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HealthNews RoundUp - 1st Week of March 2023




Conquering Knee Surgery Pain Without Narcotics



In an effort to comfort patients after total knee replacement, orthopedic surgeons at Louisiana State University have developed a creative mixture of procedures and medications that work for more than 70% of patients.


They studied 144 patients using their protocol for surgery.  It begins with a long-lasting cryo nerve block initiated 5 days before surgery. This nerve block is effected by the introduction of a unique needle through which cold gas is introduced to produce a micro ice ball at its tip that freezes and inactivates nerves that serve the knee.  Then just before the knee surgery, the patient receives doses of the oral analgesic pregabalin, branded as Lyrica, the oral NSAID celecoxib, branded as Celebrex, and a whopping IV dose of acetaminophen or Tylenol. On discharge, the patient takes acetaminophen 4 times a day for 2 weeks and the NSAID diclofenac twice a day for 6 weeks as rehab begins.


More than half of all patients including those who had used narcotics in the past recovered without needing any rescue doses of narcotics.  A full 72% of those who had never taken narcotics in the past didn’t need them for their knee surgery.


#orthopedics #totalknee #narcotics #nerveblock #nsaids #acetaminophen

orthopedics, totalknee, narcotics, nerveblock, nsaids, acetaminophen



Cannabis Use Associated with Heart Disease Risk



Those who use cannabis in its many forms are 34% more likely to develop the coronary artery disease that triggers heart attacks and sudden death.  Stanford University investigators analyzed data regarding the health and habits of 175,000 Americans.  The numbers showed that heart disease risk was proportional to the frequency and intensity of cannabis use.  


The study was just presented to the World Congress of Cardiology, so complete details are not yet available.  That said, the study is one of the largest to look at this relationship.  What to do now?  Just know that moderation in your smoking of weed and consumption of edibles is always the wisest policy.  I’ll provide more information about this study as soon as it is available.


#cannabis #cad #coronary #heart #edibles

cannabis, cad, coronary, heart, edibles



Heavy Lifting Also Lifts Sperm Counts



Men who regularly lift or move heavy objects at work enjoy a 44% higher sperm count and a 46% higher sperm concentration compared with those who do not move heavy objects as part of their occupational activities.  Harvard researchers studied 377 male partners of couples undergoing infertility workups and used surveys to elicit information about their physical activities during working hours.


The men had a median age of 36 years and were 87% caucasian.  Of the group, 12% lifted or moved heavy objects occupationally, 6% noted heavy physical exertion at work but no interaction with weighty objects, and 9% had evening or rotating work shifts.  The highest levels of physical exertion and working evening and/or rotating shifts were associated with not only more sperm both also higher testosterone and estradiol hormonal levels.


The study did not involve those who lift weights recreationally, but it stands to reason that men who work in offices could optimize their virility by bench pressing those pounds off hours.


#sperm #infertility #weightlifting #testosterone #exercise #nightshift

sperm, infertility, weightlifting, testosterone, exercise, nightshift



Dirty Air Could Make You Shorter



Exposure to air pollutants drives significant reductions of bone mineral density in the spine, hip, and whole body.  This from one of the first studies of its kind by environmental health scientists at the Columbia University School of Public Health.


The study focused on 9041 postmenopausal women from throughout the US for whom both bone mineral density measurements and environmental pollution assessments were available over a 6 year period,  When the data were analyzed, it became apparent that those women exposed to the highest levels of air pollutants suffered the greatest loss of bone density at all sites.  This was particularly true for levels of nitric oxides but also 10 micron particulates and sulfur dioxide.


Bone density loss, also known as osteoporosis, is a particularly devastating problem for postmenopausal women as it leads to spinal collapse with height loss as well as to hip fractures.  Nutritional therapy includes fruits, vegetables, calcium, snd Vitamin D.  Common medical therapy includes oral biphosphonates such as Fosamax or Actonel, denosumab, Prolia, and estrogen or like drugs that drive new bone growth.  Also important is exercise that stresses the bone.  


This study emphasizes the importance of breathing clean air, particularly if you are prone to osteoporosis.  You do that by choosing to live where you can spend time outdoors away from motor vehicles and industrial sites that spew pollutants.

#pollution #osteoporosis #bonemineraldensity #bmd #nitricoxides #sulfuroxides #PM10 #particulates

pollution, osteoporosis, bonemineraldensity, bmd, nitricoxides, sulfuroxides, PM10, particulates



Erythritol Sweeteners May Risk Heart Attack and Stroke



Adding Truvia and like artificial sweeteners that contain the sweet alcohol erythritol could bump up your risk of heart attack and stroke 3 to 4-fold.  This from a Cleveland Clinic study of 2149 Americans and 833 Europeans analyzing the relationship of their erythritol blood levels and their incidence of cardiovascular disease.


Those with the highest erythritol levels compared with those having the lowest were on average at 3.5 times higher risk for cardiovascular events.  Every micromole increase in circulating erythritol bumped up cardiovascular event risk between 16 and 21%.  In an accompanying study, the investigators tied this increased risk to erythritol’s propensity to increase blood-clotting.  They also found that consuming the sweetener in the average drink or snack increases its blood levels by a factor of 1,000 for hours.


The study isn’t perfect, but it is the tip of a nasty iceberg.  Erythritol is not only found in Truvia but is also added to Splenda, Equal, and Monk Fruit In The Raw and other Stevia offerings as well as a slew of other products.  For now, the smart approach is to know what’s in the artificial sweetener you’re using and limit your consumption of erythritol.  This is especially true if you have other risk factors for cardiovascular disease such as obesity, high blood pressure, or diabetes.


#erythritol #truvia #splenda #equal #heartattack #stroke #clotting

erythritol, truvia, splenda, equal, heartattack, stroke, clotting








Shark Mini-Antibodies Promise Better Cancer Detection and Therapy




Sharks make more compact antibodies than humans, and these mini-antibodies capably locate cancer cells in zones inaccessible to larger human antibodies.  Antibodies in sharks but also in camels and alpacas are smaller since they lack so-called light chains.  At the University of Wisconsin, immunopathologists use nurse sharks named for James Bond villains including Goldfinger and Odd Job to produce antibodies against lung and prostate cancers.  Their studies show that these mini-antibodies or nanobodies detect cancers with greater sensitivity and precision when used in PET scans.  They expect that such nanobodies can also help transport chemo-, radiation, and immunotherapeutic agents to eradicate these cancers ……SOMEDAY SOON


#antibodies #nanobodies #sharks #cancer 

antibodies, nanobodies, sharks, cancer 



New Marker For Brain Cancer Aids Detection and Follow Up



Glioblastoma is the most common and most lethal form of brain cancer killing 95% of its victims within 5 years.  To improve on those dismal statistics, neurosurgeons at Penn State have discovered a circulating blood marker protein that serves as a fingerprint for this killer disease. The biomarker is an antigen receptor called interleukin13 receptor alpha two or IL13Rα2.  A study of 79 patients with glioblastoma showed that all had detectable levels of the marker in their blood and that those levels were proportional to the amounts of the marker in their tumors.   This marker should permit early detection of glioblastoma and help clinicians determine the effectiveness of their treatments…. SOMEDAY SOON


#glioblastoma #braincancer #IL13Rα2 #biomarker

glioblastoma, braincancer, IL13Rα2, biomarker









Electric Bandage Speeds Wound Healing



Northwestern bioengineers have developed a stretchable and naturally resorbable electrobandage that speeds diabetic wound healing by some 30% in experimental animals.  The wireless system, powered by an induction coil, feeds tiny voltages through a solid state circuit that both regulates their application to the flower-shaped and circular positive and negative electrodes and measures the progress of wound healing based on measurement of resultant currents.  The serpentine molybdenum electrodes dissolve when no longer needed eliminating the need for physical removal that could damage the fragile newly-healed tissues.  While electrotherapy is not a new concept in wound healing as it has been successfully applied to help with non-healing fractures, it usually requires implantable electrodes.  Expect this new electrobandage to be commercialized and used widely to promote healing of chronic wounds including those frequently found in diabetics.


#wound #healing #electrotherapy #bandage #diabetes

wound, healing, electrotherapy, bandage, diabetes



3D Printed Hearts Help Fit Valve Replacements



We know that human hearts and the great vessels connecting to them vary enormously.  These variations can make it difficult to choose the perfect prosthetic valve replacement for any given patient.  Enter MIT engineers who have developed a process for turning medical images of any individual’s heart into a three dimensional printed exact replica using polymer ink.  These flexible plastic replica hearts can even be made to pump when surrounded by pneumatic sleeves connected to reciprocating air pumps.  After creating heart models for 15 real patients with aortic valve pathology, the researchers have been able to fine-tune their robotic systems such that the pressures and flows generated by the models match those actually measured during clinical cardiac catherizations.  These 3D printed pumping models now make it possible to choose not only just the right replacement valve or aortic grafts, but also predict the expected improvement in blood flow they will provide after surgery.


#3dprinting #heart #valve #aorta #robotics 

3dprinting, heart, valve, aorta, robotics 



CPSC Recalls


DR Power PRO Chipper Shredders Shoot Metal



The CPSC and the DR Power Equipment have recalled DR Power PRO XL501 Chipper Shredders.  This chipper shredder’s fin scroll is defective and ejects metal fragments from the hopper creating laceration hazards for the operator and bystanders.  About 2100 of these shredders were sold in the US, 27 were sold in Canada, and 3 were sold in Mexico.  The affected model numbers are CS35050BEN and CS35050BENR.  The company is contacting all owners directly and sending a repair kit.  For those not wishing to make the repair, DSR Power will direct you to a servicenter.  If you aren’t contacted or require additional information, call DR Power at 1-800-550-7016 or reach them via email at


#drpower #shredder #finscroll #projectiles #lacerations #recall

drpower, shredder, finscroll, projectiles, lacerations, recall



CTRL Imperial Wakeboard Bindings Can Dump You



The CPSC and the Active Sports company are recalling CTRL Imperial Wakeboard Bindings.  The binding may partially or completely detach from the wakeboard causing the rider to lose balance and fall into the water.  About 850 of these wakeboards were sold at The House in St. Paul, Minnesota and online at, DJ's Boardshop on Amazon Marketplace, and on and  Stop using these bindings and contact Active Sports by phone at 1-800-409-7669 or via email at or to receive free replacement product or a refund.


#ctrl #wakeboard #binding #fall #soaking #recall

ctrl, wakeboard, binding, fall, soaking, recall



Multi-Purpose Kids Bike Helmets Don’t Protect



The CPSC and Ouwoer Direct are recalling Multi-Purpose Kids Bike Helmets.  These helmets fail to provide positional stability and impact protection as required by the federal safety standards for children’s bicycle helmets leading to head injuries and worse.  About 120 of these helmets were sold at  Stop allowing your child to use this helmet and contact Ouwoer Direct at 1-213-583-9060 or via email at to receive a full refund.  To receive the refund, you must cut off the straps and email a photo of the unwearable helmet to the company’s email.


#ouwoer #bikehelmet #children #unsafe #headinjury #recall

ouwoer, bikehelmet, children, unsafe, headinjury, recall



Classic Whimsy Children’s Pajamas Are Flammable



The CPSC and the Smocked Runway company are recalling Classic Whimsy children’s pajamas.  These pjs fail to meet federal flammability standards for children’s sleepware creating risks of burn injuries.  About 7200 pairs of pajamas were sold online at  If you bought these pjs, don’t allow your kids to wear them.  Contact Smocked Runway at 1-833-630-8567 or by email at to determine that the pjs you have are recalled and, if so, to receive a prepaid mailer to return the garment for a full refund or store credit.


#classicwhimsy #pajamas #children #flammability #burns #recall

classicwhimsy, pajamas, children, flammability, burns, recall



Helly Hansen Workwear Sweats and Hoodies May Ignite



The CPSC and Helly Hansen now recall Helly Hansen Workwear Sweatshirts and Hoodies.  These garments fail to meet federal flammability textile standards and create risks of burn injuries.  About 13,900 of these garments were sold in the US and about 128,680 were sold in Canada at Helly Hansen stores and online at  Stop wearing these recalled garments and contact Helly Hansen at 1- 888-889-8950 or via email at to check if your garment has been recalled and to arrange a refund or replacement.  To obtain either, you will 

have to cut the garment in half and send a photo of the chopped garment to the company’s email.


#hellyhansen #workwear #sweatshirt #hoodie #flammable #burns #recall

hellyhansen, workwear, sweatshirt, hoodie, flammable, burns, recall



RELiON Lithium Batteries May Cook You



The CPSC and the RELiON company are recalling RELiON InSight Series 48 volt lithium batteries.  These batteries tend to dangerously overheat creating fire and burn hazards.  Stop charging and using these batteries and contact RELiON 

At 1-803-324-6644 or by email at to check if your battery is in the recall.  The company will send you a prepaid shipping container in order to return your battery for an exchange.  RELiON is extending their warranty for an additional 6 months if your battery requires replacement.


#relion #lithiumion #battery #overheating #fire #burns #recall

relion, lithiumion, battery, overheating, fire, burns, recall



Primark Children’s Bamboo Plates are Toxic



The CPSC and Primark US are recalling Primark Children’s Bamboo Plates.  The plates contain elevated and unsafe levels of lead and formaldehyde both of which are toxins and especially dangerous for children.  About 1665 plates were sold at Primark stores in the Northeast, Chicago, and Florida.  Don’t allow your children to use these toxic plates and return them to the place of purchase.  For more information and disposal instructions, contact Primark US at 1-617-946-3236.


#primark #plates #children #lead #formaldehyde #poisoning #recall

primark, plates, children, lead, formaldehyde, poisoning, recall



Patagonia Infant Capilene Midweight Base Layer Sets May Choke



The CPSC and Patagonia now recall Infant Capilene Midweight Base Layer Sets.  The bodysuit snaps are prone to detach and create a choking hazard for mouthy infants and toddlers.  About 8000 sets were sold in the US and 217 were sold in Canada at Patagonia, REI and other stores nationwide and online at,, and other websites.  Don’t allow your babies to wear these garments and contact Patagonia at 1-800-638-6464 or via email at for a full refund.


#patagonia #babywear #foreignbodies #choking #recall

patagonia, babywear, foreignbodies, choking, recall



TJX Office Chairs May Dump You



The CPSC and TJX are recalling TJX Office Chairs.  The chair back may detach from the seat leading to falls and injuries.  Bout 81,700 of these office chairs were sold in the US and about 1000 were sold in Canada.  If you bought these chairs return them to any Marshalls, T.J. Maxx, HomeGoods or Homesense store for a full refund.  For more information about the recall and how to receive a full refund, contact TJX 1-888-359-4763.


#tjx #officechair #back #fall #injury #recall

tjx, officechair, back, fall, injury, recall





FDA Recalls



Purely Soothing Eye Drops May Blind You



The FDA and Pharmedica USA LLC are recalling several lots of Purely Soothing, 15% MSM Drops.  This product has been found to lack sterility with likely microorganism contamination.  Use of these eyedrops may lead to eye infections and blindness.  The affected lots are #2203PS01 and #1808051.  If you have these eyedrops, don not put them into your eyes. Return them to the place of purchase.  For more information about this recall, call Pharmedica ar 1-623-698-1752 or e-mail them at


#pharmedica #purelysoothing #eyedrops #contamintion #infection #blindness #recall

pharmedica, purelysoothing, eyedrops, contamintion, infection, blindness, recall



Tapas Cocktail Shrimp Have Germs



The FDA and Lidl USA are recalling Tapas Cocktail Shrimp.  This product is contaminated with listeria monocytogenes.  This bacterium triggers serious and life-threatening infections in the very young, in older, frail persons, and in those with weak immune systems.  It causes miscarriages and stillbirths.  The shrimp have been sold in Lidl US stores in Delaware, District of Columbia, Georgia, Maryland, New Jersey, New York, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, and Virginia.  Do not consume these shrimp.  Return the product to your Lidl store for a full refund.  For more information about the recall, contact the Lidl US Customer Care Hotline at 1-844-747-5435.


#lidl #shrimp #listeria #infection #recall

lidl, shrimp, listeria, infection, recall




Russell Stover Sugar Free Peanut Butter Cups Have Other Nuts



The FDA and Russell Stover Chocolates are recalling Russell Stover Sugar Free Peanut Butter Cups.  This candy contains undeclared pecans.  Those with pecan allergies may develop serious and life-threatening allergic reactions after ingesting this candy.  The affected Lot codes: K0521, K0321, K0421, L2122, L2221, and L2321 with with Best Before dates of 01MAY23 and 01JUN23.  If you bought this candy, contact Russell Stover by email at or at 1-800-477-8683 to receive a refund voucher or a replacement product.


#russellstover #chocolate #peanutbutter #pecans #allergy #recall

russellstover, chocolate, peanutbutter, pecans, allergy, recall



GEISHA Medium Shrimp May Cause Botulism



The FDA and Kawasho Foods USA are recalling one lot of GEISHA Medium Shrimp packaged in 4 oz cans.  This product has likely contamination with Clostridium botulinum.   This infection causes muscle weakness and eventual paralysis that can be deadly with involvement of the muscles of respiration. The affected lot is labeled LGC12W12E22; BEST BY: MAY/12/2026.  The product was sold at Walmart, Associated Food Stores, Stater Bros Markets, Safeway, and Albertsons in California, Utah, Arizona, and Colorado.  If you have this product on your shelves, so not open or consume it.  Return it to the place of purchase.  For more information, contact Geisha at 1-212-841-7400 or via email at


#geisha #shrimp #clostridium #botulism #infection #recall

geisha, shrimp, clostridium, botulism, infection, recall



Taiwan Best Quality Enoki Mushrooms Have You Know What



The FDA and Jan Fruits Inc. are recalling Taiwan Best Quality Enoki Mushrooms.  This product is contaminated with listeria monocytogenes.  This bacterium triggers serious and life-threatening infections in the very young, in older, frail persons, and in those with weak immune systems.  It causes miscarriages and stillbirths.  The affected lot is #3779 sold in California and Hawaii.  If you bought these enoki mushrooms, return them to the place of purchase,   For additional information about the recall, phone Jan Fruits at 1-323-923-2879 Ext. 3.


#enoki #mushrooms #listeria #infection #recall

enoki, mushrooms, listeria, infection, recall

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