defective, may overheat, and can ignite.

About 61,000 vacuums were sold in the US and about 4,300 were sold in Canada at Walmart stores and online at,,,,,,,, and  Immediately stop using these vacuums and call Bissell at 1-855-417-7001 to arrange for a free battery replacement at a servicecenter or in-home.


#bissell #vacuums #battery #overheating #fire #recall

bissell #vacuums #battery #overheating #fire #recall



Honda Talon ROVs Have Sudden Engine Failures



The CPSC and American Honda are expanding the recall of 2019-2021 Honda Talon 1000 ROVs, recreational off-highway vehicles.  The intake funnel band screw on these units loosens, falls into the engine, and triggers sudden engine failures with loss of vehicle control and injuries to the vehicle occupants and bystanders.  About 34,000 vehicles, sold at Honda Powersports dealers are impacted. About 32,000 were previously recalled in March 2022.  If you own one of these ROV’s, contact your Honda Powersports dealer to schedule a free inspection and proper tightening and thread deformation of the intake funnel screw.  For additional information, call American Honda at 1-866-784-1870.


#honda #rov #talon #enginefailure #crash #injury #recall

honda, rov, talon, enginefailure, crash, injury, recall






Fisher-Price Rock ’N Play Sleepers Are Deadly



The CPSC and Fisher-Price are reannouncing their recall of all models of Rock ‘n Play Sleepers.  Infants have died in these sleepers after rolling from their backs onto their stomachs or sides while unattended and unrestrained.  This product was initially recalled in April, 2019 at which time the product had been implicated in 30 infant deaths.  Since then, an additional 70 deaths have occurred even though the product is no longer being sold.  About 4.7 million of these Rock ’n Play sleepers were sold nationwide at Walmart, Target, and online at  If you bought one of these sleepers, received one as a gift, or picked one up at a street fair sale, immediately stop using it.  Contact Fisher-Price online at Rock 'n Play recall  or or call the company at 1-866-812-6518 in order to obtain a refund.  It is illegal to sell or resell these dangerous sleepers.


#fisherprice #infant #sleeper #death #asphyxiation #recall

fisherprice, infant, sleeper, death, asphyxiation, recall



Kids2 Rocking Sleepers Are Deadly Dangerous



The CPSC and the Kids2 company are again recalling all models of Kids2 Rocking Sleepers.  Infants have died in these sleepers after rolling from their back onto their stomachs or sides while unattended and unrestrained.  This product was initially recalled in April, 2019.  Eleven deaths occurred before the initial recall and 4 deaths have occurred since.  About 694,000 of these sleepers were sold nationwide at retail stores including Walmart, Target, Toys “R” Us and online.  If you bought one of these sleepers, received one as a gift, or picked one up at a street fair sale, immediately stop using it.  Contact Kids2 toll-free at 1-866-869-7954 or visit the website Rocking Sleeper recall  or in order to obtain a refund.  It is illegal to sell or resell these dangerous sleepers.


#kids2 #infant #sleeper #death #asphyxiation #recall

kids2, infant, sleeper, death, asphyxiation, recall



Polaris ATVs Spark Fires



The CPSC and Polaris are recalling Model Year 2020-2023 Polaris Sportsman 1000 S and Scrambler 1000 S All-Terrain Vehicles.  These vehicles tend to develop electrostatic charges outside their fuel tanks and the sparks can ignite any spilled fuel leading to fire and burn hazards.  About 3800 of these ATVs were sold in the US and about 780 were sold in Canada.  Immediately discontinue riding these recalled ATVs and contact a Polaris dealer to schedule a free repair with installation of new fuel filler neck clamps and a fill neck cover.  For additional information, contact Polaris at 1-800-765-2747 or online art


#polaris #fueltanks #fires #burns #recall

polaris, fueltanks, fires, burns, recall



PJ Salvage Children’s Pajamas Are Flammable



The CPSC and the PJ Salvage company have recalled PJ Salvage Children’s Pajamas.  These garments do not meet federal flammability safety standards for children’s sleepwear creating risks of burn injuries.  About 2650 children’s pajamas were sold online at,, and at the retail stores of Animal Crackers, Auntie Barbara’s, Bumps N Bundles, Down to Earth Kids, Everafter, Gold Coast Kids, Jami Lyn, Midland Clothing, Millstead Boutique, Rhinestone Cowgirl, Rocky Mountain Day Spa, Simply Authentic LLC, Stoopher &Boots, Sweats Appeal, T. Georgiano’s Boutique, Tack of the Town, and Twinkle Twinkle Little One stores.  Do not permit your children to wear these pajamas.  Contact PJ Salvage by phone at 1-844-975-2699 or via email at to receive a prepaid mailer in order to return the garments for refunds.


#pjsalvage #children #pajamas #flammability #burns

pjsalvage, children, pajamas, flammability, burns




Quality Bicycle Handlebars Suddenly Break Off



The CPSC and the QBP company now recall Quality-branded bicycle handlebars and the bicycles with which they are sold.  These carbon handlebars may unexpectedly fracture where brake and shift levers are attached to them leading to loss of bike control, crashes, and injuries to riders and bystanders.  About 8740 units were sold in the US and 350 were sold in Canada.  Stop riding the bicycles with these recalled handlebars and bring the involved bicycles to the place of purchase for handlebar replacement with a safe carbon handlebar or an aluminum handlebar.  For additional information about this recall, reach QBP at 1-800-346-3340 or via the email


#qualitybikeproducts #qbp #handlebar #fracture #crash #injuries #recall

qualitybikeproducts, qbp, handlebar, fracture, crash, injuries, recall




FDA Recalls


An Expanded Utopia Enoki Mushroom Recall



The FDA and Utopia Foods are expanding the recall of Utopia Enoki Mushrooms.  The product once again is contaminated with listeria monocytogenes.  This bacterium causes serious and sometimes life-threatening allergic reactions in the very young, in older, frail persons, and in those with weakened immune systems.  Listeria can also trigger miscarriages and stillbirths.  The affected product is labeled as Best Before 3/9/2023.  These mushrooms were sold in New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut.  If you bought these mushrooms, do not consume them but return them to the place of purchase.  For more information, call Utopia Foods at 1-718-389-8898.


#utopia #enoki #mushrooms #listeria #infection #recall

utopia, enoki, mushrooms, listeria, infection, recall



HEB Brownies Have Hidden Allergens



The FDA and Ameripack Foods LLC are recalling H-E-B Meal Simple Chocolate Chunk Brownies.  This pastry item contains undeclared soy and egg.  Those with soy and egg allergies could develop a serious or life-threatening allergic reaction should they consume this product.  The involved product has a Use By date of 1/12/2023.  Do not consume these brownies and return them to your HEB store for a full refund.  For more information, call Ameripack Foods at 1-903-296-8206.


#HEB #brownies #soy #egg #allergy #recall

HEB, brownies, soy, egg, allergy, recall





Tohato and Kashiwado Snacks Contain Allergens



The FDA and Daiso California LLC are recalling Tohato and Kashiwado popcorn and other snacks.  These products contain undeclared almonds, peanuts, soybeans, milk, and shellfish.  Those with allergies to these foods may develop serious or life-threatening allergic reactions should they consume these snacks.  The snacks were sold at Daiso stores in California, Washington, Nevada, Texas, New York, and New Jersey.  If you bought any of these Daiso products, return them to the Daiso store for a full refund.  For more information, contact the company at the email or by calling 1-833-888-1610.


#daiso #snacks #almonds #peanuts #soybeans #milk #shellfish #allergy #recall

daiso, snacks, almonds, peanuts, soybeans, milk, shellfish, allergy, recall

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